Jesus Sananda: “Little White Lies…”

Council of Love's Oops Lady.

With your new clarity and knowing, you are now able to spot all the little white lies and to make the appropriate corrections and act further based only on the purest love…                                 Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings My dear brothers and sisters! I am Jesus Sananda, your close family, friend and constant companion and I come in love to speak to thee and to congratulate you on your recent achievements and advancements.

You are doing great, you are doing a phenomenal job and even if you might not be clear where you seem to be at this time, let me reassure you that you are ahead of your game, both at the individual and at the collective level.

There are areas in your life that seem to be getting aggravated and inflamed. They seem to get worse, but as you already understand it is because those are the parts of yourselves that need some work. So, you planned and produced some scenarios that needed to create some loud noise so they will disturb you enough to get your attention and to propel you into action.

You are being forced to look deeply into situations, to become aware that the truth that is being revealed to you has multiple layers and thus it shows you where you are still compromising, where you are basically acting out of fear, trying to justify some deeds and actions, and continuing to feed the old and the survival paradigm.

You are becoming surprised to discover how many untruths and half-truths were hidden and disguised as a normal way of acting and as a rightful way of being and relating with everything and everyone else out there, when, in fact, there were lies and false constructs built by the man’s mind to gain power over others and to manipulate through fear and guilt.

But you needed some agitation and stirring of the parts of you that were lagging behind into the old densities, and with your new clarity and knowing, you are now able to spot all the little white lies and to make the appropriate corrections and act further based only on the purest love.

In the past, in previous lifetimes, you were able to attain a pure state of light and love while in physical form only when you were removed from the worldly distractions, being in a cave or a monastery. But in this lifetime you can live in the world and be out of this world, be the love that you are without being a persona non grata and an outcast.

You are teaching your family and all others by example, all the divine qualities, and while dealing with real life experiences you learn to stay tall and in integrity, to speak only the truth, with kindness and compassion always, and take only the steps and the actions that are based on love and for the highest good of all.

Being in a cave, even when your modern cave is an urban retreat, self-confinement and isolation is not needed or required any longer. In fact you are asked to come out of your hidings and hibernation; you are asked to interact with others and to bring your wisdom and knowing out into the world.

The part of thee that is connected with the higher wisdom and the Source is constantly flowing towards and guiding all of these small “trouble spots” of your magnificent multidimensional being.  You already feel this journey as being fun, exciting and extremely rewarding; in fact, you are looking forward to the next challenge and the next opportunity of expansion and growth.

I am always with you, to walk with you in love and support, and to hold you dearly in my heart.

Until next time, farewell.

By Permission.

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