What is “Knowing”? It is surrendering to the Truth…

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Today we are blessed with a message from Adama from Telos, channeled by Genoveva Coyle. During this time of shift and the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, many enlightened beings are sharing their knowledge with us…So, open your heart and enjoy!


Greetings my dearest brothers and sisters! I am Adama from Telos, your family and friend, ally, and it is with the utmost joy I come to join and address thee today.

It may be hard to believe that we in the higher realm are very excited and eager to come and speak to thee and there is quite a competition of who gets to come at a certain given time to bring you some uplifting words, encouragement and appreciation.

When it comes to some specific information and news, yes, we can say that we “specialize” in certain aspects, but in truth we are all one. Any of us, as well as any of you, can access the wisdom of the Source and can bring in and channel to others the purest love there is, the Source’s love, the light and the love from the heart of the Mother/Father/One.

I am here today to talk to you about this subject of “knowing” that you are so preoccupied with, that you are trying so hard to practice and improve, if there is such a thing. For when you know, you are sure, you are eliminating any doubt about what “is”.

Being in your human form though, with your wonderful and quite creative egos, you tend to complicate things, to twist and turn the facts and interfere with lots of “what ifs” and “buts”, so much so that you get confused and disappointed in your ability to pick the right answer.

 It really doesn’t matter how complex, how old the issue is, the answer is extremely simple, and it was staring you in the face for a long time. Whenever you are ready to see and hear the simple truth, the knowing is right there and yes, it will come with additional and supportive evidence, and things will fall easily into place.

Most of the time it is as simple as letting go of the old information, of old knowledge, and opening your mind to other possibilities. And sometimes it is something very simple, such as aligning yourself with the Divine wisdom, with that “knowing”, and quickly you get a glimpse of the truth. Isn’t it amazing to by-pass the arduous learning and endless practicing of the old paradigm?

You are finding out now that you can understand another foreign language, you can translate and know the entire meaning of a song, and every single word that is being played. Or there is someone that speaks to thee about a certain book, or many of the writings, trying to explain the workings of the Universe. And even if you can’t recall reading them, or the author, you just know that this is truth, you can feel it and you can nod agreeing because you get it, because you comprehend it.

“How did it happen? How can I be in this state of ‘knowing’ at all times?” You are asking me, but you already have the answer, for you already know that when you are aligned with the Source, when your vibration is high enough, then you align yourself with all the knowing, with All That Is, with love…for there is only love.

The right music can bring you into the heart of One as fast as connecting with another opened heart of a soul family member and friend. This is why you need to go deeper within, you need to quickly travel into the 13th Octave when you need to make a decision, when you want to understand and hear the right way to respond to a situation, and uncover whatever else you need to know.

There are many clues that are given constantly to thee to assist you with this knowing, until you are fully aligned and permanently anchored within your heart. This is a complex , multileveled and ongoing process, until your entire multi-dimensional self is on board, until all parts and pieces and aspects of self are home with you.

But it doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. Be gentle and patient with yourselves, for you are doing marvelous work!

I will leave you now with my love and warm embrace. Farewell.


By Permission.

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