Archangel Michael: Stand as your Enlightened Warrior Self…

…and hold on to your hats and try to enjoy this roller-coaster ride! Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings my brave hearts! I am Mi-ka-el, Archangel of Love and Blue Light,  Warrior of Peace and Light, Bringer of the Truth, your close brother, family and friend, your protector and ally. It doesn’t matter how you refer to or think of me; it doesn’t matter if you call on me or not for I am with thee always.

I send my blue cloak to enfold and protect you. I remind you of my shield and sword, in fact, I remind you to use your own tools of light and peace that I have given you for a while, to help and assist you when you travel on the low side of your world, for one reason or another.

Dear hearts, I have promised you and I have promised the Mother a long, long time ago, to be with you and watch over you and intervene on your behalf and assist you no matter what happens. You have seen me, and you have heard me many times and there is not one of you that was not attended and lovingly supported directly by me.

As you have been told, this is an intense time of transformation and you are going through tremendous changes, adjustments and recalibration of all of your bodies…physical, emotional, energetic and mental…yes, all at once. And when you thought you were done and you seemed to find your balance once more, then another wave of light arrives, bigger, stronger and more intense than the previous one.

Yes, the Mother’s Tsunami is intensifying and will not stop until we are done with all the releasing and dislodging of these earthly old energies – so hold on to your hats and try to enjoy this roller-coaster ride!

I do understand that you would like to have some predictability, some advance warning, so that you can at least mentally prepare yourselves for what is to come. But this is not how you have designed it, this is not the way of the enlightened warrior that you are. As you discovered, this is not an intellectual journey, this is a journey of the heart and love.

If you look at your life journey from the lower vantage point, you tend to get overwhelmed.

You are going through all these bodily changes, and sometimes quite painfully, just like everyone else. The only difference is that you do understand what is happening and take all the discomfort with some kind of anticipatory excitement because you know that this is another upgrade to the New You. You are wondering what will you be able to perceive next, how will you be able to function and perhaps serve better in this Dream of the Mother?

Nighttime seems busy with vivid dreams and messages that you want to understand – traveling  with me in the deepest darkness to bring up and transmute the fear, anger, angst and terror energies that have kept humanity and everyone in this low density for so long.

Your vacations and holiday breaks are also missions of light, for when you travel anywhere there is always a higher purpose that you might or might not be aware of. We are always intending to make them pleasurable and exciting.

You are, at the same time, taking care of “real” life – needing to hold on to your current jobs, to pay bills and interact with others, tending to your children and parents, soul family and friends that depend on you that are not as aware as you are and need reassurance and guidance, need your loving attention and focus. And then, having to deal with others affected by these negative energies, showing you what else needs to be addressed within, or else you would not be feeling confronted in any way, learning your lessons “on the go” and at the speed of the Tsunami….it seems way more challenging than you had expected.

And yet, I am here to say to thee that it is simple and straightforward. It is not overpowering when you see this entire mission from the higher vantage point and every single one of you reading this message has the capability to do so.

Be the love that you are always. Stay in the light flow with grace and wide open eyes to enjoy the ride. Let go of anything that makes your journey arduous and difficult, for it is not meant to be hard work. And mostly, call on me for assistance and allow me to support you in any way you may need at the time.

I am with thee always, loving you beyond measure! Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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