Sanat Kumara, Ascension & Core Issues by Jeri Burgdorf

When Sanat Kumara tells us “This is your new tomorrow, right now” he is talking about Ascension. He is saying we can, and some of us do, fly through the Ascension portal regularly…and then return. What is required? That is a crucial question about ascension.

Archangel Michael gave us at least part of the answer recently when he said we must have cleared our core issues in order to pass through that portal. Those core issues can only exist at a certain frequency, and that frequency is too low for passage into the ascension portal.

It’s crucial information for us to know. It’s also crucial to realize that those core issues hanging around our necks and interfering with our lives are mostly ancient in nature. It may seem difficult or next to impossible to release that deep stuff. It isn’t. Those old old core issues are old old beliefs and thought forms that we have dragged around with us life after life…without realizing it.  So, now we know.

The question is what do we choose to do about it? Do we know what to do? Yes, we do. As a participant in the initial Core Issues webinar series, I speak from my experience and from my heart.

The mechanism for release from your core issues is tested and proven to work. It’s called Core Issues: Emergence. It’s a live webinar series from the Council of Love. It’s the last one to be offered live in this format.

Those who experienced the first Core Issues webinar series tell us they are changed. They have experienced release from fear and release from pain. They have released the core issues and they have embraced the freedom that follows the webinar experience. Will it work for you? Yes it will, if you are willing, and willing to do the work.

Register now.  And be part of the team of re-patterners who will assist in getting millions and millions through this process. Come with us for this magnificent release from your core issues. Claim your birthright of Joy.

Your tomorrow can be “right now.” Come with join the Council of Love, and an incredible determined circle of lightworkers/loveholders, as they offer the safety of a total loving embrace as you step forward into freedom. Say yes, and register today.

This crucial Core Issues work is not as much ‘if’, as ‘when.’ Let’s do it together right now. Why on Nova Earth would you wait and suffer through another day?

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