Your next assignment, beloved ones, is Peace on Earth! Humanity is coming into balance, not merely with yourselves, not merely with the beloved planet Gaia, but with all realms, all dimensions, all kingdoms, and the ability to co-create with one another in a myriad of ways; miniscule and huge, global and individual. This is what lies ahead.

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much Graham. And just before we begin, I’d like to wish Linda a Happy New Year, and also to ask her if she would mind expanding a little on what she was talking about before we went on the air, which was the subject of epiphanies. And also, Linda, I think you have a bit of a throat condition, a bit of a cold today?

Linda Dillon: Yeah. Again, huh? Well, I’d like to wish you and Graham and all our listeners Happy New Year as well. And gosh it is just fabulous to be back with everybody, whether I have a, I don’t know what, a hoarse or a throat condition, but it’s really good to be here. And, you know, like many of us, we’re facing these challenges, spiritual, emotional, core issues and some of them physical, so I guess it’s my turn.

But nevertheless, I just wanted to share with our listeners this wonderful sense I had as I was preparing for the show. Today we’re doing a pre-record, and it’s Epiphany, which is January 6, which is in many traditions Little Christmas, but what I started to think of was the sense of the word that we use it in, of epiphanies, of this quiet awakening when we’re looking at a situation or a condition where there’s all of a sudden this deeper insight, this new level of understanding, and it’s, for me, it’s not ruckus, it’s not, you know, the excitement of Christmas or Hanukah or New Year’s Eve, it’s just this very peaceful, quiet understanding that seems to be blossoming in my heart, probably because I’ve been sitting here with the Council and Archangel Michael, but this understanding of just how far we’ve really come, and how much we really have accomplished.

And I think, not often enough, we don’t look at ourselves or each other and say, you know, job well done, my gosh, you hung in there, you’ve grown, you’ve changed. And so I just… I wanted to share that with our listeners, like, job well done!

SB: Thank you, Linda. And yes, we all have hung in there. This is the first time that this has been done anywhere in the universe, and it’s a huge job. And there probably have been changes along the way, and so yes, I agree with you.

Linda, is not throat conditions, like you are experiencing at the moment, a kind of a special concern of channels? Does that not come to channels more than the rest of the population?

LD: My issue has been my throat and my lungs. And one of the things that has certainly been shared with me, and you know, I don’t tend to talk about personal stuff a lot, but this ability to hold the energy that I am so privileged to do does take a physical toll. And this is true, I think of all of us, is that it’s the upside down blessing, I guess, is that the higher our vibration gets, the higher our frequency is. And, you know, I don’t say that in the delineation that there’s some of us that are higher and there’s some of us that are lower, but our frequencies are improving, they are increasing, they are expanding, they are elevating. And as that happens, the discordant energies take a greater toll, not just on me as a channel, but upon all of us because those energies that are fractious or recalcitrant have this sense of what was tolerable at a… in a different realm, which we no longer occupy, is now like sandpaper, or worse, a buzz saw, against our very soul.

And I know Archangel Michael’s going to talk about this a little bit to us today, or at least I hope he does, because this is part of our decision also to remain in physical. And doing this balancing act of being in the physical, holding the vibrations, and yet being in a body, can be really quite challenging. And I don’t think many of us realized just how challenging that can come. So yes, the throat, because that’s where the energy comes through, but the lungs, because I feel — and I’m sure everybody who’s listening feels — this sadness, this grief of what’s still going on, if we can say, on the downside on the planet.

And so there isn’t one of us who is committed to this work that isn’t working flat out right now for the clarity and the clarification for the collective, so that we can complete this Ascension process.

So, have I taken a hit, Steve? Yes! I’ve taken a big hit. And is it worth it? Yeah.

SB: Yeah. Well, thanks, and all of us who know, you know, just how it has been for you appreciate everything you do for us, and without you we’d be lost, I have to say.

LD: No, you wouldn’t be. You wouldn’t be.

SB: No? Oh. Okay. [Laughs] All right. Well, listen, I’ll let you make your transition and we’ll have Archangel Michael on to talk to us about last year and the year coming up. Thank you, Linda.

LD: Thank you.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: Archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news! And yes, I welcome you. I welcome you, my brothers and sisters of truth, of peace, of stamina, of brilliance, of magnificence, and yes as always, there is much to discuss, much new, much old.

