Adama, High Priest from Telos: Let go of fear!

Everyone needs to understand that the old energies based on fear needs to be released for good. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I am Adama, High Priest of the City of the Light, Telos, and it is with great pleasure that I come today to speak to thee.

Yes, these are turbulent times, and yes, it is difficult for many of you to withstand these personal and collective challenges. There are tornadoes and massive changes happening in everybody’s life, for as you have been told before, the Mothers Tsunami is affecting everyone.

As you might say, there is no stone left unturned and everything that is not of the truth and light needs to be transmuted or completely eliminated. Everybody is purging. Everyone has to face their baggage of core issues, misunderstandings and false constructs. Everyone needs to understand that the old energies based on fear needs to be released for good.

Gaia is just doing the same, cleansing and removing that which she was holding deep down in her core for thousands and thousands of years; hurting and paining her as much as you can well understand.

You are the forerunners and the ones in the front line of the light work. You, the warriors of the light, have done most of the work of purifying. You and your higher selves have programmed it this way, so when chaos seems unbearable, you will be able to stand peaceful and strong in your light trusting the process and your inner knowing.

You are to show others that most of the fears and worries are not valid. They are only a distraction from the truth; diversions that keep you confined in a such limited state of smallness.

Yes, you know that there is a fear that is meant to protect you and give you the warning signs so you can sense when the unwanted and unwelcomed interference and intrusion is present. The true fear is liberating and empowering, it gives you the courage to face and overcome the real danger.

You are to exemplify that the light and the love that you are is able to change and dissolve every obstacle, to divert disasters and tornadoes, to save unnecessary loss and damage to innocent beings, especially when you come united as one in your loving power.

You have our eternal appreciation and gratitude for your determination and fortitude, for the faith that you have in all the beings of light, in the Mother/Father/One, that you are being supported and loved through this difficult journey.

We are constantly observing and cheering you whenever you are getting up and picking yourselves up. You are doing it over and over again with even more determination to get stronger and to grow in your awareness and loving power for the service and benefit of all.

You shed tears of frustration when you feel down and low. But then you quickly wipe them out and gather and raise yourselves up, knowing that you have a mission and reminding yourselves that you have made a promise to Gaia, to your soul family and to the Mother that you will be the love and the comfort for the ones in need…and there are so many that still need you!

You place your problems aside, even if you don’t understand the challenge and the reasons for them, and focus on assisting Gaia and the ones coming to you in pain, being attracted by your warm glow and light, by your confident demeanor and serenity. They are the ones that are desperately in need of hope and reassurance, They are the ones looking for the way out into the light and need your helping hand until they, too, will find they have that plentiful source of light and connection within.

You know that you have assistance at all levels. You know how to follow the sparkling bread crumbs of light back to home. You know and trust that every trial that is presented to you is another great opportunity to let go of hidden programming, of subtle sabotaging and resistance. You do understand that there is no other way to freedom. This is the easy and the fastest way, but it doesn’t have to be the hard way. So, please know that we in the higher realms, your brothers and sisters, are always available to remove any burdens and loads from you, We are eager to hold and protect you in our hearts with the utmost love.

Until next time, farewell.

By Permission.

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