El Morya: Allow your higher self to speak through you!

Speak with that which is appropriate for each person’s level of understanding, sometimes holding your words and allowing love to speak…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings dear ones! I am El Morya, your beloved brother and family, friend and teacher and I come today in love to give you strength and to empower you to see the truth and the valor that lies within you.

These are indeed times of chaos and rapid changes and you are navigating them swiftly and with grace, just as you designed and planned in great detail a long time ago.

From the human perspective it feels like chaos, it feels that you are losing control and at times that you are losing your grip on reality. But from your higher self’s perspective and view, you are doing a fabulous job and all is exactly as it should be at this time.

Let go of the need to explain with your limited language and vocabulary, let go of planning and expectations, let go of comparing yourselves and your performance and your progress with the one of another’s. You hear this all the time and yet you just can’t help checking and rechecking, to reassure yourselves that you are on track, that you are keeping to the straight course.

We are here speaking to thee in this wonderful forum and we are coming to you to whisper in your heart words of encouragement and love, and will continue to do so for as long as it takes, since living in your world can be confusing and quite challenging.  The human mind was made to question and doubt that which is not seen or explained scientifically, ultimately discarding it as invalid, while your heart and soul’s attempts to bring out the contrary truth was constantly pushed aside and silenced.

Dearest hearts, it all comes down to managing your energies well; there is nothing more than that. Doubt and confusion, the running of fearful thoughts through one’s mind is very consuming and exhausting.

“Keep your eyes on God!” You have heard this expression many times and you have had different understandings of it. But ultimately it means taking yourself back into your heart where the Mother/Father/One resides, where your knowing and love is.

When there are parts of you that are calling on you in pain, you are quickly getting the knowing of what needs to be corrected and worked with. Then you can choose to bring those parts into alignment with your higher vibration and to lift them up into the healing and restorative state that is love. You do this by letting go of dense memories and the programmed suffering and even of the pleasures and the hidden addictions and habituations associated with them. It takes only a few seconds and all the pain is removed in an instant. Then you can focus on the next task and part of you that needs attention.

Whenever you choose to go down into the density to explore and analyze the illness, whenever you express your upset with the situation and attempt to explain it to the ones that were triggering the release, you are using a lot of your vital energy and wasting precious life force.

We have said to you that silence is golden, and of course you do understand that your thoughts have to be kind and loving, for they will be perceived and felt as much as your body language, and your loud and deprecating words.

You become a better teacher when you allow your higher self to speak through you with that which is appropriate for each person’s level of understanding. And that means sometimes to hold your words and mouth, to just sit in peace and to allow love to speak and flow freely, without the fluctuation created by the mind.

You are mastering the chaos and the changes, you are indeed the ascended masters of the love that the Mother has chosen so well.

Until next time, farewell.

By Permission.

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