No, we do not need to reconsider or rehash what has already transpired. The Mother announces that you and we enter into new phase, new time. But as we do so, it benefits, it benefits your hearts, your beautiful hearts, your minds, your emotional bodies, your causal bodies, your entire being, to not merely reflect on what has transpired, what you, my beloved friends, have accomplished, with and without us, and yes, what lies ahead.

The human race, this magnanimous, generous collective, is a collective that has traditionally and for many, many, many millions of years, have lived in your mental and emotional bodies. You are mental and emotional beings. And I do not say that with any level of disrespect or judgment in munition; you are incredible. But think of what you have done, sweet angels of light, not masters in the making, but masters who have chosen and who walk the planet during this time of transformation.

You have shifted, not that you are shifting…listen to what I say this day, people of Gaia, global universal citizens…you have shifted from a primary focus of being in your mental and emotional bodies, to locating your energy center into the knowingness and the experience, the anchoring of your heart consciousness.

This, in and of itself, is miraculous. And it is something that has been heralded for a very long time. Now, is this shift complete? No. But is it substantially completed? Yes. Is there room for more? Are there others that follow the lead, the precedence, the path that you have forged for many? Yes there are. And, sweet angels of light, you are working with millions and billions of beings. No longer do you strive one by one by one; no longer do you work with miniscule groups. The power of the energy that you have anchored, yes, directly from the Mother, from the masters, from the Archangels, from all of us, from your star brothers and sisters, has shifted you.

Now, have you shifted because we have sent you and begged you and asked you and cajoled you into accepting this energy? Somewhat. But the decision, the choice, the exercise of free will to incorporate not merely the gifts that have been sent to thee, but the totality of your divinity. This has been your choice, individually, collectively, and in growing numbers. This spiritual, not evolution, but quantum leap is miraculous.

Every day, every minute and every hour of every day, we hear your pleas. We hear your prayers. And of course we acknowledge them. But the plea is pretty consistent, and it is, “Michael, show me the miracle. Give me the miracle. Demonstrate the miracle. Let me understand, and let me be the truth, the peace, the light of love.”

My beloved ones, you are the miracle. And it is in that deep recognition, it is in that growing acceptance of the truth of who you are that the shift, the Ascension, the birth of Nova Earth, the anchoring of the Cities of Light, the shift in institutions and behaviors, actions, it is in this that you see what is truly transpiring. And what is most pleasing to all is that you are seeing these shifts and witnessing these shifts and participating in these shifts not merely from a place of mental or emotional knowingness, but from the anchor of your divinity and your heart consciousness.

That balance is anchored, it is already present. Now, does it need to grow and to blossom in the rest of the collective? Of course. But, sweet angels, the bulk of this work is complete. There is a new star that rises in the east, and it heralds a new day, a new eon, a new epoch. It heralds a time of Nova Being upon the sweetest Gaia imaginable. It is humanity coming into that balance, not merely with yourselves, not merely with the beloved planet Gaia, but with all realms, all dimensions, all kingdoms, all realms. You do not, as yet, fully comprehend the wisdom and the beauty that you are not only anchoring but incorporating.

Now, you say to me, “Michael, how do we know this as we look at the past year, which has been filled with murder and mayhem and inequality and unfairness?” We do not pretend, nor do we wish you to pretend to live in denial. But such a view would also not be complete, because, look my beloved friends, at how you have anchored in sacred union with your beloved selves, with your sacred relationships in partnership with divine other — yes, us included, but I mean human partners — in friendship and partnership, in new community, which is the oldest community of all.

The significant awakening of your ability, not merely to create and not merely to co-create with us, which has been an infinite gift to us, but the ability to co-create with one another in a myriad of ways; miniscule and huge, global and individual. This is what lies ahead. This is what you are perfecting in this moment of the eternal and the immediate, human now. It is this ability to create, to fulfill, to live in physical reality, the form that you have chosen, yes, in fulfillment of the Mother’s plan, of her promise, of her unfoldment, but also the fulfillment of your plan.

