Graham, Steve, Linda, Suzi, and Geoff discuss their thoughts and perceptions on the messages Archangel Michael presented in the February 14, 2015 on An Hour With An Angel Special InLight Universal call.

GD: Thank you Steve, and the next part of our show is to get into a discussion with the InLight Universal team to share some thoughts and perspectives on what we’ve just heard and on what’s been coming up for us generally. As we know it’s important for people to connect with one another, to share perspectives, ideas, because we are the ground crew here on the planet and we’re doing this work as a co-creative process.

Before I open it up to the full team Steve, what’s coming up for you as you reflect on this exchange that you’ve just had with Archangel Michael? What are your thoughts?

Steve Beckow: Well, Graham, you know I read myself on Classical literature, right, Landmark Classics and even Classics Illustrated, I’m used to dramatic battles being fought and various amazing things happen so I have a taste for the amazing but when I can put that aside, and all of us have matured so much over the years and we’re not tied to these kinds of monumental announcements and all that as much as we were, I’m very, very happy. You know the Ukraine has become peaceful, I mean that is a concrete demonstration that it’s happening and I have not been able to say until now that they would be talking to people like ISIS, Al Qaeda, from the interior, the archangels, and the Mother, and especially Mohammad, I’ve not been able to say that. But they are doing that and I’m sure they will bring them under a peaceful…under Peace. So, I’m not ready to go out and shout on the street, you know, I’m not quite there but speaking as a mature human being I’m also thrilled with the progress we’ve made and I know we’re going to finish bringing Peace in the world. And I’m a committed partner of the Company of Heaven, I’m not going anywhere. So, that’s my response Graham, that’s how I feel, that’s how I see things…

GD: Thank you, I appreciate you sharing. I’d like to bring Linda on in just a moment, but if we were to recap the gist of what Archangel Michael has shared with us today, he basically said ‘well, okay, so Peace is not immediate on the planet, but boy, we are making progress, we are well underway, that inner Peace within us, as humans on the planet, has expanded more than ever before’ and his words were ‘we want you to know what’s possible, do not stop, keep forging ahead.’

So, the message is ‘progress is being made’, that’s certainly the case. My takeaway is that we’re seeing this more so than we’ve seen before, we’re able to speak to some news items you mentioned it a little bit, we’ll bring Geoffrey West from Cosmic Vision News on to speak to that some more. Would you say that that’s the gist of the message today? Steve?

SB: Are you asking me? I’m glad you’re asking me because I thought you were asking Linda because she would have been somewhere else…Yes, I definitely say that’s the gist of the message today and I don’t know about you, Graham, but I feel better, I feel so much more hopeful, so much more courageous, I feel I’m very impatient, I really do want to get to work bringing aid to the women of Darfur, to bring comfort to the citizens of Burma, all the people in the world who are crying out for Peace. So, part of what’s happening for me is this impatience, this desire to be at work. But we are at work and we are doing the work of accomplishment, this is laying the groundwork, so yes, I think that was a pretty fair summation Graham…

GD: I hear you Steve, I am right there with you, we are ready, we are forging ahead, we know it’s possible. It can be challenging sometimes to not be experiencing in our reality at times what is possible. We’ll get into that more and more.

Linda, what’s coming up for you? And thank you for your channeling today.

Linda Dillon: You are more than welcome. What’s coming up for me…well I have to tell you that I feel much better having heard and allowing, I guess…before the show I spent hours today already with Archangel Michael, and this human part of me, this human part is…you go to this place of doubt and fear, so it also tells me that perhaps our hearts…and I can only speak for myself…perhaps our hearts or that war within is not completely done. Because, you know, there’s this ‘oh my gosh, are they going to quit the Peace Initiative?’ Because what I’ve seen in the last week or 10 days was this coming together as a community in really determined but blissful, joyful sacred community of ‘we’re doing this…not we’re going to do this or let’s see what happens or maybe’…sure there were some naysayers, absolutely, and I’m sure they’re going to have a ball today…but this sense of communion that we, together, we’re really co-creating with the Council, with the Company of Heaven, in ways that we haven’t really done before.

