…you are the holder of hope…it has always been the hope that no matter how bleak it appears or how hard the pathway seems to be, there is hope and there is trust and that you are the fierce protector and that nothing gets past you…you are the gentle teacher, you are the strongest of the strong and the softest, you are the juxtaposition and the balance….

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m GD. Our guest today is Mary Magdalene and we’ll be discussing the nature of the Divine Feminine in form from the 3rd to the 7th dimension and you’re welcome to join in on the conversation; in fact, we’d be delighted to have you join us. If you call 323-784-9697 and Suzanne in the studio will take your call and we will do our best to get you on in the studio.

We have a couple of announcements firstly, since we had the show last week; first, the InLight Radio team, the whole team, and lots of other volunteers, about 20 total, last Friday released the Disclosure video titled “I know my Galactic Family is here. Do you?” and it’s been overwhelming received, very positively. In less than a week we’ve had just under 90,000 you tube views and we encourage you to watch it, if you haven’t done so already, the link is on the show page. We’ve been really excited to get this out and it’s all about sharing and announcing that our star brothers and sisters are here and they’re here in peace, they’re here to help us out as we bring in the new earth.

And we also have another announcement; the Sedona Conference that we’ve been talking about has sold out. And so in response to that and in response to the demand, we are going to be staying a little longer in Sedona at the end of October and will be doing another Conference, back to back. It will include the 12 speakers, the theme will be “Preparing for Ascension” just like the first one and the dates are October 30th, 31st, and November 1st and the link to get more information, including how to purchase tickets is also on the show page today. So there’s a link for the video and a link on the show page, but Linda, you’ve been so intimately part of both of these efforts, the video and of course the Conference, the whole InLight Radio team will be there along with others. Do you have anything else you’d like to say about these items?

Linda Dillon: I think you’ve covered it, Graham. We’ve just been cranking on a number of projects and especially you who have been the driving force behind the Disclosure video and so it has been seen all over the world, I mean the comments and the feedback to all of us has been phenomenal. Right now it’s in the process of being translated into how many languages Graham?

GD: Well we’re looking at 39.

LD: I love it. And so, you know, I just think it’s one of those situations where it has really…it’s time. And rather than looking outside of our circle it’s important that we look to each other to make these, not only announcements and conferences, but these massive disclosures of change. And to come together and not wait on what we think of as traditional authority but to really take the reigns because this is our show, this is our Ascension.

GD: Indeed. It’s about the people stepping up, average citizens of Earth, not average but people like everyone listening tonight and you and me taking the initiative and standing up and co-creating that what we choose to bring into our lives and for Gaia, for Earth, and for all beings and really for the galaxy and the universe. So, exciting times indeed, and so, yeah you’re right, the InLight Radio team with a whole host of a lot of other people involved have been really been doing some wonderful, wonderful work.

Last week on Heavenly Blessings Jesus was with us and we talked about being masculine in the 5th dimension and higher, what does that mean and the transition from being male in the 3rd to the higher dimension and tonight we’ll be balancing that out as we talk about the Divine Feminine. Linda, is there anything you’d like to speak to around that?

LD: I was thrilled when Jesus and Mary Magdalene indicated that she would be the guest this week. I know from chatting with people is that so many people have a very deep heart connection with Mary Magdalene and how she is called, when I channel her anyway, the Magdalena. Because I think one of the reasons that we feel so close to her is her humanness, is the fact that she has been in human skin and human family situations and drama and all of that and really risen above it. So I think we often feel with many of the Ascended Ones that we can’t quite relate, that they’re sort of more evolved and further along their path. But with Mary Magdalene I think we can really feel that sense, even though she is an Ascended One, but we just feel that sense that she’s ours, she’s one of ours. And of course when we’re talking about the energy of the Divine Feminine, just like last week we were talking about the energy of the Divine Masculine, we’re really talking about all of us, men and women, coming to that place of balance, to that place of stillness, the fulcrum point in-between the male and the female and accepting and embracing both aspects within ourselves, and what that means in a whole new, different way.

GD: Indeed, indeed. Thanks for speaking to that. Linda, I wanted to share with people listening tonight what we were joking around about this morning when we were meeting as a team and the funny little hats that…just to describe to people listening tonight, we were talking about the funny little hats that have the little propeller on the top that you can spin around and we were saying, “Geez, maybe we need those for Ascension to just help us with our liftoff here”, so just sharing a little bit of funny humor. We were having some fun visualizing that and thinking about that.

