…this time of inertia, this time of pause, of stillpoint, of becoming and of joining with the energy of all to create and to co-create, bringing forth not only the Mother’s plan, the universal plan, the planetary plan, but the plan of your hearts as well. This time of conjunction, this time of Ascension, this time of moving forth from the stillpoint of oneness is now. You are creating and bringing forth what your heart and your soul demands…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael.

Boy, Steve, I almost didn’t get through that! I was commenting earlier, I was having a bit of a laugh attack! But I made it through! Over to you.

Steve Beckow: Thanks very much, Graham. And we’re broadcasting, from our end anyways, from Seattle, having had a wonderful visit with many, many lightworkers which we’ll be talking about with Archangel Michael today. But…

GD: You’ve been on [?] for sure.

SB: Yes. Linda, how are you? You’re recovering from Lake Tahoe, I hope? [Laughs]

Linda Dillon: Now I’m going to have the giggle attack. It’s been an interesting recovery. And I think that this year, the… I think the intensity of both the preparation and the actual coming together, not only in physicality but with our family all around the world, and certainly our unseen family… I was saying to Graham a little earlier in preparation for today is that this morning is the first day that I have actually felt back. And here it is the 28th. So it’s been a good three weeks.

And the conversation about union and sacred reunion and partnership and what that means, it just continues. In fact, if anything, it’s growing and becoming more intense. And I think part of what you and Kathleen have been doing, Steve, is literally taking that energy and sort of carrying it with you, as, you know, as you’ve been traveling hither and yon…

SB: Absolutely.

LD: … and entering into community with people.

SB: Absolutely. We see it as a direct outgrowth of Lake Tahoe to be carrying this to the lightworkers of the west coast. Yes.

LD: It’s delightful. It’s really delightful. And I’m pleased to say, I think, finally, as of early this morning, for those who were part of the gathering in Lake Tahoe, the love stream, the live stream, after many hours of twigging and glitches will be available on the Council of Love website for people to watch and recapture. So…

SB: Very good.

LD: … that’s good news. Yeah.

SB: Very good.

LD: Yeah, but I’m …. thanks for asking. I’m just swell, thank you.

SB: Well, I’m glad to hear it. Well, why don’t we let you relax and make the transition, and then we’ll welcome in Archangel Michael.

LD: Sounds like a plan.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael…

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: … archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. And welcome to you, welcome to each and every one of you, lightworkers, love-holders, friends, partners, allies, welcome. Welcome, my beloved family. And I greet you as such that you will remember and that you will join with us in this growth of family, of unity, of community, of being. Yes, the Mother has indicated to you, and begun to speak briefly about this time of inertia, about this time of pause, of stillpoint, of becoming and of joining with the energy of all to create and to co-create, bringing forth not only the Mother’s plan, the universal plan, the planetary plan, but the plan of your hearts as well.

For this cannot be, and is not, exclusionary. This time of conjunction, this time of ascension, this time of moving forth from the stillpoint of oneness is now. It is not a year from now, and you already know it has not been the past year. But it is in your field. And what do we mean by this? That it is activated and active, not merely in what you think of as your heart, not merely your heart chakra, but your heart consciousness, which is massive, it is present in your entire expanded field. You are creating and bringing forth what your heart and your soul demand by breathing.

Now, I know part of your questions for me is, well, I feel this, dear Lord, but how come I am not seeing it?

Well, you will and you are, and you have need to begin, or continue, to look at this in different ways. We will talk about this a great deal today. But I also know, dear friends, that it has been a lunar year since we last spoke. And so I will turn to you and say, please, begin with your questions.

SB: Okay, Lord. Thank you very much.

One of the topics we’d like to talk to about today is sustainability. We traveled up and down the west coast of America, and we’ve seen so much hardship in the form of homelessness in cities, vacant stores, people asking for money on the street. And in addition we’ve heard from lightworkers how they’re just holding on, waiting for the reval — that’s on the road — but also the Hope Chest receives emails from people saying they’ll be homeless in two weeks, a month, whatever, and we have no money to help them. And now I’m going to be very honest and say that we on the blog are not, at this moment, receiving enough in donations to meet our minimum monthly expenses. So we’re really at a critical point ourselves.

And my question is, what are the Company of Heaven’s plans to see to the needs of so many people during this wait for the major event who are suffering so much? And I mean this very specifically. I’m not asking for a general view or a discussion of long-term strategies. How are we all to survive hard times that seem never ending and threaten to topple us all?

