What Floats Your Boat

Magic Lotus flower

It was a simple question. The Council asked, “What inspires you?”

So now that I’ve lived with that simple question for three weeks, I realize that it’s not simple. My first thought was to name about 50 things that inspire me. And then I realized that I’ve missed something. That wasn’t the intent of the question. It’s deeper than that.

Magic Lotus flower

So I began listing a few things in general terms to prove that I haven’t missed anything. Like: ‘a gorgeous song inspires me,’ or ‘a sunset over the ocean,” or ‘hearing a baby laugh.”  As I read my short list, I realized that I really don’t know the answer. I was just saying all these pretty things. Of course they’re all meaningful, but that wasn’t the question.

So the truth is that I know the feeling of being inspired, but I don’t know the source of it. Where do I go for inspiration? Do I have to go somewhere? Is it inside of me?

What makes my heart sing? And what does that mean?

In other words, what inspires me at the deepest level of my being?

And if I don’t know, how can I find it?

Where will I look?

How will I know when it’s staring me in the face?

Am I the source of my inspiration?

What floats my boat is having this central question answered, so that I can step in the direction of every single thing that inspires me…every single thing.

Join me in this quest. Come with me as we journey with Linda and the Council and the Mother through the 13th Octave and beyond into The Inspired Self. It starts very soon. Join our circle. Here’s my hand…

If it sounds simple, that means it goes so deep. Won’t you join us? https://counciloflove.com/inspired-self-webinar/

P.S.  With the transformational energy rolling through us during this time, just know that there is nothing in our past to compare to what is about to happen in this class as the Council leads us forward into Ascension. Now is the time.

With love, Jeri Burgdorf on behalf of

Council of Love Volunteer Team

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