The Tsunami of Love is a Gift from the Divine Mother, an intensive Wave of Love that’s the door opener to Ascension, helping us leave the “old Third” behind. 

There are three parts to the Tsunami of Love – a cleansing of our debris, vasanas, and false grids; then a penetration of love bringing joy and freedom; and finally a cresting wave moving us into the higher octaves, a buoyant wave that carries us up to the higher dimensions. The Tsunami of Love is a global energetic event sent directly from Source to assist humanity into the brilliance of our heart consciousness.

On June 3rd, The Mother spoke these words on Heavenly Blessings through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love:

“My beloved ones, you are born from Source. You are born as kernels of Light, of kernels of Love from my very being, from my core and you never have been and you never will be anything less than that. In fact, sweet Angels of Light, your vision of self, yes, even those who have been diligent and work with the wisdom vision, your vision of self is myopic. It is limited and I am coming to wash away that illusion that you may see and be and fly with me as a Collective, as a whole. 

“Now how do I do this? You have received many gifts directly from my heart this year and certainly from the entire Council. I do this through the Tsunami of Love that you may be cleansed, penetrated, stable, anchored, flying, that you may jump across the waves and dance and sing for I wish to hear your song, the song of your soul again.

“I wish to meet you in meditation at the bottom of the ocean, the life-blood of my sweet Gaia. I wish to expand you and all of you, not merely here and there but all of you. I call to you, come join me, allow my gift, my essence to wash through you and then wash through you again and again and again. (1)

The enrollees of Linda Dillon’s webinar series called the New You have been participating in the Tsunami of Love since early spring through meditation and then writing up their experiences to post on the online forum. Here are more examples starting with the cleansing, giving us greater understanding of the Mother’s Gift of the Tsunami of Love.

DC  Today’s meditation is offered from a deeper place. . .  truly a learning for me to trust. . . to open from stillness.

Pacific waters at sunset. Brilliant, golden Light bathing the expansive waves. . . In response to my longing to just glide out over the waters. . . Peter & Jesus appeared on either side as we floated just atop the sparkling stillness to the deepest point.

My yearning to remain bathed in the brilliance seemed to trigger a parting of these huge waves to expose the ocean floor. Together down. . . until we stood gently on the sand. . . inviting ALL the blue-topaz containees to join us, and allow the luminous, gigantic waves to overflow & purge away all darkness, until we merged with that golden-blue Oneness.

DL  I haven’t been attending to much of a spiritual practice because THAT felt like too much. This forum felt like too much. BUT, this morning I thought the only way to help myself get through this was to get back on track with spending time in prayer & meditation.

The first thing I did was the Tsunami of Love meditation. This time, rather than feeling like I was leading others, I was the one asking for help. I asked the Mother, and I asked the New You group to please help me.

Tears streamed down my face, as they do again now, just writing this. I thank you for joining hands with me to receive the Tsunami of Love today. I feel like I took a step in requesting assistance and I felt the help immediately of all of you and the Mother. I’m feeling calmer now and know that what needs to get done, will get done. There is help, if I ask. In gratitude.

JB  Such freedom comes in the Mother’s Tsunami of Love waves for me. I don’t have to think about it or understand the way it works, cleansing me. I feel the lightness in my body and spirit as the energies go through me. I breathe easier, my mind is more at rest, and I’m less reactive to things.

What a relief and a life-changing gift. I am so grateful. Oh, and the love continues to rise. I feel lighter, I know how it feels.

The cleansing becomes a transformation and the penetration of love brings peace, freedom and joy as illustrated in the following write-ups, during sleep, in the community with children and on the farm.

EN  I actually had the most “peaceful” night’s sleep last night. It was simply a peace that I can’t explain. In my dream state I instantly knew I was receiving what I needed to turn the tide physically. I have received several ”gifts” of transformation and this was the latest. My heart is brimming with love and joy and bliss today.

LD  Tonight my congregation had our monthly Friday evening service. I wanted to experiment and see what would happen if I set the intention for the Tsunami of Love to come into the room during a service. This is an informal monthly family service held in a high school media centre. There are many children and we have fun prayers meant to engage them that involve singing and clapping.

During one of the prayers, one of my fourth grade girls, a crystal child, who is  usually quiet and reserved in school, took her friend’s hand and got up and started dancing!! Then more of the children did the same!! The joy spread through the room! I thought, “Wow! This is how the Tsunami of Love waves affect children!”

MT  Today  I found myself looking out over the rolling fields of the farm.  As I took pleasure in its smiling lushness the ground spread open, birthing a wave of aquamarine light. As it crescendoed up into a crest, the cows approached as if to give greetings.

The energy behaved like a hand caressing their faces and bodies before flowing through them. The cows now penetrated and emerging out the other side glowed crystalline white and looked fully satisfied. The caressing wave did not stop but continued across the land through every tree, blade of grass, stray rock, trickle of water, domesticated and wild animal. Each spirit shined with white light and pure energy.

Onwards we go, the Tsunami washing us clean; then anchoring us with Love and Light and Joy, the ways of the higher dimensions, of Nova Earth. As the Mother says, “I do this that you may be cleansed, penetrated, stable, anchored, flying, that you may jump across the waves and dance and sing for I wish to hear your song, the song of your soul again.”

CJ  Last night I decided to do the meditation a different way. I was listening to my favourite music and I kept visualizing the waves of love washing over me. I welcomed them with joy! I danced my way through the whole process and saw myself blasting that love energy in the spirit of joy and dance and laughter to the world. . .

I had an amazing time!! It truly is a time for JOY! JOY! JOY!



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