Gender inequality is very seductive and pervasive…it has led to deep, pervasive scars and human suffering. You are being asked to step forward as star beings, as angelics, but most importantly as free beings of the human race. I understand what you say, that it is difficult to comment on the customs and the mores of another culture or political system. But you are not nationals, you are globals, you are planetary and inter-planetary. And if you do not speak, that silence echoes throughout the universe, and it is taken as agreement and assent and we know that is not what is in your hearts.

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Gabrielle (Gabriel). So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Well, thank you, Graham. And perhaps before we begin, we were talking before the show, Linda was telling us a bit about a rather strange emotional climate that seems to be here at the moment. Linda, can you tell us a little bit more about that, please?

Linda Dillon: Well, hello, everybody, and welcome. And thank you to everybody who’s turning in to listen to Hour with an Angel. We so appreciate your listener-ship, your participation, and your shifting of your heart.

But to get to what you’ve been mentioning, Steve, in the last day or two, perhaps even longer, but very strong today, I’ve been noticing a great deal of movement, not only in my own emotional field, but if I could say the collective emotional field, that there’s a lot seems to be coming up to the surface [laughs] — hopefully for release and letting go! I’m seeing it… a lot of tears, a lot of fragility, some… what I would phrase probably incorrectly as emotional … feelings of emotional instability that were, you know, as we’re getting ready for the Tsunami of Love that were… we almost feel like our feet are on shifting sands, which does indicate a change in climate.

I’m seeing this… I’m seeing it and I’m feeling it in myself. I’m seeing it in our “New You” group, who are, you know, the re-gridders and re-patterners, and way-showers, as many of our listeners are; I’m seeing it in our request for the healing team, the healing and creation team, through the “Contact us” portion of the website ( And I think because when we’re looking around, you know, the Council of Love, the Company of Heaven, the ascended masters, the archangels that we chat with, and even our star brothers and sisters have been telling us about this breakthrough, that all the chaos is coming to the surface for release.

And we’re certainly seeing it, you know, if we look at the hotspots, as it were, around the globe. Just look at what’s happening in the Ukraine and the after-effects of the disappearance of the Malaysian Air flight, that people are feeling this stirring, and it’s a stirring not only in our emotional fields, but in our body fields. I know I’m feeling it in my hara… in my solar plexus, in my heart, in my high heart, in my throat…. Even talking about it right now I feel tearful and I’m not unhappy. In fact, I’m in a very good place in terms of feeling like things are going well and according to plan.

And I wonder, do you… do you, Steve, or you, Graham, are you experiencing any of what I’m talking about? Are you noticing it?

SB: Well, I’m not necessarily noticing it myself, but I have been noticing it in some people around me. I was involved in a difficult negotiation a day or two ago that might also have been part of it. So, so yes, some very difficult things have been coming up.

GD: I was feeling… yesterday I shared with both of you that I was feeling kind of heavy and wasn’t really feeling connected to my heart. And it wasn’t until today that I had a friend who, in the process of talking it out, I was able to really connect to some underlying root stuff, and in the process impacted how I was feeling. So I was feeling this heaviness, I was feeling like it was really hard to connect again to my heart, to my joy, and it was really bothering me. And in the process of talking it out I was able to source it, and then felt so much better. It was this really big release. It felt really significant for me because it connected to all kinds of old issues.

That’s the clearing, I suspect, you’re talking about, Linda. And it happened within a very short period of time. So, I mean, this happened within 24 hours, and it could have… in the past it could have taken me months and months and months. And so, definitely stuff, I think, when you said things coming up for clearing, I definitely resonated with that.

Linda, before I forget, when you were talking about the Healing Team and the “Contact us” tab on the website, you meant the Council of Love website, right? (

LD: Yes, I did. We have a group of volunteers — and thanks for mentioning it, because we haven’t talked about this in a while — we have a group of volunteers; I think we have now over 20 teams all over the world of people who do various modalities of healing, some as chanting, some as prayer, some as Reiki, La Ho Chi, you name it, we’ve got it. And it’s called the Healing and Creation Team. And it was instituted, oh, my gosh, it’s been in place for about 15 years. And when people are working through something and need a healing, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional — because we know they’re all connected — or if you’re working on a creation project, you can submit, through that tab on the Council of Love website, a request for this … a team to work with you. So you indicate what it is you are looking for help with, and a team of three people go to work with you.

