Archangel Uriel: Make that urgent call to all of your aspects…

Bring them home and have them remain with you. It is time that you reclaim every part of your sweet self, it is time to re-unite, it is time to return to wholeness. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

 Greetings dearest ones! I am Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light of the Truth, bringer of the future and the totality of yourself in this now, your friend, beloved brother and family, always.

I am here to speak to you, to wrap you in my grayelsha light and love, and to gentle urge you, yes, to ask and suggest to thee to make that urgent call to all of the parts of self to come home and then to remain with you. It is time that you reclaim every part of your sweet self, it is time to gather and re-unite, it is time to return to wholeness.

“But, Uriel,” you are saying to me, “I don’t even know that I have missing parts and aspects that need to come home! I don’t know when they left me. I wouldn’t leave anything behind and forget about it, and certainly I do not believe that I would not check on them or visit with them in a such long time.”

It really doesn’t matter, dear hearts. What is important in this now moment, is that you are intending to bring everyone home. And so you are demanding that the ones that have taken…well in a way you have given parts of yourself to them, unwillingly and unknowingly, in your lack of awareness.

But nevertheless, firmly place that call out there and command that they are to return to their heart and rightful home. Every single time you have found yourselves in a type of demanding relationship…it could have been with a parent or child, with a lover or partner, even with a grumpy teacher or a manipulative boss…you could have left behind a part of self.

This is who you are, a loving and giving angel-in-form that has always given love to others expressed in so many different ways. Most of the time, the recipients of your gift of love were closed hearted and not able to handle the pure energy of love given to them in such an abundant manner as you have done.

When your higher self and soul were able to convince you to let go and move on, sometimes creating painful scenarios forcing you to leave, then part of thee was left behind continuing to assist and give love and support to the ones you once engaged with, selflessly and lovingly.

This is not to be allowed any longer, for the Mother is asking all of her children to return to innocence and purity of heart. All have to grow up and learn freely and without interference. Everyone is allowed to play and experiment on this beautiful planet Earth, but there are new requirements and yes, the rules have changed.

There will be play and games taking place in the bright light, in plain view of all, with no more foul play and tricky surprises and hitting from behind. There is still free will in place and anyone that choses to use the ignorance of another innocent soul to gain more power, to parasite or lift themselves up and/or to sustain themselves by draining others, will be reprimanded and neutralized quickly.

The guardians, the protectors and the implementers of this Divine Plan, the ones to anchor the Universal Laws and love on Earth, have been chosen and are working overtime.

You know that the ones I am speaking about are the ones hearing and listening to this message!  And yes, dearest and bravest ones, this is why you have designed this lifetime’s journey with painful fragmentation and then, graceful retrievals, so you know and lead others through the process and to guard against anyone that would attempt to break the new rules.

You are strong, you are magnificent and brilliantly beautiful!

Until next time, I bid you farewell.

By Permission.

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