Staying the course’ is the source of power and authority. It is choosing the love, the peaceful journey, rather than the one of chaos. Think of this as your new goal, living in the flow, an infinite experience of love. You are the template for this universe, this new species called Terra Gaians…

Hour with an Angel     March 30, 2017

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow             Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening, Linda… Well, why don’t I let you transition and we are going to be hearing from Archangel Michael today on love and on staying the course.  (Pause) With that, let me welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings.  Greetings, well wishes, congratulations and thank you!  Thank each and every one of you for inviting me, inviting us, attending and paying attention, for I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news.  Is there any better news or any better subject to talk about than love?  There is so much written, not only by yes, you dear Steve… by many, by channels, but there is never enough.  As each of you, my beloved friends, are growing, expanding, evolving into this new species called Terra Gaians you are having the capacity to more deeply understand, experience and express love.

Let us start there. Then, we will talk also this day – yes, as you have said – staying the course.  In fact, might I just say a few words?  Staying the course…how boring!  That is what you think.  That is often how you feel or express your disappointment, your despair, your anger, your fear.  Staying the course is walking the eternal and constant path of the Mother/Father/One.

Yes, your situation of being in human form and the nature of your cultures and societies has made it such that you are always anxious and eager and excited to witness, participate, anticipate events.  For you, these are the hallmarks of progression and we most certainly understand that.  But the ability to truly continue on, to stay the course, regardless of the stormy seas or the placid waters or events or timelines, is truly the mark of a spiritually evolved being in any realm.

Now, I am not suggesting to you – and let us be very clear – that events are not unfolding, because they are.  But what is one of the necessary ingredients in the unfoldment of events, as you would think of them – how we think of them as the unfoldment of the plan of our Beloved Divine Mother.  You influence, you participate, you are co-creating with us and with many in what you would think of as this unseen realm, the unfoldment of the Plan, the unfoldment of the events.  Part of this is truly staying the course, of staying in the alignment with the love, with the heart, the mind, and the will of One.  Think of how we operate and how we choose to place ourselves… not outside of free will, but in some ways beyond free will, because the choice is only one and that is the love and the service to the Mother.  We stay that course infinitely and eternally, constantly, regardless of what is occurring in your realm or in any realm because there is only one choice and that is the love.

When I say to you, “Stay the course,” what I am truly saying, my beloved family and friends is, “You are doing spectacularly well.”  Do not allow this old pattern of impatience, or worry, or fear, or concern, or any of these to cloud your path, to cloud your judgment, your discernment.  It is the consistency of your beingness that is necessary – not just desirable – but absolutely necessary at this juncture, at this point in the unfoldment.  When you fall – and I use the word ‘fall’ – into anxiety, into fear, into impatience, it is as if you are throwing a wrench into the Plan, into that unfoldment.  It is like dropping poison into a pristine stream.

I say this because you are fully competent, you are fully able to not deviate into these lesser – yes, lesser – emotional states.  You have been diligent in your work.  Where you are right now is in bringing the holding of hope, of trust, of vision, of activation of will, which the energy of Porlana C is very good at activating, by the way.  You are at the place of bringing these qualities forward into physical manifestation and actions of creation and co-creation.

If you are building something and you want to see results, outcomes, in a physical reality which you occupy, then what you do is you stay the course.  If you have been on a pathway that doesn’t work, that isn’t correct in any sense of the word, then of course we and your own guardian angels and guides would redirect you. That is what trust is about – is listening to the inner knowing, even from your higher or universal self.  What we are saying to you in this moment of your eternal now is that you are on course.  Do not deviate, do not redirect, do not fall into these lesser emotions.  Simply keep your eye on the horizon, on what you are co-creating with us on behalf of the Divine Mother.

Patience truly is a virtue my friends…but so is impatience at times…and in this I do not mean the lesser emotion of impatience.  What I mean is the eagerness. Think sometimes that impatience will help you bridge from the amorphous energy of creation to the actuality of bringing into tangible form creation.  If you are going to implement or use impatience, use it in that tangible way of planning, visioning and bringing into form what your heart desires because your heart, in the purity of form, is in alignment with the will of Mother/Father/One.  It is in alignment with the love.

