July 10

Hi Everyone,

Last November St. Germaine urged us to talk to the element of water all over the planet saying:

“Will you come with me and will you rain,
in perfect harmony and proportion in California.”

He told us as we work with Gaia and the elements, we break through old barriers of isolation. He encouraged us to speak with every molecule of water on the planet:

“Will you come with me and rain,
and create a lush California yet again?
And will you share this bounty all over Gaia
in perfect balance and harmony?”

St. Germaine said when we do this we are going to see proof positive how powerful we truly are, not just in bringing forward our own abundance but in creating the beauty of harmony in partnership, and not just with the elements and Gaia herself but with our human community around the globe. Thank you, St. Germaine ????

We have almost 200 forest fires in British Columbia burning now. Please join with me talking to the water element. . .

Thank you to all helping. My ???? to each of you,

Vancouver, BC

July 5

Hi Everyone,

There are over 100 wildfires burning in British Columbia and extreme hazard conditions up and down the West Coast from California to Alaska. The city of Vancouver has a smoky haze hanging over it. The haze is from smoke from BC’s interior fires blowing out to the coast.


Please Pray for Rain for the entire West Coast!

From the California Weather Blog: “. . .there has been a huge surge in fire activity across California over the past two weeks. With a prolonged, widespread heatwave in the forecast for the West Coast with co-occurring lightning outbreaks, fire season is likely to shift into very high gear in the coming days.

“Given the extremely dry state of fuels due to California’s exceptional multi-year drought (and the also exceptional “snow drought” in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia), large fire potential will be quite high for the foreseeable future.

“It’s also worth noting that the peak of California’s traditional fire season is still a couple of months in the future–from later in August through early October.”

Thank you everyone!!

Vancouver, BC

June 30

Hi Kathleen,

It was hot today – around 93 degrees. Then the sky got
dark and now it is pouring rain. Maybe the Japanese
drumming helped. I remember when I was in the third
grade, in San Diego, our teacher taught us a Native American song for rain. At the time, it was a warm day
without a cloud in the sky. After singing the song we went
out for recess where we found a cloud had formed over
the playground and it was raining! We were quite amazed.

With love and blessings,

San Diego

June 29

Hi Kathleen,

Yesterday, at The San Diego Zoo Safari Park, I heard a
performance by a group called The Taiko Project. They
said that Japanese farmers used to use large drums, like
these, to ask the gods for rain. Considering the sound and
reverberating power of these drums, I don’t see how the
gods could have missed their requests!

With blessings,

San Diego


June 13

Hi Kathleen,

We had the remnant of a tropical storm this week… it came from Baja all the way up here we had rain for the good part of a day. The birds were singing up a 2nd storm afterwards, it was amazing and magical.

Oakland, CA

May 26

Thank you to Pamela in San Diego!

A lovely YouTube — visions of rain. . .


May 15

Dear Linda,

I participated in my first global meditation last Saturday and today (6 days later) we are getting a gentle rain the desert. Since I moved to Palm Desert 7 years ago, I can’t recall it raining during the month of May.

Many thanks to you, Kathleen, Archangel Uriel, the elementals, our blessed Mother Gaia, and all those involved in facilitating this meditation. It’s working!!!

Peace and blessings,

Palm Desert, CA

May 24

A beautiful poem from Dottie’s cousin!

Let there be rain…
the sort that saturates
a dry thirsty ground
May the clouds billow and swirl
moving across an expansive horizon
undulating in a pulsating sort of rhythm
that prepares itself for a much needed cleansing
the billowy formations grow and the light puffy softness
begins to shift in tone and texture
developing into darkened shadows of determined design
the wind begins to push itself
a forced welcoming precursor of
building intensity
As the trees bow in submission to a majestic
and powerful master…..
A fresh strength fills the atmosphere with
pungent odiferous dampness
A shaft of brilliance lights the heavens
and a roar exudes forth with
the announcement of what will surely come.
the ground quakes
and the deepened darkness
is etched in silhouetted beauty
just when another bolt flashes upon the scene
and so we count
1, 2, 3, 4…..how many miles away before the
sounding boom?
and then it pounds the earth in such a way
that my heart recognizes wherein this power lies
Ahh, the cleansing begins
washing away all the residue of dust and grime
rivulets find their way into pockets of small
pools and gutters flow freely
debris begin to float and swirl moving
down the street and filling every nook and cranny
leaves are bathed in a shiny residue
and there is a look of promise
there is a sense of hope within the atmosphere
much like
a new fresh beginning…..
The old is past
something new is just beyond

Brenda Dunak

May 15

Dear Linda, Kathleen & the entire Council of Love:

Rain is simply delicious & miraculous …. with every drop! Yesterday afternoon and evening offered our second thunderstorm this May. Thunderstorms are uncommon in Fresno & the Central Valley. Those billowing dark gray clouds had been gathering in the cool, damp air on & off during the day… Then I’d say between 5 & 6p simply opened up… (for an hour or more) drenching everything in sight… our thirsty plants, flowers & trees just shimmering from top to bottom… The sound was music from heaven!

Such gratitude once again to each and all who offer these visions for our beautiful state… and to the Company of Heaven who expand exponentially every rain-filled meditative thought.

Dottie…. for all my fellow Californians :)))
Fresno, CA

May 15

Hope you are doing wonderful????
I was painting yesterday and it starting raining so softly around 2pm (always makes me smile when I feel the rain so gently coming down)
It continued to rain gently throughout the day
As I finished bathing the kids and putting them to bed at around 9pm it started coming down super hard and strong winds
And then this morning we woke up to birds singing and the gentle rains continue on…..

Thank you to all involved in these powerful rain meditations
I think we are starting to finally realize we are more powerful together than we ever dreamed possible

Love u
Have a great weekend
As always
In love and light
San Diego, CA

May 15

Hi Kathleen,

We had some rain yesterday and more today! The photo
shows some of my trees enjoying the rain.

*Image Pamela trees

With many blessings,
San Diego, CA

May 9

Hi Kathleen & All..

I am joining Janine as a California voice for gratitude & celebration! Here in the central valley.. also in the form of a thunderstorm… the clouds opened up Thursday afternoon.. maybe a half an hour… and gave our area a beautiful bath. Then Thursday night & Friday morning…. a gentle rain followed. Every blessed drop is a gift & cause for much joy. Thank you One & All for your Visions on our behalf, the elementals & the rest of our beloved planet..

Dottie xoxoxo
Fresno, CA

May 8

Hi hope this finds you wonderful
Just wanted to let you know it rained most of last night here in San Diego
There was a lot of wind and thunder during the early morning
But I would say a good five hours of rain
Harder during the night
Soft and gentle this morning
Amazing amazing
Sooooo happy
Love u madly

As always
San Diego, CA

March 27

Hello Kathleen,

Thank you for all your updates.

The trees in Marin County especially the oaks have been dying from a disease for years. And this is the case in other parts of California.

I wonder if there is something like this going on also?  I know that the Buddhists have been doing prayers for the trees here.

San Francisco, CA

March 27

Hallo Kathleen, I so resonated with Matthew’s explanation, and with the trees. I was just speaking to my daughter yesterday about these ancient trees Beth Moon spent 14 years traveling to photograph:


We are all One consciousness, for sure.

Much Love,
San Francisco, CA

March 27

Hi Kathleen,

I also saw Matthew’s explanation about what had happened to the trees. This was especially relevant for me as I have about 100 trees on my property and the neighbors also have many trees. A few months before I met you, one of my beautiful pine trees, with a double trunk, died within a couple of weeks. The disease that effected it is called Bark Beetle and it then killed the side of the pine tree next to it.

Since then, I have lost several other trees. My neighbor is dismayed that a very large pine tree, that was at least 60 years old, is almost dead. This distressed us both and although we were told that the trees were lost due to the drought and disease we wondered why they had lived for so long and then died so suddenly.

What Matthew said about the Madrid trees may explain why we have lost our trees, as well. The trees are not only beautiful, and add much needed oxygen, they are also very wise beings. I appreciate the attention that you have brought to the drought and for the Sat. Group to help with this very difficult and sad situation.

With love and blessings,
San Diego, CA

March 22

Well, a sweet and gentle rain fell early this morning in the North Bay, and again this evening – as if the sky were sending kisses to the earth, not enough to fill any dam, but enough to nourish the grateful vegetation for sure.

