Divine Mother: All of you are teachers of love…

Anything less than that is an illusion that you have created to separate yourselves from Me and from your Father, from the One…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings My dear children, sons and daughters of My heart! I am your Mother, The Divine Mother, Mother of Love and Mother of All, for there is only love and perfection. Anything less than that is an illusion that you have created to separate yourselves from Me and from your Father, from the One, so you can learn and experience the different facets of this love that is infinite, ever-present and eternal.

You wanted to give love a name, you wanted colors to describe it, you wanted to direct it, to get the feel and the texture of it. You even wanted to know the chemical formula and the size of the particles or of the whole essence of the Source. You wanted to contain it, to preserve it or to create copies of different sorts and shapes to amplify and increase the intensity of it. On the opposite side, you wanted to see if you could shut it down completely and then recreate it and reignite it. You see, you are playing the Creator game.

And that is quite alright dearest hearts, for there is a reason why I have birthed you perfect and godly in every way in My image and your Father’s image, from the purest love. To be the perfection and embodiment of the purest love, regardless of where you choose to travel and how much you believe you can hide from My heart. For sooner or later you awaken to your divinity and love, and then you remove the veils and the illusion of separation from Me, from each other, but most importantly from yourselves.

Some of you decided to shock yourselves and open your eyes in one radical motion and removed the veils all at once, your heart suddenly opened wide and then remembered all of the wisdom and the understandings of the creation. You knew though that you would be lonely in your quest and that only a few would be able to grasp your “out of this world” knowing and teachings, but that you would be examples of pillars of bright light leading far along the path of enlightenment, as close to home as possible.

Some of you would remove veil after veil in a progressive manner, allowing love and understanding to come in slowly, in a dynamic and continuous manner, expanding your loving hearts gradually. These are the ones that want to teach others by example, being in the world but not obeying the old ways, forging the new paths and the local ground levels in myriad ways of light.

And there are the ones that would awaken just before departure from the earthly plane, and be the teachers of awakening as well, for they will exemplify and reinforce that there are many ways to come home, and none of them is better than the other.

You see, all of you are teachers of love, and it doesn’t matter whether or not you open yourselves to My abundant flow of light, or if you remember that you are One for one hour or for forty years before departure from this current lifetime. It doesn’t matter when you allow Me to embrace you totally, for I love and cherish you regardless of your earth school accomplishments. Your mission of love is completed in your eyes and your divine plan to anchor love and light is successful in every scenario described above. The only difference is the time you spent in fear and worry, the suffering that occurred as a result of your feeling of separation and because of your limited beliefs, and that is to be commended and accepted as a tremendous sacrifice and offering, and as being love incarnate.

Now you want to know about the ones that are seemingly on the dark side of the spectrum, the ones that seem to have lost their way and closed their hearts forever.

I am here to say to thee, that no one is ever completely lost, no one is forgotten or discarded as no good or as a miscreation. These beloved children of Mine are the brave souls that have taken the role of the “bad guys” to show you how many opposites and blockages to the love there are, so you can remove them one by one and free your way into your heart and into My embrace. They too have their bag full of tricks and challenges, to highlight your weak and blind spots, thus assisting you in getting stronger and more aware. Let’s make it very clear that they respond to love, that they, too, love and adore their Mother just as much as you do.

In the past there was a greater tolerance for crossing the boundaries and breaking the rules, but that has been changed recently, yes, by Me, because you have asked and you have wanted only fair play and joyful learning experiences.

There are so many expressions of light and love in form on Planet Earth at this miraculous time of change, for you have created so many physical vessels of disguise, all beautiful and magnificent, and all of them filled with My essence and the blueprint of love, just to assist you in seeing and feeling that there is only one truth, there is only love and that that love is you and all.

I will leave you now with my eternal love and peace. Farewell.

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