You say, “Yes, but Lord, I am still looking around and seeing a big mess!”  Have I not suggested to you – and even more strongly, simply told you – you may observe the mess, you may send the love to the mess.  You may create new pathways.  Do not participate in what you see as that chaos.  You are on a different journey and a different pathway.  There are those who, in the journey, have chosen both to be participants and creators of that chaos – to bring to the surface all the mayhem that the human history has entailed – to bring to conclusion, once and for all, the destruction of those old paradigms of hate and greed and control and aggression and war. That is not where we are asking you to stay.

You are staying the course on an alternate path.  You are creating the journey so that many may look and see and follow, not in a negative sense of being herded or sheep, but through their choices, that they would rather choose the love; they would rather choose the peaceful journey rather than the one of chaos.  So, beloved ones, I continue to ask you to stay the course.

Very often you have analogies that you use and the analogy for this situation is you are still in the thick of the forest and you haven’t quite broken the tree line.  You are not at that summit where you can look back and see how far you’ve come.  t moments it feels like it has been forever.  At times you say, “It has been an eternity, Michael,” even though it has only really been a brief period, and for some of you even a brief lifetime.  You are almost there.  Stay the course.

Before I speak of love, Steve, do you have questions of me?

SB: I just want to clarify for our readers, who the “we” is that you are talking about in asking us to stay out of the chaos.  There are those who will wade into the chaos in service, but “we” are to stay out.  Who is the “we,” Lord? I mean, I know but I think there may be some listeners who may not.

AAM: Most of the lightworker community, most of the love-holder community, which is very broad, very global, is to stay out of the chaos. Now when we say that, let us be very clear…you aren’t simply standing back – yes, we say stand back and be the observer – so it is a very good question, my friend, let me clarify.  You are observing what is transpiring, shall we say, in the chaos camp but you aren’t moving in to the chaos camp.  As light-bearers, you are actually on a different pathway – a pathway of clarity and hope and trust and vision, all under the umbrella of love.

You can witness and you can send love, send healing, send whatever your heart guides you to do into that chaos, because it is a very sad and pitiful place to be, as you well know.  You send it there – express mail – and you allow it to penetrate those that have chosen that direction.  Are there those of you – and when I say you I mean of the lightworker, love-holder, love-bearer community – that will choose, and of course are part of the solution, the elimination, the destruction of the chaos?  The answer is yes.  For many of you, that is your mission and purpose.

Let us break that down into two camps.  There are those of you who are the pathfinders and wayshowers, who in fact, are destroying or eliminating the chaos camp because you are showing, demonstrating and living different ways – holding different energies, the love energies, which is far more practical, far more attractive than the chaos.  Yes, chaos can be very addictive…we know all about that.  But, there is the camp in the lightworker community that is formulating different methods of behavior, different patterns of behavior, holding the love, living the love, expressing the love, experiencing the love.  So, that is part of it.

Then there is another part – the second group of lightworkers and loveholders – who in fact will work more directly with those who are in the chaos camp.  But think of them as the aide workers,  as the Blue Cross – yes, I am being very partial to that – the aide workers that go into the chaos to do healing, not to participate in the mayhem, not to participate in that breakdown, but to go in. Think of it as counselors, communicators, healers.

They aren’t going in in any way to prop up, shall we say, the old.  What they are doing is, as the dissolution of the old is taking place, there are many who have spent their lifetime – and might we say many lifetimes – totally, fully engaged by choice in the chaos, in aggression, control, torture, you name it.  As that workability of that system – both personally and globally and everything in between – breaks down, then those people who are in the chaos camp are going to be in a world of hurt.  They are going to be in a world of confusion.  They are going to be looking for alternate pathways.

Now you say, “We have formulated, this first part of the lightworker camp has formulated alternates.”  But they don’t know that.  They will not be ready to simply switch – some of them will, but very few.  They will need the healers, the teachers, the aide workers, what I am calling them, to be in their midst saying, “This is how you clear. This is how you heal. These are the words of encouragement from your guides and guardians. These are the words of encouragement from Archangel Michael, and Gabrielle, and Uriel, etc. etc.  This is how you find the truth of who you are.  This is how you find your inspiration.  This is how you redirect your energies.”

There is a massive portion of reeducation – if you wish to think of it that way – healing and reeducation with the chaos camp and there are many lightworkers, but not the totality, who will be in that role.  Now you say, “How long will that take, Lord?”  Well, for some, it will be a couple of hours and they will go, “Oh my goodness, I could have been doing this differently my entire life.”  For others, it will take years because they are so entrenched in the belief that they are God.  It is funny because they are God but they have misconstrued the meaning of what divinity truly is.  They have forgotten, misplaced and raped the village of the Mother.  So, there is a massive redirection. Is that clear?

SB: Oh, that is very helpful.  But, I also don’t want to take away from your discussion of love. If I could turn to that subject for a moment, you bestowed on me an experience of tremendous heart opening and the torrential love that followed it – which I have called transformative love and Jesus has called real love.  Why do you not bestow that experience on people generally and we’d all then be able to talk about this with more understanding?  Because most people don’t know what transformative love is, Lord.

AAM: Well, that is part of what we wish to talk about, but it will also tie into ‘stay the course.’ You are all equally loved and you are all equally love.  Now, you have known in these conversations that we have had and shared, myself and the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, how we have in some ways redefined certain words – or shall we even say broadened the definition.  And as a wordsmith you have great appreciation of this.

SB: Yes.

AAM: Human beings tend to talk about love as something they feel.  So, let us begin this conversation by suggesting that the wording that we use collectively – you, I and everybody – yes, real love, transformative love, but let us also talk of love as not something you simply feel, but as an experience.  The Mother and I have talked about how humans know love is experience and expression.  You, dearest Steve, have had the experience of love and that is really the only way that you truly come to know love.  Love is the acceptance, the embrace, the experience, and might I even say, the surrender to the totality of your being.

Now you say to me I have flooded you, and, in fact, that has many elements of truth.  But that flooding, or that experience is the catalyzation, the awakening of the love that is within you.  Your design, which we have been focusing on a great deal of late, is the design of the Mother – yes, with the input of the Father – but it is the patterning of the Divine Mother.  Your core, your essence, is love and when you experience love it is because you have allowed that experience of what is already within you to blossom, to flood, to simply overtake you.  Love is the welcoming of the totality of your being, and in that, it cannot be separated from the totality of All, of One, because they are identical.  It is simply a question of magnitude.  And of course, if we somehow activated the totality of All, of One, of everything into your being you would simply drop dead.

You aren’t quite ready there yet.  But what you are doing is you are experiencing the awakening of what has always been there.  So, we aren’t implanting – and yes you are a group of people that have been previously obsessed with implants, so let us be very clear – we are not implanting love within you.  We are simply activating and awakening what is already there so that you have this experience of love.  In that welcoming is the willingness – and I mean Divine willingness – to truly accept and embrace and be the fullness of who you are.

And initially you will say, “Well that means that I can embrace the good, the bad, the ugly of who I am.”  This is where we were taking you; this is really what the course that we are channeling for Linda is all about.  We are taking you to the point where you realize that there is no bad or ugly, that that is not truly part and parcel of who you really are.  You are only the love and the rest has been detritus, it has been illusion, it has been garbage that we want to take out.  We are flooding the field so that you come to realize that your essence is only love.  And in that, you are ready, willing, and able to accept and to express to every being on this planet – yes, even the chaos camp – that you love them!

That you see, and it isn’t simply a Namaste, it is truly love in action that you can embrace the totality and begin to show them who they really are.  This is part of the clean-up. This is part of living in the seventh dimension.  This is where you have need and desire to be.  This is the Plan of the Mother!

When you are in that place where you are fully activated, and that potential is completely open for each and every one of you right now, that is why we say, “Don’t deviate, don’t change, don’t redirect, stay the course” because you are all open to that flooding affect. To be able to know the truth – the absolute truth – without any of those hints of, “well, when I was 12 years old I stole a piece of candy” or “when I was 30 I cheated on my wife” or “when I was 40 I hated my boss.”  You take these landmarks, these events, and you make them define the truth of who you are and your journey; in fact, they are simply illusions and deviations that do not serve you.  So, let’s clean it up!

SB: Well also, they are part of this amazing mind-chatter that goes on and on. And, when you actually find yourself in transformative love all that just disappears!  I don’t even say it drops away.  It’s just gone.  It’s not there.

AAM: When you are truly in the love, when you allow yourself to be the love, all that mind-chatter, all those distractions, there simply is no place because it cannot co-exist!  There isn’t any etheric or spiritual or any space for such denigrations. It isn’t that you let it go, it is exactly as you say, my beloved, it is that it is not there. Repeatedly we say to you – and we will again and again until this is complete and then there will be no need to ever hear it again – but we say to you, do not judge yourself. Do not judge yourself. Let go of judgment. Be discerning. But when you have that mind-chatter, it is your judge and jury. You notice that so seldom do you, in fact, get a good verdict from that judge and jury; they always find you guilty and wrong.  So, it is not a good friend to have.

There won’t be any room in the Mother’s discernment of the entire omniverse – think of it!  She may discern that you are a little off course, that humanity has been a little off course in the way She would look at it. So, what happens?  She gathers you back into the purity of Her love and in that everything else disappears, dissipates, is gone.

You have often asked, “What is it like to live interdimensionally?” Because of the structure of your society and experience you tend to think of it as physicality. Of course, physicality can be present in many different ways, but in the physicality of that experience you tend to keep that judge and jury. Think of this as your new goal, as your creation, our co-creation, that you are living in a flow, an infinite experience of love. The physical experience, that bliss, once you learn to walk again, becomes so pleasurable that the choice – because we aren’t removing free will, that is the Mother’s design – that the choice to be in anything but the love, the bliss, the expression, interpersonally and globally, and far beyond by the way, it isn’t a choice because why would you choose anything else?

But of course, because that is based on the experiencing of love – the elimination, quite literally, of that judge and jury and all that entails. You say, “Well, I don’t know it.” So, you are saying, “Well, why can’t we all have that?”  And what I am suggesting to each and every one of you this day and tomorrow and the next day is you can.

You have been flooded by the Mother, by the Father, by the One, by the masters, by our realm the archangelics, the seraphim, the elohim, you name it.  You have been penetrated and transformed and that is continuing as well by the Porlana C.  Now you say, “Well if that is true, if this is an equal opportunity love, how do I get there?” This is really the key and it is the key to ascension, it is the key to the final jump, it is the key to everything.

I have said, “Stay the course!” When I say that, of course, the very words connote motion and movement so what I will say now will feel a little contradictory, but stay with me.  I want you to stay still.  I want you, I guide you, we beg you, we plead with you, we suggest strongly – stay still, unplug, go in. Prayer? Yes. Meditation? Yes. And simple stillness.  Not merely to go to the still point.  Not merely to go into the void but to be the stillness, to be the void. Do not try and program your sweet self.  Simply allow yourself to sink into the love that you are.  And in that we are all present, willing, ready and able to – as you have put it dear Steve – to flood you.

But if you are constantly distracted, if you are constantly on the run, on the move, then in some ways, it is not that we can’t reach you it is that you can’t reach you. So, we need this partnership of cooperation [that] also entails you staying still. There is a time for movement and for action and that movement and action and co-creation and the anchoring in physicality comes from the love.  That is your fuel. If you haven’t filled, if you haven’t sourced your fuel, then so often – and I know many of you feel this way – you are running on empty.  It is not that you are empty but you believe you are empty and therefore you are acting and feeling – feeling, thinking – that you are empty rather than experiencing the love that you are.  Do you understand what I say?

SB:  I certainly do and I would add to it the reminder that love flows to us, obviously from many sources, but primarily from our own hearts. So, I add the reminder to people to draw love up from the heart on the in breath and send it out to the world.  You get to experience it as it passes through you or reserve some from yourself, but to draw the love up from this endless artesian well. That is the only thing I would add, Lord.

AAM:  And that is a magnificent addition.  It is to know that that artesian well is infinite, is internal.  You would never have agreed to return to the planet if you didn’t absolutely know that.  You would not in a gazillion years – regardless of how deeply you revere and love the Mother – you would not have said, “I will go and know the isolation and the absence of love.”  In its simplest terms, in all this magnificent unfoldment, the fulfillment of our Mother’s Plan, your journey of life is simply about the discovery, rediscovery, reimplementation, reanchoring, the experience of love.  That is all it is about.

If you simplify and define your every action, your every interaction, every behavior, every thought as being of the love, then you are absolutely fulfilling your mission.  If it is not of love do not invite that judge and jury back.  Simply allow it to float away.  You have lived in a society all over the planet that has believed in crime and punishment with the emphasis on punishment. Why? Why do you always think that others must be punished, slighted, ignored, excluded, shunned, or that you must do this to yourself? The Mother, in her love and wisdom, would never treat you that way, so why would you do this to yourself or to others?

SB:  Lord, I wonder if we need a new vocabulary that would somehow not use the word love to cover such a range of circumstances. For instance, romantic love – which is absolutely wonderful – but doesn’t hold a straw to transformative love or true love.  And yet we use the word love to cover both situations, which I find very limiting and sometimes confusing.

AAM:  Yes, it is but let us come at it from the other side.  There are many of you in this beloved community – beloved community – that wish to capitalize, emphasize, that there is a distinction between what you would call transformative love, real love, divine love, love-love and the various aspects of romantic love:  I love my dog.  I love my home.  I love my planet. I love my spouse, etc. We wish and tend – under very strong guidance – to tilt the other way because we don’t wish to discern or separate these various experiences of love.

When you are truly – and you are moving there anyway and this is the good news – into sacred unions of all kinds, they are but a genuine, authentic reflection of the love, of that experience of love of self, of the truth of who you are, and the outward expression of that truth. What we are trying to bring you to is to have love as a very broad term. Yes, it can be confusing because it encompasses so much. But everything that you are doing and choosing to experience and bringing forth and bringing into tangibility in the newest realm – on Nova Earth, as Nova Being – that is love; it is love in form in the experience of being Terra Gaians.  It is magnificent and beautiful!

Why would we want to use a different expression than the Mother’s truth for what you are doing? We encourage you to use the small “l” love and to use it generously but do not use it in ways that are not of truth and authenticity. Give it the deep reverence and the commitment of self, of heart, that up-surging of the essence: ‘I am giving you, I am sharing with you the Divinity that I am and the expression of the Mother. And in that sharing, I am willing to embrace you and to see you and to welcome you as you really are, without the judge and jury or any other part that is not essential to who your truth is.’ So, we tend to go on the opposite end of the spectrum until you truly integrate, anchor and understand what this very broad word means.

SB: More challenging for a wordsmith to go with one-word-fits-all but I see your point that it’s all love, yes.  I wonder if there are any listeners who are asking themselves if it’s very boring in this state, everyone sitting around in love and where’s the variety? Now, of course, I know that when you are sitting in love you don’t need variety, but I’m sure many of our listeners, or some listeners might be saying, “Well, that sounds like a very boring state.”  What happens there?

AAM: It is not boring at all because from that place you are truly keying into infinite creation.  Think of it!  You are actually, at your own pace and willingness, very busy.  Do you truly think that I am sitting on a cloud floating and not doing anything with my days, nights and in-betweens?  Oh no. My friend, I am extraordinarily occupied and joyously so.  So, from the love then comes: What do you want to do?  What is your Divine design demanding of yourself, of what you choose to do?  This is about doing and action.  Your Nova Earth does not get created simply by waving a wand.  It is you bringing forth and doing in love and cooperation with others.  That is why it is so important in the balance to make sure that you have that unplugged time out, of being in the stillness, because aside from that you are going to be exceptionally busy.  You are the template for this universe. That requires some work, my friends. But that is the next installation, is it not?

SB: Well, I guess it is. Also, when one is in the experience of love, considerations like staying the course also disappears. One is just in the moment and that moment just expands tremendously.  And so, it becomes much easier to do this work. Life becomes a joy, really.

AAM: That is correct.  And in the joy is the beauty.  And in the beauty is the purity.  And in the purity is the compassion and on and on and on. But everything you are bringing forth is done in such bliss and you are learning to translate…that is why I have made this joke earlier in saying  that once you have experienced the love and learn how to walk again, you will be able to move about and go about your creations in a way that is entirely different. It is hard to conceive of what it feels like to be entirely different. You do not suggest to a baby, “go run the marathon or the triathlon” when they still are in the crib. But that is exactly what happens, that your muscles are developed so that you can go about the Mother’s business without any effort. It is simply a joy to be free and in form – to be creating in a physicality of form and given tangibility to things like purity and beauty and compassion.  Now that is something to chew on!

SB: Definitely! Thank you very much and to remember, because we are going to get busy and we are going to need to be drawing on this endless supply of love.  So very relevant, Lord.

AMM: It is your fuel and it is the fuel of the universe.  And so, in the stillness, my beloved friends, allow us to flood you because we are waiting.  Go still and welcome us in.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Go in peace my friend.  Farewell.

SB: Farewell.