bedroom jesus…when we are talking about the eternal now it is not a beginning and an ending it is all right now. But in your framework, your understanding, all you have is this very moment; so in this moment, do you choose love or do you choose worry? Do you choose hatred or control or greed or distrust? Love is the essence and the core, the building blocks, the subatomic particles, of the entire universe. It is the essence of All…

SM: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and myself Suzanne Maresca, sitting in for GD.

Today we’ll be speaking about the practicality of love with Jesus Sananda. I think this is a timely reminder of how we can best navigate the waters of ascension by returning to our original divine blueprint.

Love is the answer to every question and I am looking forward to Yeshi offering guidance on our movement to embrace love and unity – at the very least because doing so makes our experience here so much more wonderful. Good morning, Linda!

LD: Good morning, Suzi. What a lovely introduction. And so, today is the day we get to talk with Jesus Sananda about love. Or Yeshi, or a combination thereof. But before we do, I wanted to bring up something from the last live show, when we were talking about guides.

We discussed the fact that there are times when people want to fire their guides and that whether they wish to do it or not that our guides still continue on with us; they may go quiet, they may stand back, but they’re continually there and always will be because they’ve been with us since the very beginning.

And you and I were talking about how that “firing” just doesn’t happen. And we laughed, because it’s one of those human ego things that sometimes we think about; but inadvertently I hurt at least one person’s feelings and she actually thought that I was talking about her. And of course I wasn’t.

Because lots and lots of people over the years who have said “I want want to fire my guides, I want to change my guides, I’m not happy with what’s going on, I don’t feel like I’m being helped….” In fact what I was sharing with you, Suzi, before we got started was that I’ve even had clients who want to fire some of the masters like Jesus Sananda or Saint Germaine because healing hasn’t taken place or things haven’t manifested.

So I wanted to bring it up because first of all I would never want to hurt anyone’s feelings. And it also brings up that topic of “don’t take it personally” because when we’re talking in these generalities and the teachings of the Council of Love and universal teachings about love, it is never our intention or our purpose to single somebody out or to mock them or chide them. That just is not in the agenda. So, my apologies if you took it that way or if I presented it that way. It certainly wasn’t my intent.

SM: So the thing is, when someone takes a word or an action from someone else in a personal way saying it’s really about them, and this is a really hard thing for people to get, chances are it has its roots in an event that happened to that person taking the thing personally; that it’s worth tracking – to go back and say what kind of event happened in the past or a series of events happened in the past to make you feel like that it was directed toward you in a critical kind of way. We were just giggling about humanity and how funny we are sometimes in our lack of understanding; but, that’s certainly not to be ridiculed; it’s just a human thing. It’s just what we are.

LD: And I think sometimes, too, that if we don’t laugh about it, if we don’t look at ourselves and laugh, it’s like we could very quickly descend into tears and crying. Because we’ve all had those times where we have been disappointed and perhaps we don’t understand why something isn’t transpiring the way that we think we’ve understood, or that we wanted it to, that we’re trying to create it to. And so that’s when we have to stand back and say “well, I guess there’s a bigger plan.” I’m not suggesting that that is always easy, because it isn’t. I think that’s probably one of the biggest lessons I’ve ever learned.

SM: Well, we’re being asked at this time in so many different ways to trust and have faith and that’s our biggest way of stepping into our power. But it’s not easy because we don’t have evidence in this life that trusting and having faith really goes very well.

LD: The other piece of this is that we tend to forget the really good stuff. And the blessings that we do get, each and every day; you know there’s that statement “what have you done for me lately” – we tend to be like that. Because we are in this process; we are in this vulnerable state where we are proceeding on guidance, on faith, and navigating this human life and this world that sometimes doesn’t make sense. But if we don’t have that, and we don’t have love, which I guess is the segue to today’s topic, is that ‘what do we have?’

SM: As we’re talking it’s coming to me that it’s easier and safer for some people to keep their power at bay; to not have that inner understanding and trusting that we have everything we need inside of us. It’s much easier for us to let ourselves be led into something, so that’s the way we’ve been conditioned – Do what you’re told, listen to what I say is true – and just be happy with that – that’s kind of how humanity has been trained at this point. So it’s not the easiest thing to break away from that mindset; we’re moving into it now, that sovereign beingness.

LD: We’ve been doing this webinar class online called The New You – here’s the plug for Joshua Tree – but really this has been 50 incredibly brave souls. And the work that we’ve done together and supported each other in doing has been phenomenal.

What we’ve found, because this group was already a very advanced group of people who had really been doing their work for years in one way or another, and the big issue that has come up has been this clearing of false grids, and the letting go of these paradigms, these illusions that have been the structure of the old 3rd dimension.

And that issue of control and “do what I say”; this whole illusion of separation “that I am alone” and that’s the frustration that comes forward with that – whether it’s the company of heaven, particular masters or our guides – is that on the one hand we know that we’re sovereign and everything we have is inside of us, and on the other hand we’re this vulnerable child and we want the help, or asking for the help – we’re begging for the help sometimes. And then if it doesn’t come immediately or in the way that we believe we need it, we’re hurt.

And so one of the things that we fall back into is the emotional fight or flight. And so often if we’re saying “well I’m not going to talk to those guides anymore” – that’s a flight reaction or even a fight reaction. But the point is that with or without our guides, we’re still going forward. And it’s not that they’re not still there helping us; they may not be as obvious, but they’re still like the parent running behind the bicycle making sure that if you wobble that their hand is on the seat.

SM: I think a vital part of the process of asking for help is being able to let go of how the help shows up and just be open and available to when and how it shows up, allow it to happen instead of trying to control the situation.

LD: Usually when it does show up, and I say “when it shows up,” it’s usually way better than you could possibly have imagined. And the number of variables that need to be put into place in order for that to transpire are really beyond our imagination.

SM: I think that’s something hard for us to grasp at this point; that there are things that are beyond us at this point and that for me, I seem to come to a deeper realization every day; I get more profound information all the time, but as more information comes in, it helps me to realize that there’s so much more that I don’t know.

LD: Yes. Yesterday on An Hour With An Angel with Sanat Kumara one of the questions was, and I’m paraphrasing here because I never exactly remember what I channel, but what I recall the question was, “What was the impact of our ascension, of Gaia and ourselves, on the Universe?” And sometimes when I’m channeling I’m just getting the video; I’m sitting here watching the movies as it were, and I’m seeing planets realigning and gaseous matters taking form, and these are things that we couldn’t even begin to understand. It’s a very cool time to be alive.

SM: It is. I think I shared with you a vision that I had of the inside of the earth being like concentric balls of crystals that are just rotating in many different ways and from a 3D perspective it’s like “oh yeah, sure like that doesn’t happen” but there are so much that we don’t know that does happen that we’re being protected from. Like this could really blow our minds if we really knew what was going on.

LD: I’m sure that those concentric crystal circles are going on. It’s the realignment of the grids and the movement of Gaia, so that made perfect sense to me when you said that. But you’re right – sometimes it’s too much information.

SM: That’s one of the reasons why I say I don’t want the details; I’m just doing my work, keeping myself as happy and carefree as possible for the remainder of our duration here. And I’m not going to spin my wheels to try to figure things out because I know I can’t at this point. With my current physiology it’s just not going to happen, so I’m just going to relax.

LD: Have a good time, or at least try to.

SM: So, back on topic: In my perception, we’re all on the same path, but with different perceptions about the path and our place in it. So that’s the path back to Source energy and God. The Mother loves all creation without reservation so in our natural course of service of course we’ll be learning to do the same. And in stepping into that loving everything that is, it really makes life a lot better for us. And I hope to be having a really interesting discussion today.

LD: I think this interesting discussion is going to take place. And it’s going to take place pretty quickly here. I’m being shoved out of the way. SM: Maybe you could say really quickly the difference between Jesus and Jesus Sananda; as in Sananda is his higher aspect? As in Jesus has a higher aspect? Gosh!

LD: It’s an integrated aspect. It’s more of a source multiverse aspect. So yes; but, also Sananda is a soul name. And so just the same way that each of us has an angelic name – a soul name or a number of names that we’re known by throughout the universe.

Sananda is the name by which Jesus is known in the higher realms or the different realms. So it’s the integrated energy of Jesus. When we think of Jesus, I think of Yeshua or Yeshi as he likes to be called, that we think of this being, this man, the prophet, that came and walked the earth very much in his mastery but also very much in his human-ness; that he had human emotions, a human experience, the trials and tribulations that all of us go through.

Now is there probably more access to that divine self than we have knowingly had? Yes. Perhaps. But we are getting to that point and that’s what we’re really doing together on this show is that we may be sharing insights and experiences and gleaning information, but what we’re really doing energetically with the Council is anchoring that vibration and that acceptance of our totality.

So when Jesus Sananda speaks, he will often speak of his human experiences as Jesus because he wants us to be able to understand that he knows what it’s like to be human. If he was to talk about what it was like in other dimensions or realities or even planetary systems or universes that we don’t have any knowledge of, it might be interesting but it wouldn’t compute and it wouldn’t hit home.

But make no mistake about it that when he comes to us and says “I am Yeshua” it is the Full Monty of the energy of Jesus Sananda that’s coming through and being penetrated right into your heart. That’s the gift as we listen and as we chat. It’s the same as when we channel the Divine Mother or she comes through as the Universal Mother Mary. It’s the energy brought down into the human realm so that we have that experience that we can connect with.

But that big energy, that massive energy – I mean talk about beyond our comprehension – is still coming through. It’s just being managed in a way that we can receive it and integrate that knowingness, the love, and the love that’s out there for us, into our very core.

SM: Thank you for that image of the Full Monty. It gave me a great giggle. So, shall be begin?

LD: Okay, well let’s start with a little meditation and let’s work with the color of magenta, the ray of magenta. And magenta is that beautiful balance of blue and red and it’s the color of a good red wine, of maroon, of some chrysanthemums, so relax and take a nice deep breath of that rich color of magenta. And magenta is the color for compassion and it’s the ray of your third eye. So for those of you who are working on more fully opening your third eye, feel that magenta coming into the center of your forehead as that energy and that chakra spins and opens like the aperture of a camera and breathe it in. Smell and taste that richness of a vineyard or grapes on the counter and the sweet richness of this ray that so many of the masters carry.

Now bring it down into your heart and feel that energy warming you; it’s like stepping into a warm bath when you breathe and bring in magenta. There is something sweet about this energy. So relax into it and let your heart expand and let go of the day, the week that lies ahead, all of your to-do list, and just be in this wonderful ray of Jesus Sananda. Just let yourself be…

Jesus Sananda: Greetings. I AM Jesus Sananda. I AM Sananda and yes, like each of you, of course there is a higher aspect and it is infinite and it is eternal and it is concrete and it is loving. And yes, sweet angels, it is even practical.

And I come to you this day as brother and ally and friend. Those of you who have walked with me and shared my love so many times, on and off planet, in and out of form, our bond does not diminish and if anything it strengthens. Because the time will also come when I also will walk Gaia yet again.

I have an agreement – yes even we have agreements – with the Divine Mother that I will not assume a form until love reigns and that is much closer than you think. For do not forget, my beloved friends, that not only do I see into your heart and your being, I also know your heart and your being.

So much is changing and shifting very rapidly upon your Gaia, upon our Gaia. And it is more profound and rapid than you think. And yes, partially because you are being confined in your understanding of your neighborhood as it were and by the confines of time and space. So I ask you to accept this, yes on trust, on faith, but also in friendship and familial love. The change is underway and it is swift and it is unstoppable.

Now I come to speak to you this day about the practicality of love. For love is the practical choice. So often you are seeking the secrets of divinity, the understanding of Universal Law, of how things work throughout the multiverse, of how you will ascend, what that process physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, will look like. But I wish to bring it down to the nuts and bolts and that is the practicality. It only makes sense in any reality above, below or anywhere in-between, the only choice – the only practice – the only state of being in which you can maintain yourself is by choosing love. It is that straightforward and it is that simple.

So often I hear your prayers and they are ardent and fervent and genuine. And you wish to understand what you think of, and I use that word, what you think of as the mysteries of the universe. When you practice love – when you simply choose and incorporate into your very being, every action, every thought, every expression, love, the mysteries disappear. The complexities that you often assign to the universe disappear.

When you do not choose love, what you are truly doing is making your life more difficult than it needs to be. In your old 3rd reality, so much effort, so much energy went into the maintaining of these false grids and illusions. And what did this do? What did this accomplish? Well it accomplished a great deal.

It accomplished false institutions, false understandings about how relationships work or don’t work, false understandings about what you are capable of or nor not capable of; the most destructive from my perspective is the belief that you would have to earn love. And that is not so. So when you choose to simply be who you are, then what you are doing is simplifying your life because in that choice you are choosing love. And you are eliminating the drama, the chaos, the uncertainty, and everything that is not of wholeness.

Now you both have spoken this morning about uncertainty. And this is a theme right now that the human collective is dealing with. And it is part of the release and final clearing of this lack of love. Because uncertainty means ‘I am not positive about the outcome, therefore what I am doing is I am stuck. I am stuck in worry and fear and anxiety and I am fearful of moving backwards or forwards rather than living in the present because I am not sure, I am not certain.’

But when you are in the practicality of simply being love in your breath, in your heart, in your thoughts, in your actions, and yes these are choices, make no mistake about it; then all of that uncertainty, all that worry and insecurity simply disappears because there is no place for it. Because if you are of love, regardless of the trappings of whatever outcome you are involved in, the bigger understanding of Ascension and the fact that it will be of love, because it is a mirror of how you are, who you are and how you operate within the multiverse, within the infinity, then you have let go of everything that has ever plagued you

It is true there is a human inclination to want to know. I understand that and I have lived that. But dear heart, you will still only know a portion of the outcome. We can describe what lies ahead just as I can describe what lies beyond for hours and hours, days and centuries, but the ingredient that matters in that formulation of what lies ahead, is you. And if you are spending your time and energy in uncertainty, insecurity, fear and worry, then that is what you are doing. That is what you are creating. And that is not practical.

Knowing that you exist infinitely and eternally, I also want you to focus on this life. This life that you have created and chosen with us, with your guides, with those you journey with, because this is the moment that you are in. That is what we mean when we are talking about the eternal now. It is not a beginning and an ending. It is all right now. But in your framework, your understanding, all you have is this very moment.

So in this moment, do you choose love or do you choose worry? Do you choose hatred or control or greed or distrust? There really isn’t any choice when I put it that way, is there?

When I walked as Yeshua, as Yeshi, both my Magdalena and I had clear understanding of what lay ahead. And we could have decided not to come together, not to share our hearts, our love. We could have chosen not to create a family so that we could independently simply worry about what lay ahead. And we could worry and complain about persecution and unfairness and injustice.

And then I would have defeated, yes defeated, my very purpose in coming because I would not have chosen love.

When I walked with my apostles, disciples, my family, I could have said, “Well I know the time will come when some of you will deny me or betray me so I am not going to break bread with you now; I am not going to share a cup of wine with you now because you say you are my friend but I know I am going to be heartily disappointed later.”

Well I was never disappointed. Because I knew the love was always there. This is the thing I wish to address because you have skirted it. You have said that there are times when people can disappoint you. Well, dear heart, that is simply not true.

You can choose to be disheartened or disappointed; you can choose to feel betrayed. But what does that do? It robs you of your love in your moment. So, yes, I am badgering you on a theme here today.

Each and every breath, every moment of your existence, make the practical easy, easy choice: to choose love. Yes, it is easy. It is far more difficult to stir up wrath, or fear, than to simply stay in your heart in the knowing that you – your core – is love. It is who you are. And the more you accept and know that, the more it comes to you, the more you generate, you send it out to the planet, and then you all ascend together. It is as simple as that.

Now I know I have gone on. Where do you wish to begin?

SM: Thank you, Yeshi, I appreciate your joining us today to discuss the practicality of releasing all that is not love. Very often, I think we humans have a hard time with the idea of sending love to someone we perceive has having done us wrong in some way. I was thinking that it might be a simple shift in perception to first understand that the individual in question is also playing their part in service to the Mother in order for others to be able to reach new growth and expansion experiences.

And then the second aspect in perceptual awareness is around knowing on some level the kind of experiences that people have to go through to bring them to conceive of doing harm to another. Could you please speak to that and the relatively undiscovered human ability to love every part of creation unconditionally, because it’s not what we’re used to? It would be setting down new habits and patterns. Practice makes perfect, but if people aren’t even doing that in the first place…

JS: It is not perhaps what you are used to. But it is what we have termed the “new normal” and it is the original design. You are designed to understand and yes, there are times when situations are developed to make you understand the importance of the mirrors that you have throughout your lives, which you have termed or thought of as good, bad, evil, dark, light, indifferent. But I wish to even speak to your second point more deeply.

For a minute with me, all of you, think of the devastation that leads an individual and then groupings of individuals, to a place where they do harm and it doesn’t matter because it is simply a matter of degree whether it is dropping a nuclear bomb, polluting the air, hurting a child, raping a woman, the list goes on. But for someone, for a soul to be that lost, is tragedy.

And how can this tragedy be healed? Only by love. Love is the essence and the core, the building blocks, the subatomic particles, of the entire universe. It is the essence of All. So unless there is love generated into that situation, into those people, into that person, there cannot be a shift.

And what some people who have veered, shall we say, ‘into the darkness’, feel that they have a moment where they see the light and return to the light. And they will often think of that as divine intervention. But what is divine intervention except that miniscule opening within that person’s heart to receiving love?

And so often it is because someone on earth, upon sacred Gaia, has sent the love and the healing. You did not come to be judge and jury. There is and can be no judgment ever in love because again, if you are in judgment, you are not in love. So you are robbing yourself. It is not a practical choice.

Now there is a difference to be discerning, but discerning also indicates that you are in the place of being the observer and in being the observer you see the tragedy and you can send the love. There is much emphasis, much discussion that we hear about forgiveness: “Oh I must forgive this person, or that person, or this situation; I must forgive myself.” But if you are in love that is already done.

So it moves you literally to the higher plane. And it is the higher plane that I have spoken of for millions and millions of years. And it is where I invite you to join me. So, is it important that you love your enemy as yourself? Yes. The message does not change. It is easy to love someone who loves you back, who mirrors all the divine qualities that you cherish. But what you don’t know and what I invite you to learn with me right now is that it is also easy to love all beings equally.

SM: As you’re speaking what is occurring to me is that I have been able to move to a place of love; if I feel any irritation or there are people that I’m currently are involved in a lawsuit or whatever, it is a natural thing for me to send love and golden light and pray for them and all those different things.

But I’m just wondering at what point in my life did that switch happen? It was a very subtle switch and I’m not sure when it happened, but I truly feel that now – that I am love and light inside of me. Maybe it’s not even important to pinpoint how it happened, but somehow I feel it would be helpful for listeners to know.

JS: Part of what you are asking about is about the ‘Aha’ moment, that switch as you put it. And when it happens is that moment and sometimes moments, when you simply decide or feel “I love myself. I love myself, your expression ‘warts and all’” So, yes, it is not usually fireworks and Fourth of July, more subtle than that. It is the quiet awakening from a very, very deep sleep and it is the deep sleep of illusion.

So many, particularly light workers, have said, “Well I have not Ascended, I have not had the grand Shift that I have been wanting and praying for, awaiting eagerly.” And we share your eagerness in this, you know. But in fact that shift to holding love and light is the most important aspect of Ascension and Shift.

Because if you are still in the place of judgment, of justification – because that is what judgment is – it is justifying your behavior and your lower emotions. So, as you wake up, think ‘well I had a very good sleep and I feel better today, I feel like I could love the world’ and then you do. That is not to say that there are not blips and when you find yourself in one of those little sidetracks, then we want you to be so gentle and laugh, to smile and say to me, “Oh Yeshi, there I go again” and come back.

Ranting and railing and being angry take you away from who you are. So you can shake your head and say, “I do not know the outcome, I do not know what lies ahead, but I do know that I am loved” and in that is the full knowing that you are attended to, you are attended to by the wholeness of your sweet self, by the Company of Heaven, by the mighty archangels, by the Mother/Father/One, by your star brothers and sisters, by your human brothers and sisters and by me.

SM: So as you’re speaking it’s occurring to me that if I am in the position of being challenged by sending love to someone or something that is a difficult situation for me, I just allow the Divine Mother to come into my body and love for me.

JS: Through you.

SM: Yes, through me. Perfect.

JS: It is my pleasure. Because when you are finding those challenges, yes because you are in judgment, but what is also happening is that there is a memory or a soul resistance and so by allowing the Mother’s love to flow through you, it washes it away. So you do not revert back into the fault, blame, guilt, shame; what you do is you stay in the stillness until Her love going through you penetrates you and brings you to that place of acceptance of your wholeness yet again so that you can continue on.

SM: And there is no going back from there. Once you allow that to happen the first time, it just sets the pathway, it just opens the door and there’s no going backwards.

JS: It is so peaceful, pleasurable, sweet that you will never want to go back.

SM: Truly. Fabulous. Wonderful. So, we have some callers lined up. Are we ready for them?

JS: Yes, we are.

SM: Fabulous, callers get ready. We have Area Code 619, are you with us?

Caller 619: Yes I am. I have two questions. One is, I’m kind of going through this crazy situation; being rejected by my beloved and I know it’s a mirror of my rejecting myself and I’ve tried to love myself and my ego won’t let me. It’s like this major battle going on. The other is that I’ve been crying for three days, and is this good?

JS: Let the tears come, my brother. They are the tears of your soul and your heart that is yearning for love. And your ego, of course, would like you to stop the tears and gain control. But that does not serve you. What you are crying for is love. So, let my love fill you until it becomes so apparent that you think “well if I am that loved by Yeshua then perhaps I can love myself as well.” It will overflow into your heart, into your being, into your personality. Allow it to do so. When you are back in a place, yes back in a place of loving and cherishing yourself, then love will come to you in friendship, in family, and yes in a beloved form.

My friend, I do not speak to you this day as if this is some magic formula. I know what it is to feel that your heart is broken. But I ask of you, in this moment, to agree and to allow it to mend; let me help you.

Caller 619: I will.

JS: And I will.

SM: Lots of luck to you Tony, and thank you for your courage. I really appreciate your calling. Okay. Area code 970, are you with us?

Caller 970: Good morning. It’s so good to speak with you. I’m wondering, can you look into my soul? I know we’ve spent lifetimes together; you’re so dear to me and I miss you all so much. I’m wondering if you could see what would make my life fuller and make me more whole as we go through the Ascension here.

JS: It is love. It is love of your sacred self, it is love of all around you, it is love even of what you have judged, dear heart, as challenges and hardship. It is love of course of the animals that you already share with. It is love of family above and below. It is love. It is the only choice.

When I say this, I am not talking about what is so often perceived and casually spoken of upon the planet. I am not talking of a love of convenience. I am talking about bedrock. I am talking about the foundation, the creation, the outcome, the beginning, the end, and the middle.

So the question is a good one. What will make me go forward in my Ascension process? I am not suggesting that you are spending twenty-four hours a day in meditation allowing yourself to be filled with love. Although there are times, sweet angels, when that is necessary because you are that depleted. But I am also talking about the practical choices. As you go into the kitchen and you choose “is it water, is it juice, is it tea, is it caffinantion,” what is it? What tastes and refreshes you like love. What tastes like love? You look in your refrigerator or your cupboard and you think, “How do I feed myself love?”

You walk outside whether it is in a metropolis or in an isolated area, and you breathe the air, the sweet breath of Gaia, which is love. You see the downtrodden and perhaps you feel that you are amongst the downtrodden, so then you send love to yourself and to them. You are in a place of uncertainty, insecurity, of not knowing what lies ahead. Pull yourself back right into this moment where I am speaking to you. Not tomorrow, not even an hour from now and certainly not yesterday.

In this moment, feel my love and be the love that you are. That is all that is ever required. It is the key to everything.

That is why I say, especially in this time, it is the practical choice. If you wish to make your life easier, more joyous, more fulfilled, richer in every sense of the word, more abundant, choose love.

Caller 970: That’s what will get us through the eye of the needle.

JS: That is correct. You are halfway through, dear heart.

SM: All right, we are on to area code 250. Good morning, you’re on the air.

Caller 250: Good morning, this is Len. I had a meditation yesterday and I met with Jesus and he asked me to persevere. Persevere with what? I don’t understand. I just started a website last week and it’s something I really love, but now I may have to make the hard choice of whether I stay with this website or my family. Because I’m ready to go back to work as a smelter; it’s a hard choice to choose the love which is my website or my family. My wife is dead set against me retiring and doing this website. Any advice?

JS: There is no choice. And what you are doing is you are not in the love. Now I do not say this in any sense of meaning criticism, but I am asking you this, so bear with me because, dear Len, the situation that you are speaking of and facing in this very moment is very common. No, it is completely unique to you, and is very common to many light workers. How do you choose between what you feel guided, moved within your mission and purpose to do, and the love of family? Well, I am sorry there is no choice. There is only love.

But it is strong love. Understand what I say to you. There were times both even as a young man – with my mother particularly – and sometimes with my Magdalena, they would say “do you have to go out?, do you have to make such a public statement?, you know that you are aggravating the Pharisees, you know that they are watching you, couldn’t you stay home?, and besides which there is work to do, there is money to be earned” – I was an excellent carpenter you know – and it was up to me, not my mother, not my wife, not even the sway of my beloved children.

It was up to me to make that choice because no one can make it for you; no one could make it for me.

But let me speak of the duality that you are leaving behind because this is very important. In the duality polarity you so often, and I mean you the collective, have been so often trapped in the belief system of either/or. And that also relates to the belief system of “I only have limited energy, I only have limited time, I only have limited capacity in which to apply myself.” And my beloved friend, that is not true.

Now you are in a profession as smelter; that is exhausting, demanding, physically arduous. And that has need to be recognized; those who are involved in physical labor, you are giving your energy. But then it is also more important that when you make sure when we are talking about those love choices for your body, for what you are feeding, what you are breathing, what you are drinking, what you are allowing, how you are resting…

Now your wife, the wife that you love and you have chosen, and who has chosen you – she is in that place of uncertainty, insecurity, she is frightened. Because she feels not only the financial insecurity, but she feels that you are drifting away from her, that you are leaving her spiritually and emotionally.

Well, that is not the case. So both of you – come back, come back to the love. Come back and re-examine, first together, the love that you share; not that we share worries, not that we share financial insecurity, not that we’re worried about outcome – come back to why you are together; that sacred bond. And speak of it on a soul level and on a physical level.

And then decide what you are doing that feels like love; that allows you to continue with the love of partner and the love of mission and purpose. It does not need to do or be either/or. You need to expand hugely because your energy field, my friend, is massive. Expand your belief about your capacity to do, to be, to receive, to create. It does not need to be either/or. Change the mindset. Choose my choice. You can have it all.

SM: Thank you for your question, Len. Blessings, and have a wonderful day. Okay, that would be David. Are you David? How are you today?

David: I’m fine, it’s a sunny day and I’m great. First I wanted to make a statement that, well when I stay in the love, when I remember it, is that I focus in my heart because I feel that this is the connection to our soul which is expansion, which is love, and which only sends us expansive thoughts, so whenever someone is having the intention to hurt us we are getting expansive thoughts and contractive thoughts, meaning loving thoughts and fearful thoughts, so I think the heart center gives us the security to stay in love. That’s how I perceive it.

And then I have some questions. The first one is I just read about that the small stuff, the small negative beliefs are coming up and I definitely feel that right now as I feel intense pain when I go into my heart center. My girlfriend touched me and tried to send me warmth into my heart and I felt it a little bit, but I felt even more that there was a huge block in my heart and she said something about a chip that was implanted in me and all this kind of stuff, which seems a little dramatic. But I really want to know if it’s possible to have at this moment something in our heart that is put there or is still there that blocks our love and if it is there how we can flood it also with love.

JS: There is no chip. And if there was a chip we would call it the ego chip, would we not? So you are absolutely correct my friend in your understanding. Stay in your heart and fill it, fill it, fill it, and then fill it some more with love. As it breaks open, you may feel that sensation of the ice as it breaks in spring. But allow the sun, yes me, to continue to warm you and to fill you and to melt away that resistance. What this resistance is, and it is true of many, is this feeling that “if I open, if I take this quantum leap, if I choose the practicality of love, what if it’s not there?”

That if I say “I open to love” and then I find out that I am not love and I am not loved and I am not even lovable? That is the fear. Let it go. Give it to me, give it to the Mother, give it to Michael. Let it go.

Because what I say to thee, to all of you this day, your construction that you so often think of as that spark of light, is the spark of love. It is your essence; it is what you came for. Everything else, the wonderful vessels, the bodies, the situations you have chosen, are window dressing for this unfoldment, for this Ascension. But your essence is already there. And it is love. Please let it grow.

David: If I could ask a really quick question, just one thing Yeshi, if you could just give me a short message for my girlfriend because she’s always connecting with you.

JS: And I with her. Let her know that.

SM: So area code 206, you’re on the air.

Caller 206: Hello. My question is about the kingdom of heaven, I know everyone has a different idea of the kingdom of heaven. Could you give us a glimpse of what the kingdom of heaven looks like?

JS: Oh, my friend, this is akin to the question about the mysteries of the universe. It is whatever you want it to look like. What I can say to you, because the description I would share with you would be of human reference, so it would be a place, a state of being, of supreme beauty, unlimited potential, eternal bliss, and the excitement to keep going.

It is the place where all you love and have ever loved and ever will love and care about and deem beautiful resides. It is the place where you are greeted by your guides and the angelic realm, the seraphim, the archangels, the Mother/Father/One, it is the place of rest and peace, but it is physically whatever you choose. And then multiply it by a billion.

Caller 206: Okay, thank you. Just one quick question… what is on the other side of those big, black holes in the universe? What happens when a planet or a star goes inside one of those black holes? Does it go to another dimension, or is it a portal?

JS: It is a portal. Do not forget there are not simply black holes. There are white holes as well. Your science simply doesn’t know about them fully as yet. And it is simply a way to travel to an alternate universe.

SM: Okay. Area code 559 are you with us?

Caller 559: I think so. Good morning. This is Dotty. I think what it comes down to, my first yearning is to just express to you dear Jesus, Yeshua, Yeshi, my tender overwhelming love for you and how I as a small child just felt overwhelmed by your presence and your love and in and out, when I remember you and hold you close. So I’m just expressing that.

The other piece is, I think about all your healings and how you saw through the appearance into the truth of love. And in many instances, particularly with my dear Steve, but how I see through into, give me a visual of how I see through appearances. You’ve probably answered it many times over.

JS: That is all right, my dear friend. I do not hesitate to repeat that. You know, think of it in a couple of ways. Sometimes you are looking through a sheer curtain, you know the kind, it is a sheer curtain. Or you are looking down through a clear lake. But there is some, in both situations, there is some variation of what you are seeing – either because of the movement of the water or the fish or the breeze on the curtains, etc. But you see the person at the bottom of the pond or behind the curtain and you can see the truth of who they are and what they are up to and what they need.

And what you are doing basically is that you are either diving down and bringing them up, or you are pulling back the curtain and allowing them to be revealed. So, trust what you are seeing. That is how I healed. I trusted that if the person was in front of me and asking, genuinely asking, for the healing which was the infusion of love force, that I would give it. And that is exactly what you do.

SM: So area code 248, make it quick. We only have a few minutes.

Caller 248: Yes, hello. I was just wanting to ask for Yeshi to maybe share with us again the love we can connect with, when perhaps the feeling essence isn’t there.

JS: You are moving past the feeling essence. Because the feeling essence is part of your emotional body, as you know, and that is also being healed, adjusted, tempered, refined. So you are moving to your heart consciousness.

Go to the stillpoint. Go into the depths of your heart, the seat of the soul. Go to the stillpoint and stay there and simply throw open your arms and your heart and say “I receive.” I will renew you.

SM: Yeshi, might I ask, when you refer to the kingdom of heaven, we’ve been told that the 5th dimension is what we would consider heaven. Is that actually all going to be accessible to us when we are fully in the 5th?

JS: Oh, the 5th is only the beginning. There is much more to go. Will you feel like you are in heaven? Yes. Because let me tell you, Gaia is a slice of heaven, as are you, each and every one of you. So will you begin to acknowledge that you are indeed in heaven? Yes.

SM: Yes. Fabulous. Thank you so much for joining us today.

JS: Go with my love and remember, I ask of thee – choose love. It is the practical choice.


SM: Thank you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon