Archangel…healing of what you call gender inequality, begins and ends with the internal balance of your sacred selves. It is part of that sacred union that you have with yourselves, and it is the full embrace, the love, the appreciation, the living in both sides of your masculine and feminine…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone. Our guest today is Archangel Gabrielle.

So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham, and welcome back after a vacation.

GD: Thank you.

SB: Yes, indeed. And, Linda, you have an electrical storm I think in your area, do you not?

Linda Dillon: Yes, we do!

SB: Uh-hunh. So, so, we might have to… we might have a power interruption or something, but we’ll manage that. And, how are you, Linda?

LD: I’m absolutely great. I am hearing from lots of folks that are riding the tsunami waves and dealing with core issues. So that’s not a surprise to anyone. And I think today actually, Steve, that you’ve. — you! — well, we know who really selects the topics, don’t we? But I think you’ve selected an area that is not only so vitally important to creating Nova Earth, dealing with the gender issues, but I think it’s also an issue that’s a collective core issue. So it will be very interesting to see how Archangel Gabrielle, the feminine of Gabriel, deals with it.

SB: Yes, indeed.

LD: And I’m looking forward to hearing that.

SB: Yes, indeed. You’ll be listening, will you? Well, why don’t we… ̕
LD: Yeah, I’ll be listening after the fact.

SB: After the fact, that’s great. Why don’t I let you make your transition, and once you have we’ll welcome Archangel Gabrielle.

Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings. I am Gabriel, I am Gabrielle, lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One. Welcome…

SB: Welcome to you…

AG: … welcome, my beloved ones, and thank you for inviting me.

SB: Yes.

AG: You wish to speak this day, in this hour, this time, this evening, about what I would term gender equality.

SB: Yes, please.

AG: The channel is correct insofar as this is one of the collective core issues — of hatred and control, and, yes, of fear, of isolation, of abandonment, of separation — that the human collective and every person, every single person upon the planet, is healing or has healed, come not only to peace with, but truly integrated the balance. And it is one of the areas that is key, a critical key, to your Ascension, again, both individual and collective.

Let us begin. It is a push and pull situation that begins with the balance of the individual, with the deep recognition and embrace of the divine masculine and the divine feminine in perfect balance — yes, up and down, shifting at different moments, but in complete harmony with the divine self.

There is no creature, no kingdom, no being, no humanoid structure that does not embody both the masculine and feminine of themselves and of divinity, of the One. And that is the beauty of this creation, and that is the beauty, the harmony, the sweetness, the gentleness, the strength of each of you, my beloved friends. It is glorious that you carry both.

Now, when you have chosen this incarnation, this embodiment, you have also chosen your gender. And you have chosen your gender for a whole plethora of reasons, one of which is your comfort zone. For many of you, you simply prefer, enjoy to a greater degree, being either male or female. And is it not delightful that you choose? Now, there are very few — and I mean a handful — of human beings, whether they are starseeds or hybrids, or Earth-keepers, who have not incarnated as male and female, because it is part of that coming to wisdom, to enlightenment, to know the experience, the joy, the challenges, of both realities.

So it is not for your understanding to say, “Well, I am male. I am always male.” No. At some point there would have been an incarnation as the alternate, shall we say, gender. So that healing of what you call gender inequality, begins, my beloved ones, and ends with the internal balance of your sacred selves. It is part of that sacred union that you have with yourselves, and it is the full embrace, the love, the appreciation, the living in both sides and not creating cement walls or barriers between your masculine and feminine. It is the sheer joy of having both, regardless of what gender you have chosen.

When you do not have this sacred balance within your own being, how then, my beloveds, do you have that sacred partnership with the Mother/Father/One/All/Source?

Now, it is truth that most of you tend to lean either towards the masculine or the feminine aspect — which is all one anyway — of the Source. But still it remains that you are in relationship with both.

Now, that is one of the reasons, other than to simply tease you, that I have chosen this day to introduce myself as Gabriel/Gabrielle. I exhibit, as you well know, in both forms, as spokes-being for the channel of love [Council of Love?]. I come forth as Susanne Michaela Gabrielle, the lily of love. It is the feminine side. But as you well know, it is in perfect harmony and balance with the masculine. And many prefer, and I take certainly no umbrage, that you call me Gabriel, for I answer to all entreaties, and I am honored — honored, thrilled — to be at this juncture of our sacred partnership. Because when you are in sacred partnership with us, it is also the masculine and feminine.