And what we’ve found over the years is that the results are phenomenal. And I don’t know if it’s simply because it’s sheer energy, obviously; but there’s no real personal knowing of each other’s situation or the circumstance. So the energy just flows very cleanly, very clearly. And people see results from creation to cancer to cankers. So yes, that’s what I was referring to.

SB: Linda, also, I know that you… when you were a student did quite a bit of work on gender inequality and the subject is dear to your heart. Would you like to say a little bit about that?

LD: Hmm! That’s harkening back to my student days, and yes. I am an ardent feminist. And the issue of gender equality and the presence of gender inequality, it’s almost something, Steve, that shocks me whenever I encounter it. Because I’ve studied the subject… one of my theses was on the role of women in politics in Canada. And whenever I encounter the inequality I’m always taken aback, whether it’s in Canada or the United States and that’s still very present, no matter how much we think we have progressed, it’s really present. So it’s not merely in the Sudan or in Iraq or Iran or in countries that we think are suffering economically or politically. It’s everywhere.

You know, I tend to, as I mentioned, live a pretty quiet, someone would think reclusive, life, and I need to. I need to live pretty quietly because in order to be able to do my work I need that sense of serenity and calm around me. But I fall into this illusion, which I’m sure some of our listeners do and I’m sure we do it with spiritual beliefs as well, but I tend to think that everybody has the feminist ideals and belief systems that I do! I mean, it’s so, such a given, it’s such a part of the fabric of who I am. And so whenever I encounter these situations, especially up close and personal, it’s like… I feel like I’ve been gob smacked, that such inequalities still exist on this planet.

You know, we talk about breaking through and doing clearing, and all the things that we are working on, and we are doing amazing work. And the shifts and the transition and the Ascension that we’re going through is… well, it’s unique. But… first, we’re still breaking through that glass ceiling.

And you know, I personally had a lot of firsts in terms of what I did as a woman. And I’m proud of that, and I never thought it was a big deal. But when I look around, and we talk about this subject, which is near and dear to my heart, I am amazed that at this time and this space in our heart conscious evolution that we’re still working on this. And we can’t… we can’t ascend until we’ve broken the back of these levels of inequality.

Now, are we getting tons of help, especially from the Divine Mother and from our star brothers and sisters? Yes, we are. But it’s also up to us, you know, as lightworkers, as love-holders, that when we see these situations that we not only name it and self-correct, if that’s the case, but that we take whatever actions we possibly can, you know? We sometimes forget that action is the doing part of creating Nova Earth. And taking actions, even by saying, “I don’t feel that way,” “I don’t think that way,” “I don’t think that’s fair,” is so important — supporting women in their struggles, you know, whether it’s overseas or whether it’s at home; supporting women candidates that we believe in. All of this is action that’s changing the fabric of our society.

So, that’s my little… I’ll get off my platform now. [Laughs]

SB: I want to mention, Linda, that it’s not only women that are ardent feminists. I’m an ardent feminist myself.

LD: Yes, you are. And I think our whole InLight Radio team is. And I would lay probably a really safe bet that many, if not most — no, I’m being corrected — the majority of our listeners and the readers of the Golden Age of Gaia or the Council of Love are really ardent feminists. Because it’s that issue that if men aren’t ardent feminists, then you also can’t be in the fullness of your divine masculine. And it’s the same for us who are women. We can’t fully embrace the masculine part of our brothers and of ourselves if we don’t feel that we’re in that balance, in that place of fulfillment.

You know, and we know it’s a teeter-totter, it’s a seesaw. And there are times when it’s more on one side than the other. But by and large, in our hearts and our fields, it has to be that place of balance.

SB: Yes.

LD: So, yes. I know that. And I think what Archangel Gabrielle is really speaking to us about in this little series about gender inequality is not only explaining some of the backdrop but also giving us insights about how to address it as lightworkers out there in the bigger arena, in the world.

