Let us talk frankly and with open hearts and open minds that allows us, not only to heal, but to eliminate what are misconceptions or expectations that have no place in this sacred union, that have no place in a love relationship…your being has expanded and so your capacity to give, to receive, to experience and to use the energy of love to create the experiences you desire, the life you desire, is greater than ever…

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening. It’s a pleasure to be with you tonight, I’m GD. Our guest tonight is St. Germaine and we’ll be discussing a topic or topics that I’m sure everyone can connect with at some level and that is about Relationships and Sacred Unions. And some of what we hope to cover tonight includes talking about the challenges many lightworkers have had with their significant others; what we do when we feel our relationships aren’t working; how we stay in a high vibrational place when our partner is critical and unloving or that’s our experience of them. And we’ll speak to the desire of bringing that special someone in our lives but maybe not experiencing that. So if you’d like to join us tonight the number to call is 323-784-9697 and once you’re in the studio just press #1 and Suzanne will do her best to bring you in on the conversation so you can share your comments and questions. Linda, hi.

Linda Dillon: Hi there, hi everybody, it’s good to be back and yes Graham, I think we have a firecracker of a show for tonight. St. Germaine has been with me for the last…oh, actually all day and I was surprised actually when he was the one when you and I were chatting about tonight’s show and the topic, I was a little surprised when St. Germaine stepped forward and said that he would be our special guest, you know because we don’t tend to think of St. Germaine, or at least I don’t tend to think, let me correct that, of St. Germaine in terms of relationships and love relationships. But he was very quick to remind me that he has lived on Earth, many times and for hundreds of years, and he certainly knows what it’s like to be in a relationship, but also as a Master that brings us the energy of the Violet Flame, which is the energy of not only the I AM but of transmutation, that he can help us heal our relationships, our sacred other and ourselves.

So he was being very expressive in saying he’s been on the battlefield. And that’s what I’ve been hearing from a lot of people, I’m not just hearing from people who, you know, in the regular scheme of things in my work, in my private work, my individual work, I will hear about people who are going through difficulties in their relationship or through a divorce or separation or yearning for a relationship,. But the change in theme, and I always use my rule of three, but my gosh, in the last week it’s been at least one a day, of people who are lightworkers and who are saying “I’m in this great relationship and we are both on track and we are both committed, perhaps in different ways and in different expressions, but we’re both committed to our spiritual journey and to our relationship and the love is there, but we are just having a hard time. We are picking at each other, we are missing each other, we are not communicating the way we do.” So this just seemed like a really timely subject for us to sort of lay it all out and talk about.

GD: So when you say “missing each other” you mean not in alignment, not resonating…?

LD: I mean not in alignment. You know when you talk with somebody and you talk past them rather than to them or they talk to you and it’s like you haven’t the foggiest notion what they are talking about?

GD: Well, geez, this is one of those topics that we could have a whole show on every week and still not cover it…

LD: You’re right…

GD: So we probably want to get going and I’m really grateful for this theme of tonight’s show. I certainly, as I know probably all of us, can really resonate with a lot of what we will talk about tonight, so a really great and timely topic. Would you like to start us…..

LD: We’ve all been there.

GD: Oh gosh, and we still are. (Laughter.) Would you like to start us off with a meditation?

LD: I think that’s a great idea. Thank you. So make yourself comfortable and you should be used to this routine by now, so feel yourself relaxing and falling deeper into the chair or the floor or the cushion or the sofa or your bed, wherever it is you are listening to us, joining with us, and feel the day slipping away, all the demands of work, of home, of family, of your ‘to do list’ and feel yourself sinking into your heart and being fully present. And feel that Tri-Flame, that beautiful even combination of the Blue Diamond and the Pink Diamond and the Gold Diamond. Now take a nice, deep breath of the most vibrant purple you have ever seen, the color of purple pansies, of chrysanthemums, of iris and gladiolas, that beautiful purple of Easter and feel yourself sink into it.