And tucked into the magnificent cloud formations this evening my daughter and I saw two magnificent space ships (and one smaller one) – grey/metallic and smooth (the saucer shaped ones) – very close to the ground, as if they were gently conducting the rain orchestra.

All a wonderful conclusion to the weekend’s focus on life-giving Water, topped off with this lovely story of Rajendra Singh’s Stockholm Water Prize.


Much Love and Moisture to us All.
San Francisco, CA

March 22

Hi all, wonderful news to hear! Thanks for sharing. This morning I awoke to the pitter patter of raindrops outside my bedroom window. Soooooo comforting, I just lingered in my cozy bed and listened, smelled and felt the healing moisture in the air.

Much gratitude,
Northern California

March 21

Hi dear Kathleen,

Zim needs rain so desperately, the wells have all run dry – so happy for them!

As for us here in the North Bay (San Francisco), the clouds roll in and then roll right back out again, and the most beautiful blue sky reappears. The lighting yesterday on the Equinox was a ‘pearlessence’ feeling – soft and bright.

I signed up for the Children of the Sun water meditation tonight, and will see what I can do for all those wonderful tomorrow happenings. Thanks for ‘herding’ us all towards abundance and wellbeing.

Much Love to you,
San Francisco, CA

March 21


Thank you for this heartening report (rain in Zimbabwe). As synchronicity would have it, my very bright 12 year old grandson was hanging out in my study with me when I opened your email, so I ran the movie clip, for him, shared the email, and told him a bit about the rain meditations you have been coordinating. As an ecologically aware Californian, he (Ben) knows about the drought here, and now he knows about this path to recovery.

Love abundant,
Mount Shasta, CA

March 20


Yesterday with blue skies suddenly the biggest downfall of rain came. With no dark clouds or winds which usually happens just before the downfall.

Our rainy season which runs over February time there was little to no rains. This time of year there should be nothing. It’s quite dry but yesterday without warning the heavens opened. . . with blue skies.

Much love. Marie xxxxx
Zimbabwe, Africa

March 6

Dear Linda,

At the end of the clip you can see fire tornados (around Table Mountain, SA). Never seen that before.  There’s a slight drizzle but need more…… So keep on trucking with our rain meds!!


Much love,
Marie XXXX

March 5

Marie in South Africa sent out a plea yesterday for help with rain for the fires around Table Mountain in Cape Town and here is what she has messaged us:

Oh my GOD!! Massive thunder and lightning storms in Cape Town!! Keep going everyone!!

Absolutely overwhelmed with emotion right now. You are all AMAZING!  Xxx


The last time they had thunder and lightning was years ago!!!!! My friend has just texted, telling me this, she lives in Cape Town. This is awe inspiring xxxx

March 4

Dear Linda,

Kathleen sent me an email to let you know about the rain. Sending rain visuals your way!

California is also really hurting for water again. Most of our state is shown on the map as “Severe Drought Conditions” again, even though we had a lot of extra in December and January.

We make a difference! Yay Team!

Blessings to All,
Northern California

March 3


The latest rains in San Diego started on Sunday morning. Really soft and gentle sprinkles of rain and it continued until Monday evening. During the nights there was strong winds and harder rain.

The hills and mountains are covered in all different greens and some beautiful flowers growing wild all over.  There was even some hail in parts.

Love u
Love me,
San Diego, CA

March 3

Dear Linda,

I am asking for your assistance and any help you could throw this way. The location of the fires is Muizenberg (pronounced Mews-zen-burg), Noordhoek and Silvermine Mountains which is around Table Mountain.

Even though this is quite a positive thing spiritually, on a physical level it’s not so great. It’s 42 degrees there’s and in some other places it’s in the 50’s!! Which is unusual.

Cape Town needs rain and fast. The fire is spreading and houses are being evacuated.

Could I ask you to spread the word and ask for all to send their healing energy to the mountain and to call for rains. The fire services are stretched to the limits and I feel so very deeply for the people of Cape Town whilst they go through this shift and transition.

Thank you Linda and to all that can help. I really appreciate the Love you can send.

Love you!!!
Marie xxxxxx