Archangel Uriel: Does it feel like love?

Write these letters…L O V E…in silver light and place them into your heart…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings my dearest hearts! I am Uriel. Archangel of love and silver light of the truth, bringer of the bright future in this now, your beloved brother and close family, for we have been together from the beginning of all times.

You might seem surprised to hear all this lengthy introduction and greeting, but you now know that every single word is true and the phrase in its fullness gives you the truth without needing additional information. Every ray and energy emanated from the Source is love, is made of love and truth for what else can exist and be?

The blue, the green and golden and so many others in between have different qualities and feel to them, but all of them are of beauty and truth, all of them know how to take you home into the heart of the One. And we can expand on the time or the no time subject, or on the tight bond you all have with all of us in the higher realms and of the promise we have made to thee to be with you and assist you when the time is ready…but that will be another discussion.

Today I wish to speak to you about the knowing and your understanding on this matter. We can make it very simple, or we can make it very complex, or better said, we can expand on the subject.

Dear hearts, you always had this knowing embedded into your heart, into your bodies, physical, emotional, energetic and yes, even into the mental one. It was only that you were looking at a full page of writings that had the same beautiful letters, words all looking the same, but not all of them meaning the truth. There were false statements, words that carried fear and confusion, many had different agendas and energies that you were not able to separate and decipher.

To follow the same image, what has been happening to you, and to everyone out there, whether you are on the path of light or not, awakened fully, still snoozing, or deeply asleep, it matters not, for all are experiencing more of the sensing of the truth, because in this now moment on everyone’s page, the words of love are written in bold letters and they do carry only the vibration of the truth and love. Now, one can choose not to pay attention to them , and pretend they are not even there, and there are many reasons why that would be the case, but make no mistake about it, everyone can see them.

The sweet hearts in the forefront, the ones listening and reading our loving messages, the wayshowers praying and meditating on how they can serve others better, setting the intent daily and in every moment to be only love and light, having this deep desire to know more and to be certain. For all of you in this forum and beyond, we are spelling and writing LOVE in capital letters, we are making every effort to bring it to thee, even when you are at the lowest and densest part of yourself or confused by all these angry negative energies swirling around.

Yes, you are very dear and special to us in the higher realm, but so is everyone else, with no exception. All are beloved children of the Mother/Father/One. There is this deep desire that you have to know, and not only for the sake of accumulating wisdom but to use that knowing to benefit all and everyone. It is really the genuine love that you have for every being created by the Mother/Father/One that is aligning you with us and the source of all knowing.

And so, whenever you are in doubt about your actions, major ones like moving out, changing careers, or investing in something, to less significant or minor ones, if there is any, such as speaking and addressing someone while bringing out your knowing and understanding, to even what kind of thoughts you allow to flow and hold on to, for all of them you can stop and ask yourselves if they feel like love, if there is any love in that action for everyone involved and please, please do not forget yourselves.

“What would a person that loves him/herself and everyone else, think, speak or do?”

Write these letters…L O V E…in silver light and place them into your heart, let them sink and penetrate every fiber and particle of your bodies. Feel the expansion of your heart, feel the sweetness and the joy in your heart and know that this is Truth. Sit for as long as you need with this. Allow the silver to flow through you, and take it wherever it needs to go!

Now, use these feelings as reference point to go about anything in your day, and rest assured that you are going to be staying in the highest and the most abundant flow of love.

I am with you always, but I will end this message here with abundant sparkles of silver and love! Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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