Every day and in every moment set yourself in the center of the stillness, the place of balance, where you will be able to see, not duality but the center point of integration. You are saint and sinner, victim and perpetrator, hero and martyr, electric and magnetic. You are male and female; all of these attributes rest within you. You are above, you are below, you are divine, you are human…You are all of the above and so much more…

SM: Today we welcome Archangel Gabrielle to the show to discuss the topic of Integrated Wholeness. Speaking to wholeness as it relates to gender and orientation. This is also about being at peace with our own choices, as well as the choices of others. Our evolution into the higher dimensional expressions of ourselves leaves no room for judgment, nor can we afford to identify with being an oppressed section of a population in flux. Compassion for ourselves and others is key for the world we want it to be. Good Morning Linda.

Linda: Good Morning Suzi. It’s really a pleasure to be here this morning and of course Archangel Gabrielle is my go-to archangel, my go-to gal, and so whenever she’s coming forth, I’m all excited. Not that there’s a hierarchy of the Council of Love, but she’s an incredibly special one to me because she’s been my teacher.

Archangel Gabrielle or Gabriel will and can come across as the most gentle flower or breeze, and also as the strongest – well the Central Administrator of the Omniverse. So there are times when she very softly coaxes you into your understandings, and there are other times, in my words, when she sort of smacks you upside the head. She’s forthright and she doesn’t mince her words, so I’ll be very interested to see what she has to say to us today about the Integrated Self.

SM: And it can be a sensitive topic. People have their wounding around this and I can certainly understand if you’re someone who has dealt with ridicule and shunning all your life. It’s understandable how we can identify with those things, but it does not serve us to identify with those, or any label whatsoever…or what people say we are. We’ve gotta let it go.

Linda: Yes, that’s the thing. There comes a point at which you just say, “Let it go” because it doesn’t serve. Not only does it not serve the collective, it doesn’t serve you. And if we are told one consistent message through every single Being we talk to it’s, ‘Let go of judgment’ – that there’s never any element of love, of peace, of joy in judgment. And so when you fall into judgment, whether it’s of yourself, somebody else, or a group, it just creates chaos and distortion; what Archangel Michael describes as distraction in your very core. And then what you do is you pay attention to your distraction and judgment rather than really focusing on the love that you are, and embodying that love and going forward on your own journey.

SM: Yes, and when you let this judgment of other people affect you, then you in turn are the one who’s doing the judging. It doesn’t matter what other people think.
Linda: What’s that expression? What you think of me is none of my business. And I think that really sums it up. And we see this. We still see it in ourselves from time to time. And we certainly see it in high school and all the peer pressure – how kids are socialized and acculturated to buying into what the clicks or small groups think, or think you should be up to, or what you should be doing. And that doesn’t, in any way, promote being a future member and a current member of the Creator Race.

SM: Well, we could go on, but I imagine you have a nice meditation for us, and we can welcome our fabulous guest and see what she has to say.

Linda: So let’s begin by sinking into your heart, deeper and deeper and deeper, like a penny dropping into the water of a very still pond. Feel your energy dropping down out of your head, out of your mental body, your emotional body, out of the business of your day, of the week ahead. And just feel yourself sinking into your heart, into your chair or the floor, your bed, or your car seat…wherever you are. And let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of gold…that beautiful gold of Archangel Gabrielle…that rich molten gold, that old Florentine gold, the brilliance of the great central sun…the daffodils of Spring…of dandelions…of marigolds and canaries. Breathe in that gold…that rich gold, and feel yourself warm as this just flows right through you, like molten lava filling your head and your neck and your chest, your tummy, your root, your legs, your feet…and spreading that gold all over our beloved Gaia.

And it’s the gold of wisdom. And it’s the gold of joy. And breathe in that sense of joy. When you’re in wisdom, when you’re in joy, there really isn’t much room for anything else. So let it fill you, as once again we go into our hearts, and through that pin-prick of light, into your corridors of your inner heart, into the beautiful golden chamber. And take a moment and look on the walls. Look at the messages, the pictographs, the images, the symbols that you have written there to remind yourself of who you are, in the largest sense, in the most universal sense, and in the smallest sense of what gives you joy and brings you that sense of peace and balance right now. So look.

And as you stand there, I want you to see Archangel Gabrielle standing directly in front of you…this mighty archangel, with her hair of spun gold and her eyes of the most incredible crystal blue, and a smile that has lighted thousands of universes. And she is looking directly into your eyes and into your very core. And she is holding a set of scales, what you have often thought of as the scales of justice.

Archangel Gabrielle: Child. I bring you these scales this day that you will learn how to balance. That you will learn and incorporate, and come to love this sense of balance, this sense of stillness, this sense of integration. It is part of your journey. And it is part of the journey that you have arrived at in this very moment of new times. And it is not a question of whether or not you will do this. This is a piece of your essential undertaking. It is a part of your claiming not only your birthright, but your joy. It is a time when you are declaring yourself as not “either-or,” but as all. Take these scales from me. I give them to you freely as a reminder for you to maintain this sense of balance.

Linda: Reach your hand out and take the scales from Archangel Gabrielle. Hold it out in front of you and see how those scales set. Does one side lean to the right or to the left? Do not judge. Simply be the observer.

Archangel Gabrielle: I am Gabrielle and I will continue. I help you reset the scale and I help you – there are times when you will wish to lean to the right or left and that is perhaps necessary and fruitful at given times. But every day and in every moment, we suggest you set yourself in the center of the stillness, because that is the place of balance and that is the place where you will be able to have the perspective to see not duality, but the center point of integration.

Let me announce myself. I am Gabriel. I am Gabrielle. Now that alone should settle the conversation and the discussion about gender. Do you see what I am saying? Let me continue. I am lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One, Central Administrator of the omniverse. Now – who would have thought that a feminine archangel could have such a prestigious job? (Laughing) And yes my friends, I come this day to bring you joy, but also to bring you this balance and the perspective of what and who you are.

Let us begin. You – first of all let me digress – why on earth, and it is peculiar in particular to earth, because we are not merely galactics, or intergalactics, or archangels; we simply are. And so there has been an assignment that has been quite strange and peculiar, that in the last few hundred years there has been assignment to the archangels as to gender. And what we also find peculiar is that you decided that we were all going to be masculine. That is not correct. And why I announce myself as Gabriel and Gabrielle is so that you will realize that infinite, eternal balance. I choose, and particularly through this channel, I choose to present myself, to operate and to be known as the representation of the Divine Feminine. Because let us suggest that this representation has been grossly unbalanced. But let us say, look to yourselves my beloved ones…what you are suggesting, of gender preference, of actuality, well I could go off on a diatribe on this one…but nevertheless, let me suggest that duality and polarity rest within.

You are saint and sinner, victim and perpetrator, hero and martyr, electric and magnetic. You are male and you are female. And all of these attributes rest within you. You are above, you are below, you are divine, you are human. Why, sweet angels of light, pathfinders, wayshowers, portals, gate keepers…why are you focusing on defining yourself in such a narrow manner? You are all of the above and so much more. We have spent years, we have spent millennia trying to help you remember the truth of who you are; to rediscover and to reanchor and find the balance of love within, without, above, below; to be the embodiment of the Mother/Father/One. You are being offered in so many ways: new times, new reality, Nova Earth. Why, sweet angels, children of Light, children of the Mother, why are you distracting yourself? And you say to me, ‘Gabrielle, sweet Gabby, I feel like a victim. I feel I have not been seen. I feel that I am not being heard.’ There has been a history, a very sad and pathetic history of terrorism upon this planet. And it did not just start yesterday. And this terrorism has been the diminishing of the human spirit, of the angels in form into such solidity that the Old Third dimension actually took institutional form, mental form, emotional form…and now you are at a time of liberation and freedom. So do not cling to the old, which has never served you. It has only shackled you and kept you as prisoner…less than you are.

It is time of declaration. It is time for claiming who you are. Each of you – now let me be very clear about this, and I speak to every single person upon Sweet Gaia – each of you has been male and female. Do you have a preferred form? Most of you do, just as I do. But you have all been both genders. You have all been heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian. You have been straight. You have been gay. You have been thief. You have been generous to a fault. You have been saints. You have been sinner. Dear hearts, you have done it all. You have completed that cycle. Dearest, do not begin to reinvent the wheel.

What is the truth of this discussion about whether one has sexual preference because of karmic debt? It is absolutely absurd. Yes, I know, I am known as being very frank in my discussions. So let me be very clear. This is not about guidance. This is about the declaration of truth. So first of all, you have been given the gift of karmic dispensation by Jesus, Jesus Sananda, Jesus Christ, Yeshi, Yeshua, it does not matter how you choose to call him, he has given you this gift and he has given it again and again. And I would really wonder why you are not taking advantage of this? So if you have an issue about karmic debt, we would suggest that you go ahead and do this exercise and erase that notion from who you are. Because there is no place for it within the process of ascension. You do not carry karmic debt…not that is owed to you and not debt that you owe. So let that one go.

You are electro-magnetic. Yes, as you are becoming more of your light body, of your crystalline self, you are becoming more electric and less magnetic, but that is part of the DNA shift. That DNA shift has already been accomplished the first time you entered into the thirteenth octave when your twelve strands of DNA were woven into one strand, the thirteenth. So you can let that one go as well.

You embody the Father, the Mother, the One. You carry the masculine and the feminine, and all beings have traits of both genders. It is simply that for this round, for this incarnation and in service to the Mother, you have chosen one form. But that doesn’t mean that you have not inhabited all forms, because you have. You could not reach this time and this place of mastery without having gone through all of these experiences. You know the pain and suffering that the human race has gone through and you know the joy and victory and the sense of becoming that the human race has gone through. It has never been duality. It has never been either-or. That was a construct of the old and it does not exist.

When we have declared that we are in sacred union, that we are in sacred partnership with thee…do you really think that we have said, ‘Alright now, you line up with the masculine masters and archangels, and you line up with the feminine?’ Now, each of you has a heart and soul and spirit connection to certain angels and to certain masters, to the divine masculine, to the divine Mother…but that is more a dictum of your soul, of your love, of who you have offered eons ago to align with and to serve. It has never been a definition of gender or sexuality or preference in any way, shape or form. What you are doing when we have requested… begged for you to be in sacred union with us, in partnership with us – there has been a precondition, a presupposition. And that precondition dearest, has been that you are in sacred union and partnership with yourself, with the totality of your sacred self, of all aspects, all forms, all history past, present, future in terms of how you think of it. It means that you have come to that place of love and from that place of love you do not enter- you cannot enter- into discrimination or judgment about another. The entire purpose of what humanity has chosen for this ascension process is in fact unity, the unity of the collective as one. Therefore, all the barriers: race, gender, financial wherewithal, societal status, nationality, all of these have been eliminated. You are Gaians as one, proceeding as one in love. If you truly are at that place, then all else falls away.

Now, there has been a great discussion, and we do mean this in the best sense of the word…a great and important, critical, pivotal discussion about the nature of intimacy, about the nature of sacred partnership, about the nature of sex. Because that is part of the gift of being in human form. It is part of the reminder, the spark of ecstasy, of bliss, of being in form. But you cannot even reach that place of unity, of bliss, of true intimacy if you are in discrimination with yourself or with anyone else regarding gender, sexual preference, race, color, creed, social status. Do you understand what I am saying?

Yes, Dear heart, I guess I have gone on my diatribe.
Where do you wish to begin dearest Suzanne?

SM: Oh, I’m so appreciative of this conversation and your directness. It’s very wonderful and brilliant and very much needed. And I could let you go on, but I could also ask questions. I just want to confirm: The end of duality is not necessarily the end of gender, like when we’re firmly in the higher dimensions, we’ll be able to choose form and expression and shift as we wish?

Archangel Gabrielle: That is correct. Now let me explain. The formulation of this beautiful planet is so much more diverse than the human understanding, if you think of it in terms of where you are at the moment. Now, we have been declaring and inviting with the New You, with Nova Earth, with ascension, with all the major aspects of the shift, for you to claim and integrate the fullness of yourself. When Gaia volunteered for the Mother, as my sister, Gaia is a primarily feminine archangel. And what does that mean? It means that her alignment, her first love is for the Divine Mother. That is all it means, but in that, the diversity was created for this planet which was a place for angels and others to come to play, to know the joy of physicality. So there was gender created so you could have the experience and the joy of being male or female. But you could also choose to be a rock or a mountain or a tree…

SM: Or a whale…

Archangel Gabrielle: …or a whale, or a goldfish. So here was the diversity and there still is. This is what the humans do not understand. There was a diversity of choice and so yes, interdimensionally, you have a choice of gender in physicality, and in spirit when you are completely home with us – out of what you think of as human form, not out of form completely – but you adapt to various forms. You still have a preference about how you align. So it is that simple. Yes, the gender differentiation and the variety of choices will still exist.

SM: It’s been said, I believe Drunvalo is the one who put this across, that the merkaba vehicle is set before incarnation as in the orientation of the top pyramid, and it determines sexual orientation, among other things. Can you speak to that?

Archangel Gabrielle: What you think of as your merkaba is basically your Seal of Solomon … it is the seal that was placed. It is a – think of it as a holographic patterning and seal that was placed upon you to keep you safe. It was not a seal of predetermination. That would require that you would come again and again in one gender, in one form, and even if you were in the predetermination of feminine, that if you embodied as male you would be gay, or you would be neutral. You would not have the full joy of the experience that you are choosing. So the predetermination factor in this discussion, can we say, is incomplete. This Seal of Solomon was placed upon you to keep you contained and safe as you descended into a realm that you weren’t familiar with.

SM: And it’s also called the ascension vehicle.

Archangel Gabrielle: Yes it is.

SM: We can use it to move out as well?

Archangel Gabrielle: You can use it to move interdimensionally. You can use it to move out as well. It is a sacred symbology. You can think of it as your personal spaceship. Think of it as your personal bubble. But yes, it is a vehicle to move around the universe. There is a saying that now you are free to move about…well, now this is it, your merkaba.

SM: If we can talk about form, the focus on this ascension is that we are bringing our physicality with us. It doesn’t require physical death, although that can be part of it if we so choose. What I’m wondering is, I know there’s so much letting go of the “how” of all these things that are happening. My flesh and blood body, how different is it actually going to be? I mean, the changes are already taking place, although my back doesn’t hurt the way it used to and interesting things are happening. Is there ever going to be a time that it becomes clear to us that, “Wow, my body is crystalline and I have a form, and how neat is that.” It’s hard to see how it can be in this flesh and blood body that has aches and pains.

Archangel Gabrielle: Part of this difficulty that you are describing is because there is still what you might think of as a mental, emotional blockage to accepting the truth of who you can really be. So many of what you have called the ascension symptoms – you have been focused on the symptoms, and let us talk if I may for a moment – is that right now, in addition to the plethora of ascension symptoms that you have been experiencing, there is a great deal of mental fogginess which many of you have been experiencing. That is in an attempt to get you out of your marriage, your union with the idea, the limited idea of who you are, who you can be…of as you have put it sweet angel, what your flesh and blood body can be.

So you are integrating, integrating, integrating, integrating more and more energies into your physical bodies. Now the other thing that is occurring is that you are flat out exhausted. And that is because with this flesh and blood body, many of you have decided…decided…chosen…made the distinction that your body isn’t perfect. And this is a construct. And you say, ‘Well, no Gabby, this is not a construct, this is a pain in my back; this is a fierce headache; this is me doing one healing and feeling like I have to sleep for four hours.’ Yes, you are holding more energy and your physical form is adapting to that. But the other thing that is taking place would be that you are integrating more energies and while you are integrating every single aspect and fiber of who you are, your physical form is changing as well. As you begin to decide that in fact your physical form, as is, is perfect, is delicious, is supreme, is divine, is beautiful, is the perfect shape and form and color and size…as you make that discernment, what happens is your body begins to shift into its, what we would call ‘original form.’ Your original form is the form that you had envisioned and we had all agreed upon, when you were deciding to incarnate. So it is that blueprint. When many people have visions or visitations of their loved ones who have passed back to join with us, they will often appear in a range of about 20 to 35. And that is because, in that period, most often, you are in your true imprint that you decided that you wanted for this round. Because you have had many many many forms. So you say, “Well, wait a minute, at 27 I was very overweight.” That was not the imprint. The imprint is when you close your eyes. Go back and look at your merkaba and look at the form that is inside that. Look at that perfect body. That is who you are. That was your plan within the Mother’s plan and they are identical. So that is the form that you were assuming, but first what you are going to have to do…and I know, we archangels do not use these words, but I do, ‘You have to let go of your judgment of your current body.’

SM: That’s a toughie.

Archangel Gabrielle: Yes, it is. But that is why I have begun this day by giving you the scales. So you can take the scales and you can look at it and you can say, ‘Oh look, it is tilted. It is way heavy to the right.’ And you bring it back into balance…back into that perfect balance, whether it is mental patterns, emotional patterns, weight patterns, or health patterns until you are in that place of balance…not how we determine it, but how you determine it. This war, and yes Michael has spoken of this war within and the war without, but the war that so many have with their body, with various aspects of their form, of sexuality, of gender…it is a war within and it has need to be brought to a place of peace.

SM: If I might add that my practice lately – I understand that there’s so much energy and help around now that what used to take ten years in therapy could now be just intention and attitude about, ‘I am willing to release all that no longer serves.’ And that includes experiences, memories, trauma, pain, systems that were put into place for survival at some point but are no longer necessary. Would that be accurate that we can give it up, give it away?

Archangel Gabrielle: Child, that would be incredibly accurate. Now let us, as we are talking about the fulfillment right now of the Mother’s plan – now the Mother’s plan has many variables, many elements, et cetera, and we could go on literally for millions of years talking about the Mother’s plan. But really, what is the Mother’s plan? The Mother’s plan is the reflection of her intention. And so when you align with the Mother’s intention, which is to be in alignment with that which is of love, it is therefore to be in alignment with the highest part of your being. So your statement that you are letting go of what does not serve is ultimate perfection.

SM: Beautiful, because I have been understanding that my patterns in this life are a reflection of things that have happened in past lives. Emotional wounding seems to play out in event after event, and it seems that it was actually designed to bring up the original event for healing and awareness. So it’s not necessary to track the original event and know exactly what happens. Just be willing to let it go.

Archangel Gabrielle: That is absolutely correct because what has taken previously 10 or 20 or 30 years in therapy, which is expensive in the truest meaning of the word, can be accomplished within 10 minutes to an hour. So think of it in that way, that you do not need – yes, in addition to the rebirth of love which the Mother has just spoken of, what is occurring right now is what we would call the wounded self, the wounded warrior. That is all coming to the forefront, not necessarily for picking away at understanding the details of the atrocities that were committed upon your soul, upon your body, upon your being, but rather for absolute release and relinquishing so that that wound can be healed. And you say ‘Well how do I go about that Gabrielle?’ And I say, how you go about it dear heart is, take my gold…now it is the Florentine gold, it is the elixir, it is many forms of golden bubbles of joy…but take it and see it as the liquid gold, and you simply cauterize your wounds, and when you do that it is filled with love and joy. Your heart is injured? Fill it with my gold and cauterize it, seal it so that you don’t leak out, so that you are restored, that you are renewed and that you can go forward in joy.

SM: Yes. Beautiful. This is brilliant. I really appreciate it. It’s wonderful. So, do you have anything else that you would like to add to this fabulous conversation?

Archangel Gabrielle: I would like each and every person, not merely you who join me this morning, but all of you upon this glorious planet of my beloved sister Gaia – I would like you to embrace the totality of who you are. If you are gay, if you are straight, if you are neutral, if you are bi-sexual, embrace it. Enjoy who you are. And enjoy the joy that intimacy with your sacred self, with us, and with others – with human beings, with intergalactics that populate your planet. Do you really think that there is any discernment on our side or throughout the galaxies about whether you are straight or gay, male or female? We have reached a place of equality a while ago dear heart. So embrace the truth of who you are. Celebrate it. And in so doing, it acts like that penny that I have started with this morning. It will have a ripple effect. It is when you hide away in fault and shame, in blame or guilt, that you suffer. And you are suffering in ways that no longer apply. You are suffering for an old paradigm that does not exist and never, never hurt you or restored you in any way. It is your ideation that is hurting you. Yes, the actions of others and their ideations as well, but it’s not of truth.

So begin with me this day embracing who you are, embracing the love that you are because that is all that counts. You are love, plain and simple. That is all you ever have been and all you ever will be. And it is in that embrace, that embodiment, that engendering, that you reach back home. Come with me and be free.
Go with my love and go in peace sweet angel.

Channeled by Linda Dillon