Tonight we’re going to work, not just with the gentle violet or the softer lilac but that brilliant, rambunctious purple. And feel that energy around your crown as if you’re wearing a crown of purple candles and feel your crown chakra opening. This is your connection to your guides, to the I AM, to the universe. And feel that energy of golden light, of white light and of this beautiful laser purple coming down and activating your pituitary, your hypothalamus, your pineal gland.

A lot of the work we’re doing right now is the expansion and awakening of parts of our brain and our glandular systems that we haven’t used before. So feel this vibrant color of resurrection coming down into your throat, merging with your blue, down into your high heart and your heart and feel that purple flame, that wonderful Violet Flame of St. Germaine join your Tri-Flame for tonight. Let it ignite. Down into your solar plexus, your umbilical, your sacral, your pubic, your root, down to the tip of your tailbone and feel your central column being filled with this wonderful light, the color of grape juice. And breathe in purple and go into your heart and feel that presence and allow yourself to be…

St. Germaine: Greetings, I AM St. Germaine.

GD: Welcome brother and friend.

St.G: Welcome to you and welcome to all of you and I am honored and pleased that you have accepted my invitation and therefore extended yours that I join you this night to speak about relationships, to speak about soul friends, soul mates, soul family, sacred union, spouses, sweet hearts, to speak about your perceptions, your expectations, your misconceptions. This is a time of the expansion of love and yes the growth of the human heart in ways that have never been possible upon this beautiful planet of Gaia. And as you grow and change and expand who is the best mirror for you except your beloved one? So is it smooth? No, not always. Is it easy? I never said that. But is it worth it? Is it worth the effort to extend and hold on to love? It is the only commodity, the only currency; that is the treasure chest that is worth holding onto, exploring and cherishing. Know that to be with your sacred other, regardless of the form it takes, is a sacred trust and it is a bond of the heart and a choice and a decision of the heart and mind that if you allow and if you surrender cannot be broken; not through death, not through separation, certainly not through misunderstanding. Yes there are distances and separations that are perceived on one, through the exercise of free choice, chooses to not engage and we would like to discuss that as well. But even those kinds of choices and decisions, my friend, do not destroy the love, not unless you choose to let go of it. And of course, that will never be my guidance. There are times when one must step back and one must let go because one is leaving, transitioning, leaving human form, or choosing to go on a separate journey, but that does not break the bond.

So let us talk about this in earnest tonight, let us talk about it frankly and with open hearts and open minds that allows us, not only to heal, but to eliminate what are misconceptions or expectations that have no place in this sacred union, that have no place in a love relationship. Now that does not mean there is not mirroring and reciprocity, sharing and unity, but I would suggest to you that expectations play a very different role than that. So my friends, I am anxious to get going. Where do you wish to begin?

GD: Well, such a rich topic tonight and so grateful for you to be here with us as we discuss this and talk about this. I can’t imagine there are many people listening tonight that certainly can’t relate to this topic on some level. And I think about those who are in our lives that we consider significant others and I really like to think about how we, with our significant others, agreed in advance, prior to incarnation, as a part of one’s soul family, to come on Earth to help each other grow, to experience and to explore. And that that’s a soul contract that we have put in place and to realize and understand that there are times, there comes a point when even though the relationship remains intact, when we leave Earth at some level, that there may be a time where we will transition out of the relationship as we’ve known it; while the love may remain intact at some level, the form changes.

And so it gives me some peace to think about those who do transition, who do leave their physical forms, when there are changes in a relationship, when relationships fall apart, because often times we think of failure around that or we of “Oh my gosh, I’ve gone through a divorce and how awful” if we can pull ourselves from that and be more objective and look at it from a higher perspective we can see the real blessings and the gifts there and the learning. That’s a lot that I’ve shared there, but is there anything that’s coming up for you in response to that?

St.G: Yes, and I want to also bring to the forefront that there are natural transitions in relationships. And I, as human being upon the planet, had experienced many of them. But then there are also those situations where you believe that you are at war, or falling out of love, or misunderstanding or misconstruing your partner. And you feel adrift and lost and bereft because you do not feel on the same page, you do not feel that they see you or value you the way you wish to be seen or valued, and you are not seeing them in the way they wish to be known, seen, and valued, cherished no matter what.

