Tsunami of Love – The Third Wave and Core Issues Webinar by Linda Dillon

1920334_692811027445755_687915522_nCrazy things are happening to me. As an angel-talker star-walker, I have had more crazy things – physical and non-physical – happen to me than most people. The unusual, the miraculous, the ridiculous is commonplace for me. But…

I don’t know if it’s due to the Divine Mother’s third wave of the Tsunami of Love, the fact that she has taken up residence in our home again, or the decision to do the Core Issues Webinar series, but my friends, all heaven is breaking loose.

It started as soon as I made the decision, with exceptionally strong urging from the Mother, to facilitate the Core Issues Webinar series. Universal Mother Mary has been urging me to do this since early December but I had a full schedule, in keeping with her guidance to get down to work and write the Sacred Partnership book.

The outline of the Core Issues course, including what would be the intensity of the work and material was downloaded very rapidly – but then again She had been talking about it for months. That night Mother Mary appeared by my bedside gently awakening me and asking for 1,000 participants. Before I even had a chance to panic (read hide) She over-rode me and said, “All right, what about a million?” Immediately I felt every atom in my entire field shifting – a massive core issue rising to the surface and being swept away with Her Tsunami.

As the channel for the Council of Love, I work really hard. I am, as Archangel Gabrielle has commended me “a trusted and loyal servant of the Council of Love for over 30 years.” I teach, do classes, radio programs, write and in my spare time do healing and work on the collective. I seldom question my average 10 to 12-hour workdays because I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world. I get to talk with the angels and not one single day goes by when I don’t have a huge “awe-ha” moment. I get to meet and serve the most incredible people, the majority of whom become sweet and cherished friends. You are my soul family.

But one of the things that has often plagued me, especially since I left a very lucrative and fulfilling career to do this service, is why I never have abundance. Let’s be honest, I never have much if any financial cushion. It’s not that money doesn’t flow – it comes in, goes out, but doesn’t stick. The feeling that I have been wrestling with lately is the sense that it just slips right through my fingers.

So my question to myself has been what is it about me that created this? Certainly not an unwillingness to serve, work and create – I do that all the time and I’m really good at it. Creation is not the issue.

In January I declared that 2015 is my “clean-up year.” I am determined to tie up the loose ends in my life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – from the garage to the half-written books to greater health to sweet grace and ease. I am clearing the decks for the next adventure of fully focusing on the creation of Nova Earth.

So back to Mother Mary and my 3:33 a.m. wake-up call. Back to Core Issues and the Tsunami of Love.

As the Divine Mother spoke to me the realization of my sense of unworthiness was so apparent that it was almost laughable. I feel worthy to serve but not to receive in excess of what is required to survive. In maintaining this stance I was limiting the stretch and extent to which the COL could reach. In my not wanting to be fully exposed, vulnerable, judged, shunned and even martyred I was limiting myself. Not acceptable during this time when we are all being called to step forward not only in action but in leadership.

Additionally, in not feeling worthy enough to completely and unconditionally trust that the Council knows exactly what they are doing, knows exactly what I need and don’t need I was not only limiting myself but the entire Council of Love. As soon as the Mother made this gentle awareness present within me everything began to shift – all hell started to break loose. In that moment I felt a release of such a magnitude that I literally almost jerked off the bed. The point being is that as soon as I understood the core issue the Mother assisted me with the purging – and She will help you too.

The question for me was and is how to maintain this new sense of acceptance and surrender to my mission and purpose. The last thing I ever want to do is limit that messages and energy of the Council of Love. In fact, often in the more frustrated moments I have cried “Why don’t people want to hear the messages of Love?” It tears my heart out sometimes that folks would rather hear about the affairs of the day rather than learn how to be the Love. Nevertheless, my issue was how I was going to anchor this expansion in physicality because I knew I wasn’t done yet. Experience has taught me that when the Mother is teaching me something, walking me through something that I will then share with others is that she brings in into the physical reality as well – and the bigger the lesson, the more ‘dramatic’ the demonstration.