Now, my beloved Steve, you know that we have had conversations about this issue of hatred…

SB: Yes.

AG: It is a difficult conversation, but it is of truth, and it is a conversation followed by action that has need to take place upon the entire planet. There is a love-hate relationship in many instances, and in many instances veiled, literally and figuratively, of males against females, of females against males, of females against females, of males against males. What is this hatred?

Well, you know it is the lack of self-love. It is the lack of self-worth. So much of gender… we will not call it inequality, we will not call it disparity; let us call it what it is — hatred. Because when we use such a strong word it will evoke the emotion that has need to be brought to the surface and cleared.

There is this love-hate. The males and those who have chosen to be male in this lifetime have this admiration, this ecstasy, this love, and this discordant jealousy for the woman who can bring such ecstasy , bliss, intimacy, nurturing, caring, and who can bear life. So often, there is this disconnect in the male gender, and now we are talking the collective ideation, belief system, even the archetypal structures, is that they tend to forget that they are the givers of life as well. But there is not the demonstration of that bringing forth, of the creation.

So there is this admiration, this true love, and this jealousy at the same time. And in that there is this discordant energy that says, well, let me prove that I am stronger, that I am the master, that I am slightly better than or incredibly better than. Let me keep you in your place.

The other issue that arises — and it is both the masculine and the feminine — is this belief system that intimacy, sexual union, the joy, the bliss, the ecstasy of sexual union, is not a blessed gift from Mother/Father/One, that the desire is seen as lust, that the body is seen as unclean, that the very act of union is seen as something dirty. And that has need to be changed, because it is the gift. It is the gift that not only takes you out of your body to experience, momentarily, the true feeling of bliss, of ecstasy, the release of form, and at the same time anchors you firmly in your body, because it is a physical experience of joy.

It is not merely mechanical. It is only now that many of you, my beloved lightworkers are truly understanding what the merger of energies in sexual union truly entails, that blending of your fields. It is a gift, and it is one of the gifts of being in form. It is not merely for procreation, for the bringing-forth of life. It is a gift of joy. It is a gift not merely of physical release but of knowing, passion and tenderness and physicality, of knowing your body and another’s body. Is it an act that is sacred and to be honored? Always. But it has never been meant to be seen or viewed in this belief system that is held subtly and actually — and we will talk about that — as something that is disdainful, something that is less than, something that is to be hidden away in a corner.

Because when there is this view of sexuality, it exhibits as you see as gender hatred, as trying to suppress and control the woman. And you see it in very hideous ways — of mutilation, of rape, of subjugation, but you also see it in more subversive, subtle ways — of wage inequality or job inequality or the imbalance in the value that is given to tasks. And it is still very prevalent all over your planet: “Oh, that is woman’s work,” meaning that that is less than, is simply not the case. But it begins with a balance within. And then, yes, it spreads out.

Now, I know, sweet angel, that you have many questions on this issue. So I will not steal the floor. Where do you wish to begin this night?

SB: Well, I wanted to mention at the outset that what you’ve just said really runs counter to some very strongly held religious points of view, and I think, particularly, for instance, of a Hindu text called “Tripura rahasya,” where a quite strident view of sexuality is given. So… and it’s… so it’s not just among people who are discriminating against women, but it’s also among people who regard themselves as having the spiritual truth that sexuality is made to seem unclean, et cetera. So it’s quite a radical point of view that you’re putting forward right now.

AG: Yes, it is dear heart. But you know me. I am the radical archangel.

SB: [Laughs] Well, only you would tackle such an issue head on, I’m sure. I’ve found, Archangel Gabriel, that when I talked about crimes like acid attacks and honor killings and bride burnings or dowry deaths that some readers wrote in and said, “My gosh, I didn’t know that was happening in the world.” And at the same time, often in the human rights literature, the literature’s a year behind. It’s very slow in catching up with what’s happening in the world.

So, I wondered if you could review the situation of women in the world — what crimes are happening, what acts of persecution are happening, what are women enduring around the world? If you could start with that, to kind of give us a, you know, a view that’s probably much more accurate than we see down here, I’d appreciate that.

AG: Let me speak of this, and I am pleased to give the up-to-the-minute news….

SB: Okay.

