575469_311126035624982_179181975486056_759054_1209372089_nEarly this morning as I sat quietly at my desk wondering what wish to send out to each of you that would touch your heart on one of my favorite days of the year – and the COL’s all time bestest day ever. I was nudged to look at my archives and post this Valentine’s message of 2006.

7 years later and the message doesn’t change- it expands – it morphs but the Love is still there and my heart wish for each of you to feel my love grows every day. We are united.
Today we stand up and declare our love for Gaia on Nova Earth Day – this day of Love and celebration. Happy Valentine’s Day Gaia. We love you, xxxx Linda

Hi There,
I want to wish each and every one of you Happy St. Valentine’s Day. This is a day of great celebration for the Council of Love, the one day that Love is celebrated upon Earth. Take time today to truly anchor in the Love of who you are, in your connection to the Love of All, as well as the community of Earth – from flower to animal to the entire planet. Take a minute to send and receive heartfelt Love and acknowledgement from the human beings who share this planet with you in stewardship.

There is a great deal taking place upon the planet at this time for all of us. In the next several weeks I will be talking to you about the Cities of Light project, what it means to Go Through The Portal; the Nova grid of humanity; of the themes of peace and joy – or the lack thereof; and most exciting, the new information I have been receiving about Archangel Michael’s Peace Initiative.

But just for today – for these few precious days, let us take time to celebrate Love, within and without. In keeping with that I have posted the messages on Nova Earth and Nova Being, each with a special gift for your heart. Love – it really is what makes the world go round. Happy Valentine’s my dear friends.