The next day, courtesy of the US Postal Service, the bomb arrived – a lovely notice form our friends at the IRS indicating I owed them a boatload of money, none of which I have. Normally this type of situation would have triggered a personal tsunami of panic and feelings of lack but this time I felt myself the observer. How curious that this institution believes I make this much money and that I actually have the capacity to pay such an outrageous sum.

In the midst of all this I wondered for the very first time in my life if perhaps Mother Mary was mad at me. How human is that? We both know the Mother doesn’t get mad at us but there was that shadow of “if I have limited myself and the Council, maybe the Mother is really upset with me, maybe she will abandon me and I won’t get to be her channel anymore.” Yup, another face of the worthiness issue. Fortunately Mother Mary came in and quickly dispelled this notion – but I am sharing it with you because how often have we felt – am I on the right track, am I doing enough, have I held up my end of the bargain, could I do more?

The following day my sweetheart Isaac was out in the garage (yes I did clean and re-organize) and came in with a dirty but intact envelope. It was an envelope full of checks for payment of the Miracles workshop I conducted in Michigan in 2005! 10 years ago – and I am dead certain that we really needed the money back then. What on earth could I have been thinking of? I know that I am often way out there for about a week after an intensive COL workshop but my goodness!

It does not escape me that the Miracles workshop was the beginning of the Council teaching the Creation Formula and the Universal Laws. The message was loud and clear that I was moving into the fullness of those teachings and practice – that this is the time to bring all we have learned to the forefront. Maybe I wasn’t completely ready in 2005 but I sure am now – ready, eager, determined and committed. It also dawned on me that perhaps the Universe was letting me know that I would be paid for all the work I have done in the past 10 years – now that I am feeling worthy enough to receive.

Day 3 our internet service was completely destroyed. Yes, I am writing this in Word on Day 4, feeling myself having this incredibly personal chat with each of you without any internet connection. In our continuing efforts to be financially responsible we decided to downgrade our cable service but to upgrade our internet connection because I am increasingly doing webinars, videos and conference Skype. AT&T arrived on schedule and not only disconnected our existing service but then discovered that the primary connection box (my terminology) doesn’t have adequate voltage to get to our house and perform that magic that we all rely on so much.

Think about it. The Universe (U-verse) had completely disconnected me. No phones, no internet, no TV; just silence – one might say the pause. As I write, an AT&T team, even including the suits, are in my backyard laying new wires, installing new equipment, increasing the voltage (frequency) – so I will be ready in the physical, free of this core issue of worthiness, to step forward and share with you the clearing the Mother is requesting (read demanding). Mother Mary tells me that I have been disconnected and am being entirely rewired and re-booted. Yes!

And can you imagine the blast of Light and Love these guys are receiving in the sacred space of my backyard; a space gridded with the Archangels and what my neighbors call the sanctuary? This third wave of the Tsunami of Love is stronger than anything we have experienced to date. It is lifting us up, clearing and bringing to the surface those hidden deep fundamental issues that we didn’t have the foggiest notion that we were avoiding. This purging is dramatic and profound – and it is anchored in the physical.

When I have asked the Mother why, if She is clearing us with the Tsunami, it is necessary for us to come together in this Core Issues Webinar series. She smiles and says “because humans need help – in the physical. They need to know that they are capable of this purging and that it is not simply Divine Intervention and Divine Will, it is their will, their actions, their desires. They need to know that their participation is not only desirable, it counts; it is necessary.”

If someone had asked me if I still needed to clear some core issues I would have immediately and unequivocally answered no. I am anchored firmly in the 7th dimension; I have inter-dimensional awareness and experiences all the time; I am anchored and live from my heart; have cleared endlessly and deeply. Well guess what?

If you feel that you don’t have any core issues that need purging, that you are in perfect balance, I encourage you to dig a little deeper. Go deeper into your heart and check, check, double-check.
If the answer or knowing that comes back is yes, and, you’re up for a purging the intensity and the freedom of which is phenomenal, then join me for the Core Issues Webinar series. May 9th for 5 weeks and re-emerge into the fullness of who you have always been and dreamed of being. I would love to have each of you join the Council for this Miracles workshop. I really hope you say Yes!

by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

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