AG: … but it is twofold. On the one hand, there are enormous strides, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual strides that are being made, both by the women themselves — because, do not forget, when I have begun I have spoken of women hating women, hating themselves and holding many of the same views of the religious or political context, let me put it that way.

There is an awakening, male and female, of the balance and the role that women have come to play not only upon the planet but in this role of Ascension, of the shift and the creation of Nova Earth. There is a… in some areas what we would call mutilation and the attitude, the underlying attitude that women do not deserve to experience orgasm or, by inference, lust. This is still a very strongly held belief system, particularly in Africa. So this continues on. And it is… while it is improving, it has not improved to the point, if we could use St. Germaine’s term “liberation and freedom,” and what that entails of course is the freedom of choice.

So you cannot view this as either black or white, but it is the absence of freedom of choice and the underlying attitudes towards the women, the girls, that is unloving. Acid attacks are significantly down, as are deaths, either because of dowry or widowhood. Let me be specific about that. There are still far too many women who extinguish their life force by placing themselves on funeral pyres because they feel not only that their life is over but that their joy and their purpose is over with the death of their spouse, that their position within the family or the community, but mostly because of the broken heart.

So that is still transpiring, although it is decreasing. The significant decrease is in the number of women who feel that they have to — again, this issue of choice — have to throw themselves on a funeral pyre because it is expected of them. So it is not so much that they wish to leave their form, it is they do so because culturally or religiously it is anticipated.

So that is an area from our perspective of massive improvement. And the reason we see it as significant improvement is that these women, most of them older — we’re not talking about brides here — are seeing that they still have great wisdom, compassion, knowledge, value, to bring to the planet, to their families, to their communities.

So there is an awakening of that sense of self-definition, not male or female, simply self-definition outside simply being a spouse. And that is also true all over the world, that there is a growing sense of older women coming to realize that their wisdom is valuable, that it has need to be shared, and in fact in many ways these wise women, through the ages of experience and love, are seeing that they are a bridge to the new children of Earth. So it is not even so much that they are acting as a bridge to their immediate daughters and sons, as to grand children or great-grandchildren, the new children of Earth.

So there is a very tight and significant bond between the elderly — and it is true of the males of course as well — and the new children. The acid attacks, as we have said, are significantly down. The rapes are continuing, and the resulting deaths of those girls, but again, down by about, oh, we would say 50 percent.

An area that has need to be of concern to everyone, to the global citizens that we have spoken of, that we have all spoken of, is the younger women who are simply being killed, murdered, for their dowry so that this becomes a practice. And it is not merely a practice in India, it is a practice in many, many countries. It may not be called dowry, but it is the same issue. It is that women who bring wealth or value to the male… to the groom and to his family are being killed so that another can be chosen. So it is avarice, it is greed, and it is the sense of entitlement… Again, it comes back to the hatred, that there is a belief system — and it is seen not only in the dowry deaths; there is an underlying belief system that one has the right to take another’s life.

This is grievous because it overrides any sense of honoring another’s path, another’s divinity. And you may say, or some may say, “Well, is this karmic?” And I remind you, dear hearts, that you are in a period of karmic dispensation, and it is — and now I will be radical again — it is too easy to invoke the laws of karma, to either say, “Well, that is her karma,” or to say against the offending person, “Well, he will entail karma for that action.” And so it is left up to the heavens, to our side, to address it. That is not of balance, and that most certainly is not of Nova Earth.

Now, one of the things that you are all witnessing and have need to very actively witness is that these issues of gender hatred are at the surface, that they are truly not only being recognized — because they are on the surface — for what it is, but that people of every faith, of every walk — no, not majority, but still declared and undeclared lightworkers and love-holders, however they define themselves, are recognizing and saying, “These issues have to be addressed. The subjugation of women does nothing to reflect the divinity of the Mother, the divinity of the person or the co-creation of Nova Earth.

So while many of these atrocities are decreasing, the issues of the subjugation and the hatred are at the surface so that they can be seen, acknowledged and eliminated.

Do you understand what I am saying?

SB: Yes, I do. I’ll let you continue, if you’d like, or… or perhaps, let me put this out now and you can answer it in the course of your remarks, how do we stop this? How do we stop these acts in the world? I know the Tsunami of Love is raising it to the surface, as you said, and it’s coming to the surface to be eliminated, but in those areas where it doesn’t get eliminated, what can we do to stop it?

