Universal Mother Mary: Return to innocence and joy…

Gather yourself into the totality of who you are and return to innocence and joy in the fastest way possible… 

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings My sweet Annas! I am Mare’, Universal Mother Mary, Mother of Love, Mother of Hope, Mother of change, and Mother of all! I am your Mother and I am by your side. I am holding you in My arms, I am holding your hand whenever you are going through difficult times, whenever My Tsunami is taking you deep down into your darkest places, whether you can feel Me or not, it matters not, for I am with thee.

How can I not be with you? How can I not sit with thee while you are going down and immersing yourself, lowering your vibrations until you feel that death is your next phase, only to reemerge victoriously bringing up with you gems and misplaced pieces of yourselves that have never been forgotten?

You have been given the utmost support, angels in physical form, to hold you and comfort you. While in the unseen realm, close to your heart are your guardians, your ancestors, brave warriors that are journeying and taking you wherever you need to go, so that you can continue gracefully on this journey of self-discovery.

My Tsunami is getting stronger and more intense with every minute and second that passes. And you, My sweet Annas, decided to sit in the middle of it and ride the huge waves. You want to let go of everything that has ever held you down, kept you captive and separated from your freedom and light. You have said to Me that you intend to let go of every bit of the remnants of fear, worry and doubt, that you will let go of the sense of victimhood and the pleasure it has given you, and that you will let go of the need to be right and recognized for your efforts. You will let go of every dense and heavy memory of the old.

You want to be washed clean and to let go of the heavy baggage you have brought with you. You want to let go and purify. You want to return to innocence and joy in the fastest way possible so you can bring in the magnificence and the wholeness of you, your higher selves, as well as the parts of you that have been lost and now happily retrieved, and all of the aspects of yourselves that have been sent away to assist others.

Let Me take the debris and the smallest remnants of issues that are embedded so closely into your heart that it seems extremely difficult to let go of them without harming yourselves or causing bigger pain and suffering to you and others, for they have been part of you for so long that you believed that this is who you are, and this is the only way you can survive and stay alive on this Planet Earth!

Be gentle with your sweet selves. Be kind and loving towards the ones that are serving you in triggering you and surprising you at these time of intense changes. Be grateful to them for the assistance given to you in seeing what other tiny facet of the twisted truth is still in need of release. They are not willingly and consciously wanting to make this process painful for you, but just as you have planned originally, it is meant to be an exciting and inspiring event in your further progress…even when you are unpleasantly taken by surprise.

I will leave you now wrapped in My blue cloak of love. But know I am never too far from any of you. Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.



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