Chief Cochise: “You are the Chief of your Tribe”

Cochise steps forward to give us his views on our progress through these changes and transformation…by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dear family! I am Chief Cochise, coming today to greet you and to assist you in these times of changes and intense transformation that are really times of returning to simplicity and to the ways of the heart.

Shedding all of these rules you have learned to obey, old knowledge and teachings, and starting to really listen to everyone, is the new way of the heart. To really listen and hear the person in front of you whenever they are speaking and sharing their fears with you. To hear your pets’ and wild animals’ stories. To call in the spirit and soul of the stream of water running behind your house. To open up to the land you live on, to your garden and flowers, to the mountains and the wind, and to truly connect and talk to Mother Gaia and hear her heart.

Of course, you have heard all of their pain and tales in the past, you know that you are all one and deeply connected with everyone else But you were afraid and thought you are too small to make a difference, to be able to make it better, and to be of any kind of significant assistance.

In the past, even after your awakening, you closed down and isolated yourself and your light, for there was so much pain that you have become aware you needed to let go of. You wanted to repair and undo so much of the damage done to the Earth and to the entire humanity and had no idea where to start or how to proceed.

It was saddening to see how, in your ignorance and in the busyness of the survival paradigm, your efforts were misdirected. Your loving energy was used in situations that were enabling and maintaining the old system based on fear and disempowering feelings.

You are becoming more aware and discerning of the truth and the falsehood with all the subtle manipulation of the human collective. You are deciding to put an end to it by refusing to contribute with your loving energy, by not engaging in anything less than love and light. When you intend to hold onto only what feels like purest love and truth, then you quickly find your peace and serenity with what is arising in this moment. Then you are free to be and do only what inspires and gives you joy.

Look your fears in the eyes, stare at them for a few seconds and see what else is hiding underneath. Allow all of these layers of worries to dissipate into nothingness and then go about your exciting life and live it with gusto, with excitement, and with the utmost joy.

See, when your soul family and friends are being tormented by their own pain and fears. continue to hold them in your hearts, with great kindness and compassion, and without expectations that they would understand your wisdom. When you sit quietly and hold them in your sacred space, you know there is a tremendous benefit; for they, as well as all of your tribe of 144 million, are going to feel you and your love and energy. Since you are the leader, you are the Chief of your tribe.

I am extremely honored to commune with you in this way. I am humbled by your steady and determined service to bring harmony within diversity and unity.

Until next time, Farewell.


By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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