AG: It is time for all humans, male, female, to take action. And it is taking action in a variety of ways. Yes, of course, the most subtle, the beginning point of balancing within your masculine-feminine and loving yourself, and loving the masculine and feminine in every other person. But now we are talking about political, social, financial, cultural, religious action.

There is a commendable, in some ways, hesitancy on the part of intelligent, informed, educated, sensitive, caring human beings to comment — or to take action, as I would put it — to comment on the belief systems, the cultural underpinnings of a group different than your own. So let me be again the outspoken one. So there are times when, say, a white, Anglo-Saxon male will feel — and you know, because you have felt this, dear heart —

SB: Yes.

AG: … feels, “Am I politically or accurately correct in commenting on the institutionalized subjugation of women in the Islamic faith, in the radical, very conservative Islamic faith? Is it my place to do that? Because it is not that I wish to appear — because I am not — dishonoring of the faith but when the translation of the faith, which was Love, which was equality, which was the balance and the harmony between the genders has been lost, when it has become politically and socially a practice, and a practice of harm.” Then if you do not speak up, who does?

Now, this is an issue all over your planet. And that is why we come back to this declaration of global citizenry. The global citizen, the citizen of Nova Earth, honors the diversity, the richness, of cultural, social mores, belief systems, but not where it is cruel, not where it is harmful, not where it is not honoring of the individual, of the family, of both genders. Because subjugation of one group, of another group, whether it is gender or a sective religion, does not elevate, it brings everybody to a very low frequency.

So it is a matter in the most gentle but strong ways to speak out, to inform, to educate, and to take not warring action, because that is exactly what is already going on, and our purpose with Michael is the elimination of war in every single form and the anchoring of peace within one’s heart. And you cannot have peace in your heart if you are involved or engaged in demeaning, dismissing or harming another, either actually or through a belief system. It is not kind, it is not of your divinity.

So how does it stop? It stops by the people of Earth, of this beloved Gaia, saying “no more,” in writing, in speaking, in addressing the public, in informing. Because one of the greatest issues is the untruth or the half truths that much of this gender inequality is buried under.

Is that clear, dear heart?

SB: Well, it is, but let me ask you a further question, and this is, for me, a very important question. In human rights decision making we speak of tests — what is the test for the legality of this? What is the test that merits action being taken? And we have a situation that may serve as an example here.

There was a controversy over women wearing scarves in schools in France. And, so, now, of the women who wear scarves, some are wearing scarves because they feel they have to, because they’re obligated to, because they’re forced to, but some are wearing scarves because they want to. And so when the French authorities said, “There will be no wearing of scarves because it’s a religious insignia and our schools are secular. There will be no wearing of scarves in school,” some women came forward and said, “Well, we want to wear scarves. We… this is part of who we are.”

So, what is the test for when action should be taken to defend human rights and when action should not be taken to defend human rights? Because if you ask some women, they may not want to say, “I appreciate your help,” they may say, “Well, you’re going to get me into worse trouble than I already am.” So, what is the test? How do we get below that?

AG: The test is, “When is human free choice interfered with?”

SB: Well, how can we know that with women who may be scared to say, “My free choice is being interfered with”? They may get beaten, they may get kerosene poured on them and set on fire, there could be all kinds of things that that happen to them. So, I’m trying to get underneath that situation where somebody — well, I actually don’t know how to deal with the situation. Because we may be causing the women more trouble then they had to begin with.

AG: Yes. You are not asking — for example, let us use this example. So, the woman who wears a scarf not because she wants to, chooses to, but because she lives in an environment of fear, of feeling less than, knowing that there will be punishment meted out of various kinds, including social rejection, which is very important. So the issue isn’t to make that woman go without her scarf at all; the issue is to get underneath to the belief system that somehow the women have need to hide their beauty, their sexuality, to stop being the temptress, that they are vulnerable, that they are chattel, that they are less than, so it is not the action of wearing the scarf, it is not even the choice to wear the scarf because of belief or because of subtle threat, it is the under-pinning belief that the women are less than.

SB: So, so work on that, then?

AG: That is what you send the love, the light, the energy to.

SB: Hmm. Now, did you enunciate a really clear test in this whole area of… is the test simply, “Has the person exercised freedom of choice?”

AG: And has the person exercised the freedom of choice truly, because they are living — and we know you don’t want to hear this, but — that they are living on Nova Earth. That is how you are creating it. It is in a way that these subtle and not subtle at all realities, within which women and men are being required to operate, are those barriers of hatred and control being eliminated?