SB: Right. Very important topic. Why don’t I give you a chance to make your transition?

LD: Thank you.

SB: Thank you for all of that.

Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle: Greetings! I am Gabriel, I am Gabrielle. And how is that for the balance of the masculine-feminine?

SB: Indeed!

AAG: I am lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One. And I thank you for inviting me back, and I welcome you.

SB: Thank you.

AAG: For yes, this topic of gender inequality and the crucial, pivotal importance of gender equality, of gender love, is so critical to the other areas that we embrace and speak of as we bring humanity to this place of balance.

I have spoken to you and I have spoken to your hearts, to your minds and to your beings, about the backdrop, about the Mother’s intent in creation, in having this wondrous gift of gender differentiation, and also finding that balance within you and within your community, your community called Gaia.

Why do we speak more fully about this topic of gender inequality and quality? Quality, not e-quality. Because the qualities of the divine masculine, of the human masculine, of your star brothers’ and sisters’ masculine, of the archangels’ masculine, and the divine feminine in all realms and dimensions leads to and results in the dissipation, elimination, course correction in so many other areas of inequality. When there is the incorporation — and I mean in the heart consciousness, in the mental body, in the emotional body, in your expanded field — through the gift of the Mother’s clarity, you are all seeing with a new set of eyes, with a deeper sense of knowing, of truly knowing what is transpiring around you. And you are translating that into the ability to take actions that are meaningful based on love, on truth, on fairness, and on an embrace of the wondrous nature of your beings.

When this notion of balance of the masculine and the feminine in society, not only within your sacred self, but within nations, within societies, within social structures, political structures, financial structures, because gender inequality affects every aspect of life — when that notion is truly anchored and present, then the other areas of inequality begin to fall away as well.

We have all spoken to you about the domino effect, and this is another example of those dominoes. There are many rows, and many of them are falling exactly at the same time and with greater and greater rapidity.

Let me digress for one moment, if I might… During the past week, I have been with you in ways that you may or may not have perceived. Not all of you have this channel’s loving connection or familiarity with my energy and with my love, with my mission and purpose in service to the Mother. As I have said to thee, I am Central Administrator of this and many universes. Now, how can I, as the administrator of Mother’s plan, as her manager, as it were, how can I do this undertaking if there are feelings and actions and situations of inequality?

So this, dear hearts, is not only a subject, but a situation that is very dear and near to my heart. I have taken my energy, what you think of as time and space, in this past week and I have been with each of you, millions and millions of you. And I have been penetrating, infusing — not invading, but infusing — your hearts with my gentle golden radiance and with my scales to assist in this balancing of the masculine and the feminine. And I have been doing this with each of you individually and I have been doing this in areas, countries, environments, where this is very urgent in terms of adjusting, redefining re-balancing energies in order that your Ascension go forth.

There is much underway. But do not think, my beloved ones, that somehow your process of Ascension has taken a back or distant seat. It has not. So I merely mention this because you may have been feeling it. Some of this welling-up of emotion has to do with this course correction, but it also has to do with the release of human suffering.

Now, gender inequality has led to deep, pervasive scars and human suffering, and it is your weariness with this that is the sign that all of you, collectively and individually, are willing to let go of this idea that pain has golden value. And many of you who have been feeling these emotional troughs have accessed ancient injuries but also injuries of this lifetime, inequalities of this lifetime. But you are also doing this, my beloved way-showers, my pillars, gatekeepers, way-showers, you are doing this for the collective.

The time of subjugation is coming to an end, and in some areas that is a mild adjustment. But in many areas of Gaia, of your beloved planet, it is radical adjustment. And it is radical adjustment not only for what you think of as the male portion of the population, it is radical awakening for women as well. And it is radical awakening even for women who have been demanding and working for this equality.

Gender inequality is very seductive and pervasive. And even those who have been tirelessly working for freedom have still been inculcated with the evidence, behaviors, systems, structures and messages that they are “less than,” that they are dangerous. So, even those who are cutting edge, when they realize that the freedom is at hand, are going through a massive emotional and mental adjustment. It is a spiritual awakening on a massive scale.

So it is not coincidence, dear Steve, that you have chosen, or that your team has chosen to address this subject in a variety of arenas at this time. It is part of the plan, it is part of the design, and we are happy not only to discuss it, but to very practically assist.

So, where do you wish to begin, my friend?

SB: Well, it’s interesting. I… my tendency would be to dissent to some really specific issues and use the occasion of having your counsel to look at how those things can be handled. And to give you an example of what I mean by very specific issues, the subject of honor killings, the subject of dowry deaths, the subject of acid attacks that happen in Bangladesh, when a man approaches a woman and she rebuffs that approach, and he throws acid in her face and ruins her physical features for life, these are very real things happening around the world.

A lot of them are happening in places like south Asia or the Middle East, and we aren’t citizens of south Asia or the Middle East, so it isn’t clear what we can do to eradicate some of those practices. They’re justified on the basis of religious rules, they’re justified on the basis of family honor, and they’re justified sometimes on the basis of cultural mores. A lot of damage is being done to women.

What can be done? Is this justified, to say that a family has honor and therefore they can kill their daughter?

AAG: Now, let me begin. And now you are going to encounter the outspoken archangel.

SB: Okay.

AAG: There can be no justification — and I know that you, my beloved friend, know this; I know that the listeners know this; but there is no justification. It is violence. It is hatred.

There is no honor in murder, or defacement, or punishment! Murder and killing, and killing of a person’s spirit, is amongst the most vile. It is the treatment of women, I will not say as chattel, because not everyone will understand; it is treating women, daughters, sisters, even mothers, as property.

It is the male believing — obviously incorrectly; outrageously incorrectly — that they have a divine right to direct and control and decide the fate of any being! And when they abhor and abuse and destroy and harm women, do not minimize this! Let me be emphatic in this. You are throwing acid in the face of the Divine Mother, and you are acting as a murderer, as a thief of life, as a thief of spirit and there are no excuses.

This is the same as those who wage war for political right, or the name of religious right, only in this case it is making the woman sub-human. It is pretending, in some egoic reality, that somehow that God has created man as master and woman as something that is innate, inanimate, and has no life force or soul.

The biggest mercy is the killing, and that is sacrilege. I do not talk about religion. I do not talk about what is the mores of a society. You — and I speak to you, people of Earth — you have been initiated and welcomed into an inter-galactic community. You are being asked to step forward as star beings, as angelics, but most importantly as free beings of the human race. You cannot do so and behave in such a manner. I understand what you say, that it is difficult to comment on the customs and the mores of another culture or political system. But you are not nationals, you are globals, you are planetary and inter-planetary. And if you do not speak, that silence echoes throughout the universe, and it is taken as agreement and assent and we know that is not what is in your hearts.

You are global. You are of one race of humanity. You are not several collectives. Try as you might, the divisions have been built and they don’t work. So in declaring yourselves as one race of humanity, you go forth in breaking down these cultural differences.

Our beloved angel Stephen Cook had the right idea when he began his message for 2014, when he implored the leadership and the people of Gaia, of Earth, to tell the truth. This seems like an entreaty to the political leaders, but it is also an entreaty to each and every person who is aware of such atrocities.

What can you do? Speaking out, with your heart, with your wit, with your intelligence, with your voice, with your human collective voice is important. As I tell you, we on this side — and you often wonder, “What is the Company of Heaven up to?” Well, this is an area that we are very involved in, because it is one of the linchpins.

How can the Mother’s plan, fertilized and moved from what you think of as the Father, how does that plan unfold when the divine feminine and the actual feminine is disrespected and discarded, hidden? The beauty of men and women is to be seen, enjoyed, marveled at, celebrated, and, yes, now I speak of the custom of hiding oneself, of treating women as if they are a temptress, as an occasion of sin, and therefore must be hidden. It is hiding what has been birthed from the heart of the Mother.

We wish you to put all men and all women who would agree with such behaviors in what we will call a form of containment. Now, this is not the same level or type of containment that has been put in place, primarily by the Mother and Archangel Michael, but let us put them in a containment, a container, of the Mother’s clarity of blue topaz, and let the floor and the lid be the clear white of her purity. Yes, we know, it will hold millions. And let us do this right now as we speak, as we do this with you, with the citizens of Earth, that this issue of hatred — it is not protection, it is not honor, it is hatred. And it is the feeling of lack of self worth on the part of those who would hold these beliefs or follow these practices, put these practices into form and action. Let us gather these, what we will call ‘lost souls’, and hold them in the Mother’s blue topaz of her gift of clarity so that they may see.

SB: That is…

AAG: I offer you our help to do this.

SB: That is absolutely wonderful, Archangel Gabriel. I do hope you keep us apprised of the progress of this initiative.

AAG: We would like regular updates.

SB: Oh, absolutely. This… it’s time this ended. May I bring up a second area…

AAG: Yes.

SB: … for discussion? There is a form of officially sanctioned rape that is practiced in many countries of the world, in Africa, in south Asia and other areas of the world. It takes three forms. One is called judicial rape, and that happens when a local council or jirga sentences a woman to be raped for some ostensible offense. But there’s a second class of this kind of action, and that’s called custodial rape. And that’s when a woman finds herself in jail or in prison, the confining officers will rape the inmates. And the third is called mass rape, and that happens when soldiers — and this happened quite a bit in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and surrounding countries — when they are victorious in some kind of action, they rape many of the women in the area.

Can you direct your attention to that, please, and perhaps they could be included in your containment effort as well?

AAG: Oh, yes, they can, because rape, again, is the violence and the hatred and the feeling on the part of the rapist of such entitlement. It is acid in the face and it is not merely the penetration, the violence of the actual act of sexual encounter, because these rapes — not usually, always — are accompanied by terror, by pain, denigration, suffering, often mutilation, bruises, broken bones, cuts, tears, internal and external.

This happens more than people think. And it is good, it is right and it is just that you are bringing this topic forward, because of course they are to be included, because they are the ones that are suffering as well. And many of these victims of rape, of all types, are permanently scarred, certainly emotionally scarred, but spiritually scarred.

Often there is a loss of faith, a loss of hope. The desire to continue on is often eradicated. Many end up taking their lives, or they simply allow themselves to succumb to disease. So it is yet another form of killing simply because the person, the woman, is not seen, is not comprehended, not viewed, as whole, as worthy, as having the same worth as the man.

And there is a — both legitimized and not — forgiveness of such atrocities, that it was deserving, that the male could not help themselves, that they could not control their lust, that it was simply blood thirst. None of this, none of this is what Nova Earth and Nova Being looks like.

We have spent wonderful time with all of you, with the listeners of this show, speaking about divine partnership and the entry into sacred union with another, where the fullness of spirit and co-creation, and the totality of your being can be engaged with partnership. When you look at that, which is the Nova Being, and then you look at these situations of rape, which far too often go unheeded, they are not compatible. So yes, let us gather all these men and injured women into our container, into our container of clarity and love…

SB: That’s wonderful. There is a third category… I hardly feel like calling it a lesser category, but it doesn’t involve either rape or death, but it certain… well, it does, it does, it actually does involve death, in some cases. Part of it has to do with boy preference. So, infanticide, infanticide of girl babies, selective abortion, forced marriage, it’s not… it doesn’t involve death except the death of the person who’s forced to marry somebody they don’t love; forced sterilization; female genital mutilation; the requirement to wear a burka…. Could you direct your attention to these kinds of acts as well, Archangel Gabriel, please?

AAG: But the infanticide, selective abortion, is death.

SB: Yes.

AAG: The number of sweet angels who have chosen to come to Earth during this time of miraculous change and who have either been aborted, strangled, drowned, buried, killed, is far greater than what you think of as known numbers. And the toll, not only on the sweet angel who basically turns around and comes home, but the toll that this takes on the woman and on the family, so it not only kills the baby, it kills the family. And again it reinforces the message, the belief, the practice that women are not equally valued, precious, seen as whole in the eyes of One. So it’s subtle. And this is how this illusion has grown. It is similar to the genital mutilation that women do not deserve to have pleasure from sexual intimacy, that they are less than, that they are simply receptacles.

This could go on and on, because then it moves to the lack of care of pregnant women and the lack of care particularly of female children and infants. All of this, the covering with the burka, it is more than disrespect, it is greater; it is basic hatred.

I use strong language because strong language is required. It is not adequate to simply know and be abhorred that such practices exist on the other side of the planet. You are citizens of Gaia. You are planetary beings responsible for the collective.

None of this is of love. When you have said, “How shall I proceed? How do I know that I am on track? How do I know which area to proceed in, that is for my highest good?” and we say to thee, “Does it feel like joy? Does it feel like love?” if it does not feel like love, if it does not feel like joy, then do not do it.

Well, now, we address this in very serious global ways. None of this can ever, in any reality, even the old third, can ever be seen as kind or loving or joyous, not for the perpetrator or the victim.

SB: So what would be the best way to address this? To hold some kind of a global day? To begin an organization, petitions? What is the most — along with your containment, which of course is probably very efficacious, and the best way to approach it — what can we be doing?

AAG: Yes, but it is important. Of course the human race participates in this containment. And every time you see a situation or think of a situation, simply see that you are taking this collective in your arms and putting them in this wondrous container. But it is important for the humans to act and to be present on many fronts — education, information and education are the key. And when we speak of education, we are not merely speaking of education in terms of fact and factoids. And we are not talking about education in terms of having films or information that is so abhorrent that people turn and run away. So it is walking this middle ground. And it is teaching men and women of their worthiness, of the sacred nature.

You are not merely a body. We know that you, you who listen to us this night know this but all of these incidents, the maltreatment of women, simply is treatment of a body that is disposable and interchangeable, and none of you are that. So it is the growing and the paying attention to self-worth and the worthiness of each and every being. So it is approaching this on a multifaceted basis. And it is holding these symposiums, these forums, these international days, of support, of recognition, of education, so that the women of other nations know that they are supported, and that the men know that their atrocities and their mistreatment is not accepted on a global basis. We are talking about a global approach. Your United Nations has made efforts, but they have been dismally, dismally absent, ineffective, in rectifying this situation.

So now it is time for the people of Earth, for each of you to say NO. It is not acceptable for people to be raped in jail. It is not acceptable to have the victors of violence and mayhem have the right to rape and pillage women — and children, by the way. It is not acceptable that women be killed. It is not acceptable for men to be killed.

SB: Well, I have a question now — we’re nearing the end of our program and I’d like to ask it of you before we end. That’s that I used to consult literature on human rights that I thought was authoritative and unbiased and lacking a spin, and I’m no longer convinced that it is. And I cite things like the country reports on human rights practices, or the British immigration directorate reports. Since 9/11, I’ve become more convinced that they’re selling us a bill of goods.

Are… is the human rights literature that we would rely on to mount a campaign for gender equality reliable?

AAG: Is it completely reliable? No. Is it a starting point? Yes.

SB: Okay. What would we need to watch for in using it?

AAG: Simply know, and magnify what is reported at least tenfold.

SB: So they’re under reporting?

AAG: Oh, yes. And they are mis-reporting.

SB: Are they mis-reporting what goes on in their own countries?

AAG: They tend to overlook what goes on on the home front. And that is why we say, for example, the situation of rape in prison — it is not restricted to countries outside the west, you know.

SB: Yes. And in the west now they’re having private prisons. I’m sure that leads to far more of those kinds of crimes.

AAG: Yes, it does.

SB: Okay.

AAG: So it is the hue and cry that you are spearheading. When Michael, your beloved brother, has said to you that you are communicator and that it is to communicate a new way of being upon this planet, a new way of being human, this is part of what this talks about. There cannot be freedom and equality for some, just as there cannot be food and water for some and not for others. It is freedom for all, beloved, and we are with you.

SB: Well, thank you very much.

AAG: Go with my love.

SB: Thank you, Archangel Gabriel. We’ll talk again.

AAG: You are welcome.

SB: Thank you.

AAG: Yes, we will.

SB: Thank you.

AAG: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 03-13-14

© 2014 Council of Love