Message of the Day

“Now, I cannot take credit [laughter]… you cannot give me gratitude for controlling the solar eclipse!

There are people, particularly in what we would call ‘near ancient times’, that thought this was an [?enactment] of evil or of the Gods, etc. or even of the space beings. So we are stepping away from this physical, geophysical occurrence. But you all ask and are assigning, shall we put it that way, importance – and it is importance; it is necessarily important – to physical happenings.

Now what is occurring in this – and you have been very accurate, dearest – the ‘wash’ across this continent and this country, it is just that. It is a wash. Now think about what I say. You enter into the shadows, you enter into the darkness, and in fact in that, what you think of as darkness, there is a great deal of what we would term the ‘silvery light’. And in that removal, there is a balancing – and it is a massive balancing and it is global balancing, by the way – of the energies of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

Now, all of you – and I mean every being on Earth – loves a great show! And this is one of them where you physically are going to have a great show. And so you can see it for what it is, but you can also feel the energy. It is the balancing of the silver and the gold – the gold of the Great Central Sun, the silver of your Lunar Being – and it is the blending of that into a new realm, a higher vibratory rate, for the entire planet of existence.” Ashira

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