Now, we are sending Earth not merely the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, not merely her gifts of grace, but we are intervening — where we are permitted — on all kinds of levels, so that there is — and you may see this as a very mild example, but to us it is significant. When a man wakes up in the middle of the night and he sees the angelic goddess, the beauty, the blessing, the gift, the intelligence, the warmth, the strength of the person who lies next to him and realizes, “I have no need to feel threatened by this woman. I honor her as she honors me.”

And so the mutuality of the honoring has need to be present. And if it is not present within the individual, in that place of balance, then it is not present. But what we are doing — you often ask, “What are you doing?” Well, I will tell you — we are awakening many in the middle of the night for that very awakening, to eliminate the fear.

Now, the next step in the human arena is for that man, who may be part of a religious or a cultural environment that still holds the antiquated view, for him with support above and below to be able to say something as simple as, “If you wish to wear a scarf, go ahead; if you wish not to, go ahead because, my love, I honor the totality of who you are — your spirit, your insight, your understanding, your path, your choice.”

SB: May I intervene here, Archangel Gabriel?

AG: Of course you may.

SB: Okay. Thank you. How… how can we discern choice in a repressive environment? Now, I think of the many movies I saw of Jewish people in the Second World War and somebody united… a Red Cross person would say, “Are you being well treated?” What could they say? No, they weren’t being well treated, but they couldn’t say that because they’d be further ill treated if they did.

So, now, applying that to our modern circumstances where women are repressed and face repression if they answer honestly, how do we go about establishing free choice in such an environment?

SB: You first of all go about establishing free choice in the higher realms energetically, spiritually. That is how it anchors. There are too many who have said, “In the name of spirit, or Sorce,” with many names, “we declare that this is truth. So that what you are doing with us is working in the higher realms to eliminate” — yes, use the Law of Elimination, use the Law of Transmutation, use the Law of Balance, of Change, to change that entire group in terms of their view, so that those individual awakenings then can begin to blossom and come to the surface so that the woman actually feels, in practicality, in what you think of as your dimensional reality, that she has the right to declare her choice without fear.

But it is working with the group and with the group beliefs, with the group energy. And we will continue with the awakenings, one by one by one by one, thousands and thousands a night.

SB: Hmm. Darn, there was something else I wanted to ask you and it’s completely gone out of my mind.

AG: But let us go back….

SB: Yes?

AG: … let us go back to the situation of the scarves in France.

SB: Um-hmm?

AG: This is abuse of political power.

SB: Which is abuse of political power? Which part?

AG: The decision to say, “We are a secular system, and therefore you have no right to your belief system…”

SB: All right.

AG: … or to an expression, an outward expression, whether it is a star of David or a cross, or a scarf, it matters not, or a turban, it matters not. It is an abuse of political power to say you must adhere completely to neutrality. That does not honor the diversity. That is like saying, “Everyone must dye their hair brown.” “Everyone must wear a school uniform.” It is reverting back, not forward.

So it is not simply on one front that you work on this. You also work on the energy, both actively, in the decrying the abuse of political power, which cloaks itself as equality, and it is not!

SB: It’s very tricky…. Human rights are ensured by denying freedom to some people in the name of freedom of other people. It’s made a crime to express hatred towards one race in order to…. So there’s… freedom of speech and freedom to assemble and freedom of religion and all these things only because some people are prevented from beating other people up or exercising other forms of violence against them. So human rights are actually supported by intervening in the social process, stopping some people from harming others, right?

AG: Yes, but there is a middle ground.

SB: Yes?

AG: And that middle ground is where violence does not live. Violence, period, is not permissible.

SB: And what is the violence of the human rights defenders? To put somebody in jail? Is that violence? Is that what you’re referring to?

AG: There is a… there is a difference between taking someone who is committing violence and then removing them and putting them actually in a situation that supports violence. When you take someone and you put them in jail — and we understand there are many steps to the reformation of the human systems, but they can happen much more rapidly than you think. But taking someone who is committing violence and putting them in a violent environment that supports the use of violence does not resolve the issue.

SB: Yes. Okay. Well, lots more to discuss. Lots and lots more.

AG: We will, dear heart!

SB: Okay. Thank you. Thank you for coming today!

AG: Go with my love.

SB: Thank you.

AG: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon