Increasingly, individual channels are having messages of global impact. This is one such reading with Andrew Eardley. Archangel Michael shares his guidance of what comes after this chaos of the current download of energies from the Mother’s legions.

Greetings, I am Michael. Welcome, beloved friend, ally. I come as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, because Love is the only thing in any Universe that is worth ‘warrioring’ over, and when I say that of course I mean in a peaceful way, for there is no room for conflict, bitterness or misunderstanding – intentional or otherwise.

You’ve had the experience of seeing a gentle blanket of snow fall to the Earth and cover the Earth Mother. That is the way that Peace will and does come – like a gentle falling, not merely of rain, but of snow to cool the fiery emotions, the mental thoughts that destroy and create such chaos.

This sensation of gentle snow will follow this extraordinary sense of upheaval and chaos that the latest influx of all of our energies are having upon humanity, and it is in this, in the gentle softness, in the cooling, that my peace and our peace and the Mother’s Peace will come to reign – will come to be the new normal.

So we are as excited, grateful, and as profoundly in awe, as we can possibly be. And so this is what I start with and share with you this day. Yes, the changes – the extraordinary changes – that Yeshua has spoken of, that our Lord Jesus Sananda has spoken of – are well underway.

But it is important for humanity to also have this to look forward to, that peace does not come in a hailstorm of bullets. It does not come through hand-to-hand combat or shooting planes out of the sky. It comes in the quiet of the moment, in the earliest morning when you can hear the birdsong and the water lapping against the shore. And it is in that sense of deep peace, both within and without, above and below, that the paradigm shift, that the full consciousness of heart is anchored.

So I ask you, my beloved brother, to hold this vision because in this time – and yes, I am bringing you forward – in this time of extraordinary change when things shift enormously, and I’m not just talking about money, there will be great excitement. You have your future mission to think of and to look forward to, not with great trepidation but with enormous joy and excitement.

But in this sense of excitement, think of the excitement as shining on that snow – when it creates millions of diamonds and the brilliance of light that you have to close your eyes and look away. But underneath that strong sun of excitement lies the coolness, the refreshing moisture, the gentle cover for beloved Gaia.

I am not speaking of this in some distant future. I am speaking of it very close at hand. Now, are many human beings, and by the way animals as well, having difficulty in navigating these enormous energies of change – of Love – that are penetrating the planet? Well, you are already witnessing it – of course they are.

My friend, my brother, my ally, is it not curious that the greatest challenge that humanity is facing is how to create, manoeuver, anchor – and operate in a sensible way, a participant observer – the energies of Love? That they have never felt the enormity of this Love that is penetrating them and it is sending them haywire? Is it not curious that the greatest challenge is the Love challenge? Because there can be no reversion to the old patterns of intrigue and conflict, war, illness, death. Yes, many are choosing to leave, but even in that you are seeing a smoothness of transition.

Now this is the greatest – no, not the final – but certainly one of the greatest challenges that humanity has faced. It has not been the World Wars, it has not been the Depression and financial collapses, it has been the acceptance and integration – the greatest quotient of Love – that has ever penetrated your planet. It is glorious. It is sublime.

Why I start with this is that it is also important for people to realize – not merely yourself and yes, that is the source of your exhaustion and your excitement – we have not just sent the gifts unwrapped and said “Deal with it”, we are in full force as are your Star family. So we are ‘on call’ and intervening in ways – not intervening with free will – but certainly intervening in ways that are not ‘business as usual’ as you would think of it.

So call for help, allow us to assist. There is no need for singularity or bravado, and there is no need to wallow. Are you in a – and I mean you collectively, and you dear heart – in a time where rest and reintegration and the healthful nourishment of your body, your form, with food and water is necessary, where the gifts of Nature are assisting? Absolutely! But call on us as well.

Archangel Michael channelled by Linda Dillon on May 20, 2016 in a private reading with Andrew Eardley.