How do I even begin to say thank you? So often when we are asked to take a leap of faith it requires that other like-hearted souls take the leap with us. Such was the case two days ago, when I followed the Divine Mother’s request and asked if you were interested in participating in a Live Stream of the Lake Tahoe annual COL Gathering. You have responded with a clear yes – each of you, in delightful and personal ways. I guess the Mother knows what She’s doing…

So let’s go! Come ride the Tsunami of Love wave right into Lake Tahoe, Calif. Come and join in the magic and miracles that spontaneously occur with the Council of Love and our star family join us in sacred circle. As I have said, the annual COL Gathering isn’t simply about channeling and meditation, activations and attunements – it’s a soul family gathering – it’s our community coming together in heart. I am so excited to be able to share this event with you all over the world – this is a first for the Council.

The COL Union & Reunion Live Stream includes:

  • 16 ++ hours of live video-streaming, including all channelings, presentations, group discussions; all the fun and interactions of those present, including our special guests and presenters
  • A premier presentation and video slide show on the 40 emerging Cities of Light
  • Sacred ceremony, including gong and Tibetan bowl meditations
  • A PDF download of the Lake Tahoe Gathering agenda book including the comprehensive agenda
  • 3 download preparation meditations
  • 19 selected channelings
  • daily preparation tasks
  • a myriad of heart centered discussion point for you to work on the anchoring of sacred union
  • You are able to watch the Live Stream, either in real time or as a recording on your computer.
  • It is flexible to fit your schedule.
  • Available to you for 60 days following the workshop as well.
  • The best part is, you can be a part of the incredible energies and still be in your pajamas. We are just a click away!

I would also say special thank you to the Golden Age of Gaia who has extended their support in this adventure.

This offer ends Sept. 27 so we can provide your name to the tech people in a timely manner.

To register, go the Sacred Store.