Archangel Gabrielle: You have designed this lifetime mission…

It doesn’t matter if your work manifests only in your home and neighborhood or expands worldwide, you will have all the support of the Mother and the Council of Love.  Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings My dearest hearts! I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel and Lily of Love, Messenger of the One, Holder and Communicator of the Truth, your protector, friend and beloved sister and so much more to each and every one of you.

I am here to fill you with my gold, with my bubbles of excitement and joy, with that eagerness of moving on and get going already with all the actions and the steps towards manifesting Nova Earth.

You all wanted to know what is next, and you already got it!  You have received all the information and data of what is, and where you need to begin. And, of course, you do understand that it is always a type of work that takes place within yourselves, but then to be continued and mirrored on the without…in your home, work and community. It doesn’t matter if your work takes shape and manifests only in your home and neighborhood, or if you start home and then quickly expand to a worldwide project, whatever you have designed as this lifetime mission and piece of the puzzle within the Mother’s Dream, this is what you will be doing, for you will have all the knowing and the support.

My dear hearts, you are ready and you have been thoroughly prepared and carefully chosen by the Mother, by the entire Council, by your brothers and sisters in form which love and trust that you will follow up on your promise and do your part when the time is ready.

Now, this is not meant in any way to place any kind of additional pressure, for we know how difficult it is already to navigate smoothly through all these quagmire of negative energies swirling around, enfolding you and everyone else with short brakes and time out. Of course, you do the releasing and clearing of the old and of the outdated. You have been wonderful in your diligence of transmuting negative energies, purifying and transforming your immediate space and way beyond, without even realizing the positive effect of setting up, in every moment to moment, loving and mindful intentions to assist everyone and everything in the highest and the greatest way of all.

You have expanded your beingness, your energy and love holding capacity and power and at the same rate you have increased your knowing, your capacity to sense and perceive more.

You can see and understand with your third and fourth eye, with your fifth eye of the Mother. You are becoming more aware of the suffering of the others. You do understand some of the reasons why humanity was stuck in this paradigm of pain, fear and survival mode for way too long. You can feel it in your heart, and you can hear the cries and the despair of others, and yet…you are holding back, not getting engaged in any way since you are not quite sure if you can make a difference or if you can really be of any assistance.

It is almost the same as if you could see that your house is in need of major structural repair, but you believe that there is plenty of time to intervene; perhaps you are waiting for a bonus, another well paid job or maybe to inherit some fortune before even thinking or considering doing something about it. Or, you have a sense that there is an abuse of a pet, or a child or a woman and even a man in your community, but you do not want to interpose and make any waves and you do not want to brake your tranquility and make any mistakes.

Beloved ones, expansion and heightened awareness comes with increased responsibility, with taking more action and the need for intervention. Not all of you are builders or proficient in construction and good carpenters. Not all of you are social workers, working in foster care or protection agencies. But you have to honor that knowing and ask to be given the next step and the means in the correction or healing the illness or the beginning of a diseased and toxic situation. And then step forward and take these actions and rest assured that you are being supported and protected at all times.

Sometimes it means to sit and pray in large groups [that] you form or you just joined in, for they are already in place. Sometimes it means to pick up the phone and work with the Divine in correcting and solving some of the issues and sickness right here and now.

It is the time to allow your indwelling spirit to take action. It is the time to spring forward in that knowing that you are doing exactly what you have planned to be doing and it is the time to follow your inspiration of actively building Nova Earth.

I am with you filling you with my bubble of joy and love, I am with thee to increase your stamina and strength so you accomplish everything that your soul desires.

Stay upbeat, stay joyful and lovingly inspired!

With the outmost love and appreciation, until next time!  Farewell.


By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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