Saturday Conference Call
The Council of Love


Let’s begin as always by taking a nice deep breath of the Mother’s blue – that beautiful blue diamond that really is her essence, and had been sent to us and gifted to us and shared to us, so that we can come to know her better.

So we begin by taking a nice deep breath of that glorious blue diamond. And go into your heart and let go of the day, or your to do list or what’s on for the weekend. Just give yourself and this circle, the sacred gift of being here and being together. This time is so precious. Go deeper into your heart and feel your gorgeous tri-flame, the canary yellow diamond of the father, your beautiful pink diamond in the center, the Mother’s blue diamond on the other side. And drop down, drop down to the seat of your soul. Go to the place where you are sheer energy, where you are sheer love, as the sweet angels that you are.

And in this place with me, take a minute to take a gander at the beautiful archangels assembled today. Michael with his mighty wings extended fluffy white, really angel wings, studded with sapphire. And Raphael, full attention, studded with emeralds. Archangel Uriel with his wide white wings extended, studded with silver diamonds. And Jophiel, studded with amethysts. And Gabrielle with her beautiful citrine and golden topaz – brilliant, brilliant shining gold.

And, Michael is telling me – our beautiful Archangel Mikael, bringer of peace, defender of love is telling and reassuring us that as we travel as his legion of blue, regardless of our ray, as we travel in service to the Mother, yes to assist with the unfoldment of her plan, during and within the Tsunami of Love, that this formation of the mighty ones will travel with us – that we are guided and protected and we are known and honored.

And, we are the human piece to anchoring peace on earth, not simply the cessation of war, but the anchoring of true peace. He says that he has brought to our attention, that the Mother has brought to our attention, that we have been vigilant and diligent and prudent and consistent in our holding of the peace. And that is why they remind us that we have been doing this, each in our own way, conscious or not – we have been doing this for decades and decades.

But they want us to know, the mighty Archangels want us to know, the Mother wants us to know that we are in this sacred partnership. And, if there is ever feeling of war within, sit in the center of this circle. Sit in Gabrielle’s lap and let them renew us. Let them refill us. Let them remind us and reassure us. We are on track and we are doing the Mother’s bidding in every breath. Thank you Michael from each of our hearts. Dear Lord we thank you.


Greetings, I am Mary. I am Ma-re, and yes sweet angels of light come and sit on my cloak of blue and let it be this way, that when you have taken a blanket to a picnic, a blanket to the beach, and you have laid it out and you get upon it to either enjoy the delights, to share friendship and camaraderie, or to simply lie down and enjoy the water and the ocean of the sky. We take my cloak of blue this day and we place it deep in the heart of the tsunami.

This cloak, sweet one, is much stronger than any vessel, any boat, any surfboard. So I invite you to come and sit with me upon the cloak as we travel to the places of violence and abuse of authority and war. And I ask of you two things to do in your peace meditations and every day. Pray for the women and children of Iraq and Iran and then expand it. Expand it to your chosen place of disharmony – and might I say the dis-ease of war.

You can ride the waves when you stay upon my cloak. And we can cover and wash clean these areas of intrigue and hatred, misunderstanding and abhorrence. And we will cover them with the blue cloak. Literally we will cover them as they are immersed in my tsunami and cleansed, washed clean and refilled with my gifts of clarity, and purity, grace, awe and wonder.

This is where we affect change. And you are my anchors in human form as my daughters and sons – into the bones, into the ground, into the hearts and minds and wills of those who have not known any better.

Some will say, ‘Oh, I was just following orders.’ Well you know what that means. And some will say, ‘But I assume power, I am supreme power.’ And both are the same ends, the same distorted spectrum of neither having any sense of self worth. ‘I follow orders,’ I do not have my mantel of divine authority. Or,’ I am in charge and I am supreme commander’ operating from a distorted view of self worth.

It matters not. I, you, we, my legions, the Tsunami of One, the Porlana C and my resurgence changes us. Not simply for the sake of overriding the old outmoded desperate paradigms. There is no place for them.

Listen to what I say. My resurgence of my Tsunami of Love – yes, is to wash people clean, to refill them. But, the reason behind my dream, behind this, is to give humanity true latitude. Not only for the recognition of their worth, but of their choice, their free will to pursue what their heart and soul demands.

So this is a refreshing of those who perhaps have lagged behind to remind them, to refresh their own sense of divine connection, of the ability to choose what is divinely right and in accordance with divine universal law with the assumption of divine authority. And these are not arduous. These are not difficult. These are filled with such joy and peace, giggles, laughter and play. This is my desire for the entire human collective. And it is to assist you, all of you, in the fulfillment of the decision that you made in 2012 to proceed as one.

So this is a final cleansing, a presentation of what it means to choose. And it is not merely in the embodiment of Mother/Father/One – a distant heaven, a distant Divine. The choice is – do you choose love? Do you choose to live in love? Do you choose to sit, to fly, to swim with my blue velvet cloak? Do you wish to breathe-in my blue diamond? Do you wish to proceed as one in gentleness and harmony and in the co-creation, not only in my dream but of Nova Earth, of Nova Gi-Anna, of Nova You?

I speak to you this way not because you have hesitated. You are magnificent. You are true. You know my love and I know yours. But you are my vessels, you are my wayshowers, you are the beauty of my pattern in form.

So I ask of thee, not simply to ride the waves. Your cleansing is mostly done. So come to the picnic, to the adventure, and let us cover these war torn countries or areas. And yes, our travels will be extensive. Choose where you wish to go and I will be there with you. I am always with you, as you bright Angels of Light, beloveds of my soul are always with me.

Go in Peace. Farewell.