Universal Mother Mary: Waves of Blue


Universal Mother Mary, through channel Linda Dillon, spoke to us on Lauren Galey’s June 5th Healing Conversations radio show where Linda was a guest, encouraging us to dive into her Waves of Blue, the Tsunami of Love. 

In the following message, the Mother tells of her Gift of Penetration, Healing and Elevation while I intersperse the Tsunami of Love meditation experiences of Linda Dillon’s New You re-patterners, to help illustrate this profound transmission:

“Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Love, Mother, sweet angels, humans, earth-keepers, starseed, Mother of each of thee and welcome. Welcome my beloved ones to the Tsunami of Love, to my Gift, my Gift of Penetration, my Gift of Healing, my Gift of Elevation.”  (1)

CJ  The Tsunami of Love has many faces. This Freedom I am now experiencing is the “Tsunami of Love.” I feel it showing up for me as clarity. I am emerging from the fogginess, being set free from the illusions and the lies that have bound me and the shockingly wonderful realization that OMG!!! – I have arrived on the other side of the shore and I am FREE!”

Now that the old, heavy, distressing baggage has gone. . . no words can describe the lightness I feel. My New Life is here. . . beckoning me to create afresh from my heart in love! Oh the Joy, Oh the Joy! I am FREE! I am LIGHT!

Thank you Divine Mother and All for the Gift of The Tsunami of Love!

The Mother says: “Sweet angels, it is time for you to know, to embrace, to engender the fullness of your being, the delight, the magnificence, the innocence and the wonder and the power, the will, the truth of who you are.” (1)

Below JS helps her own mother to awaken:

JS  My mother called me tonight. She’s very logical, conservative but she told me she was up all night dreaming about Angels! She said she was amazed that anyone could talk with Angels as powerful as Michael, as I’ve told her my friends and I can do. She seemed very tired, but also curious and shaken a bit. I said a bit more than I would normally say, sharing about my belief system. It was great!

My Grandpa Wilmer would have called the Tsunami a “trash mover and a gully washer.” It clears our ears and channels so we can hear the Angels!

Next, the Divine Mother tells us we carry her Light and the time of darkness is over: 

“You have never been less than and yes, have the illusions that humanity has cherished and nurtured, have those illusions fostered the idea, that you, my beloved ones, are not absolutely Divine, that you do not carry my Light within thee?

“Yes, they have but that time of darkness, that time of blindness, has come to an end and it does not come to an end, my beloved ones, ten years hence or one year hence, it comes to a halt right now. 

“And you say to me, Mother how does that occur? It occurs, my sweet angels, by your decision, your choice, your will, your heart to choose Love. It is the essence, the core, the fibers, the sub-atomic material of who you are. It has never been altered. It has never been changed. Has it been forgotten, ignored? Yes, but not now.” (1)

MC  What I have noticed is that every time I listen to the meditation (2) which is daily if I can manage it, I hear something different. It’s like we are being given different things to focus on and take in each time we do it. I feel like I want to do the Tsunami meditation over and over again. I find myself wanting to be in those Waves, in that special place, as much as I can.

And as a result, the feeling of carrying this Love in my waking life is getting stronger and stronger and people are reacting to me more and more and more. And with it comes such peace and serenity. I feel that I float rather than move, I just flow and drift on the air – it’s soooooo beautiful.

The Mother says: “It is the time of the unfoldment of my Plan and each of your plans within that Plan. Never do we override your free will but let me suggest to you that when you are immersed in my Love that the only choice that you will want to make is alignment with Love, to be the expression of Love, to yourselves, to each other, to your community, to our beloved Gaia.”  (1)

MC  I went to a really big function yesterday, two thousand people, basically the whole population of Harare! Usually when I am in large crowds, I am scared of my own shadow, I feel judged, unloved, etc. This is the first time ever I have not experienced this. I walked around feeling the most expansion of Love that I have ever felt.

It felt like my whole body, not just my heart, was going to burst. I felt absolutely full to the brim of love. People were chasing me and saying, “Stop, you don’t know me but I really need to come and see you!”

They all wanted to know about the next step to Ascension. People who you would have never have thought would ever entertain ‘waking up’ were falling over themselves to speak to me. I have never spoken to so many people in public about this subject matter. It was the most bizarre, lovely, inspiring day I have ever had!

Universal Mother Mary: “What does this mean? What it means in very practical human terms as you ascend in form, as angels, as starseed, as earthkeepers, as wayshowers. What it means, dear heart, is that your society, the choices that your societies, your cultures, your collective make are choices that are based on kindness, consideration, charity, humility, generosity, abundance and Love.”  (1)

MB  Each share is such a glorious testament of how we are changing the world, one wave at a time! As always, I go to the 13th octave, to the heart of One before starting my meditation.

Mother came to me, oh so tenderly carrying an infant (this is the second time in two months she has come to me this way). She said that this is how she cares for all of us, gently, sweetly and tenderly and she said this is how life can express for us on Gaia, with gentleness and sweetness but she said that there is a pervasive belief among humanity that life is HARSH, a constant struggle.

She explained that the Tsunami, when it fully envelops the earth, will remove the false grids. She said the false belief that life must be harsh girdles people’s hearts and makes it harder for their hearts to open and soften. The false grids and beliefs impede the flow of love.

And lastly Universal Mother Mary says: “It means that you are abandoning the old and it is time for that to occur and it is not merely time in what you would think of as our time which is inside and outside of time but your time and we are in that Divine Alignment.

“Come and receive in your bed, in your chair, as you walk, as you fly, come and receive my Gift of this Tsunami, every single day and know the Love, my Love that anchors within thee. Receive the activation, the attunement that assists thee, the remembering your Divinity, your Wholeness, your Truth.

“Go with my Love and go my beloved ones in Waves of Blue. Farewell.”  (1)


(1) https://www.acoustichealth.com/HCs4linda.htm?inf_contact_key=bec9c1501dc8faa24d157969b159a14086605ab5fddc1be5a916b8257caf7a60

(2) The link to the Tsunami of Love video meditation is here.

Please see the Council of Love website on the Tsunami experiences page for more experiences:  https://counciloflove.com/category/tsunami-of-love/tsunami-experiences/.

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