Universal Mother Mary once again invites us to immerse yourself in the waves…

We were delightfully surprised this morning when Universal Mother Mary stepped forward before our ‘regular’ Heavenly Blessings guest Commander Ashira, to speak to us about the Tsunami of Love. The energy is building! The Mother invites us all to immerse ourselves in the Tsunami of Love Livestream seminar on June 8th at 1 pm Eastern Time.

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother. I can give you a million titles and yet as I call to you, as I beckon to you, as I beseech you, I use only one title:I am Mary, I am Mare’, Mother of Love. I call to you my sweet angels, my sweet Anna’s of change and I call to you across the universe, across the room and right next to you resting in your heart and I call to you, my beloved ones, to join me in this Tsunami of Love.

You have asked, you have prayed, you have hoped, you have been desperate at times seeking me, seeking the Mother/Father/One, seeking your guides, the guardians, the archangels, your star brothers and sisters. You have been working diligently and yes, stepping aside, which is the hardest work of all, to allow the clearing of issues of self-worth, of lack, and lack of love and lack of recognition of who you are.

My beloved ones, you are born from Source, you are born as kernels of light, as kernels of love from my very Being, from my core and you never have been and you never will be anything less than that. In fact, sweet angels of light, your vision of self, yes, even those who have been diligent and work with the wisdom vision, your vision of self is myopic, it is limited, and I am coming to wash away that illusion that you may see and be and fly with me as a collective, as a whole.

Now, how do I do this? You have received many gifts directly from my heart this year and certainly from the entire Council; I do this through the Tsunami of Love that you may be cleansed, penetrated, stable, anchored, flying, that you may jump across the waves and dance and sing for I wish to hear your song, the song of your soul, again. I wish to meet you in meditation at the bottom of the ocean, the life blood of my sweet Gaia. I wish to expand you and all of you, not merely here and there, but all of you.

I call to you, “Come join me. Allow my gift, my essence, to wash through you and then to wash through you again and again and again…this is the nature of waves.” And sweet angel, you have asked and I say, ‘yes’. So, it is not merely an issue of you saying yes, I wish to assure you I say, “Yes, come.”


Channeled by Linda Dillon 06-03-14
© 2014 Council of Love

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