You know, I don’t know if this is in the channelings or not, but the offer to create Peace, either through Archangel Michael or other beings, has been made before and I can hear Michael chuckling…I mean, think about it…this is what Yeshua spoke of 2000 years ago. And the sense that now that we have reached that point in our Ascension, evolution, Shift process that we are actually ‘doing it and bringing it into physical reality’, not only within our hearts but anchoring it on planet and that our vibration is high enough and that we’ve reach a place of clarity and decision and choices, that we can actually be in that kind of partnership with the archangels. That thrills me!

So, when Michael says, “Okay” as he did earlier today, “you’re there but it’s not fully anchored everywhere and you need to keep going”, there’s a part of me that goes ‘aahhhh’, you know, I thought I was going out for gourmet dinner and I ended up at McDonalds. And then there’s this part of me that thinks…

GD: Well, wait, wait, we can’t say McDonalds, there’s not much better than that…but I hear what you are saying…

LD: Yeah, yeah, but the point is, yeah, we’re being fed and we’re being nourished and we are being mentored and we are being included, so all of that, to me, feels really good. I guess where I got this morning is, you know…I’m the channel and I can choose to believe or not believe, and this is true for all of us, and what do I choose to believe in? Like is it the gourmet, I pick and choose what I believe in or do I just say, “I believe and I’m proceeding in ways that I am guided in”? That’s my choice and if that’s called certainty then count me in.

GD: We humans tend to focus on the end result a lot don’t we? And sometimes we get lost in result and of course, the expansion and the opportunity for growth and the peace and growth of bringing light on the planet and expanding it outward into the multiverse is infinite. And you know, I appreciate the level of transparent sharing here, Steve and Linda; the human part that wants to celebrate in they’re gourmet way and the full way and they say ‘yeah, we’re here’…we have had a date, a goal and Peace is alive and well on the planet, not just the absence of war but conflict is resolved in a harmonious, considerate way, we respect one another, we see an absence of violence on the planet to a degree where we can say we are fully anchored in our hearts, as a people, we are living our evolved, full brilliant potential.

Okay, so maybe we’re not there yet but here’s what’s coming up for me…before this show I was thinking to myself ‘okay, come on, Peace on the full planet by a week from the time it was announced for Valentine’s Day, really? So there’s that human part right? And at the same time for me, and it didn’t take me long to get there, I see over and over and over again in my life as I scroll through the experiences that I’ve witnessed and been a part of, there are so many times where we’ve seen almost instantaneous results when we, as a people, pull our collective power, wisdom, and intent amazing things happen. We’ve seen it on the international stage when international communities have come to help with disaster relief; we’ve seen it on a very local level.

And when individuals throughout history have proposed opportunities for us to reach new heights, whether that’s John Fitzgerald Kennedy to say ‘hey, we’re going to be on the moon in 10 years’, and of course there’s argument to say that that had already occurred, but the point is the idea was put out there, it was achieved, and here’s what’s key and this is what Archangel Michael was saying, we are able with these events and with these activities, we are able to see the potential and shoot for it. So this initiative, this campaign, this effort is absolutely important because it raises the bar, it helps us live, envision, and embody within our heart’s potential. And I would agree that, like what you said Steve, I feel much more peaceful if I look at my own internal process and my own experience and, of course, that radiates outside in the world, so the more and more we can anchor into our hearts and find Peace in our hearts and shine that out, that’s going to have a direct effect.

I’m also thinking what Gandhi did, look what he did with the British Empire and salt production and sovereignty and Peace among Indians or a soldier who lost his legs, but he was given the idea of becoming a competitive sprinter with a daft of equipment, and he did it. So, we’re raising the bar, we’re anchoring in our heart’s potential, and yes, let’s keep forging ahead, for sure.

Suzi, I want to give you an opportunity to share your thoughts…what’s coming up for you today?

Suzanne Maresca: Hey Graham, well it’s really up to each of us to keep doing our own clearing work, let go of the idea ‘we can’t do this’, are we willing to call it sacred play and accept our power to do such things? It’s just the ego who wants us to remain small and deny our power. So, I guess in really simple terms we set the intention and join with Michael and allow a Peaceful Blue Breeze through each of us and out to any and every one and really the truth is we get to put in the order for what timeline we want our experience and the moment we embrace that truth there’s no way to control us. So we can have what we want and if we want Peace we shall have Peace.

GD: The opportunity and invitation is there for us to take advantage of and if we know, we’ve seen this in our own lives, if we want something bad enough we can usually manifest it. There’s the whole dance of the ego and fear and worthiness, but we know, every one of us knows the power of our ability to make things happen. So, as we bring that all together and we expand it multi-fold across the planet, everyone’s focusing on the intention, that goal with that intention, huge things can happen. What other thoughts are coming up? How are you feeling about what Archangel Michael had to share?

SM: Oh, well I’m happy to hear what he has to say and well, honestly we all have our own interpretations of what messages are coming in and the point that he made that we aren’t going to get a media report on miraculous things that happen, and so I think it’s important to…my personal process is going to be just say ‘yeah, that’s true, it’s certainly true in my reality and in what I want for the world, so I’m going to go for it…you know, why doubt? That would not help anything so I’m all in, I’m just in trust mode and you know, did I have the expectation? Well, we’re not through the day yet and who knows what’s going to happen?

GD: Ah, right, right. That’s absolutely right. Well, you mentioned media reports and, of course, Geoffrey West of Cosmic Vision News, part of the InLight Universal group is with us too. And Geoff, you have your pulse on what’s happening in the world in terms of news developments and Steve talked about Putin earlier and what’s going on with the Ukraine, what, from your perspective …there’s the anchor Geoff and then there’s the personal Geoff, but if you were to speak to what you’re seeing on the planet that we can point to more recently about the progress we’ve made on the planet, what are some things we can look at?

Geoffrey West: Thank you, Graham, thank you all. The challenge of course, as you’ve pointed out Graham, I’m coming from a slightly different perspective on the team because as a news program it has a slightly different base than what our other programs have been based upon. So, I’m playing a role where I have to interpret or try to interpret from both a 3 dimensional or a lower awareness perspective and also a higher awareness perspective and translate this information in a way or disseminate or share the information in ways that will resonate with as many people as possible and that, of course, is impossible because every soul is uniquely different, uniquely beautiful and they are going to interpret every event, every perspective from a criteria of which their life was experienced by.

In other words, I was born as a white, Canadian, male living in a small town having had certain experiences, growing up in a Protestant Methodist religion and all the different experiences. So I speak a certain language, I am a male by gender, I have a certain orientation as a heterosexual, I have a culture as a Canadian and every soul is uniquely different so I look at the world from those particular filters and every soul is looking at the world and events from those particular filters.

Now, of course, we speak a lot about this global cabal, or the group that I call this global cabal and they have been perpetrating various events for the experience of humanity to learn who it is through the experience of who it is not. And we, from our uniquely different, equally beautiful perspective have the opportunity to choose…are we going to use these criteria, into which we incarnated, will we use them for service to LIFE as I call it, LIFE capitalized, is being the ever evolving process of the All That Is? Are we willing to put those criteria into that level of service or are we willing to use these criteria to further separation and fear?

Now, in terms of the global event, historically we have been more inclined to put those energies into fear and separation and that is exactly what the global cabal has wanted and needed for humanity and at a higher 5th dimensional level it was necessary for the human species to have this illusion or this duality of separation in order that we could use our free will choice to experience fear, separation, or love, but also use that free will to fulfill whatever uniquely different, equally beautiful role each soul incarnated here to do. That, by it’s very nature, makes the term ‘Peace’ a bit of an abstract because many people have looked outwardly to leaders of the world, to groups, to institutions, to define this experience that many claim to want as ‘Peace’ and of course, we have not experienced that and the cabal, by it’s very nature, has kept us in separation for that purpose and to keep that illusive experience of Peace from us so that we keep looking to them instead of looking within ourselves.

And what we’re beginning to witness now, and this is coming more directly to the question you were asking me, Graham, the global events we’ve been experiencing over the last year, I can say from my own personal experience, things are happening at very rapid levels but I’m looking for it. Each week I’m there day in and day out and I’m looking for those kind of events and not everyone else is necessarily looking for those events. So, a new listener might come to the newscast and just simply say ‘oh, well he’s full of crap’ and that individual is probably right because from that individual’s perspective he or she has accepted a particular truth to the world where that judgment becomes valid. So, for that individual, yeah, okay, maybe I am; for many others that might not be the case.

So, I experience in my interpreting or observing of global events, a shift in human and planetary consciousness. We, as a species, are beginning to embrace this higher awareness that allows each of us to choose from that uniquely different, equally beautiful perspective of service that creates Peace, first and foremost at the inner level, at the micro level within the individual but later manifests outwardly as a macro level experience of Peace. So, what Archangel Michael has said you know, we have to first experience it inwardly in order for it to manifest outwardly. And the moment we see things, and it’s Dr. Wayne Dyer who said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” So, we begin to shift our perspective from only seeing negativity to beginning to see what was once interpreted as negativity as merely being an expression of, basically an energy and that’s really what it is, everything is energy, it’s an expression of energy that is allowing each individual to choose something different.

GD: Well said, Geoff, and you have this unique perspective because you have studied the subject of Peace extensively and actually went to a Master’s program, did a thesis on it. You’ve spoken so well about this very subject and you can speak to it from a number of different angles, if you will, and your underscore of it needing to happen within is so important.

If we are to look at specific events happening in the world, what kinds of things would you point to that give you encouragement in terms of developments that we can hang our hat on that say ‘yeah these are pretty significant, Peace is happening’?

GW: Sure, I have to preface by saying that these are my own personal perspectives; I do not ask anyone to embrace what it is that I am choosing to share at this particular time. As a journalist I have to speak more neutrally, but on this program I am seeing a very optimistic sense of events playing out but we may not yet see them as optimistic. What I mean by that is that there are many people right now who are very against Obama and they have their own reasons and I certainly respect that and there are arguments that might suggest that he is a cabal player from one perspective. From the position that he has had to serve, he has had to play a certain role and that has required him to make certain choices and these choices have upset a lot of people.

From my perspective I am observing what Obama is doing as a form of pushing people into active service, in other words, he may have made some choices that the cabal wanted him to make but these were the exact choices that polarized many people into action; they are now learning more about what is going wrong in government than ever before. They are beginning to see things from a different perspective; they are beginning to question things much more intensively. And how does this play out with events like Ukraine or whatever?

I have a personal feeling, and of course, the coming moments of Now will reveal if this is actually true…I have a feeling that both Obama and Putin are working at a very higher level to facilitate this transformation. In other words, I have a feeling Obama might actually know that if the cabal keeps doing what it’s going to do, the cabal is going to implode. So, Obama might actually be attempting to accelerate some cabal activities to facilitate the implosion. And that is what we’re beginning to see in terms of events in the US and more and more people therefore are beginning to look at events in the Ukraine, events involving Russia, from a slightly different perspective. Does it mean that Putin himself is an angel? No. He is as much a human and I or you and of course, we all make 3-dimensional, lower energetic decisions that we will each have to address in some future moment of Now.

I feel very optimistic in terms of what Putin has been attempting to exemplify. He hasn’t done it perfectly, but the sense that I get is that he and Obama are attempting to shift the global perspective away from this group that we have called the global cabal. Even Pope Francis, in his own way, is attempting to do that, I believe. Now, is Pope Francis still a cabal player? There are some who say he is; there are some who say that he is guilty of crimes from many years ago, from his days as a Bishop in Argentina. But I have to say, “Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone.” In other words, we have all done things in our past that we may look back upon with some degree of…I don’t want to say regret…but with some degree of reflection and we have to say to ourselves ‘these were the events that helped us learn who we are because of who we were not’ and perhaps it was very necessary for Francis to do, if he did in fact do these things, it may have been necessary for him in order to facilitate his survival within a structure that allowed him to now come into the position where he can at least attempt to do something else in the world.

GD: I appreciate you bringing him up because we can certainly point to that, right, in terms of what he’s done in his role that has been quite encouraging in terms of how he has reached out across the world, how he has represented the Catholic Church and made some changes within, and has started in earnest to speak some widespread policy changes. It’s encouraging to see him as Pope and I would suggest that he is doing some things that are really impacting the Peace Initiative on the planet.

Before I turn it over to the rest of the crew here to share, before we start to wrap up the show, do you have any thoughts you’d like to share about Pope Francis – any more thoughts?

GW: Who are you asking…me, Graham?

GD: Yes.

GW: Specifically about Pope Francis?

GD: Yeah, I mean, is that your read as well that on a global front with his role and what he’s been doing it’s certainly been a huge effect on global Peace…

GW: In terms of any global leader, well, in terms of any human really, if we want to seek to experience Peace, the opportunity for each soul is to pull back and try to avoid how we judge others based on the criteria that we were born into. We have been taught certain views about Russians, we’ve been taught certain views about Canadians, Americans or others, and those filters often come to the forefront. Each time something happens we are quick to judge according to what we have been conditioned to believe and education, the media, religion, our business leaders, our political leaders have all conditioned humanity to think and react, a certain way. And when we step into that judgment we begin to pull ourselves away from the humanity and the Divine Masculine and Feminine that we are.

And as we look at Francis attempting to be something, he is the be-ing of his truth and I say him specifically, I do not necessarily say him as Pope or him as leader of the Roman Catholic faith. He has chosen to model a way of be-ing that was an example to practitioners of Islam or to Buddhism or to Christianity or to any other faith, it’s just merely treating others as one would want to be treated and respected oneself…

GD: That’s probably…no go ahead…

GW: I know you want to wrap me up, I know I talk too much so, I’ll turn it back to you, Graham, and let’s move on to the team.

GD: Well you have, as we all do perhaps, we could talk about this for so long, it’s such an important discussion, it deserves an extensive discussion and of course, the journey and the discussion continues.

Steve, I know you’d like to speak more about the Mastery opportunity within us and generally what’s coming up for you? And thank you Geoff.

SB: Thanks Geoff. I don’t think you go on and on, Geoff, I have to tell you. I want to share with the listeners just what tremendous pleasure and learning experience it’s been to work with our group, with this InLight Universal group which is mature, committed, courageous, it’s just words that I’ve used before but I’ve grown so much out of watching all of you and I know we’re in midstream, there’s a long curve ahead of us and probably a fairly steep (?) at that. But the commitment that the group has shown, the sober, neutral, impartial analysis of these things that we’ve seen, the way that we discuss decisions, it’s an honor for me…and this is coming up for me because I’m just listening to us right here and saying this to myself that probably the most wonderful experience, team experience, work experience, I’ve ever had is working with this team and I just want to acknowledge that. Your leadership, Graham, certainly stands out in that regard, and Linda your neutral channeling and the brilliance of your channeling also stands out. Thank you.

ALL: Thank you for that, Steve….all say thank you!

GD: Did you want to speak to the invitation of us stepping in as Masters as we continue on this journey, of course beyond this team, we’re talking about the planet, if I interpreted your intention around that earlier, is that something you’d like to expand upon more?

SB: Actually Graham, it actually is because there are some decisions that we’re going to have to make in the future which we may not like if they carry a degree of risk, etc. One of those is we’re going to have to start doing what we did with this project more and that’s to set deadlines. I’m saying deadlines where people are working on a project, I’m not talking about deadlines for super-mystical events or when is the rider on the white horse coming or something like that, I’m not talking about that but I’m talking about all of us as teams, lightworkers, teams taking on projects and setting deadlines because only by setting a deadline can you coordinate action, can you orchestrate something. So, I’m going to be pushing for this more and more that we as lightworker teams in getting together, not only set the intention for the projects that we’ll be doing but also come to peace with this notion of setting deadlines. We may not make the deadline…okay…so you renegotiate, you set a further deadline, but you keep setting deadlines in order to help allow the team to coordinate with each other.

So, I think that would be my final word Graham.

GD: Well, what you’re saying, what you’re speaking to is so important because when we set a goal and we set a time table to that it has the rich potential to mobilize partners and stakeholders to build energy and to entice people to take action. And so I just want to speak to something in a transparent, authentic way as I kind of scroll through what this team has been part of, been, you know, we can refer to things and events like the Neptune and what we attempted to do around Disclosure and we discuss things like NESARA and the rv and one can say ‘well, gee, these events come and go…what has materialized really?’ Or one could argue, well, these things didn’t come about and I’ve certainly thought about that and reflected on this myself because it feels really important that the work I do is of integrity and is aligned with my soul contract and what resonates and what feels good and I have to say that all of this has been worth it, even if we didn’t see exactly what we wanted to see, each time we do this it continues, as I mentioned earlier, continues to advance our efforts on an individual level and on a global level and as the frequency on the planet rises these opportunities become more and more attainable.

So, I think it’s just so important to keep going, keep going, we heard that message loud and clear, keep going.

Linda, what else would you like to say before we wrap up?

LD: Well, I think you’ve touched on a button here, for me, when we talk about risk and when we step out in this way it is a risk because we are stepping front and center, you know, as producer, as Golden Age of Gaia, as Council of Love, as channel, as news broadcaster, we’re putting ourselves front and center and taking the risk that the guidance, both within our own hearts and coming from above, as it were, is going to be worth that risk. Now, the payoff and that focus on outcome isn’t always what we anticipate but it has been expansive and enriching and bringing us to the place of deeper understanding. And yes, I feel more hopeful, I feel more integrated.

You know, when we began InLight Radio, aside from Geoff’s hands-on experience, we hadn’t the slightest idea about how to do radio shows, be a radio broadcast system, what interviews are going to look like…wait a minute, we’re going to get on the air because we believe that the messages and the guidance, the community that we want to create is worth taking this chance and just stepping forward. And this is us, the reason I’m bringing it up is this is us and when I say us I don’t just mean our team, I mean everybody who listens, everybody who looks at our websites, especially our beautiful new website, it’s us creating community and stepping into our mastery and it’s mastery that we didn’t even know we had. It’s saying we will be the communicators, we will be those agents and angels of change and it may not always look like what we expect but the process and how they’re bringing us along, sometimes kicking and screaming and sometimes blissed out, is worth it, it’s just worth it.

GD: Well said, thanks. Thank you, Linda. Suzi!

SM: Hey, yeah, I just keep having this amusing vision of merging with Miss Universe up on stage and saying, “I, with all my heart, want World Peace.” That’s it…

GD: Yeah, it’s again about intention, it’s about stepping in. Thanks for that Suzi…beautiful. Geoff…

GW: Okay, a number of things were popping up as people were commenting on that…you know, when we talk about taking risk it’s part of setting the example as well. And the example that kind of comes to my mind is, I’ve heard many Christians, and the only reason I’m saying Christians is because these are the particular ones…I’m sure this happens all over the world, in many different faiths, but I’m relating specifically to people I have known as Christian…they may cry out in anger to God or Divine Creator asking why God has allowed their child to die, for example, if they are such good people, why would God allow this to happen to them? And as we step into this wider awareness and this oneness of life, we begin to see that it’s not a punishing God that speaks to impose something negative upon us, it is a divine given experience to allow each of us to show our strength and model that strength to help uplift others around us.

So as lightworkers begin to step out into their service, we take risks, we put ourselves on the line with the things that we say, with the things that we believe, and in some cases we put our lives directly on the line. And it’s in that example where we try to work our way through, and maybe this is why some of these events in the past, particularly effecting our group, did not manifest exactly the way they were supposed to manifest, partly because there was an example that people needed to go through to learn how to be detached from expectation and many of the world faiths have taught some form of detachment in various messages.

So the lessons that we gain from what happens to us, again it a matter of interpretating it as positive or as negative and if we can take what’s given to us and do our very best to model the positive, then it becomes our maturity that has grown through those events. Even if they didn’t manifest exactly in a certain way we have to reflect on ourselves ‘well what was our expectation in the first place?’ So, we get the practice of, or the lesson of practicing our focused intention in others, we get the chance to practice more and more the experience of our Divine Masculinity and Divine Femininity. It’s not going to magically manifest the very first time we do it and we have to, like anything, it’s a practice and when people are looking externally, their ego or whatever, they’re looking for the quick fix. And Suzi mentioned it earlier in the show where she said ‘the ego might speak to keep people small’; it could also be the opposite extreme were the ego seeks to step out and wants to help and save everyone when that may not be possible, it may not be our role to do that.

So there’s a certain maturity that comes in learning out own power so that we don’t limit ourself but there’s also the maturity that comes in realizing that in this larger service to humanity we cannot save everyone else, we can merely be our own example without attachment to the outcome. And it comes from Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and a number of the faiths as you pointed out in a text message to me Steve, so thank you for that. This is our growing, this is also our service. Back to you Graham.

GD: Thank you Geoff. Linda, will you help us transition out with a brief meditation or something we can hold in our hearts together, us here as a team and all those who are listening and all those who will be listening to help us anchor Peace within our hearts before we close the show today?

LD: I would be honored to and it’s funny because there has been another Being who told me she would be speaking today and I thought, well you’re not up on the roster, so here we go…

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Change, Mother of Love, Mother of Constancy, and yes sweet angels, Mother of Peace. Welcome my sweet children, children of my heart, children of my soul, children of my essence. We have spoken of my plan and the unfoldment of my plan upon this sweet planet, this Archangel named Gaia, and the unfoldment of Peace within your hearts, within your homes, within your actions, behaviors, relationships, sacred partnerships, and your union with me, with the Father, with the One and with the All.

Are you constantly, eternally, and infinitely evolving, maturing, becoming? Of course you are. And at the same time, sweet angels, you are already infinite and eternal; you are already the essence of Peace, of Love, of Change, of Hope. We would not be undertaking this Shift and Ascension together if it were not already done, if it was not possible, if it was not in what you think of as a likely outcome. But the becoming, the anchoring, the choosing, the choice to align with our Love, with our heart, with my vision, that process is the outcome.

I leave you with this…go to your hearts, anchor into your hearts right now my sweet ones, and ignite my Blue Diamond Flame and feel this essence of the Divine Feminine that rests within you and that is you. And on the opposite side ignite and feel the Gold Flame of the Father, of the Divine Masculine that is with you and is you. And in the center, ignite and feel the Pink Diamond of your tri-flame that is the magnificence, the mastery, and the magic of your balanced self; the Pink Diamond Flame that is you and you are in and with us.

The fulfillment of the promise and the dream cannot be complete without you. The sacred union of our hearts, of our essences, of our energies, of however you construe this is One. I am never leaving, I am never forgetting, I am ever present with thee, we all are. And sweet angels, not only do I express a Mother’s gratitude, I express my pride, my joy, in your accomplishments, in your choice, in your choice for Peace and Love.

Go with my blessing. Farewell.

GD: Farewell. Mary has extended to us some wise words and I want to thank Linda and Mary for helping us transition and close the program today. But it occurs to me given that this is a co-creative process with you, us, those of us on the ground, it occurs to me to share that, as Mary said, the fulfillment of the promise and the dream for Peace does not happen without us, without you; this is a co-creative effort.

And so, I invite us all to awaken to and step in to our power and our mastery, hole into your hearts and claim mastery within and without and hold that vision every day, every moment of what’s possible and available for us, for this beautiful planet. And do it with conviction, with trust, with faith, and a smile and we shall have it.

Thank you everyone for joining us today.

Channeled by Linda Dillon