Father Yahweh: “I am whispering into your heart…”

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never, ever question yourselves, your magnificence, your loving power and your wholeness as a child of God!  Brought forth by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dearest ones! This is Yahweh, your Father, and even if I am not addressing you out loudly as much as your Mother, know that I am with thee always and whispering words of guidance and love into your heart, giving you that strength to keep going on when you are in desperate need or you are about to give up on life, laughing with you when you find yourself at your lowest, showing you that there is nothing that can make you less perfect and less lovable.

My dear and brave children of My heart, you are strong and extremely beautiful, and I have made you perfect in My image, in the image of the Mother and every blend and combination in between, But never, ever question yourselves, your magnificence, your loving power and your wholeness as a child of God.

I have created you in love, to be love, and to take My love and its creative power wherever you go. Express it and share with others. Let it flow abundantly to every creature there is and everywhere you go. Plant and anchor My seed deeply, to create more worlds and kingdoms of heavenly love.

It is easier to build something new and grand, pure love worlds, planets and universes from scratch, and you have proven to be quite prolific and wonderful creators!

But it is a little trickier to rebuild and bring in a new world and a higher vibrational dimension without complete destruction and demolition of the old structures, as you are doing at this time. Yes, even the old had some foundations and sturdy pillars built with love and with the purest intentions that have survived the density of the third for eons. And this is the statement you want to make, that love is eternal and indestructible.

You are doing a magnificent job, allowing your light and love to shine upon everyone on Earth, assisting them in remembering where they are coming from and who they are, beloved and cherished children of Mine.

So you said to Me and to your Glorious Divine Mother, that you would go down into the density and bring love and joy to everyone. And to prove how strong and powerful love is, you would come veiled and seemingly separated from Me, for you would also forget who you are. And you promised to allow no-one, no heart walls and barriers to stop you.

You said there will be no human language, no cultural variety or tribe, no other skin color, or difference in age, income and social status, no major discrepant growth, spiritual, mental and emotional of the ones you will engage with, none of these apparently disparate variations of My creation that will stop you from being the love that you are.

I blessed you and sent you on Planet Earth with all of My warriors and guardians, and you have planned to engage with all these odd, as per old human standard, unique and soul based relationships, not because you needed to learn something, not because of karmic lessons, but because you wanted to love and uplift them, you wanted to show them the ways of the heart. Is it becoming more clear to you why so many of you traveled across the globe to be engaged in inter-cultural and interracial long term relationships and formed families when you had to overcome language barriers and a completely a different background and upbringing?

There is only one light language dearest ones and that is the language of the heart, and everyone understands it, everyone knows it, and you are surely assisting collective humanity to remember it and to speak it fluently.

You are succeeding my beloved ones, you are a wonder, you are My pride!

I will close this message now, but I will never leave you!


By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


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