AAM: We will be extraordinarily forthright and, can I say, blunt in this discussion…

SB: Please.

AAM: … because that is really what you are asking for.

SB: Yes, it is.

AAM: Now, let us begin. And you, and many, may not like everything I have to say. But nevertheless, I will adhere to the principle and the only reality of truth that I bring forward for you and for all.

And I do not mean, nor will I, in any way, dismiss what you are suggesting is the hardship of many, for it does not matter whether you are begging on the streets of California or Calcutta. The point is that you are in dire straits and doing without. So there is a gradation that we will also speak to.

But let us begin by, yes first and foremost, addressing what you think of as spiritual or esoteric. How do you think we, as you term the Company of Heaven, sustain ourselves? Well you say, “Well that doesn’t matter, because you are instantaneous creators, and there is nothing that you wish to do that you cannot immediately bring forth.” And what I suggest to you is that is not exactly true. Now, let me explain, and then we will be very blunt and very practical.

We sustain ourselves by eating, drinking, however you can think of that, by filling ourselves with love, by continually, not once or twice or three times of what you would think of as meals in a day, but by continually filling ourselves with love, by allowing the essence of the Mother, the essence of every fiber of the universe to flow with and through us and it is a free exchange. Note what I am saying…that exchange of energy, of the love, is a continual, free exchange.

Now, does it manifest in what we need to sustain ourselves? Yes, most certainly. And it has for billions and billions of what you think of as years. Does it instantaneously translate into what our hearts, individually if you wish to think of it that way, or collectively, does it translate into what we wish to create? Yes, in terms of sustainability; not necessarily in terms of what you would consider physical reality.

My only reason for mentioning this is that you speak of the inability to go forward in a physical sense. Your spiritual truths, your adherence, your diligence is beyond question so we do not even go there. But if I might, in this sacred partnership that we, and when I say “we” I mean all of us in the Company of Heaven and the Council of Love and humanity, have formed, how long has it been that we have worked, in every sense of that word, to anchor and to bring peace upon the planet of Gaia, and through that far beyond? It has been, you might think, a few years.

So do not think, because it is a mental and somewhat of an emotional response, to think that on our side everything is in the blink of an eye, and the reason it is not — for we create and co-create on our side in billions of ways of which you are not aware, and even in billions of ways upon your planet and with each of you that you are not aware of. And you do not need to be, for we do not want acknowledgment or even gratitude in a specific kind of way.

But the…what you think of as tangible results of creation are not always physically apparent, either on your plane or on ours. And why is that? Because we are absolutely committed, and have sacred vows of adherence, to working and being in this partnership with the humans, the kingdoms, Gaia, the galaxies, the universe.

Now, you can say Gaia and humanity is where the pivotal action is at this moment. So I want to start there, and my only point in bringing this up is that it is absolutely necessary to sustain yourself. And I mean all of you. All who joyously listen and follow this guidance, all of you who listen and somewhat follow the guidance now and then, and all of the planet who does not even hear my voice but still receives the messages through this air wave. The primary source of sustainability is love. It is the essence, the fabric, the nucleus — everything that will nourish you, hold you up, lead to creation, whatever you desire.

That is my only point that I am going to make on the esoteric.

Now you say, “What is the Company of Heaven going to do to relieve this situation?” We have been working with you, with each of you, not merely as a collective, but with each of you, to create this new world where the issue is not about money, but it is about the unity of heart. Now, you say to me, and I hear you, I hear many of you who are listening this night, and who say, “Michael, I am tired hearing about the unity of heart. I need the money to pay my bills.” But if I am to say to you that the unity of heart, the unity of self with self, with us, with each other, this is your spiritual bank account. And the Mother keeps telling you that when you focus on the intangible, that the tangible follows, that is in accordance not with some made up wishes, but with Universal Law.

When your behavior, when your actions, when your thoughts are in alignment, not only with us but with love and with each other, who are truly the love-holders and the lightworkers, then the, what you think of as support, tangible support, does follow. And you say, “But Michael, we have been waiting for a long time, and we have bitten our nails down to the quick. There is nothing further to go, or to chew on.” But that is not so.

Now, you have enormous spiritual currency that you have been garnering not merely in this lifetime but throughout many, many existences, both upon Gaia and far beyond. Now, how is this translated? First of all, you would not have come, not during this time of such dramatic change, shift, ascension, revolution — because that is what is taking place upon your planet. No, it is not intended to be a bloody revolution; it is intended to be a peaceful, loving revolution. The mere fact that you are on planet is the physical proof of your ability to complete this undertaking. Has it been easy? Not by anyone’s dream.

Now, let us address some of the practical. And let us also say that each person in this unfoldment, from the beggar in Calcutta to the millionaire on Wall Street, each has a role. Now, some are fulfilling, some are not. Some are fulfilling through what we could call negative impulse; that is an entirely different conversation. What you are saying to me is, “How do we go on, not only when we are broke but when we feel broken? How do we continue on when we feel, in the tangible realm, unsupported?”

How do you not go on? No, I will address practicalities, but I wish you to sit with this with me for a moment. How do you not go on? Do you choose, my brothers and sisters, to leave the planet at this time? There is a great deal of societal condemnation of taking ones life, but there is a variety of ways in which to exit, as you well know. And you have need to know, if that is your choice and decision, you are always welcomed home with wide open arms. For that is really the only way to not continue on. And we are most certainly not encouraging you to do that because you are at the finish line. And you would be heartbroken if you missed the fruition, the coming to the fulfillment of what you have worked so diligently for.

But nevertheless, that is the question, because if you say to me, “Michael, this is all hogwash. This is all pie in the sky, and there is no reason for me to continue on this path, there is no reason for me to believe.” Do you really think or believe, dear heart, that we are going anywhere, that we would cease to support you, to love you, to cherish you, yes, to nurture you? That will never happen, not in this or any life.

And your knowing, not merely your beliefs in the old realms, but your knowing and the anchoring, not of my truth, not of the Mother’s truth, but of your truth, is so substantial that even if you were to say, “I am not doing this anymore,” it would still be within you and your guiding light.

Now, if you choose — and for many of you it is a wise choice — to redirect your energies into what can physically support you, then of course we also continue to support you. And you have need to understand, we are not merely speaking of the blog, we are not merely speaking of InLight Radio, we are not merely speaking of the many, many spiritual situations, forums, blog sites, et cetera, that are in this situation. You think we are not aware of this? If you choose to reinvent, to redirect, to reassess your energies and where you are directing them, then of course we will assist. And yes, for some of you it may be very radical. But let us make an aside on this…we are glad to have this conversation.

In families, human families not inter-galactics, in human families — and that is what this is — the conversation of money and finances is often the most difficult and the most fractious and a cause of division in many, many cases, far too many cases, so it is also important that as a family, prior to any intervention, that this conversation — amongst yourselves and with us — is taking place.

You, all of you whom I speak to this night, have been saying, “Where is the event? Where is the re-valuation? Where is the money?” And we have continued and will continue to say it is actually on your doorstep. But we will also be blunt and very clear…it is much closer than you think. But there are still many who are assuming that this is a … it is a diametrically opposed position; on the one hand, there is a belief system that believes that it is a privilege or a birthright, which abundance is, and on the other hand there is a, still, a belief in the “I am not worthy,” or “I am not quite ready.”

Now, I do not say this of many who are more forward thinking or more spiritually attuned. But there are many, many involved. And it does not matter whether you are speaking of a revaluation or a lottery or a gift or money being dropped in your bank account. There is this incomplete relationship, and interpersonal relationship, with what you think of as money and support. You want money to be given to you, and that is exactly… it does not matter whether you think of it as a paycheck or a gift or a winning or a revaluation of currency, it is still, always, money being given to you. But there is also this proviso that you say, “Well, we want it to come in spiritual ways and in clean ways.” We could not agree with you more heartily that funding, regardless of how you look at it, that comes through bloodshed or mayhem or tragedy or dishonesty is not the way to achieve equity on Nova Earth.

But in that desire for clean currency in the physical realm, because of course your spiritual currency is always clean, your desire for the clean currency in the physical realm also has led to some places where you say, “Well, we will not engage with X because they are not of the purity that we wish.” There is a desire, to use colloquial terms, not to get your hands dirty. But when you engage, whether it is esoterically, energetically, doing healing work, doing your peace work, when you are engaging with those that you have observed, not judged, but observed or discerned as perhaps not as tidy as you would like, when you engage with them, you are also completely infusing them with the light and the energy of the most sustainable resource in the universe, and that is love. And when you do that you are also in a position to receive. The exchange is not meant to be restrictive. It is intended to be the free flow of resources of every kind throughout the entire planet and beyond.

Your brothers and sisters of the stars, who you anxiously await for, have been extraordinarily busy, not only with the controlling or interventions in what you think of as war, or bloody terrorist activities, they have also been very involved in helping to adjust systems, behind the scenes, of inequity, not from a place of judgment, but simply from a place of practicality.