LD: Like a Howdy Doody hat…no, I’m really serious…unless you have one of those hats you don’t get to Ascend…(laughter)

GD: We were kidding around that maybe they would fun giveaways at the conference. Don’t expect them folks, we were just kidding around, but as you were talking about Ascended Beings and of course everything we’re doing right now is certainly connected to the Ascension process as we move to higher realms, higher dimensions and different paradigms. Well, should we start with a meditation?

LD: Let’s, lets. So everybody take a nice, deep breath of the most beautiful pink rose you’ve ever seen and bring it in through your nose, out through your mouth and as you’re following your breath feel yourself sinking into your heart, anchoring into the pink of your tri-flame, into that beautiful golden pink. And feel yourself anchoring in your own divinity, in your own mastery, in your own physical form, here, fully present on Gaia expanding and growing, embracing and honoring the fullness of your sacred self. So feel your neck, your jaw, your shoulders, your lungs, your hips relax as you sink into the chair, the bed, the sofa, or the floor as we take this time together to explore, to learn and grow and just to be together to share the love. Now take another deep breath of that beautiful pink, of cotton candy, of the perfect sunset, a baby’s blanket, of the roses in a baby’s cheeks and simply be and allow as I step aside…

GD: Beautiful, thank you Linda.

Mary Magdalene: Greetings, I AM Mary Magdalene.

GD: Welcome.

MM: Welcome to you, welcome to each of you dear hearts, dear friends, old friends, new friends. Welcome, welcome my beloved journeyers, journeyers not wanderers, for you are upon your sacred path and it is the sacred path not only of oneness, of unity, of connectedness, of balance, it is not only the path of love, it is your sacred journey, it is your sacred path. And it is a pathway that always has need to be acknowledged and honored and embraced. It is my pleasure, my joy to be with you this night. Yes, I am supported this evening by many, by my beloved Yeshua, by James, by Archangel Michael and Gabrielle, by the Universal Mother and Father because I always have been as are you sweet ones.

My journey on Earth was a journey of joy and a journey of growth and discovery, of becoming and allowing and letting go. Was there pain and sorrow and moments of despair? Yes. Simply to be in union with Yeshua was a divine gift. It was not the whole of my life the same way as having my children and as you have yours is not the whole of your life. But did it give definition, purpose, framework, the deepest meaning and joy? Yes, yes it was what my life led up to and it was the meaning that remained with me until such time as I passed from the earthly realm. I was trained and prepared for this journey most of my life and I was trained in the sacred ways of ritual, of ceremony. I was very much what you would think of, in your terms these days, as a channel, as one who communicated clearly and continually with Spirit. And it was certainly what made my life bearable after the departure of Yeshua.

But I come this night to speak of the embrace of the Divine Feminine and I am honored to do so. But I speak to your hearts not simply of my experience, but of yours. And I speak not only to thee, my beautiful sisters, I speak to you, the brothers of my heart as well. There are too many of you who do not embrace the fullness of being female, of being in the feminine form, even though that is what you have chosen and selected prior to your return even though you have deep connection to the Universal Mother and have forever. The embrace of the Divine Feminine is not simply the embrace of the divine qualities of being the nurturer, the mover, the creator, the caretaker, the birther. It is also reveling, luxuriating in your human body, this magnificent form that has been created as the perfect prototype, the reflection of the Divine Mother. You hold the energy of birthing, of creation, you bring creation energy into thee, literally and figuratively, and you hold that and you grow that and you nourish that and you love that and then you birth it into the physical reality of Gaia. And I mean this of both genders because it is the blend and balance of energies that you are working with.

Yes, I am partial and yes, I know to be in feminine form is a sacred blessing; there are no two ways about this. And the evolution and the revolution of what is considered to be the embodiment, the expression of the Divine Feminine has actually changed very little. I was considered a rebel-rouser, a revolutionary, sometimes irreverent, often misrepresented just as you are. To be in balance with your Divine Feminine does never mean to be a shrinking violet. Are there times when you stand back and become the blessed observer? Yes. But you are equal partner, always, and you are the caretakers, the stewards, the nourishers of the children, of the families. Yes, not simply financially, for that is not what I speak of, although for many of you that has been your pathway.

But you are the holder of hope. That is what you relay to other women, to men, to children, to your star brothers and sisters, to Gaia, and it is exactly what she reflects back to you. And it has always been the hope that no matter how bleak it appears or how hard the pathway seems to be, there is hope and there is trust and that you are the fierce protector and that nothing gets past you. You are the gentle teacher, you are the strongest of the strong and the softest, you are the juxtaposition and the balance. It is time in this time of Ascension; it is truly a time of embodying in physical form this quality of your Divine Feminine self. And there is nothing that I would love to do more than to assist you in this. You would say to me “Magdalena, what advise do you have for me?” And the advice would be to know all the rules, all the customs, all the belief systems, and then break them! Have the courage to do what you know is truth and to express your love gently and in outrageous ways. Free yourself to be the love, and to love yourself because you cannot support each other and your community and this beloved planet unless that love for yourself is completely unconditional so that no matter who says what about you, who wishes to speak ill of you or stone you, that you can stand tall and still because you are the truth. You not only know the truth and embody the truth, you are the truth. Is this easy? No, and it never has been; but it is always, always worth it, the reward is infinite. Bring your questions, your troubles, your dreams to me. Let me help you for I am truly a hand-maiden of the Lord.

GD: Thank you dear Mary. Thank you for being with us tonight and for your wonderful, wise words. And I know that’s an open invitation, not just for tonight but beyond tonight and ongoing in terms of your invitation to assist and to be there for others. And I really loved your comment, your invitation, your encouragement to free yourself to be the love and to love yourself unconditionally and that the reward is infinite. You’ve already spoken to this well, I think it is helpful as we think about when we’re moving from the 3rd dimension to the higher dimensions and many of us are well on our way and are anchored in the higher dimensions already, but I think it may be important to think about what are some of the qualities and attributes that we can envision and think about and feel in our hearts when we think about the difference between a stereotypical 3rd dimensional feminine quality and a higher dimensional quality? And again you’ve spoken to it already but what can we anticipate we’ll be experiencing for changes?

MM: A deeper acceptance of who you are and a deeper embrace of your feminine self, whether you are male or female. A deeper desire to nurture, to protect, to coddle, to allow that soft, gentle, creative side of yourself, in balance, yes, with the creative masculine, but to allow that creative gentle side. Why are human beings in the 3rd dimension so afraid to show their love, to laugh, to cry, to express complete joy? So often when I look at the 3rd, and even when I walked the earth and I would see children playing or I would come across a patch of flowers and it would move me to tears, laughter and tears at the same time because it was divine perfection, it was the expression of love, pure, unadulterated. And yet, in the 3rd dimension of the old so many are afraid of being seen or perceived as soft, as if soft somehow means you can be controlled or manipulated or that you are malleable or that you do not have the strength of conviction.

As you progress to the place of change, of creation, of Christ consciousness, you will see and you will feel that purity of joy, the purity of intent, for we have not spoken a great deal in the past weeks of intent, but intent has need to be pure and that is what you are beginning to see and feel and experience. You will see with different eyes and you will see the truth that lies directly in front of you. You see through the morass that has become accepted as the world and it has never been the world. When you see someone you will see their heart, you will see who they really are and you will notice not only an appreciation but an acceptance and therefore an allowance of not only who you are but what you are capable of. Now I know that in this discussion we have discussed what you will experience as you evolve into the higher realms and dimensions. But what I also wish you to do, because you are the way-showers, I want you to also practice as you reach back down into the 3rd, most of you are already inter-dimensional, bring all those qualities back to the 3rd, to what we have begun to term the ‘new 3rd’ not the ‘old 3rd’ with the old paradigms, but the 3rd of different physical reality. Be the embodiment, the expression, the manifestation of these qualities and one of those qualities that I have practiced is fortitude, and prudence, humility. I am humbled to be with you this night, to be your honored guest.

GD: Would you like to take some callers?

MM: Yes, I would.

GD: Well Mary from California you get to speak with Mary Magdalene, welcome.

Mary: Thank you. Can you hear me ok?

GD: Sure can.

Mary: OK. Well I’m calling on behalf of several friends and for myself, we’re all single mothers so we’re both the mother and the father to our sons and we love them more than anything, we’re all educated and we had good jobs way back when but now we’re having a really terrible time surviving financially. We work all the time at whatever work we can get and then come home and work some more. We’re older and we’re really tired and that’s ok as long as we can take care of kids, but even with doing all of that we’re still short each month; none of us have the rent for October yet. And the work I’m doing for me, that’s going to end soon, so the only hope we really see is the new financial system. We try to get by each month until it rolls out and supposedly it’s all ready but month after month there’s soon but there’s still no money and we lie awake at night worrying about it. So my questions are “How much longer until the new system comes? And how do we make the money we need to take care of our kids until then?” And I know Mary, you are a mother so you understand.

MM: Yes, my dear friend and all my dear friends particularly who are single mothers; I know what it is to walk this path and to worry about the care and feeding and housing of your family, of your children. Before I speak of anything else I want to ask you if you will stop worrying and sleep at night. Because that is when you are creating, that is when you are doing meaningful work, that is when you are healing, and that is when you are receiving nourishment that you all desperately need. For years I did not sleep at night and it did not help. The unfoldment, I will not call it new financial systems because it is going to be much more and much different than you are anticipating, but let me say, I also know about this word ‘soon’. And when I was in physical form and even to this moment in infinite now, I find this a very aggravating word. So I will not use this word ‘soon’ with you without reference. Yes we know we are not asked to be predictions, it is not the ‘Psychic Hotline’ but I do tell you you will have, within the timeframe that you need it, not simply the heavenly divine unfoldment, but within the time that you need it you will have the support that you require. You have enlisted not only my help but the help of those who surround me. We hear your plea and your patience, your stamina, your fortitude, your commitment does not go unheeded. So look to very quick action, not promises, action.

GD: Thank you for your call tonight, Mary. Best wishes to you.

Mary: Thank you.

GD: I hope I’m saying this right Jilena of Missouri or Michigan, welcome. Are you with us?

Jilena: Yes.

GD: Oh, there you are, hello, welcome. What is your comment tonight?

Jilena: Can you hear me now?

GD: I sure can.

Jilena: OK. Thank you Mary. My question is, “How do we anchor this Divine Feminine within? Like really anchor, like we anchored in Gaia? So how can we anchor what you are speaking of?

MM: You do it by anchoring particularly in your tri-flame. Yes, it will balance out with the Blue Diamond and the Pink Diamond and the Gold Diamond of Yahweh as well and that will begin to grow and burn brightly within you. That is the first way to anchor it on a daily basis, on an hourly basis. But the second, there are several steps that I wish to discuss, it is actually embracing your feminine self. So often when I watch you or I listen to you, and I mean you the collective beautiful women who are on this planet, and you are looking at yourself, the embodiment, do you understand what a miracle that is? the embodiment of the Divine Mother in form just as I was. And you say, “I wish my hair was this way”, “I wish my eyes were that way”, “I don’t like my legs”, “I wish I was 5 pounds heavier, 10 pounds thinner”, “I wish I looked different”, “I wish I behaved different”, you don’t spend enough time embracing, cherishing the preciousness of your unique expression that is nowhere else, even if you were an identical twin, it is nowhere else on earth. So it is also embracing that each and every day, of looking in the mirror and saying “Thank you Mother” and “I am the mother” and embracing your tenderness, your fierceness, your sweetness, your strength. The one thing that is true of women is this ability to carry on; embrace this and then embrace it in each other. Encourage that in your brothers, in your friends, in your spouses, in your mates, in your children. But anchor it as if it is a blossom, a pink rose within your heart. That is how you anchor it, it is by acknowledging, embracing, allowing.

GD: Wonderful question tonight. Thank you so much for your call.

Jilena: Thank you. We love you.

MM: And we love you, dear heart.

GD: OK, Hanna from Washington, welcome. Oop, try it again. Hanna, are you there?

Hanna: Yes, I’m here. Can you hear me?

GD: Sure can. It’s just taking a little longer in the studio tonight for people to come on, but you’re here. Welcome, what’s your comment or question tonight?

Hanna: I love Mary Magdalene, even as a small child I sought out your picture in church. I was raised in the Catholic tradition and I was absolutely delighted to find out the true nature of your relationship with Jesus. Because I have felt so drawn to you throughout my entire life and have been brought to tears already this evening by your words, I need to know what my connection is to you.

MM: You have committed yourself to me long ago both on this side and on earth. You have been a friend and one of my fiercest allies, for as you know there were many before, during, and after who wished to naysay me. It bothered you a lot more than it bothered me and that is alright because it was an expression of love. There are many of you out there, men and women because you have traded back and forth, who have always known of my love for you and of my connection, my marriage, my partnership, my sacred union with Jesus, with Yeshua and of the trials and tribulations of our families and the closeness, the joy, because we did not sit and bemoan what was to come or whether people liked us or not. Dear heart, we had fun, we played, we baked, we cooked, we ate, we shared, we walked, we felt the sun on our face and the moon in our hair, the water on our feet. And that is what I want you to do again. Embrace the joy and yes, know that my gratitude to you, it did not end with my life or yours and that goes for all of you. That is what you sometimes forget. You look to us, to the Company of Heaven, to the Council of Love for blessings, for help, for intervention, but what you sometimes forget we express gratitude as well to you. You are the brave ones, you are the ones who have turned to the Mother and the Mighty Ones and said “I will go.” You are doing magnificent work, all of you. You are holding the light and when it is time, I will embrace you yet again. Farewell.

Hanna: Thank you so much dear, sweet Mary.

GD: Thanks for your call Hanna. Mike from Washington, welcome.

Mike: Hi, hi Mary, I was wondering, is it true that if you have any addictions, pain medicines, cigarette smoking, alcohol, that you won’t be able to go through Ascension? That your guides have actually said that if you have addictions that you will not have any help with, like from the Galactics or the Ascended Masters to go through Ascension? Are you doomed if you have problems like that even if you hold the love and try to do everything right and you have doctors giving you medications and things such as marijuana and things like that, medicinal marijuana? I have lots of people I know that do things like that and I try to tell them what I’m doing as far as Ascension and what this is all about and a lot of them have problems like that and I don’t know what to tell them.

MM: What you tell them is that they are loved and what you remind them is about the quality of mercy. Everybody is welcome, everybody is loved, everybody has the potential, in form, to Ascend. Does it require some work? Yes it does. But to say, to categorize in such a singular fashion is not the way of mercy. Addictions of all kinds, dear child, are addictions to pain, because it is the belief that you are not loved or lovable or worthy. That is what addictions are. When you peel back it is an attempt to hide because you are afraid, because you do not believe that you are one with All. So you pile on the veils of illusion.

But that does not mean that you are left behind and forgotten, not ever. There are too many parables, too many stories that have been written about this, that are founded in truth. The basic lesson and teaching of my beloved was to love your neighbor as yourself. When you love somebody you are holding up the mirror to them and you are saying “You are worthy”, “You are loved and lovable” and you support them, not in ways that are of co-dependency or permission, but of love, of strength. Sometimes to soothe their brow, sometimes to help them stand free and independently, but do not think that any are excluded. Does it make it a rougher ride? Of course, but they are already having a rougher ride. Tell them, encourage them to work with their umbilical chakra. This is where addictions can be spun back out, back out to the universe, back out to the light where they can be released. Tell them to give them to us, to their guides, to the Mother. There is no bar. Healing can be instantaneous, in a milli-moment. I know this to be true.

GD: Mike thanks so much for your call tonight.

Mike: Thank you.

GD: Alright, we have time for perhaps one more caller and let’s see if we can bring on Alfredo from Washington, welcome.

Alfredo: Hi. Mother Mary it is a great opportunity to be able to talk to you. I’m a very curious person, I just want to ask you if you can share with us a little bit about the food that you used to eat back then when you lived with Jesus and if you like food now or you eat some other kind of food now, maybe energy, I don’t know, what kind is it?

MM: Well we do not eat food as you would think of it on this side for we are, ‘light beings’ would be the best expression. But during the time when we walked the earth, well we ate a lot of fish, but we also had a diet as you would think of it that was very heavy in grains, in millet, in wheats, in rye, in many, many different kinds of grains that we would make what you would think of as porridges or meal from breads, bread was a staple as was grapes, fruit for there were many, many different fruits, particularly during times when there would be trading or caravans. We would eat lamb or goat as well, not as a regular diet but on occasion. So there were various things but it was mostly grains, some fish and fruit. It was a very simple diet.

GD: Alfredo, thank you very much for your call tonight. I do want to go on to another caller, but I appreciate your call. Thank you so much. Suzanne, if you can hear me I’d like to bring Suzanne on, Suzanne is managing the switchboard tonight and she has a question for Mother Mary, so Suzanne why don’t we go ahead and bring yourself on and welcome.

Suzanne: Hi, thank you very much. Hi Mary, it’s an honor to be able to speak with you. If I could just ask you to address the Divine Feminine and sexuality as a conduit for pure Source energy as in the human female orgasm being possibility the way that duality can be merged.

MM: Yes, I am very prepared to speak of this because it is the spark of union, not only the spark of creation, but it is the time and the place where the beings come together. So it is not just the masculine orgasm, you are quite correct, it is the feminine orgasm and I am glad you have asked this because so often the female sexuality, including the orgasm, has been discounted or downplayed and that has been a controversy, even in my time, dear heart. But it is the moment when the light of balance and the light of union, of intermingling, of exchange, of becoming one, because what happens is the ego dissolves and the spirit unites. It is the God spark, it is the divinity breaking through, it is the time of wholeness and it can never be ignored, this sacred gift.

GD: Suzanne, great to have you on tonight and joining in the conversation. Wonderful question. Mary, is there anything you would like to say as we wrap up the show tonight?

MM: Cherish your unions, cherish who you have in your life as partners, yes, of course, but also as your children, as your parents, as your teachers, as your friends. And particularly, allow your female friends to be your teachers, to be your receptacle of hope, of tears, and of laughter. Trust each other, embrace each other and marvel at who you are. Go with my blessings and my gratitude. Farewell.

GD: Thank you so much. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon