319857_313520622052190_179181975486056_764924_2038073846_nInterdimensionality is restored by your willingness to be and to stay in your heart consciousness, in your heart. It is an act of will; this is part of what is the activation. So it is heart, it is will, and willingness, acceptance, and acceptance of the change, and then bringing it into action. It is the activation of the DNA, and it is the activation — can we say Divine activation?

Geoffrey West: Greetings and blessings to all. Welcome to another Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The Great Awakening.

Joining her this evening is Steve Beckow, founder of the website Golden Age of Gaia dot com and author of Building Nova Gaia: Towards an Earth that Works for Everyone.

I’m Geoffrey West, sitting in for GD this evening.

So, with that I invite you to bring in Archangel’s blue flame of truth and peace as we welcome Michael back this evening to continue discussion on changes happening in the physical body, our DNA, chakras, and more. Steve, I turn things over to you.
Steve Beckow: Thanks, Geoff. And just before we welcome Archangel Michael, I’d like to ask Linda — Linda, you’re having a conference in Joshua Tree, which I’m probably the first person to sign up for. And could you tell us a little bit about that, please?

Linda Dillon: Yeah, I’d be pleased to, Steve. Thank you. Well, the dates are September 20th to the 22nd, which is the Autumn Equinox as well as a full moon. So, it’ll be a powerful time. And the theme of the gathering, the Council of Love gathering, is called The New You.

And we’re being called back to Joshua Tree because it’s such a sacred spot. It’s a spot where our Native American ancestors, our ET friends and everybody gathers there and the energy is just very sacred. It’s a very powerful vortex.

But the purpose of the conference is to really expand and to anchor inside of you the energies of your 5th, 6th, 7th dimensional self. And it includes material that we’ve never really covered before, either, you know, in this show or in the Heavenly Blessings show. It’s an expansion and a deepening and a real coming together with our multidimensional, interdimensional self, and bringing forth those creation codes, the creation formulas, and a new way working with universal law to create The New You, and through that, Nova Earth.

So, it promises to be a really incredible time of transformation, of, I think, completion of our Ascension, which we’re already in the middle of. So the focus of the conference isn’t so much on the Ascension as the anchoring of the Ascension.
So, that’s it. And if you go to the Council of Love, www.counciloflove website, you’ll see that there’s a spot there that you can click on for all the details.

SB: Well, that’s wonderful. And I know that the Golden Age of Gaia clan will be there, and hopefully it’ll be a second Sedona, and we’ll get to meet our friends again this year. So, thank you very much for that.

LD: Oh, I’m really hoping. Over the weekend I started hearing from some folks that were with us in Sedona, from New Zealand, Australia, Germany. So, I’m hoping in many ways it’ll be a joint Golden Age of Gaia / InLight Radio / Council of Love gathering, one more time.

SB: You bet. You bet! Well, first of many times into the future.

LD: That’s right!

SB: [laugh] So, I’ll give you a moment to meditate…

LD: Transition…

SB: Yes, indeed. Yes.

LD: Thank you.

SB: And we welcome Archangel Michael, whenever you’re ready.

Archangel Michael: Greetings. I am Michael…

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: … archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. Welcome. Welcome, my beloved friends, of every hue and ray. Welcome to this time of miraculous unfoldment, and welcome to this time of becoming. Welcome to this time of unfoldment, not only of the Mother’s plan, but of your plan, of each of your plans. So, I join with Geoffrey in inviting you to ignite and to anchor my blue flame of truth as we go forward in this exploration, this unfoldment of you, each of you, unique, but the commonality, the themes, the threads, the tapestry is of One.

Before we start, I wish to address something that perhaps has been misunderstood by my sweet friends, your listeners. When last we spoke, I emphasized the nature of our partnership, the nature of our union, and that we are One in unity, connectedness and balance.

And I have said that we have shifted our role from doing for you to doing with you. And what a miraculous unfoldment and joy that is for us! And to see the operation of your free will choosing the alignment and choosing the love! Because that is all there is. No matter what you are creating, what you are thinking, what you are forming, there is only one essence throughout the universe, and it is love.

Now, the misconception that perhaps some have taken away from my statement, I wish to clarify. We do not step away or further from you. That is not what partnership and co-creation entails. But yes, it is a clearer realm of non-interference.
Now, there are things that your star brothers and sisters, and certainly we, will interfere with in terms of, and alignment with, universal law — for example, keeping you out of harm’s way collectively and individually.

But what we are implying and what we wanted you to understand and receive in terms of this message is that we stand next to you, we stand wing to wing, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, as close as a partner, not in absentia, but also not carrying you, unless of course you are too weary and too tired, in which case we will always carry you.

But you have said, each of you, that you are ready to create not only what your heart desires but to bring forth a reality of a new way of being anchored in a different dimensional form that includes the ability to materialize, to manifest, to co-create.

So I just wish to make that clear prior to our bigger discussion today. Thank you.
SB: Lord, Lord, can I take you up on that line of discussion and ask you, is it the case that, as humanity, so to speak, grows up, as we progress from the childhood of humanity to the adulthood of humanity, that the celestials do draw back just as the Mother draws back? You may have been creating miracles, say, in biblical times, but nowadays you’re allowing us to create the miracles.

Is that a correct understanding?

AAM: That is a very correct understanding. But the understanding that we want you also to have, just like the Mother, it is not that we have withdrawn! In our private conversation, if you will, dear Steve, I have likened it to when a child is learning to ride a bicycle and at first there are training wheels and the parent has their hands on the handlebar, the seat, making sure the helmet is intact and the child is not injured. And bit by bit the hands come off the handlebar, the training wheels come off, the parent, the partner, the sister, the brother, is still running along next to the bike, sometimes with their hand on your back, sometimes with their hand on the seat.

But what happens inevitably, the child feels the wind in their hair, the freedom and the power that they are in balance, and they take off. And there you are, jogging along behind them, hoping and praying that they maintain that balance, but also, at the same time, celebrating the freedom that they have literally found their center point and can go exploring.
And so it is with us. You are creating miracles. You do not need to simply look to us. Now, have we given up the miracle business? No. It is part of what we like to do as well. But if you are looking for the same level of manifestations as in biblical times, you will not find it.

You will find it in different ways. You will find it in human ways. You will find it in the change of systems of governments. That is where you are finding it, because that is where you are creating it. It is magnificent.
SB: I think we’ll also find it in the transformation of the consciousness of the whole human race, Lord.
AAM: Yes, of course you will. And it is happening. You say…

SB: Indeed.

AAM: … “But, Lord, there is still war, there is still mayhem, there is still brutality.” And what I say to you is yes, there is. We are not also in a place of denial or not observing what is transpiring upon Gaia but the place of measurement. My beloved friends, how do you know that the change, the shift, the Ascension, the awakening, is taking place? It is within thee. It is within your heart, within your consciousness, even the kinds of things that you are thinking about these days — the feelings of detachment; things that we are going to speak of today — changes in your body, changes in your patterns, changes in who you are.

SB: Lord, if I can interject, you mention brutality in the world. And there have been some cases recently, very brutal cases, against women. And, first of all, I don’t understand how that could be happening in 4th dimensionality, so to speak. I mean, you know, I do understand it a wee bit. But what is this? Why is there such brutality happening against women at this time?

AAM: Because it is bringing to the forefront this issue of brutality. And you say, “Do you mean that these sweet souls, these tender beings, have offered themselves?” Well, the answer is yes and no. But certainly what it is doing is bringing to the forefront the old realm that is fading away and that has need to fade away because it does not exist, so that the brutality, particularly to women — and this is just the tip of the iceberg! — has need to shift. Because…

SB: But you mean…

AAM: … attitudes towards women have been abominable. They do not reflect the deep regard for the Divine Mother. They do not reflect the respect and honoring of the Divine Feminine in the female gender. And it does not respect the Divine Feminine in the masculine, either.

So this is being brought to the forefront for elimination. And what you are seeing is that, yes, it is brutal, we would never deny that, but what you are also seeing is the reaction to the brutality. The horror of the brutality is far greater than it has been in the past, when there have been horrendous abuses, and they have simply been ignored or overlooked or not even mentioned.

SB: Okay, Lord, thank you. I think a lot of our listeners would want me to follow up on your use of the word “tip of the iceberg.” I’m sure that may leave some listeners a little shaken. What do you mean, tip of the iceberg, Lord?
AAM: No, what I mean is it begins to speak to the role of women and the abuse of women and the ignoring of the power of women, the creative power, in a very basic way upon the planet.

SB: So, you’re not saying that there’s going to be an outbreak of even more abuse, are you? That’s not what you mean by “tip of the iceberg”?

AAM: No, I am not. No…

SB: Okay. Well, I’m vaguely…

AAM: … This simply brings it to the forefront.

SB: Right. Okay.

AAM: Because part of what the human beings do is they focus on an energy that has a great deal of trauma around it. And some of these situations that have emerged of late have been very, very traumatic. But what it does is it goes to the underpinnings. And we are not simply speaking of North America; we are speaking in all societies, all cultures, all races, where the role of women has not been fully embraced.

And part of what you are doing in this unique transition is you are anchoring the divine qualities, the higher dimensionalities, into the physical form. And so as that transition is taking place, part of that transition is bringing back the balance and the love between male and female.

You know, even in your country, in the western world, there is still — in employment, in family structure, in power structure — there is still an inequality. Now, this is a time when the qualities and the energy of the Divine Mother is being brought to the forefront. This rebirthing is also the rebirthing not just of the Divine Feminine, but in balance with the Divine Masculine.

So first there has to be a bringing up of that energy, a respect and honoring of the energy of the Divine Feminine in each and every person before it can be in balance with the Divine Masculine. So this brings attention to the fact so that that systemic shift can take place. And the systemic shift takes place again within thee.

So, how do I treat my mother, my sisters, my sisters of my heart, my teachers, the women in my life? Do I see them as they truly are? And note, I do not even say “as they deserve to be seen,” but as they truly are.

Now, the interesting part of this transition is also in order for that to take place the essence of the Divine Masculine, not in ways that have been created by illusion, but the truth of power and truth, protection, honoring, cherishing, creating, providing — all of these qualities of the Divine Masculine also have need to come up into balance, so that the acceptance of the Divine Feminine can come into balance.

So it means that the Masculine — and I am not talking male/female here, because you carry both within your divine spark. You’ve just chosen for this journey your preference for this undertaking but you carry both. Yes, you are birthed from the heart of the Mother, but you carry the spark of the Father as well.

So, when that comes into a place of security that I can embrace my masculinity, and I do not have to be in any way a power monger or in control or burdened down with a sense of being the male, or dealing with my male side, then it allows you to truly embrace, both within and around you, the Divine Feminine.

So it is this fine tuning and balancing that is taking place. Because yes, the abhorrent behavior has been perpetrated on the woman, but the perpetrator, by and large, has been the male. And that is the old paradigm of the male that also has need to go by the wayside.

So, both sides — the masculine and the feminine — are crying out for attention, to be balanced, and for this control and brutality to be eliminated. And it is within you, and that is why reading or observing, even observing in a supermarket, even observing in a school how these unbalanced behaviors take place it becomes more distasteful, uncomfortable to you. In fact, it makes you sick, literally, physically, emotionally, mentally, because that does not exist in the 5th dimension. So it is more apparent to you than ever.

SB: If I could interrupt for a sec., Lord, I think also it… it cannot…. Acts of brutality against women by men cannot fail but to dim the awareness of the man, introduce factors into his psyche that can only do harm to him. Is that not the case?

AAM: That is exactly the case. It creates harm in both the male and the female. Because what it is, it is those illusions. But you also know that when you spend time in this low vibration, that is very dark and ugly and distasteful, it brings you down. So that is what we mean when we say, increasingly, when you hear or see or read of such behaviors, your reaction is going to be stronger, because you are saying, “No, no, no, no. This is not what I want in my energy field. This is not what I participate in. This is not reflective of who I am. And this is not what is allowable in this or any society.”

SB: All right. Well, thank you, Lord. That has as much to do with a discussion of consciousness as it does with morality and spirituality. So I do appreciate that.

Turning to our main subject today, can you help us understand the many changes happening to the human body? Are we crystalline at base yet, or still carbon? What can we expect in regard to our DNA strands coming back on line, and a larger number of chakras becoming operational?

AAM: Now, what I say to you — and I give this proviso because each of you is unique, so I speak in generalities of the collective — but you are understanding that there is a bandwidth here. So, when I speak generally, I am not speaking about those who are fully, completely, blissfully anchored in the higher realms, and I am not really speaking about those who are tenaciously clinging to the old 3rd. But, by and large, your form is primarily crystalline.

There are still some, hmm, what we would call atoms, some format of carbon. If you think of your bodies as the many layers that you have, but we are talking about a physical body — and this is important for you to understand — think of it this way: that the crystalline overlay, the replacement, the re-gridding, the structure of who you are, is already there. Now, if you think of it as a construct or even a thermometer, some of you are still at the base of your spine; some of you are at your cervical area; some of you are still very low in your root. But by and large the crystalline form is there and in place, with residual carbon.

The DNA has already been reactivated, and it is coming again on line, not as one switch, but bit by bit by bit. And you are assisting as well with that. And there are qualities that you are bringing to the forefront with your DNA and with your 13 strands of DNA.

Similarly, your chakras are being activated and opened. It is still important to not forget or not ignore the daily practices that have been in place to assist these transitions for thousands and thousands of years. So what I mean by this is, for example, balancing your chakras.

And you say, “But Lord, I am a higher dimensional being now.” Well, dear heart, do not think that higher dimensional beings do not balance their chakras and their various bodies so that everything is harmonious. They do. Your star brothers and sisters, this is essential work throughout the universe. So don’t think that you are being sent back to grade school. This is simply as clear as breathing, that you open and balance. And you are feeling the activation of the new chakras and the new meridians.

And what you are doing when you are balancing, in meditation and thought, is you are bringing to the forefront the energies that are going to feed the broader opening. So it is like your physical body. If you do not feed it adequately — and let us talk about that! — then it does not operate at optimum level. So if you never drink water, never eat grain, then of course you are going to be sluggish.

Similarly, if you do not take time in your physical spiritual practice, with your energy centers, then you are saying, “Well, I don’t really care about this. I’m just going to let it take place.” And as a part of the collective, yes, it will take place, and it is taking place. And particularly my brother Raphael has his work cut out for him working with all of you! (He is very glad about it.)

But when I say to you that we are in partnership, then that partnership also assumes, includes, requires, that we do this work together.

There are parts of your brain, the human brain, even if you are hybrid or starseed; if you are in the humanoid form on Earth, not just a recruit, because there are many star beings that are on Earth and they have different mental capacities and formulations, shall we say; but if you are in a human form, there are parts of your brain that are being activated — by light, by love — that have never been activated before. It was the original plan. When the Creator Race was first formulated, it was there. But it has not been there for thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

So, for example, some of you feel as if you are — depending on how sensitive you are — that you are getting little electrical jolts in your brain, and in fact throughout your body. Because the turning of the switch — and we are not doing it all at once — but the turning up of the energy is very electrical. The sensation that you would identify is a feeling of electricity, like there is too much electricity in your head. And that is part of the activation of portions and lobes, fissures and craters of your brain that have not been used. So that is being brought forward.
And this is also in a physical reality part of your ability to create and to manifest. So that what you are finding — and I know that there are some of you who are listening this night who would say, “Well, I am not seeing this, Lord.” Well, I am asking you to pay attention and to bring the light in through your crown.

What you can tell is that the time lag between a thought and the bringing of that thought into form is shortening. So, in other words, your ability to position yourself where you wish to be in the interdimensional spectrum of space is becoming clearer, so that the time, that muddling through of positioning, is becoming shorter and shorter.

The other thing that many of you are noticing — yes, and the channel has been reticent to talk about; but here we go — is that many of you are experiencing shifts literally that you feel in your chest, in your heart, in the movement of your blood, which is blood pressure. So you are experiencing palpitations, a racing heart, a feeling of sweats, day and night sweats. They are not hormonal; they are adjustments to your grid, to your body.

Your body, your heart — many of you — is beating faster, or sometimes irregularly, simply because it is incorporating the shift in energy. It is part of that shift from the carbon to the crystalline.

Similarly, many of you — now, I do not say if you think you are having a heart attack do not attend to it; of course you will attend to it. But I am telling you part of what is happening with your body. Toxins, and particularly emotional toxins, are coming out of your body. So some of you may be experiencing skin irregularities — small cysts, yes, even small tumors — foul odors, and you are thinking, “What is going on?” Again, be vigilant, be cautious, but simply also know that what has ever been stored within your body — causal, mental, emotional — the toxins such as you were just speaking of, Steve, the toxins of observing and being in the energy of brutality, do not think this does not come into your sacred space. Yes, you use my sword and shield, but still you are affected. And you are affected because you care, because you love, because you are Nova Beings, because you are the core of caring.
So these toxins are coming out. Some of you will feel even aches in your joints and in your bones and also know that that is stored memory, particularly in the bones. Because what is happening in the bones, it is like your rocks, your mountains, they have taken memories that you have had, both collectively and also your own past lives. And if there are things within there that need to be released, and I do not only mean what you think of as debris, I mean also understandings of your talents, of your qualities, of your abilities. So if you are feeling achy in your bones, violet flame is very powerful, even though as you know I am very partial to the emerald and to the blue. But yes, any of the flames, just see that you are igniting within the core of the bone or at the base of a long bone. So, for example, close to your ankle for your shins, and allow this to be cleared. It is a time when exercise or sweating — yes, walking, saunas — are very important, because it is allowing the sweat to eliminate what is of the old realm.
So these are some of the things…. Also what you are experiencing is rejuvenation. And I can hear the collective cheer go up, all the way to heaven. Now, this does not mean that you will move from being 60 to 20 tomorrow. But what it does mean is that there is rejuvenation not only in the outer realm, but your organs, your cells. The cell of crystalline is substantially different than a carbon-based cell. It is lighter, it is brighter. It even moves in different patterns. Your scientists will get to this. Do not worry.

So you will feel more vigor. And it is also that sense that you feel that you can’t sit still, so that, yes, do your sacred practice, and be still, but then move, as you must. Many of you will find yourselves more comfortable in walking meditation. And do not make the mistake, dear hearts, that taking a walk is a meditation. A walking meditation is a practice unto itself.

So these are some of the shifts. Some of you will notice you are even growing taller. Hair color is shifting. Eyes are becoming clearer. One of the biggest issues that we are hearing about from many is about teeth, because teeth are your receptors and your transmitters. It is extremely important, and it is particularly important for those of you sweet angels who are working with the galactics and inter-galactics. So pay particular care to your teeth during this time of transition.

Is this clear, dear ones?

SB: That’s very clear. And you’re such an easy person to interview, Lord. You’ve just answered three of my questions down the line, and that’s just wonderful.

This is a question for particularly lightworkers. What is the process by which interdimensionality is restored? Is it the triggering of a DNA code, or an assimilation of energies, or some other process?

AAM: It is a combination. So you may think of it not simply as one element. So take the elements of love, which is everything, and then apply it to your ability and your willingness to be and to stay in your heart consciousness, in your heart, so, to think, to see, to be within that realm of heart consciousness. Because a huge part of this, as you put it, triggering of the interdimensionality, the multi-dimensionality, is willingness. It is an act of will. So you are saying “I will.”

Now you have a very old saying upon the planet, “I will to will thy will.” And when you do that you are referring to the Source’s will, what you think of as the Godhead. Well, this is part of what is the activation. So it is heart, it is will, and willingness, acceptance, and acceptance of the change, and then bringing it into action. It is the activation of the DNA, and it is the activation — can we say Divine activation? This is one of the places where we are still very much involved with you, not in judgment, but in assistance.

SB: Well, you’ve — if I may interject, Lord, you’ve raised a very interesting question by mentioning will, because it was by an act of will last week that I emerged from the constructed self, from the box of conditioning. It was distinctly by an act of will.

So perhaps you could talk a little bit more about how we can use our will to accomplish the goals that are before us in this time of Ascension? If that would be okay.

AAM: I would be very happy to do that. And I would like to preface what I say, because never do I wish my words to be construed as not understanding the trials, the tribulations, what you think of as struggles that so many lightworkers have experienced.

And so it is not my way to blithely say, yes, it is an act of will, and it’s up to you. So, listen to me carefully, please.

Alignment — and this is one of the reasons why we have talked and guided and asked you to pay attention to your chakras, to your meridians — that alignment of your will with the will is part and parcel, not only of interdimensionality, of raising the frequency. And we cannot give you much more frequency or vibration attunements without blowing your circuits; you are maxxed!

So, now you are saying, “I want, I will, to do this.” Now, you know in common usage that you use this word will all the time. “Oh, on Thursday I will go to the grocery store.” “Oh, I will see you on Saturday, so it’s all right.” That is very different, and each of you knows. Go into your hara, into your solar plexus, and join it with your heart as if this is one giant portal — because your chakras are portals — and remember the time. And there have been many times for each of you in this lifetime when you have said, not only to us but to yourself, “I will do this. I will do this if it is the last thing on Earth I do.”

And when that has come to pass, it is because it is a higher vibration. It is you claiming your ability to effect change, shift, in interdimensional reality. Very seldom do declarations of will that are of the lower vibrations — they don’t stick, they don’t hold. But a true decision, a heart decision joined with your center for will is powerful, because it catapults you within and throughout the universe into a different reality.

You have all had moments where you said, ‘I just got through by sheer willpower.” Willpower. And this is part of true power, in the sense of Divine power, infinite power, eternal power. It is using your spark to direct yourself, not another, but yourself.

We have repeatedly said to thee that Gaia is anchored in the 5th; therefore, beloved ones, your feet are in the 5th. But what you are doing is you are waiting for all the attunements, all the package, all the restructuring, and then to simply stand up and declare a new day. But what we are saying to thee, how this can be achieved, for yourselves and there, by ripple effect for the collective, is through an act of will. You have to will yourself. And seldom will I say you have to do anything, because that is not my role.

You have to will yourself to let go of those illusions of the old. They don’t serve you. They limit you. They hurt you. And then you turn to us and you say, “Lord, I am hurting. I am bereft. I am depressed. I am disappointed. Please help.”

We never turn away from you, but we are giving you, in this moment, a tool — well, it is more than a tool; it is an activation. Turn on the will. Accept your power to change. And I do not mean to color your hair or lose five pounds or move somewhere or get new jobs; I mean fundamental change that will shift everything, within you and on your planet. And far beyond.

Lord Jesus Sananda has said to you this year would involve change and acceptance of that change. Acceptance means that you will take it and work with it and go forward in it.

Now, if you need a jumpstart, we are here. If you say to me, to Gabrielle, to the Mother/Father/One, “I think I have lost my will,” — and I have heard you; I have heard many of you say, “Yeah, I think I have lost my will to live,” — then ask, ask for that jumpstart, but be willing to accept it. It may feel irregular, like the palpitations of the heart. It may feel momentarily uncomfortable as you let the old go, because it is the known.

We know that we are asking you to venture into the unknown, but you also know that. And you are yearning for that. So this will be the partnership. So yes, will plays a very strong role in this shifting reality.

SB: Thank you, Lord. I sometimes think of awakening the will as similar to stamping my foot. But I would like to squeeze in one last question before — oh! it’s too late. Let’s see if I can do it quickly.

Those people who come from the higher dimensions, as most of us do, is it a fragment of their higher dimensional self that incarnates, or the whole of it?

AAM: You are bringing in the whole of it. That is part of what is taking place with the activation.

SB: Okay. Thank you, Lord. That was a very interesting hour, and I thank you very much.

AAM: Go with my love, and go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Farewell, Lord.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 04-15-13