And there are those situations where I also say to you, and we all would, persevere, because you are learning so much and you are learning so much not just about your partner, but about yourself, about what you are clearing, about what your ‘buttons’ are, about what your tolerance levels are, and about how you can cherish, nourish and value yourself no matter what. So there are times in a relationship and let me suggest to you, I would never recommend or guide you to stay indefinitely in a relationship that was not nurturing, kind, gentle and sweet. But there are also periods of time within a relationship when discord will arise and I will say to you “Stick with it, persevere because you are learning, you are expanding and it is going to be fruitful.” So there are both ends of this and there is the underlying code that, regardless of which way you go, you do not relinquish the love.

GD: A lot of lightworkers are experiencing their significant others, their partners, not on the same page when it comes to their understanding about the significance of 2012, earth changes, the New Age that’s coming about, Ascension and the presence of our star brothers and sisters. What would you like to say to lightworkers who are in that position and perhaps also if there’s a convenient segue to speak to how do we stay in a high vibrational place when our partner is critical or unloving?

St.G: You have an advantage, my friend, because you have broader understanding and one of the aspects or elements of that broader understanding is also the full knowledge of how much, not only your being which we have pointed out to you, your fields are massive, but your hearts and your consciousness have been expanding, exploding. So when I say “You have an advantage” you also know that regardless of their dismissive, critical, unbelieving attitudes, perhaps their chiding or teasing at your beliefs, you are still penetrating them. Not only are they being penetrated from the heart of Mother/Father/One, their star brothers and sisters, the entire planet Gaia herself, but you are penetrating them more closely than anyone because you are in intimacy. And I do not simply mean physical intimacy; I mean the intimacy of heart and of space and this am particularly true if you are co-habituating, if you are under the same roof. So that you have this understanding that they are slightly, perhaps behind and it is somewhat like a child who is in grade 3 and has learned to read, just barely, and doesn’t understand why you want them to go on a reading program, they already know how to read: what’s your problem?

I ran into this all the time and I have often found that there is nothing better than friends, a good meal, and a good bottle of wine to resolve this. And it is true, it does not need to be alcoholic wine, although it can be, you are the masters of transmutation. Know this. You are already, mostly, in the 5th dimension. You have the ability to transmit energy directly into the heart of the person who does not understand.

Now, does this sound like I am putting the responsibility on your shoulders? Yes, because I am. But I am not putting it totally on your shoulders because we cannot, in or out of human form, interfere with the free will, whether it is of your spouse, your partner, or your beloved one a million miles away. But you can beam to them, you can connect to them energetically in ways that they are not aware of and it will begin to shift them. So that is part of the reason that they are in your life. Yes, you have mentioned soul contracts, dear friend, dear Graham, and they are playing their role too, and in many of these instances, particularly when they are critical or dismissive or just plain unloving, uncaring so that you feel devalued, that you feel what you have committed your heart and soul to has no value in their eyes, in their estimations. First of all, think what they are missing, so it is a huge opportunity for compassion. But it would also be remiss if I did not say and acknowledge how this hurts your heart, how you look at this person you love and you shake your head and your heart quivers and you say “How can you not see me? Because this isn’t just about what I believe externally, it is about your trust in me.”

When I decided to sail across the oceans, yes as Christopher Columbus, and many still believed the world was flat, they thought I was an ignorant fool, an adventurer without a brain. My beloved friend and ally and yes, a soul connection, Isabella would say to me “Are you sure?” Not because she wished to dismiss me, she had faith in me, she funded me, but because she didn’t want to lose me; she was afraid.

And so often when your partners are dismissive of you, or downright cruel, understand they are coming from a place of fear, they think that you are sailing off into the sunset on a flat Earth and you are going to fall and hurt yourself. And they are afraid that they will be left alone and they will be bereft and they are too fearful to follow you.

Now also some of this discord that we are seeing amongst lightworker couples is because you are both expanding and clearing and you are not doing so at exactly the same rate, you are not twined and each of you has your own history, your multitude of lives and experiences that you are clearing and it is not always harmonious. And that is why you have to return and return and return and cling to the love because that is all that counts.

But I do not wish to go on; I wish to open to people.

GD: I love the reference that you made when you were on Earth as Christopher Columbus and thinking about today’s wayshowers, today’s lightworkers, and how you then stepped into the unknown, holding your head high with faith, with courage, going against the common understandings of the world at that time and going against many recommendations, I’m sure of many, and following your intuition. And that’s how I see wayshowers are today, wouldn’t you say?

St.G: Yes that is correct and let me tell you, there were times when I was miserably lost (Laughter) and we still kept going because we knew we would arrive somewhere new, exotic, and unknown, that we would find a passage. And let me also tell you, just like you, all of you, I was up for the adventure.

GD: Beautiful. Well let’s bring on Jean from California. Jean, welcome to the show. How are you tonight? Jean, can you hear us?

Jean: Yes.

GD: Hello, welcome. What is your question or comment tonight?

Jean: Hi, good evening. Well, I wanted to ask beloved St. Germaine, I have a question about people coming into life and choosing different sexuality, like they’re gay in one lifetime and maybe straight in the other. I heard that it takes a few lifetimes for that to clear or I didn’t know if that was something that could be chosen differently each time. I’ve come across someone that I know and I know that we’ve known each other, when you know someone from another time and place it’s instantaneous, it’s like there was never any separation. And there’s this strange little dynamic going, yet supposedly I’m trying to honor him but it’s…well, he’s going to be my friend either way, but it’s a bit confusing for me. So I was wondering if he had a comment to that?

St.G: First of all, my beloved friend, there is nothing to clear; let’s be clear on that. Let us begin there. I return you back to your heart and your heart does not lead you astray. Yes, of course, you have known each other in other lifetimes and I say this to you but I also say it to many of the listeners and there is not one person upon the planet that has not chosen, oh to experiment, to be male, to be female, to be heterosexual, to be homosexual, to be gay, to be lesbian, to be complete monk or asexual, you have tried it all.

And so, of course what happens also is that there is bleed-through. And so the bleed-through effects how the interaction goes. And when soul mates, soul friends, soul partners find one another, that attraction, when it is physical, is an indication to you that it is intended to be a full connection, otherwise you don’t get set up that way. So, is it possible that you can be gay and heterosexual and bisexual at the same time? Absolutely. It is called experimentation, it is also called adventure, it is also called the joy of being alive.

GD: Jean, thank you very much for your call tonight. I have a question from another listener who asked about being married or being in partnership, but then experiencing a very strong connection and maybe even attraction to another person and wondering about what’s going on there, and I have my own thoughts around that, and how to deal with it. Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share?

St.G: Yes I do. First of all none of you came into the Earth or onto the Earth with simply one soul mate or one soul friend, one potential for partner. Because of the element of free will that ‘dragon’ called choice, which we have all wrestled with and felt the fiery breath of, so none of us came forward with only one unique partner. Yes, in the case of twin flames it very often happens that you will end up together, but not necessarily in partnership; it can be several configurations.

Very often what will happen when one of your other choices, can we say that, shows up, you will feel that intensity of attraction and you will feel yourself drifting towards that person, yearning and wanting to connect on several layers with that new person, that other individual, and sometimes it is not even a new person, it is a person that you have known for many years and all of a sudden there is a flame burning brightly.

What it is telling you is several things: First of all it is telling you what you are yearning for, what you are wishing to create in partnership, whether it is with the existing spouse or partner or with the new person. It is telling you that there is something vitally missing from the combination that you want in your relationship. Now if you choose to explore then you must do so in integrity and honor, never deceit. So what it means is being honest and forthright, not only with your spouse, but with yourself and then exploring with your spouse what is missing?

Why have we not come together in this way that I am yearning for? And perhaps it is something that you are not able or willing to give to one another. And if that is the case, is what you have sufficient? Is it precious enough to you to continue on? Or does you heart lead you elsewhere? Or is that person, that other choice, that other soul mate, that has shown up and manifested, creating these sparks and these yearnings, are they just showing you what you deserve? Have they come to act as a catalyst for you so that you can course correct? Because it is not ever really about the other person or even your partner, your spouse, your significant other, it is about you and it is about what you are choosing to create and experience and heal.

Now as I am talking tonight, as I am rambling tonight, I am also sending across these airwaves to every lonely heart, to every bereft heart, to every heart that has said and cried “Why am I not being loved?” and “Why am I not being loved in the way I desire?” and “Why am I not loving in the way I desire?”, I am sending you my healing.

My beloved friends, you are so deeply loved but I know there is nothing within the human experience that is richer than being in this sacred union of partnership. So do not turn away, course correct, reset your sails and go forward.

GD: Before I bring on other callers, it a really good segue to speak to those who have really desired to have a special person in their lives but haven’t been able to experience that. What would you like to say around that?

St.G: You mean apart from writing a tragedy? because for some it is not simply a pat answer. For many who have been yearning for their perfect partner, they have also been perfecting themselves, clearing, raising vibration, entering the place where they truly feel that they are prepared to fully embrace and there are many of you who have done the work and who are waiting and say to yourself every night and to me, “Where is he or she?”

Well for many of you they are on the other side of Ascension. Secondly for many of you they are actually onboard ship or in other dimensions. And then there is another aspect to this, when you have found the person that is your sacred other and they simply will not chance that engagement, that embrace, that is the saddest situation of all – when one does not choose love. But what I say to you, my wayshowers, my gatekeepers, my pillars, my friends, I will say to you exactly what I have said when we have sat and shared bread and wine, I will say “Don’t give up, please, but take the appropriate action.”

Too often you are seeking perfection. Can you not accept that perfection comes as a process and a work in progress? Be truthful and honest with yourself about what you are willing to compromise and give on. You have an expression that I am very familiar with about kissing a lot of frogs…but the frogs are the cleansers and there are many, many princesses and queens and princes who perhaps you have not looked at because you have not looked deeply enough.

So throw open those gates to your heart, not even the window, but the portal, completely. Call out, not in desperation but in play, invite your sacred other to come and be with you and then go out as I have, explore the planet, and find them.

GD: And just to reiterate I’m hearing from you that many will experience their love partner, their partner that they have been dreaming about and wishing for as the Ascension process kicks in in earnest and that would be toward the end of this year. So it might not happen on January 1st but certainly the gates will open up to that possibility.

St.G: And it is already opening, let me be very clear about that too. Many who have been frustrated in their relationships are seeing the opening, it’s in their partners, they’re seeing the glimmers of hope and of light. So yes, persistence really does pay off.

GD: I’d like to bring on Judy from Michigan. Welcome Judy, what’s your question or comment tonight?

Judy: I do see the glimmers of hope that I have spent half my life in situations where there is almost distain. I have used angels, I am a lightworker, I return to love every day. But it is hard for me to recover and I know I’m not the only one. I can have blissful energy doing my own work and the work for the planet and when I am taken down by criticism and the unloving nature, I go to miserable energy and it’s hard for me to recover physically because I sometimes become ill. It’s hard for me to recover emotionally. I said “Angels help me” but there is the residual pain and then my energy field changes and that hurts everything. Any ideas you have about course correction?

St.G: Yes, and obviously this dog also has opinions, he feels your pain and so do I. When I say persistence also know that I am not talking about endurance and there is a difference because I would ask none of you, none of you to spend years and decades in pain. When I say to persist, particularly now because your energy fields are so big, so strong, so vital, I do not mean to put yourself in a position where you are consistently and constantly dismissed, where the feeling of love does not glimmer up, at least, no not just now and then, but consistently, that you look at that person in the eyes, heart to heart, and you see the love that is there and then you say “Oh, this is worth it.” If all you ever see is the dismissive, unloving, uncaring, then I ask you to heal and then leave. It is not a contract that you have need, ever, to stay in pain. So you take the love that you have had for this person and you hold it in your heart, you cherish it always, but you do not keep yourself in an abusive situation that tears you down day after day, let me be clear. Does it take bravery and courage, fortitude to walk away from one that you know and love but who does not return, in any way, this love? Yes it does. But I can help you and I can help you heal as can your angels and the Mighty Ones. You deserve joy, you all deserve joy. So if there is no joy, no expression of love, no coming together, then we support you in leaving.

Judy: Thank you, bless you.

St.G: Farewell.

GD: Thank you for your call tonight, Judy. Chelsea from Florida, welcome to the show.

Chelsea: Hello, yes hi, how are you doing tonight?

GD: I’m doing well. What’s your question or comment?

Chelsea: OK…I have a new phone so there might be problems with it. My question was “Is it possible to discuss a topic that I’d like to discuss?” .… (Inaudible)

GD: Is it on relationships? Tell you what, I want to put you on hold, I want to focus on the topic of relationships for now, but stay with us and I’d love to come back to you…we have a show of limited time and there are a fair amount of questions around this pretty important and timely topic for folks. So, please stay on and our connection with you isn’t that great so maybe you can reposition yourself and we can be in a better place to receive your call.

One thing that you mentioned earlier St. Germaine is that now on Earth we are able to experience love like never before on the planet. Can you speak to that some more, please?

St.G: Your being has expanded and so your capacity to give, to receive, to experience and to use the energy of love to create the experiences you desire, the life you desire, is greater than ever. So that is what I am talking about. As your capacity for energy is growing, so is your love frequency and so is your capacity to give and to receive love and that is also part of what the light-holders and the love-holders are experiencing. They have expanded their capacity to receive love and then they look around and say “Well where is it?” First you love yourself and fill yourself with love and then fill your partner until they are overflowing and brimming at the top. That will act as a catalyst for the return of love. Now I am not suggesting that you simply become insensitive to your own needs or put your own desires aside; that does not work.

GS: You’ve lived on Earth and you have ascended and so you have the experience and the reference of knowing 3D emotions and behaviors that are not of a higher vibration and experiencing the higher vibrational paradigm where love and peace is the theme. And as we ascend and follow that road, can you give us a taste of what a high vibrational, higher dimensional love relationship looks like?

St.G: It looks very close to what you already have. It is non-judgmental, it is embracing, it is caring, it is kind, it is gentle, it is expansive, it wants to explore. There is a tendency, and it is something that we in the different realms truly honor because we fully know one another and yet still wish to explore, expand, and know each other even more, particularly in sacred union. But we also honor the uniqueness of one another. We do not need to be mirrors and twins consistently and always. And while we are still in a unity consciousness and a unity grid, the position of the individual being is honored, respected. So it is not that we go exploring each other without invitation, and sometimes that is the difficulty in your realm, I know because you say “Tell me about yourself. I want to know all about you. Oh, and by the way, I want you to know all about me.” And the person is not ready and you force the issue. I know, I have done it while in form. And then you scare them away, they back up, they run away and you are there shaking your head and saying “But I just wanted to get closer.”

So as in music and in the music of the spheres and the music of relationships, timing, dear heart, is very important. What you do not hear in the higher dimensions or the different dimensions is that word ‘no’ or ‘but’ or ‘maybe.’ It really does not have any purpose because the answer is always ‘yes’, it is just accommodating each other in the kindest, gentlest, most nurturing way. And what you find is as you nurture each other, you nurture yourself. So that pressure, that sense of ‘we’ve got to get to the meat of this’, is gone. That sense of neediness is gone. That sense of ‘I really want you to see who I am’ is gone because it is known and it is valued, it is cherished.

GD: As Shakespeare you’ve written much on love and relationships, sacred unions, is there one particular piece that you’ve done that you find is most appropriate for this discussion tonight?

St.G: Yes. So often the humans, of which I am guilty, think of themselves and wish to think of themselves as Romeo and Juliet, star crossed lovers with tragic endings, fighting authority and following their hearts. Think of yourself that way because you are. It does not end in tragedy, it ends in union. It does not end in death, it ends in love. Farewell my friends.

GD: Thank you so much for visiting with us tonight. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon