judgemental-manThis is the greatest challenge and the most profound opportunity that you face at this time. It is that joining together in heart-consciousness, in love, regardless of circumstance. So it is the acknowledgment and the choice to be in sacred union with those closest to you and those furthest away. And that is why we are having, my friends, this conversation, once again, about elimination, about clearing of debris, about allowing the remnants of vasanas to be completely, completely cleared.

Geoffrey West: Greetings and blessings to all. Welcome to another An Hour With An Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The Great Awakening. Joining her this evening is Steve Beckow, founder of the website goldenageofgaia.com and author of Building Nova Gaia: Towards an Earth That Works For Everyone. I’m Geoffrey West sitting in for GD this evening and I invite you to bring in Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame of Truth and Peace as we welcome Michael back again. Michael will be continuing his discussion and sharing on issues relating to vasanas and the constructed self.

With that I turn things over to you Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much Geoff and welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you. For yes, I AM Michael, warrior of peace, archangel of love, and perhaps transmuter of vasanas. I arrive this day to help, to assist, to guide, to point the way, not only to truth, but to the truth of your individual and collective self, so that the many illusions, the constructions that you have formed and that you have believed to be the truth may dissipate, disappear, be eliminated, not only from your being but from the collective being once and for all.

My beloved friends, you are in a time of magnificent transformation, transition to what you think of as a higher realm, and even the beginning of a higher octave. And it is time for you to embrace this and allow your energy to surge, not in ways that are distressing or even self-defeating, or that in any way attempt to minimize the truth of who you are, but in celebration, in expansion and acceptance, deep acceptance and allowing of your being and the unity of your being with All.

And when I say “with All,” I do not simply mean with us, with the Universal Mother, with the Divine Father, with the Council of Love, with the Company of Heaven, but with each other. This is the greatest challenge and the most profound opportunity that you face at this time. It is that joining together in heart-consciousness, in love, regardless of circumstance, because what is that except 90 per cent illusion anyway? So it is the acknowledgment and the choice to be in sacred union with those closest to you and those furthest away. And that is why we are having, my friends, this conversation, once again, about elimination, about clearing of debris, about allowing the remnants of vasanas to be completely, completely cleared.

There is much for us to talk about, and so I will allow you, dear Steve, to begin. I invite you to begin.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Lord. And I wonder what would be the best way to proceed. I know there are an awful lot of listeners who want me to ask you a few questions about the Boston bombings, and dinar re-valuation. And yet I’m so much drawn to this topic. Would you rather I asked you in the last 10 minutes of the call, and we just proceed?

AAM: I would.

SB: Yes. Okay. Well, let’s do that, then. Well, as you know, it’s our vasanas that stand in the way of sacred union. And when they go off, first of all, most people don’t know what happened. I mean, they don’t recognize that they’re in a vasana. And even if you were to say they’re in a vasana, they don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. And even if they know what you’re talking about and recognize that they’re in a vasana, they don’t know how to get to the bottom of it, so….

And it’s this upset that suddenly springs out of nowhere, that violates, so to speak, sacred union and causes so many sacred unions to fall.

So, anything you want to say about how to recognize and approach a vasana? And then later if we could talk about the constructed self, the precipitant of our vasanas, the masks we don and created ways we be, the artificial ways we be, which then lock into place the fact that we’re not going to be able to enter into sacred union with other people, that would be wonderful.

AAM: The starting point and the finishing point is the sacred union. And seldom, my dear friend, do I differ or become argumentative with thee, but I will do so today for the point of discussion, of lively discussion, not only with you but with all of our listeners. I differ with you. You say that people do not know when they are being triggered or when they are in the midst of a clearing of a vasana or a vasana experience.

What I say to you is that is a choice. And yes, it relates to the constructed self. It relates to where you have chosen to position yourself in being truthful and realistic and anchored in the tri-flame of your heart, and certainly working with my blue flame of truth.

But to suggest that someone does not know if they are being honest and sincere and genuine, only with themselves, that they do not know that they are in a state of upset, of disarray, of tangible upset, is not so.

Now, do they avoid the knowing? Do they think, “Oh, I am just having a bad day,” or, “Someone or something has irritated me and disturbed my peace”? Of course they do. But the truth of the matter is if you take a moment — and I am not speaking of hours on end; I am talking about taking a moment — and saying, “Oh, there is something deeper here. This is triggering a level of discomfort, despair, disconnection, that is so severe that I must pause and examine and release,” and then go forward in a way of clarity.

So, to say that you don’t know is simply saying that, in fact, you choose not to take that pause…

SB: Well, Lord, let…

AAM: And what I am saying to you, as your brother, is that it is absolutely necessary in terms of your transition and where you are in the collective Ascension to take this pause. Yes, I spoke over you.

SB: Oh, you have…

AAM: Go ahead, dear heart.

SB: …. You have my absolute permission to speak over me, Lord! [laugh]

Let me refine what I said. What I mean to say is that you commonly hear people say, “You made me mad.” People are not aware that they are in a vasana. People are not aware that they have triggered themselves out of some recollection of a distant memory, when they were a child or something like that. They think that the person standing in front of them has done something to them.

So, that’s what I mean by being unaware. They’re unaware that a vasana, i.e., something from the past, has come up. They think that the person standing across from them has done something to them. And you well know that I’ve just gone through one of these. So, I do know that the person involved has done nothing to me. I do know that it’s a vasana that was triggered. But many people don’t. That’s what I was meaning.

AAM: But this is part of the raising of the vibration and the frequency, and with that the attendant responsibility of the individual and of the collective.

Now, we have talked about clearing, elimination of false grids, of vasanas, of debris, of old issues, of past lives, on this show, and with our beloved friends, for a long time. Now, you — and I speak to all of you who are listening to me, your brother of peace, who loves you more dearly than anything, but I say to thee, you have made, individually and collectively, some very spiritually, mentally and emotionally, mature decisions about going forward as a circle, as a collective, as one. You know that your universe, and all you have created — for you are mighty creators — so you have created situations with people or environments that will trigger what lies within you, that will mirror to you what is left unresolved. Let us use this word.

You cannot — I am sorry; I speak very strongly this day because it is a very important issue. And as I speak this strongly to each of your hearts, I offer my flame, my help, and the help of the Company of Heaven and far beyond. Having said that, I say to thee, my circle, my lightworkers, my light-holders, you cannot any longer say, feel, accept as truth that something external to you has made you mad, upset, uneasy or off-kilter, off-balance.

Balance and staying in that place of the midpoint is essential. It is your piece of Ascension, of transition, of moving inter-dimensionally to the fullness of who you are. So you cannot say, “I am claiming my divinity” and at the same time be using the old paradigms of fault, guilt, blame, shame. So this is why I say to you, you are brilliant! And as soon as you are feeling that… And it has been a very, very ingrained, deeply ingrained, human trait to not accept self-responsibility. And that is how the collective, and all the false institutions and structures of society, have gone awry; it is no one claiming responsibility. So, they have simply grown and grown and assumed form.

But now you are at a place where you cannot and will not do such a thing. You will take the pause because you know, this is an essential piece of not only creating Nova Being but Nova Earth as well.

So, when you find yourself in that place, of looking at an individual, looking at a news show on the television or on the internet that you know is not of truth, and you say, “That makes me mad,” stop. And simply not even go into deep examination, but allow the truth of what that trigger is. And these are always strong. We are not talking mild irritation here. You allow it to well up within you. And if it takes some time, then give yourself that time.

And if you say, “Well, Michael, Lord, I cannot, because it happened on the way to work when someone cut me off and I have to keep driving, and then I have to work all day.” So then I say to you, all right, we will push the pause button, but in so pushing the pause button, do not allow that irritation to direct your actions and your energy all day long, and then when you return home to your sacred space, and for many of you to your sacred family, excuse yourself, either after you get home or before you go to bed, and take the time.

There is nothing more important than understanding your sacred self. Now, you have avoided this. And you say, “Oh, no, no, Lord. I have not. I have been doing this self-examination for a long time.” And what I say to thee, with the deepest of love, honor and respect, these issues, these vasanas would not be emerging if they were not present. So see them for what they are! And that is a gift from the heart of One to you.

It is as if the Father has finally spoken and said to you, “Wait a minute. There is a speck of dust here on your otherwise very clean heart.” So let us attend to it. Allow the nurturing of the Mother and my blue flame to assist you. Rapid identification, rapid clearing. You do not need any longer in the energy that is penetrating your planet, to take hours upon hours upon hours, or days or weeks, to clear a vasana. You have been integrating, for years now, my beloved ones, the energy directly from the heart of One, and from us — yes, the archangels. And your star brothers and sisters, and the Company of Heaven, and your own guides and guardians. Your frequency is refined, and it has been further and further raised and refined.

Now, what you will find as a result of refinement and raise, is that these vasanas will come up more rapidly and with, shall we say, greater potency; that it will feel, for that moment, that you are literally in the middle of a tornado or a whirlwind or a tsunami.

SB: I can vouch for that, Lord. [chuckle]

AAM: Yes. Because what has happened is in the refined energy the intensity of what no longer belongs feels more aggressive, more abrasive, more disruptive. So in some ways, dear heart, that is good news.

SB: Yes.

AAM: Do you understand what I say?

SB: I do. Can I add one more variable to it?

AAM: Yes.

SB: The… what people become aware of, as far as I’m aware from having spoken to many, many, many people in vasanas, what people become aware of first is that the energy rise… sorry, the temperature rises. You know, they feel hot. You know, the temperature goes up.

And for me, what I have become aware of with myself is there’s a point there when I realize that the temperature’s rising, that I switch from being the participant to being the observer. I switch over into an observer role, and I begin to watch this rather than being this. Right?

Now, can you speak a little bit to the usefulness of… of backing out of experiencing the vasana and simply observing it happen, not blocking it, not resisting it, not channeling it, but just observing it.

AAM: And we would suggest to you, you have raised a very, very important point, that you back up into the observer position as quickly as you can. Now, is this useful? It is useful, and it is almost necessary, again, if you are in this refined energy. Because to be the full participant is going to make you feel as if you are being burned up and burned out. And that is not what we desire or guide for any of you.

But within that, do as the Buddha has and does teach you. Also attach to the idea, detach to be the observer, and then attach to the highest vision of your cleared self, so that that is being positioned even as the drama, the towering inferno is burning out. Because part of what occurs when there is a vasana occasion is that you become, if you remain in the participant position, you become confused, disoriented and exceptionally fearful.

Now, some of you say, “No, I don’t get fearful, I become angry.” Anger is a mask for fear. So what you are doing is you are becoming… you are entering into the old paradigm of fear which holds you back in the old 3rd. And you are becoming fearful because you don’t know where you are going, and you don’t know how to handle it, and you don’t know what the outcome is. When you assume the observer position what you do is to create a space to simply watch. And that immediately takes away, shall we say, the oxygen from the fire.

SB: That’s very interesting. The… If a person, having, being in the experience of a vasana wants to seek help… sometimes they may call a professional, and the professional will advise them, or if they turn to a friend, again, the friend tells them what they should do. What approach to a person in the midst of a vasana works the best? I have my… you know, I have my bias that listening works the best. But what is your advice on that?

AAM: Yes, you have your bias because you have also experienced that it has worked.

SB: Right.

AAM: Now, there are, shall we say, two groups of human beings. Of course there is every race, stripe, combination, but basically there are two groups. There are those who are very able to simply move into the position of observer, of balance and of still-point to watch and to allow, with the help of unseen friends, this energy to move and to be eliminated. And they can do that in silence.

But for most human beings, the majority, but still there is this other group. For many, what they like to do — and like is important, because always we are speaking to you of choosing joy; well, you may think that this is back-handed, but in fact even when you are clearing a vasana — do what makes you most comfortable. And for many human beings what that means is talking it through. Talking, talking, talking. Not necessarily receiving external guidance, human guidance, or advice — or opinion, more often than not — but simply talking. And what we would call it is heart speaking and truth speaking.

It is giving the person, first of all, the acknowledgment that they are seen and heard and valued, and that what they are going through deserves kindness, tenderness, attention, and simply holding of the space, until they arrive at the place of understanding. And in the understanding is the… also the ability to let go and to allow this… debris, this vasana that has lingered within you to simply self-ignite and simply burn out, to no longer be part of you.

So what you have said in terms of your personal preference of listening is very accurate, not for everybody but for many. Now, we do not in any way discourage any being from going and receiving counsel from a human being or a friend. We are talking, now, the process within the human realm. But so often what occurs, even with those who are highly trained, or who believe themselves to be highly trained, empathic, understanding, sympathetic, empathetic, compassionate — it matters not; and I do not suggest that those qualities are not present; they usually are — but what comes forth is judgment, in a very subtle way, and in a way that, in fact, is not of genuine compassion. Because what occurs is that the counselor, in whatever form that is taking, tries to impose an understanding upon the person in the throes of a vasana clearing and to give them a solution. But the difficulty lies is that the counselor’s view of solution is based in their reality, and their experience, their history, their life path.

Now, I am not suggesting that dialog and exchange of insight is not valuable. It is very valuable, and it is how you build community. But there is also this fine line that it is not helpful to cross, in assuming that you know all the factors, including the past life history, of the person that is turning to you and seeking help.

As I have said as we have begun this discussion, you who are experiencing a vasana know when you are stopping and being truthful with yourself. Yes, sometimes you need to dig a little. But you already know within your heart consciousness, your heart knowing, what is going on and what the core of this is. And so it is more rapid, more effective — more efficient! — to simply let the individual speak, talk, with active listening, until they are able to expose from their heart for themselves what the issue is. When you interrupt, when you give opinion, when you try to remedy and fix, what you are really doing is interrupting the clearing process, because what you are doing as the counselor is you are coming from a place of your perception and your experience.

Now, in true community, in sacred union of friendship, of collegiality, of partnership, of course there is always heart-to-heart communication. That is the very meaning of one of the arms, the elements of sacred union, so that you exchange ideas, heart knowing heart feeling, everything that you choose to experience together. But the most sacred union is with yourself. If you do not have the sacred union of your sacred self with the totality and acceptance of your divinity, then you do not have what it takes to truly be in the fullness of a sacred partnership, friendship, family or community. So it is honoring of yourself to allow yourself, as the observer — as you, dear Steve, have pointed out — for you to be both the person who feels injured and in the process of healing, but also the healer. It is empowerment, and it an acceptance of your growing refinement of energy.

So, the role, whether it is Archangel Gabriel, the Divine Mother, or your partner or your best friend is listening….

SB: May I ask a question, Lord?

AAM: I would invite you to!

SB: Thank you. I know of two ways to what I call source a vasana, get to the bottom of a vasana. One is to… what I do by myself, which is to re-experience the original incident to completion. Once I do that, the vasana begins to lift. Now, it doesn’t lift finally, but it begins to lift.

The second is what you’ve just been discussing, which is that I talk to another, and hopefully, if I’ve gotten a good listener then I get a good crack at it. And at some point in this talking, the puzzle that I’m in — the vasana is a puzzle for me; there’s something I don’t understand — the puzzle suddenly becomes a picture. I have an ‘Ah ha!’ moment, and I see what’s driving me.

Can you tell me, please, using your electron microscope, what happens at that moment? Like, what is the impact of this realization or this discovery or this seeing of things? What… what actually happens, and what is the impact of what happens on me?

In other words, I suddenly saw something. And what did the seeing of it do that it has the vasana lift?

AAM: The seeing of it, the admission of it, even the stumbling upon it, simply allows the moment of truth. And within the moment of truth is the release of that trapped energy to occur.

SB: Well, then, then, I have to ask you, why does the truth set us free?

AAM: Because it brings you closer to coming back home.

SB: All right.

AAM: It removes the detritus of you thinking that somehow you are separated, and that you have been barred, somehow kept, from that place of union. So that moment of truth, of either speaking it or seeing the picture, as you have said, or simply that sudden moment of, “Oh, aha! I get it!” allows the energy to quite literally leave your field.

SB: Uh-hunh. I don’t want to leave this discussion without relating this to the wider picture, because this has always, you know, it’s always been there for me to try to solve. Knowing the truth is the purpose of life. When I know the truth of who I am, I’m liberated from all the limiting factors of life. So the absolute truth sets me free absolutely.

So life was designed this way, was it not? That the truth would liberate us from the limiting conditions? Is that not the case?

AAM: Yes, but do not forget that these limiting conditions, as you are thinking of them, have been evolved and put in place by humans. So, do not make the error of thinking that this is a divine plan to weigh you down so that you can wade through it and then discover truth.

SB: Well, I was in that position. So, thank you.

AAM: The vasanas have been collected, as it were, from various lifetimes, and various lifetimes where you have cherished the illusion so deeply that you carried it forward to the next incarnation. Now, you were not under that same illusion when you are in between lifetimes.

SB: Yes?

AAM: So you arrived back in form and breathed it back in, incorporated it and made it your best friend. So, you did so for two reasons. Yes, to catapult you and to catalyze you into seeking and becoming the truth. So it is not only knowing the truth, it is being the truth.

SB: Alright….

AAM: But you have also set it up as a defensive mechanism that has been very much part of the old 3rd dimensional reality, which is to set yourself up in a place where there is lack of self-worth, lack of self-love, lack of self-acknowledgment, and that defensive position of clinging to your vasanas, to your illusions, prevents you from glimpsing the truth. So throughout your lifetime there has been sometimes creation and sometimes, by human design, incidents that have happened to you that then trigger, deep within your human DNA, things that have happened to you in other lifetimes as well.

But it allows you to stay in your cocoon of illusion. So they have served the purpose of keeping the human race, the collective, in that cocoon of illusion. And that is why the vasanas now as that cocoon has simply being fragmented and disintegrating, why the vasanas feel so highly charged and so rapid fire so that this can simply bring you to the truth. Because that is… the purpose is to acknowledge not only that you carry a divine spark but that you literally are in action, in stillness, in balance, in movement, you are that divine spark of creation.

And as you move into that, then what occurs is that there is no room, because that energy and acknowledgment is so expansive that there is no room for the vasanas. So they are going to be triggered, like fire crackers.

SB: Boy, that’s a sobering thought. In the five minutes that remain before I would like to transition into some current events questions, Lord, could you address yourself to the various health professionals who may be listening to this program and perhaps give a succinct statement to them of what they can expect to be seeing in some of their patients, and also what the best approach to what they’ll be seeing might be?

AAM: The first piece of guidance that I would give to all the healthcare professionals, both energetic healers and actual healers, and those that are manning the front desks, is stay calm. Stay within your center and you be the observer as well. Because also what can happen, and is actually happening a great deal right now upon the planet is that one person’s vasana is sparking another’s, sparking another’s, sparking another’s. So you literally do have a bit of a chain reaction situation going on.

So, to stay in that place of calm observance and listen. Because the other thing that is occurring and that you are seeing in the realm of healthcare is that those who are, oh, very vigorously trying to ignore this clearing process, which is part and parcel of your Ascension, dear hearts, is that if you are denying it vigorously, it is exhibiting in illness, in dis-ease. So what you are seeing is people showing up in healthcare facilities, whether it is mental health or physical health, feeling that they have sick headaches, sick stomachs, sore throats, because, depending on their ray, or where the energy has become trapped, that is where it is sitting. So a very helpful thing for each of you as you are working on clearing your vasanas is also as you are observing yourself ask where it is sitting in your body and insert into that place my blue flame of truth. It will help you enormously.

But the watchword is “calm”, and it is “compassion.” And compassion is understanding that another one is in this portion of their journey, but not from an ego place, assuming that you can either remove it or that it is yours to take on. That is not of truth, that is of theft.

So listen, my beloved friends, with your heart, and listen to yourself, and understand that this is part of your declaration of freedom, that you are choosing the truth of who you are, and in so doing you are saying there is no room, I do not wish to carry this energy of pain. And allow it, allow it to go. Bless it, thank it, and allow it to depart in peace.

SB: Thank you, Lord. I imagine we probably do need to turn to some of the current affairs topics now. I’ve been asked by many readers to ask you some questions about it.

If it’s okay, the first question is, did the Tsarnaev brothers have anything to do with the Boston bombings?

AAM: There was some involvement, yes.

SB: Can you say more about that, please?

AAM: No, we do not choose to engage in this drama, because that is what it is. It is becoming a melodrama of half-truths and half lies. Well, more lies than truth, actually. And so what we are suggesting is to stand back. Now, this, the purpose of all of this is to let truth reign. So I am not sitting here telling you all the ins and outs of this drama. What I am saying is, my friends, first of all it is triggering many of you, and that is a good thing, particularly given the nature of the discussion we have just had. But go within and simply allow the truth and the knowing to emerge, and know, even the most dramatic situation that you can construe has nothing in terms of what has taken place in this construction to eliminate violence on your planet and within your societies.

SB: I was going to ask you two other questions about the… whether the authorities were covering up, or what agencies were aware of the bombing. But I think you want me to let it go. Is that correct?

AAM: That is correct. Everybody is very aware of what has transpired. So it is not this agency or that agency, or this individual or that individual. But what I am not wanting you to do, where I am not pointing you to go is again into a place where you are pointing fingers and saying who is to blame and who is at fault.

SB: Okay. Some readers are saying… they’re continually coming up with examples of President Obama seeming to perpetrate. They’re wondering why he signed a bill into law that had objectionable amendments. Can you give us kind of a quick synopsis of President Obama’s position? Is he able now to start taking action against the Illuminati? Or is he still in the position of holding back and waiting for his time?

AAM: No, he is not in a position of holding back. He is an ultimate strategist in many ways. And so what appears to be, perhaps, slow movement, there is much happening behind the scenes that people are not aware of in the general public. But what he has done is he has isolated many who perhaps do not have the highest good of the collective and their progression to a new realm in their hearts’ desire. So there has been a process of elimination within from that perspective.

And of course what you are seeing on the part of those who are feeling isolated is that they are trying to create dramas that will result in them either having power or the illusion of them being… continued to be needed. And that is not going to happen.

SB: Is it correct to say that the White Knights, the White Hats, whatever you want to call them, are becoming more prominent in his administration? Is he winning the battle to get the… various Illuminati allies out?

AAM: Yes.

SB: All right.

AAM: There is a very strong presence in the administration and the White House of those who are carrying the light and that are carrying the torch of St. Germaine for freedom.

SB: I imagine we could…

AAM: They are double fisted because they are also carrying my blue flame.

SB: We should probably have an entire show on that, I would think. Probably would be very interesting. Can you tell us what the progress has been on the Iraqi dinar re-valuation?

AAM: There has been great progress. Now, again, think of what I have said this day in terms of the clearing of vasanas, collective vasanas particularly, and the chain reaction. Now, one of the deepest vasanas of the human collective is greed and control, avarice. And so this has brought… because what this situation is doing is bringing about rebalancing, an equalization of resources for many. And particularly for lightworkers, light-holders, love-bearers. And so it is underway. But what is also transpiring is that there is a massive clean-up also underway of financial institutions that wish to be involved in these transactions, and that is all ready…. They thought that they could get away with it in terms of acting under cover and coming from a place of avarice and greed and control. Well, they cannot. So this is being addressed both politically and within the financial institutions.

So, as we have said to you, do not fear. It is already underway.

SB: When… is there anything more you can say about the way it’s being addressed? I mean, we know it is. We know that the Earth Allies are hard at work. But we seem always to have very scant information, and maybe that’s for a very good reason. But is there anything more that you can tell us about…

AAM: Well, it is also part of the way…. And old paradigms fall hard. But it is also part of the way much of the financial community, shall we say, has operated is behind closed doors and in secret. Now, that is being shifted. But then there is also the, can we say the security that some of this is being conducted behind closed doors, not secretively, but certainly behind closed doors because there is a desire for things to be put in place before those who wish to control forms of economic terrorism to interfere.

SB: And has the security threat gone down now?

Are the peo… are the White Hats in danger of being assassinated?

AAM: No, they are not. They are mightily protected.

SB: All right, Lord. Thank you very much. Again, just a wonderful discussion, and I can’t wait to get that up on the blog. And thank you very much for that.

AAM: Go with my love, all of you. Farewell.

SB: Farewell, Lord.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 05-06-13