Archangel Gabrielle: Test your new “loving” skills…

Your new loving skills are honoring everyone and that includes your brilliant selves as an absolute requirement…there is no room for being nice instead of truthful…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle


Greetings dearest ones! I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel and Lily of Love, Messenger of the One, Communicator and Bringer of the news, Bringer of bubbles of Joy and Laughter, for this is what you are in need of at this time of emergence and rapid transformation.

It is extremely exciting for us to see you opening your shells, to witness this process of being re-born, transfigured into the New You, this wonderful Nova Being that you have worked so hard and diligently to bring into manifestation.

Yes, the protective shells and all the ice walls that you have built for lifetime after lifetime are ready to go. You are ready to come out of your cocoon and to reveal yourselves to the world and to all.

Let go of all of the remnant fears and worries. Let go of the controlling ways and of the ego mind working to hold you in smallness and limitation, which gave you an illusory safety zone.

You are safer and you are freer when you are being yourself, when you follow your heart, when you are the love that you are and at all times.

You all want to serve the Mother. You are asking and demanding to be told, to be shown what may be the next step and the next appropriate action so you can feel and see your progress manifesting in physical reality. We are here speaking and showing you the way, but you need to walk the path. We love to see you doing it in joy, laughter and excitement, even when you don’t know exactly where it may take you.

It is very simple, it is a free flowing, smooth and gentle process and you can enjoy every moment of the transformation when you release the resistance, when you decide to see and hear the truth, and take the corrective actions as needed. Let go of any fears and judgement of seeing who you are, of not being able to handle your own magnificence, of not being able to fulfill your promise to the Mother.

You have a pretty accurate knowing, you have so many tools and abundant assistance in the physical and in the unseen realm to enable you to see what is holding you back. And then, let go of the ties and blockages. But you also need to move forward, to take that action and take the next step out of the old paradigm and forge the new path of light. Walk and engage with this new vision and new light and reinforce it in every interaction you may have with others.

Test your knowing and your new loving skills. Be the sweetness and the comforting of the Mother to everybody, whether you are in a female or male physical body doesn’t matter, for you all have it. Your new loving skills are honoring everyone and that includes your brilliant selves as an absolute requirement. For yes, you are to say “no” more often, and that has to be done peacefully, in a calm but firm tone. There is no room for being nice instead of truthful, for this is of the old paradigm.

As you have been told, you are to step into your magnificence and wholeness, you are to assist and help anyone that is willing to learn to help themselves. You have extremely important and vast missions that require huge energy and stamina. Therefore, carrying others along, giving a free ride to the ones who refuse to participate in these changes, immediate family and friends or not, is not an option any longer.

I will leave you now with my ever expanding love for thee and with abundance of joy! Farewell.


By Permission.

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