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Jesus Sananda and the Magdalena have come this day to align and attune our hearts to the heart of the Mother/Father/One…by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings my beloved brothers and sisters! I am Jesus Sananda and I greet you today and bring with me my beloved Magdalena for we have much to offer today to thee.

Think of us and hear us as the perfect union of the energies of the Mother and Father, and yet, we are Their beloved children, with our unique signature and personality, just as you all are, magnificent and bright sons and daughters of the One.

Start seeing yourselves the way we see you, bright and brilliant suns and stars born from the heart of God, sent out to seed and spread love into universes and multiverse, with the focus on lighting up Planet Earth and assisting our beloved sister Archangel Gaia with her ascension.

You are down there and yet, very close to the heart of the One, on an extraordinary and exhilarating mission to shine upon humanity, to wrap your light and unique ray around every being created and incarnated on earth, to warm their heart, melt and dissolve the ice walls that have been built around them, to dismantle the veils and any protective and separative fortresses.

But, just as your sun shows up every day in a predictable way, loves and shines on everyone and everything without discrimination and judgment, this is the way you should see your mission of love.

There are the ones that are still closed up, not ready to see and receive your light, for they are wrapped up in their own suffering, not willing to let go and to make any change. There are the ones releasing clouds of energies and then working through their issues patiently, asking for assistance and more light. There are the ones coming to you, demanding that you come down through their dark clouds and take away all of their burden and to give them exclusively your light and attention.

You know that these last few ones are with thee, on their own mission, to show you where you do need to focus next; for you are to set loving boundaries without judgement or getting upset or fearful, so you can stand tall, bright and steady in your high vibration and energy, at all times.

This is not an easy task for you to say “no” to others, for you are such a giver and bringer of the joy to everyone. And yet, you need to understand that this is part of your mission and path, to allow others to go through their own chosen lessons and trials, not playing favorites or to focus only on a few, but to bring love and light to ALL.

Your heart is always giving you the right clues whenever you decide to go against your soul direction, And so, remember to stop and tune in often, more so when there are so many other signals making you uneasy or quite uncomfortable.

Learn to flow with your heart’s desire even when you do not understand it completely and follow your newly refined knowing that Magdalena and I have come to align and attune you this day and in this very moment.

Go with our love and heart, go in peace!  Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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