Archangel Michael’s update on our co-creation for Peace on Earth by Feb.14, 2015 ~ Part 1

Let us begin this celebration as we declare victory! Is it the wholeness of victory, the raucous celebration that we had anticipated and dreamed of? Not completely. But dear heart, is there Peace upon Earth, is there Peace anchored within and without? The answer is yes…but we also come to have further discussion about Peace…because if there is still war raging within thee, how do you accomplish Peace upon the planet?

GD: Hello and welcome to a special edition of An Hour with An Angel on this Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015. Today we will be talking about Peace on the planet…

Archangel Michael declaration of Peace is on the planet and today Linda Dillon will be channeling Archangel Michael, Steve Beckow will ask questions and then we’ll be bringing Linda to join Steve, Geoffrey West, Suzanne Maresca, and myself GD, and this is all the InLight Universal team. We will have a round table discussion on what’s been shared.

Well hello Steve, welcome.

Steve Beckow: Well thank you very much, Graham, and this is such a day unlike any other and we’re all very excited to watch it approach. Since Linda and the rest of the team will be having a round table discussion later, the listeners are probably eager to hear Archangel Michael’s news, let me go directly to him and ask him if we’ve achieved World Peace.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Love, Warrior of Peace, bringer of news, welcome, welcome my beloved friends, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters of blue, of magenta, of crimson, of gold, of emerald, of every ray. I claim you as brother and sister as you have claimed me.

I come here this day, in your expression, wearing several hats; I come as spokes-being for the entire Council of Love, as emissary of the Divine Mother, as blessed friend and celebrant. Let us begin this celebration. I invite you, please, by claiming your clarity and breathing the beautiful Blue Breeze of Peace as we declare victory. Is it the wholeness of victory, the raucous celebration that we had anticipated and dreamed of? Not completely. But dear heart, is there Peace upon Earth, is there Peace anchored within and without? The answer is yes; enormous, miraculous, extraordinary strides, positions, anchorings have been accomplished, not simply by thousands or millions but billions.

Now, I have said to you as recently as yesterday that this is a glorious day. This is a day that we have chosen, yes, with great exception taken by the channel, but we have chosen it because it is a day were Love is celebrated upon sweet Gaia. It is not merely a day of romantic Love; it is a day of sacred union, of Love between all beings, all forms of being, seen and unseen. It is our favorite day!

So, do we come this day to celebrate Peace on Earth and the accomplishments that our sacred union has wrought? Yes, but we also come to have further discussion about Peace, above, below, and in-between. Let us begin though, by commending you, by thanking you, by expressing our deepest, heartfelt, unified field gratitude. You are claiming your heart consciousness, your mastery, in bringing forth the birthing, not only of Nova Earth but of your sweet selves; you are birthing Nova Being, the multi-dimensional, heart centered, integrated, anchored, peace-keeper, peace portal, not merely of Gaia but of your universe.

When I have said to thee, “Peace is a precursor; it is an essential element to this unified Ascension.” You have heard me when I have asked of thee to take my hand, to walk, not only with me but with Raphael and Uriel, Jophiel, the Mother, Yeshua, Maitreya, the Buddha. You have not merely, simply heeded me, you have said, “Yes.” Often we have spoken of the power of ‘no’, something that you had need to learn, but sweetest angels, you have also not merely learned but declared and embraced the power of ‘yes’.

Now you say to me, and I can hear you all, “Please, Michael, do not simply speak in an esoteric manner.” What do you expect of an archangel, my friend?

SB: We’re not going to let you get away with this. We want details Archangel Michael, please, details of what we have accomplished. Thank you.

AAM: And I have said to you as we have begun this joint, conjoined, undertaking, “The most violent war, the most difficult truce, the most difficult undertaking, first and foremost, is the war that wages within your hearts.” Now that is not the finishing point, but it always has to be the starting point because if there is still war raging within thee, how do you accomplish Peace upon the planet? And I do not simply mean the absence of war, of violence, of gun fire, of bombs dropping, of heated battle; I mean the peace of the heart, the kindness, the gentleness, the consideration, the co-creation, the unified heart. This is not possible if the war is still raging within you and most of you, many of you have heeded that note and you have allowed the release of that war, of those feelings of rejection, of fear, of doubt.

Have we asked you to walk in hope and faith and trust? Yes, but our request of you is even more than that and it has been more than that; we have asked you to proceed, not only with valor but with certainty. That has been an enormous challenge and I do not say that with any degree of judgment; quite the contrary, you have released and claimed your inner peace more deeply than ever before. And is it reflecting outwardly into family violence, gender inequality, financial violence, what you think of as national, armed, conflict? The answer is yes. Now, have you seen the evidence of it completely? Not as yet, but it has begun. When we have begun our work of co-creation with the rain, did it occur immediately? No. But, did it occur enough to encourage you to keep going? Yes.

So, are we here to declare Peace on Earth this day? We most certainly are, in and out of time, in your time in form, and within and without. So you say to me, “Well Michael, what actually has been achieved?” What is occurring in the European front, yes, in the Ukraine, with the Russians, this is a, not merely a cease fire, not merely just an economic, political move, it is an olive branch and it is delivered by the sweet dove of Peace. Now, am I calling Mr. Putin the dove of Peace? No. But what does this demonstrate? What does it show you? What is brought to the forefront? That a being, a man, who is constantly judged, a harsh reality; he has been judged, he has been found lacking and he has been the hero of some. So, he has ridden both sides of the fence, he has worn the black hat and the white hat, and this is all in judgment from humanity, not from us.

What does this demonstrate? That even in situations…or you may think in your mental body that it is so unlikely that Peace can move forward, that it is already there directly in front of you. The motivations that you assign to this are your choice. The reasons that your star brothers and sisters and we assign to this is the anchoring of the knowing that conflict, violence, hatred, greed, bloodlust is unacceptable and does not work. You are already in a higher dimensionality and that kind of energy cannot exist. We are calling for cease fires all around the globe and they are being heeded. We have approached and been heard, not as the angelic realm, not only as the master Mohammed, but on a human level there have been discussions with the leadership and the troops of ISIS and they continue to hear what is shared and what is brought forth.

So, you are seeing this in all realms, all realities. Now dearest Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, Lord, there are so many questions…I’d like to know what this means, in other words,
what-so-ever has happened now, until this point, what does this mean for the citizens of Burma, the women of Darfur, and the people who are in sexual slavery around the world? What of what you said can they take sustenance from and courage from, encouragement, please?

AAM: The prayer often for these people and not only those who are in this type of situation; so we include the women and children who’s homes are being bombed out and who’s spouses, male and female, are being dismembered or killed or both. Often they have felt that the only hope was through pleading and prayer. So, what does this mean in a practical sense? There is a change of heart, there is a change of consciousness that is very rapidly anchoring in the hearts and minds and actions, physical actions, of aggressors of every sort. Now, how has this happened? Have we been diligent in doing our piece? Yes. But that isn’t what we came to celebrate, what we came to celebrate was the piece that you have also brought to the forefront, that through your energetic sharing, through your heart sharing, through the shift in your field, the human field, the collective field has also shifted. So, in practical terms…the aggressors are laying down, whether they are knives or machetes or guns. And they are not laying these down because there is an order from on high or societal requirement, the societal requirement is a requirement of your energy field, the energy field that says, “We have had Enough”, and you have declared this loud and clear.

Now, has it been immediate, the way that we had hoped? No, but it is underway. And if you say to me, “Well Michael, that is not sufficient, that is not enough. I feel bewildered, betrayed, let down.” Then I say to you, “Turn away, turn away and let this feeling of disillusionment, which is your core issue, let it dissolve. Let us esoterically, spiritually, and in an unseen way remove this from you that you may then turn back towards us and towards your sacred self.” When we say, for both the aggressor and the peacemaker, the peace-creator, that this is a time of continuing forth in certainty, we mean just that. The focus that we, in our sacred partnership, have brought forth is a clear demonstration of what is possible.

Now, be the observer but do not stop…we beseech you, the entire Company of Heaven beseeches you…do not stop. That would be to turn away from the co-creation and the Love, the sacred union that we have forged.

But to answer your question, it means that those feelings of hatred, of irrational aggression, whether it is based 20,000 years from now or 20,000 years ago, are being released, eliminated, dissolved. And that is the key to Peace. So, do we celebrate? Yes. Go forward. I am listening.

SB: Okay, thank you. Archangel Michael, you’ve surely acknowledged that the Company of Heaven has made some pretty spectacular statements like, for instance, ‘that a sword lifted to decapitate someone will simply disintegrate’. When is it that, speaking in general terms of course, but when is it that we will see these kinds of remarkable demonstrations of the hour, of the Company of Heaven and the Divine Mother…demonstrations that will have such an impact on so many people in the world who are moved by those kinds of things? So, admittedly we lightworkers are not…it’s not for us that these things are done…we are committed to World Peace and we’re at work on it, but there are other people who will see that kind of thing and be really moved and touched and their eyes will open, so to speak. When can we expect to see those kinds of marvelous demonstrations?

AAM: What you are really asking me, dearest friend, is “when will such things be filmed and reported?”

SB: Oh…ah, well yeah, it would have to be….

AAM: Yes, because what is happening with those who are the perpetrators of violence, when such occurrences such as the disintegration, emotionally and materially, of a blade or a sword turned into plowshares occurs, do you really think, in terms of keeping within their desired persona, that they are advertising it? No, they are not. Has it already begun? Yes, it has. So, what you are really saying is “when will reporters…”

SB: No, no I’m not necessarily saying that…I’m prepared to accept your statement that it’s happening, of course there are many people who wouldn’t and for them what you are saying is accurate but I’m prepared to accept your statement that it’s happening…what else is happening, Lord? Well tell…give us some idea of what’s gone on over the weeks? Mohammed has been at work here, I take it, has he been appariting, appearing before people or have they heard him in the inner chamber, what has been going on?

AAM: We who are the archangels have been appearing, particularly to those of this group that you call ISIS because let us face facts… In terms of perceived threat, and actual threat, this is a group that is rather rogue, shall we say, because that is an explanation that you understand. We, the archangels, have not only been working, not just with the leadership but with all of these beings, increasingly by appearing to them and one of the reasons that until, well I will not get ahead of myself, is that there is a belief system and an acceptance of seeing us and accepting from us the messages that violence and detours, because you can never call it anything more than that, must cease. Now, has our energy and our language and our power and our, not removal of free will but certainly our over-lighting been strong? Yes it has.

The Prophet… Mohammed is the Prophet of Peace and too many, in all cultures, have forgotten this. Mohammed has been speaking, what you would call and just have called, the inner chamber but he has been speaking in the ears, in the head and in the heart of those involved in this violence. And there several, not many, but several in leadership that Mohammed has over-lit and spoken to in what you would call as an apparition.

Now the reason, because we know you look for explanations, so we will give them…the reason that we have suggested you send Peace out all over the planet but leave ISIS to us, was that the threat of danger and the magnitude of that energy was such that needed, can we say, a stronger push. Your star brothers and sisters have used a great deal of technology and have mingled, yes boots on the ground, in that group. Oh, you think that they are so tight in terms of who is involved in their armies. Dearest, it is so grass root and expanded that the star beings have no difficulty moving amongst them. They have also used their shields to adjust, shall we say, military weaponry. These beings have not been permitted to, and this is in reference to Gaia, to obtain, your term, weapons of mass destruction. It is not simply for reasons of personal preference that they continue to use swords and guns, but that will change as well.

SB: What about tanks, Lord? What about the bigger weapons that ISIS has? Are they inoperable?

AAM: Not completely. Are they being adjusted? Yes.

SB: Adjusted…a very interesting word. Lord, I’m going to have to move us along I’m afraid. What I’d like to know from you is “what is the impact of what has happened, or not happened, on the reval because that’s when lightworkers can begin to really get to work on their own?” You said some time ago that it waited Peace with the Ukrainian rebels and ISIS and Al Qaeda…is the reval going to go forward in any way as a result of what’s happened so far or are we waiting for our signal to really begin to get to work on this planet?

AAM: You have already begun. My dearest ones, please hear what I have to say…you have already begun to get to work. Now, let me use this term very carefully so that there is no misunderstanding…the reevaluation of currencies, of financial systems of societies, has already begun. Now, what you are saying is and what I have said repeatedly, how could you have such a dramatic shift while there is an absence of Peace? That would be harmful to everybody concerned. Does this set the stage for a reevaluation of financial systems so that there is greater equality across the sweet Gaia? Yes it does…so keep going.

SB: Alright. And we certainly will; we are committed lightworkers, Lord, we are becoming more masterful by your…by what you’ve said to us tonight and we all know we are becoming more masterful so we will keep going forward…we’re very happy that we’ve arrived at this place where Peace has, it looks like it has descended on the Ukraine and the Company of Heaven has been working on ISIS and probably Al Qaeda as well, so, we are moving forward. Is there anything you’d like to say, Lord, before we transition over into the round table?

AAM: Yes. First of all we do not simply work on ISIS, we work on Israel and Palestine. We call for the cessation of war in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria. We are working with you all over this globe and far beyond.

But really what I wish to say in bringing this part of our celebration to a close is just that…when I have said to you that I come this day, not only on behalf of the Mother but the entire Council of Love, I have come to say, “Congratulations. Job well done. We Love you. Let us party!”

SB: I wish the InLight Universal team lived in the same city and we could party…we might have to party by SKYPE. Lord, thank you very much for coming here today to tell us of the partial progress we’ve made. We’ve seen Peace perhaps descend in the Ukraine and we know that you’re working with ISIS and Al Qaeda to bring them back from the precipice that they’re heading towards. And we’ll be speaking again very soon. Thank you for coming today.

AAM: You are welcome my beloved ones and go in Peace and know we are in partnership with you.

SB: Yes Lord. Thank you.

AAM: You are treasured.

SB: As are you. Thank you. And now I’d like to turn it back over to you, Graham, for the round table…(Part 2)

Channeled by Linda Dillon 02-14-15

© 2015 Council of Love

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