Now, let us also talk about those who are waiting — whether, again, it is for a job, for a settlement, for an RV, for a gift, it matters not, for these are packages, and the packages are tied very closely to beliefs, and this belief in limitation and lack is still somewhat present. Is it like it was? No. And the more that you anchor in the higher realms, the higher dimensions, the more you fly through the ascension portals, the more you claim in anchoring your inter-dimensionality the easier this becomes. But there are many who say, “I will receive this money…” and I am not speaking to a select few; I am speaking to many — “I will receive this money; I will quit, I will retire; I will invest in Exxon or AT&T because they have excellent returns.” if you recall our conversation in the very beginning of this discussion, it was to invest — and many of your lightworkers, dear Steve, have brilliant ideas…

SB: Right.

AAM: … so we do not need say these, but the idea is not to invest in the very type of system that brought you to your knees in the first place. If it is required, because you believe it is required, to go out and obtain some form of paid work, then do so, knowing that you are bringing the fullness of your true sustainability to that workplace, that you are hurrying along the shift.

Now, there is an attitude amongst many that the support of spiritual pursuits is the job of someone else, and that is simply not true. And your blog, let me be more clear than that, our blog, is a perfect example of this. You have poured — and many have poured — their blood, sweat and tears, their life force, their resources, practically, emotionally, physically, spiritually, into this undertaking. And there has been some magnificent support, and for this we are grateful. But why does it fall to someone else? I, Uriel, Jophiel, Gabrielle, the Mother, the legions of angels, do you not think that we have very strongly been nudging and encouraging many to support these types of undertakings?

The Mother has said that she has much to say to the world. Well, on her behalf we have much to say, to share, to celebrate, to walk through, to create and co-create with humanity. We have been encouraging, shall we say, readers and supporters urgently because many think — and it is a mental process — that I am not in that comfortable, abundant situation whereby I can contribute a dollar or three, so I will not do it. I appreciate it, I love the information, it sustains me, it keeps me sane, but I cannot donate at this moment because I am poor, because I am strapped. And in that is the personal denial of participation, of ownership, of being a vital organ in this living, breathing being. And whether it is this blog that you and I have formed or others that are admirable, there is the sense of “I will leave it to somebody else,” or there is this sense that “When I receive all my revaluation or winnings or gifts then I will give.”

That is not an action that stays in the flow of giving and receiving. It is an action that says “I am desperate, and I do not believe in the flow, I do not believe that we are changing the world, I do not believe that such massive change is possible, because the mass of change that we are speaking of is of such a magnitude that it does not make common sense. There are many explanations, there are many trusts, if we can call that — St. Germaine, or the legacy from the Dragon family, or the simple reorganization of financial systems, but they cannot come from blood and war. So there has been organization, great deal of reorganization also behind the scenes that many are not privy to. But when there is that denial, of saying, “I will give when I get,” it is enough to make an angel cry.

SB: Lord, can I intervene here? It’s probably…

AAM: Yes.

SB: … a good time to intervene. I certainly don’t want to make you cry, or us embodied angels, for that matter. But before asking you the question — I have a number of questions, actually — but before asking you the next question, I do want to say that the… I don’t know how to say this exactly in a way that could be clear but more gentle, but we… the donations to the blog have been going steadily down. They’ve reached the place now where we can’t go forward, we can’t pay our minimum bills. So we… the long-term solutions… there just… we need a very short-term solution, but we also need a solution that continues to on into the future instead of needing to come back to the readers every month. It’s wearing on everybody concerned, and it just doesn’t seem to be working. It… the donations are tapering off. So I just wanted to make that as a statement.

But the… but the real question is that we encountered somebody who we regard as very knowledgeable who said that there is no such thing as a reval. There is not going to be a reval, the reval would go into Illuminati hands because they’re still in control of banking. Is that true? Is there not going to be a reval? And the second part of the question is, is there not going to be a reval in the very near future?

If you were to say, oh, yes, there’s going to be a reval that’s going to come in — I’m going to exaggerate here for a moment, say five years, well, that’s not very helpful to us who are desperate. I’m sorry, I know you said you shouldn’t be desperate, but in many respects many lightworkers are desperate. So, is there a reval? Is it a reality? And second, is it coming in the near future?

AAM: The answer to both your questions is yes. And why do you assume that all the banking and all the work that is being done by humans, for humans, with humans, with angelic realms, with the legions of light have not been addressing at least some of these questions of what you can think of as reorganization of Nova Earth?

SB: Well, yes, well, I… that is my thought too, but, but I ran into this statement that, in fact, the Illuminati are far more in control of the banking than we suspect. So the only person I can come to for a response to that comment is you.

AAM: And when I have said to you — and I will repeat it — when you engage… you see, when you engage with those that you believe, and perhaps have ample proof, who have been engaged in less than ethical behavior, who have not been adhering to my blue flame of truth and justice, you feel that you are dancing with the devil, that you are supporting that which does not support the plan. What you are not thinking of is that you have such significant power that you, as soon as your light sword goes in there, that you are altering that very matrix that has been so destructive.

When this whole business — for you know this conversation of revaluation of currencies goes back many, many years…

SB: Yes.

AAM: … in fact, to the issue of Japan and Hiroshima, and then Korea, and then Vietnam, because many of the intent of this entire project was not for lightworkers, dear heart. Potential lightworkers? Yes. But it was originally brought forth to support the very troops who were completely soul destroyed by the act of war and mayhem, that they would have the financial and physical support to construct a life and a community that would alter and invariably defeat the program — the program! — of war. Because what is war? It is the lowest vibration, yes, but it is also a very dark way of making money.

SB: Right.

AAM: So, when we ask you to engage, and you have asked us many times, which bank, which financial adviser, which lawyer, when we’re asking or suggesting to you that you are going to engage with these beings, what we are saying is that you are bringing your light to these organizations. It is a fundamental part of creating Nova Earth.

Now, you and I, dear Stephen, have had this conversation…

SB: Yes.

AAM: … and it would be enough to make many angels cry. If there is no desire or ability, because we do not say this in a critical way, to support our platform — this is a platform that we have fully participated in, and it has grown and it has morphed, and then it has grown again — if there is no heart desire for people to participate, then send it to hiatus. I do not wish to hold you or any of my beloved circle of GAoG hostage. I do not ask you to impoverish yourself. What I am asking is the collective — far beyond your current readership, by the way — to expand, and perhaps to reorganize. Yes, I am speaking of the support of corporations that can bring sustainability to your site. Yes, it is that forbidden word of advertising because if people are not willing to support you, then reach out to the deep pockets that are. And what you are doing, dear heart, you are not being co-opted, they are.

SB: That’s very good. Perhaps I could ask you one more question before we need to depart. And that is that… you know, you’ve said to me, “Bring your questions to me, bring your doubts to me,” and I’m bringing this question to you, I’ve been explaining the disconnect over 2014 and 2017 that we talked about earlier by saying that the light-body would be activated in 2014 and enlightenment would occur in 2017. But the same source that I mentioned earlier has said, well, no, that’s not the case. How can the light-body be activated and enlightenment not occur?

So, first of all, is my description of the difference between 2014 and 2017 correct, and if not, what is the sequence of events we can expect surrounding Ascension?

AAM: How many angels dance on the head of a pin?

SB: Millions! (Laughs]

AAM: So, is there a gradation? — and it is gradation that we have been speaking of — the 2014 heart activation, the full consciousness of heart being is already underway. Does that mean the full activation of the light-body? For all intents and purposes, it does. Does it mean that all of a sudden you are simply a pillar of light? Well, you always have been. So, does it mean that you now can see and understand that you are a pillar of light? Yes. Does it mean that there is not, for some — think of it; not everyone is at the same place, and that is because of that wonderful trait called human will and choice. So there are some that will have… not that they have not been activated, but that they will choose to implement that activation at a slower rate that is comfortable to them.

So your terminology is perfectly acceptable. It is the collective reaching the new plateau, getting ready for the next round of expansion, say in 2017. But if you are asking, are we waiting… now, if you want to, if you all choose to, and we see no reason, above or below; the conjunction is now, not later… So why would you do that? That would be… it is unfathomable.

SB: Right. Well, what about what you have described as the ignition? What is the ignition, and approximately, just approximately, when might that be occurring? Is that in the near future, or…? What is the ignition?

AAM: Yes, it is.

SB: All right.

AAM: Ignition is the feeling, the awareness, the understanding — and many of you already have this — that you are love, that you are completely in your heart consciousness, that you are in the joy even when there appears to be a morass of chaos around you, and that your focus is completely on creation, the creation of the new.

SB: Oh, heavens, there’s that dreaded…

AAM: And it is the turning of a switch, for the collective.

SB: The turning of… Okay. There’s that dreaded music! We’ve run out of time about an hour too soon! [Laughs] Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Go with my love, dear heart.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: And go with my faith.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-30-14
© 2014 Council of Love