“You open your eyes and the air seems wavy, as if it is charged with energy, and it is, for you are in the place of magic and you have left the old 3rd far behind. You see the door, that mystery door, the far right-hand corner open and there is a being coming through it, walking towards you with the most incredible smile of welcome on their face that you have ever seen. Pay attention and allow. What does this being look like? Do they appear human or angelic or star being? What is the color of their hair, their wings, their eyes? What do you think they’re wearing? You can feel the excitement in your heart, in your body, because you know that your request has been answered and this is your guide, this is your primary guide and he or she is walking right towards you, their arms wide open.” Linda Dillon https://counciloflove.com/2013/05/st-teresa-talks-about-our-guides-and-how-to-access-them/