There is a greater anchoring of ease and joy and grace, and yes, the Mother’s gift of clarity and purity. What you have accomplished is a relinquishing of fear, of doubt. You have embraced an ability to live with uncertainty, with a certainty of knowing of the rightness of this unfoldment, of the greater knowing. You have moved away, not divorced, but moved away from the place of what we would term ‘neediness’, ‘co-dependence’, into full partnership, again, not merely with us but with each other and with your self. You are acknowledging your capacity to create.

Too often, the collective, particularly in this past century, has been focused upon outcome…I do so that I will have this outcome of X…and the focus of the energy of the action of the ‘how-ing’ has been lost. The purity of the doing for the sheer purity and joy, the act of love, was lost in the drive to achieve. And the drive to achieve was founded on the false illusion of lack of self-worth.

You have discarded this. The significance of this is beyond what you are thinking. You have moved back into the actions, into the doing, into the music, the sound, the rhythm of love. And it is in that rhythm, it is in that action, it is in that pace, it is in the silence between the spaces that not only creation is born, but it expands, it explodes. And that the interdimensional reality, to see, to hear, to know, to be, and to live in accordance with law, that this comes forth, and that this is what is so significant. This is the prize, that you have come to see, to know, to feel that if it is not done in love, if it is not done in a sense that there will be a production of joy, that it is not worth doing.

You have learned to be patient, and in that patience to practice and to embody fortitude and stamina and compassion, without sacrificing the passion for which you thrust yourselves forward. You have become more patient with the recalcitrant, with the reluctant. You do not embody them, you do not fall back into those patterns, but you have learned to penetrate, yes, to contain, to surround and to love, not the actions, not the recalcitrance, not the mistrust or the greed or the lust or blood lust.

But you have come to love and to understand and to send compassion to those who have lost their way, whose memory is dimmed to the truth of who they really are. And there is compassion that is sent to those who so grievously and fiercely fight the light. For is this not the saddest state of all…to be surrounded above, below and in between, to be completely engulfed in love, and to continue to deny?

But you my friends, my beloved ones, you have claimed your path. And it is not that you do not look over your shoulder and beckon to those that you are showing the way, or perhaps pushing along, but you do not engage in their reality. And that is the biggest shift of all.

Now, there is so much to speak of, dear Steve. Where do you wish to go this day?

SB: Well, thank you, Lord…

AAM: I am at your service.

SB: [laughs] Thank you! And I have to say how marvelous it is to hear you again after our little break over Christmastime. I think the question on most listeners’ minds certainly must be what can we expect to see and feel and hear and all the rest of it in terms of Ascension, disclosure and abundance in 2015?

AAM: And you have started at the right place. What can you expect to see and hear and feel and know and create? Now, you, my friend, are very busy.

SB: Yes.

AAM: But I am sending this invitation to all who will heed my invitation. It is a time to be busy. When I have said that it is a time when action and free will is being renewed, I do not mean that people are standing back and simply waiting. The time of inertia, the time of stillness has come to conclusion. And so there is a forward thrust like never before.

Now, one of the things that you are doing — and I mean you collectively and individually, delightfully individually and collectively — is you are realizing your power, in the best sense of the word, to create. You already are hearing and seeing and observing and knowing at a higher frequency than you have known before. Let us be clear about that. For some of you, the visions have increased one hundred-fold. You are seeing with you eyes, with your third eye, with your fourth eye; you are hearing, you are knowing, you are intuiting. That dam of lack has already been broken. And it will continue to be broken, individually and collectively. So, you may anticipate an expansion I what you think of as your higher dimensional, higher realm faculties.

Let us even be more blunt. We need you to see and hear. And you have reached a point in your spiritual maturity that you are prepared to see and hear. Now, this can be a mixed blessing, and for many of you that has often been why that blockage has been kept in place. There was not the acuity to fully comprehend or to balance everything that you were seeing or hearing or knowing. But you have grown, and you are prepared, with wisdom and wisdom vision, to take the information, the visions, the knowing, and to proceed, not merely bravely or courageously, but with humility, gently, softly, where it is required, in proper measure.

There are times when you will see the disparities, the lower frequencies, the darker energies. I do not need to elaborate. You see them so that you may understand, correct, heal and raise. But you also see and know the how and where and why of how to direct your actions. Dear hearts, you have been flying in and out of this Ascension portal for years and each time you have done so you have raised your frequency and vibration. Sometimes it has been a massive awakening, an ‘aha!’ yes, the epiphany and sometimes it has been the subtle sleep knowing. But nevertheless, the awakening has been occurring.

In this, you are coming to realize the true meaning of the partnership above and below, with each other and with us, to create out of thin air, out of multiple abundance, out of stellar cooperation with your star brothers and sisters. Now, the masters have not, and will not, be fully present upon this planet until there is the balance of harmony. And I have heard your plea — we have all heard your plea! — could the masters not return for an hour, a day, a cycle, a week, a month, to bless us with their teachings, their examples, their knowings, their energies? And this would transform the human collective immediately.

And in many ways, this is a brilliant plan. However, it is not the Mother’s plan. For example, she has made it clear: Jesus-Sananda does not walk the planet again until peace reigns. Now, why is this delay? And by the way, when I say this, I do not mean that the masters do not apparate continually, I do not mean that they do not over-light, as I do, many continually; I am meaning the wholeness of our presence.

If we were to come in the fullness of our being, which I would even say is quite magnificent, what would happen? You, my beloved friends, Nova Beings of Nova Earth, are now at the point of the full integration and embrace of your being. The tendency would be to step back and say, “The masters are here to show us, to lead us, to guide us.” And there is nothing that we do not guide you in, by the way, even from this place of unseen. But what you would stop doing is embodying your creator self, your magnificence, your truth. The Mother keeps telling you, I keep telling you, you have come in your mastery. You are in the fullness of claiming this. Will we join you in this year? Yes. But we will join you as one family, one circle, not as hierarchy, but as brothers and sisters of One.

Now, millions of your star family are positioned upon the planet. And like this channel, who is star being, the discrepancy, the discordance in energy is exceptionally hard on them and creates difficulties for which you do not have the understanding. And the idea is that they will acclimatize to the Gaia energy as it transfers to the higher octave. And that migration continues.

It is not a matter of headlines in a newspaper. This disclosure comes from the people. This disclosure comes from your next door neighbor saying, “Yes, I am star being, and I am delighted to be here.” It comes from your neighbor saying, “Yes, I am fairy, and I bring you the renewal of magic.” “Yes, I am starseed; yes, I am Earth keeper; yes, I am magician; yes, I am healer, alchemist, way-shower. I am pillar, I am gatekeeper.”

It comes with the deep acceptance and acknowledgment of humanity, that you have not been a homogeneous race, ever! We have spoken of archangels who walk the planet, of many of the masters that you do not even know of walking the planet in hiding, of your star brothers and sisters present and appearing slightly different. Many of the kingdoms are reasserting themselves right now, so that disclosure, as you have thought of it, as an event of star beings landing — oh, and there will be landings; have no doubt about that! — but it has taken a much broader meaning. And why is that? Because you, my sweet human family, you have reached a place where you are ready to embrace all your brothers and sisters. And you are at a place to truly see them, to recognize them.

Do not say to me, “Michael, I do not see them! I do not recognize them.” Stop. Take a moment. Go into your heart and bring forth my blue flame of truth, again and again and again. I have never ceased giving you this and holding this blue flame. Open your eyes, your heart, and look, and see at the person that is standing in front of you who they truly are, and then run to the mirror and look at yourself. Embrace yourself as I embrace and love you, each of you, for you are so dear to me, not merely as an instrument of the Mother’s unfoldment, but as my brothers and sisters who have been true, true to the dream and true to the unfoldment.

Abundance flows in every way. As the illusion of limitation completely dissipates, as you are learning and embracing that you may have what you desire, that you may bring it forth in tandem with yourself, with us and with others, abundance in ways that you cannot even begin to fathom flows. It flows from the rivers, from the rocks, from the golden treasuries, from the foundations, from nations that choose to share and from institutions that have long since been encrusted in greed.

Alchemy, the law of change, of transformation, of transmutation, has been employed. And we encourage you to continue to employ it. We don’t even want you, we do not even guide you to focus on the money abundance. Your next assignment, beloved ones, is peace on Earth, and from that all abundance flows. And you say, “Dear Michael, how do we do this?” You already know how to do this.

When there is peace in your heart, there is no greed; there is a willingness to share, whether it is a loaf of bread or Fort Knox…which is mostly empty air, by the way. It is a willingness to share all the resources, seen and unseen, known and unknown, upon the planet. The river is already flowing. Jump in.

SB: Thank you, Lord, for that. I wonder if I could ask a question that’s been sent in by a listener named Jenny who says, “I know so many people, myself included, that feel so lonely, and would love some insight on the subject to make it easier to deal with. Maybe Steve could ask Archangel Michael for some tips on how to deal with it better, how to release the pain. What is the purpose? Why so many people are alone and cannot find a match?”

AAM: You did not come to this incarnation, to this Gaia, to this time of Ascension, to be alone. Now, I can speak philosophically or flowerily, but I wish to be very clear to all of you whose hearts yearn and cry out for love. In other lifetimes, and there are very few of you, very few, who have come to walk alone, and even those of you who have chosen to walk alone do so with wide circle of family and friends and soul family, so you are not alone. So this issue of loneliness is key.

In other lifetimes, the yearning for the unity, for the love that is beyond anything, was not so strong. As you have come, bright angels, to anchor in your heart, this yearning has grown. It has not diminished. When I say to thee, “I beg you, go deeper and first and foremost find that love of the magnificence, the beauty, the wonder, the wholeness of who you are. Fall in love as the Mother has asked. She wants everyone to fall in love. But the first step is to fall in love with yourself.

Then dive into your pool. If you are magenta, join the magenta pool, the blue pool, the pink pool every day. Be like one of the fish in entrainment. Join with your tribe. Yes, there is but one tribe upon the planet, but there are many, many pieces and colors in this beautiful tapestry. Sweet angels, the key to love is letting go of the fear, and letting go of the fear means letting go of your core issue, what bars you from what you most desire.

Now, you say, “How can I do this?” Give it to me. I have been waiting. I have been waiting for eons. Give this core issue to me. May it feel like a rough road for a bit, or a roller-coaster ride? Yes. But do not forget, the roller-coaster ride can be exhilarating. We are going over the rainbow, through the Pleiadian sector, over Andromeda and back again. And I will hold you. Then, it is time to engage.

Now, if you feel — and I hear you — and you say, “How can I engage? I meet no one.” Engage in your community. You are positioned not to be isolated, but to be part of this community. Are new communities forming? Are Cities of Light emerging? Yes. But each of you are catalysts in your community. Find a community activity, whether you think it is stupid, boring, or not, and begin to engage. This will open up the floodgates. Engage in online community, but engage in physical community. Go outside, smile at your neighbors. Engage at the shopping stores or those petrol pumps. Engage, and love will be yours. I promise.

SB: That’s very interesting.

AAM: I have been known as a matchmaker before.

SB: Absolutely! I can certainly attest to that, Lord. Just before we go, because we have only four minutes left, I think a lot of us think of what’s unfolding as straight-line progress. It’s the Mother’s plan and there are no obstacles that can stand against it, and it just goes forward. But I also have the thought that there are changes happening to the plan, and perhaps even regularly.

Could you talk with us for a moment about whether there are changes that happen to the plan, and what that process might look like, please?

AAM: Every day.

SB: [Laughs] Every day!

AAM: …every moment of every day! You think that you have the most sophisticated computers in the universe. Well, my dear, you do not. [Laughs]

SB: [Laughs]

AAM: The number of variables that are adjusted in any given moment are beyond number, beyond measure. There is constant adjustment, attunement, realignment, and let us tell you, the biggest challenge to this that we will never interfere with, it is this wondrous quality of free will.

SB: Yes.

AAM: And so, as we say, our job is actually getting easier, because your free will is becoming more clearly in alignment with your heart consciousness, with the heart, the mind, the will of One. But for example, your guardian angel is nudging you and saying, “Go to the store today and buy rutabagas, broccoli, bananas. Go to the community center and have a swim.” And you say, “Oh, no. I don’t feel like broccoli. I don’t want to get my hair wet.”

Now, in the meantime we have arranged a multiple of variables that you will encounter, not only something that is good and healthy for you, but an experience that will bring you joy, expansion, understanding. And you say, “No.” And we adjust.

We will talk about this further, gladly, dear heart.

SB: Very good. It’s a fascinating subject, Lord. Thank you very much for coming here today and being with us, and telling us about what’s ahead.

AAM: It is my joy. You are my joy. I love you.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 01-06-15 (for the 01-08-15 show)
© 2015 Council of Love