I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am to be invited back and to speak to your hearts, your minds, your bodies, your souls about this issue of healing, about this issue of dis-ease, of imbalance. But first, I wish to re-ignite my Emerald Flame and give it to you again and I am placing it directly in your heart, yes along with the Blue Flame of Truth, the Magenta Flame of Compassion and your own beautiful bright tri-flame. I give it to you to heal right now, in this moment, issues of separation, of shame, of guilt, of fear, of anger and most significantly of judgment.

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m GD. Tonight our guest is Archangel Raphael. We’ll be talking about the experience of disease and illness in the context of the Ascension process. And if you’d like to join us tonight and we certainly encourage you to do that with your comments and questions, please call us at 323-784-9697. You have the option of just listening or pressing 1 at which point Allen Atkinson, who’d helping us with the switchboard tonight, will come on and ask you a few questions, your name, your question, where you’re from and we’ll do our best to get you on air. I’d like to just bring Allen on the show for a moment; Allen so you can just go and introduce yourself and say hi. Welcome and thanks for your help tonight.

Allen: Hi Graham. Thanks for the welcome. My name is Allen Atkinson; I am a former carpenter and building contractor, living in the Santa Cruz Mountains up above Bolder Creek. I’ve been on a spiritual path, I was just thinking probably since I was 9 years old when I asked Jesus to come into my heart in a Baptist Sunday School. And my spiritual path has led me far away from the Baptist Church but closer and closer to God. In 1973 in October like people all around the world I very clearly saw a craft in the sky and ever since then I’ve been very aware of our Galactic brothers even though I’ve never been face to face with one of them and our sisters. I’m very happy that I found the 2012scenerio website last year and that I’m in a position where I’m able to help out a little bit. It’s a real honor to be part of this team.

GD: Well, it’s great to have you and Allen’s filling in for Suzanne right now who’s on the road and we can’t thank you enough for your help. So folks, when you call you’ll be speaking with Allen, if you’d like to come on to the show and again just press 1 so he can do that. Thanks so much Allen, thanks for your help tonight.

Linda Dillon: Thank you Allen.

AA: Thanks Linda.

GD: Well Linda, welcome.

LD: Thanks, good to be here always. I think we’ve got a really hot topic and an interesting topic to talk about tonight and I think it’s a timely subject for us to be addressing, particularly in the context of what’s happening with our bodies, with our mental bodies, our emotional bodies, our physical bodies during the Ascension process. And I also think it’s a chance for us to discuss with this on-line community, this radio community, this InLight community, to talk about an issue that sometimes is really highly charged, not that we’re here to fix anything but rather to come together to really gain some insight into ourselves and into each other and into the nature of dis-ease and maybe why we get sick or how we get sick or how we work with those who are sick around us.

GD: Well it’s such a relevant topic, if it’s not for us individually we certainly know people, friends and family and others who are challenged with physical changes and symptoms and dis-ease and who hasn’t in their life experienced some form of challenge with the physical body and right now with the clearing that’s happening and with the changes to our bodies I think it’s fair to say that we’re all experiencing changes and discomfort at the minimum, wouldn’t you say?

LD: Yeah and I think part of that is I think it brings forward greater compassion for those who are in situations where they really have experienced some real challenges, some real health challenges. And you know when you’re ill and I guess when I was thinking about it, getting ready for the show, I was thinking there’s all these different kinds of “being sick” or feeling sick and that was the term that the Council wanted me and guided me to use for today and for some of the writing I’ve been doing. Because feeling sick it tells us it’s about feeling and it’s not denying there’s a physical reality but when we feel out of balance, out of sorts, when we feel like we’re not ourselves it’s a feeling and it’s a feeling that needs to be acknowledged and sometimes it’s a major dis-ease or sometimes it’s a major trauma, or a chronic condition or sometimes it’s just something that comes upon us, for a few days we feel sick. And then we have a choice to either go with it or not go with it. But we’ll get into all of that and I’m sure our listeners have lots of input into this subject.

GD: Absolutely. Do you want to start out with a meditation?

LD: I would love to start out with a meditation. So everybody relax and just drop into your heart the way a white feather simply drifts on the curtains of air and then finally comes to alight on the ground or on your sofa. Just gently bring yourself into your heart and take a nice couple of deep breaths of the beautiful emerald green, the green of Archangel Raphael, our beloved healer of the universe, of the planet, of humanity, of each of us, this gentle, gentle Archangel. Breathe in the green of spring, the green of Ireland, the green of the tropical rainforests, of firefly or a gecko. Breathe in green and as you do feel yourself breathing in love, breathing in love for your sweet self, for everything you do, for everything you’ve been through, for your stamina, for your courage, for the sweet person you are, kind and considerate, nice. And thank yourself for being here, for taking time for you, for letting go of the day, the week and simply sinking into your chair, relaxing your jaw, your shoulders and allowing yourself to receive. Because when we’re doing these shows and the Mighty Ones, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love is in attendance, yes there’s channeling, there’s meditation, there’s chat back and forth and that’s what we want, but behind all that and inside all of that you are receiving downloads and love and healing directly from the Council of Love. So open your heart and receive.

GD: Thank you Linda. One of the things I love about your meditations, it’s such a treat to experience them, I really appreciate how you extend an invitation to thank yourself and you say things such as breathe in love for yourself and it’s really taking a moment just to pat ourselves on the back for taking initiative for doing this and giving our self a little gift. How often in the day do we do that, I wonder? The collective, I could use that a little bit more so it’s a great reminder. Thank you.

LD: Yeah, we don’t do it nearly enough. So yeah…

GD: Anything you’d like to say about Archangel Raphael before we come on? He came on to our show, we’ve done 22 shows so far, we’ve been on about 23 weeks there is one week we didn’t have a show but we’ve packed a lot in over time. And one of our earlier shows, the 3rd show we had and you can go back to this on March 22 Archangel Raphael came and talked about healing and was healing the planets and healing certainly on a personal level but he is the Archangel of Healing of the planet and certainly an integral part of this Ascension process.

LD: And Archangel Raphael has really stepped forward lately. He’s usually one of the more quiet Archangels, the feeling I always get about Raphael is that he’s going about his business and he’s taking care of all of us and the planet and the galaxies but he hasn’t tended to talk a lot. But in the last month or so he has really been very front and center because, of course the whole Ascension process is also part of that, a key part of that is healing every thing that’s happened, everything that’s happened to each of us, what we’ve experienced, what we’re letting go, what we’re clearing, what we’re bring in, the higher vibration, we have to be strong and heal to hold that vibration, healing the planet, working with the kingdoms. So I think rather than talk about Raphael I’d just like to give him a few minutes for words of welcome.

GD: Sounds great.

Archangel Raphael: Greetings, I AM Raphael.

GD: Hello and welcome.

AAR: Welcome to you, all of you. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am to be invited back and to speak to your hearts, your minds, your bodies, your souls about this issue of healing, about this issue of dis-ease, of imbalance. But first, as we begin this night, the last time we spoke I gave you my Emerald Flame and I wish to re-ignite it and to give it to you again and I am placing it directly in your heart, yes along with the Blue Flame of Truth, the Magenta Flame of Compassion and your own beautiful bright tri-flame. I give you this flame tonight to carry always as you go forward, my beloved humans, starseeds, angels, earth-keepers, I give it to you to heal right now, in this moment, issues of separation, of shame, of guilt, of fear, of anger and most significantly of judgment. This topic that I have asked Graham and Linda to open to discussion is fraught with judgment and yes I could probably ask you to take many months to discuss this one topic, but dear hearts this can also be eased and healed, miraculously cured right now. Healing can absolutely occur instantaneously. It is not always the way and one of the things that we will speak of tonight is “What do you do when healing does not occur at all?” “How do you rise up and maintain your faith and courage and hope as you ascend into the 5th where there is no pain or illness or suffering?” So let us begin. I am eager, you are eager, let us start.

GD: Well thank you very much for coming and visiting with us tonight and I do see this as such a timely and relevant discussion for many and yes, this issue of judgment and I really appreciate that you spoke to that and that we will be getting into that. One question I would like to lead us off with is this idea of healing being able to occur instantaneously. Could you speak to, please, the difference between the soul coming in, incarnating on earth and assuming, electing to embody or take on a body with a physical impairment or a disability for the purpose of raising awareness of others or for themselves. And so if that person or individual has a soul contract to assume that, their intent on the ego level, on a heart level to try to heal that may not be in accordance with their soul contract. Is that right?

AAR: That is absolutely correct and those who arrive with what you call a disability, a dis-ease, an impairment, something that is limiting them whether it is physically or emotionally or mentally are among the bravest, strongest, the most compassionate, sweetest of souls. They come as teachers; there is not one of them that is not a teacher of compassion, of courage, of tenacity. They are a gift and they are a gift to the collective, they are a gift to their families, they are a gift to their communities. In some societies of earth this is recognized and accepted. But too often it is seen as a shortcoming, as something that is wrong or missing in the individual. So I am pleased that you have begun the conversation in this place, Graham, because it is important when you look at someone who is suffering, whether they are feeling healthy, but their impairment is still present, they are suffering, make no mistake about it. And that teaches compassion, that gives every human being who has the opportunity to interact with that individual the opening to practice love, to practice healing so that the suffering component is not there even if the disability or the special nature of this person still remains not healed.

GD: Could you speak to, if I, for example, had a physical ailment or disability, how do I know if it’s an option for me to heal it instantaneously and release it verses keeping it for benefiting the highest good?

AAR: It is in the trying, it is in the receptivity, it is in the allowing, it is in the surrender. When you find yourself with a disability or a dis-ease it is not only a gift to the planet and to the human collective, it is also an opportunity for that person, for that individual to go through a period of enormous growth. Now, right now we are talking about a period of enormous growth regardless with the coming and the process of Ascension that you are already in the middle of. But think of it as a double opportunity because what it does is it presents to the individual the opportunity to develop qualities that perhaps the full bodied or the fully healthy do not have the opportunity to fully engage with, at least not in this way. So they have the opportunity to welcome healing but they also have the opportunity to build hope and stamina and faith. Too often what happens and what happens as I witness daily is that these individuals, rather than being admired for holding the divine qualities, are shunned. They are shut down, they are excluded, they are treated as less than and this contributes to feelings of shame, of lack of self-worth, of anger with God, anger with me, fear of their very physical survival, security issues that arise around their limitations. So the challenges that people with illness, dis-ease, imbalance, impairment, the challenges that they suffer and the opportunities that they are given to overcome are enormous and that is why I say “They are your teachers.”

GD: Indeed and much of what we’re doing with these shows is to be a source of hope and inspiration and we’ll speak to this again, but folks it’s not going to be too much longer before we get to a place where our bodies will be free of dis-ease and we’ll be free of limitation, they’ll be light-filled and very able bodies full of energy and it’s exciting to think that’s right around the corner.
Well, let’s get to some callers and for people that have already called in you can press 1 at any time to join and participate in the conversation. How about we bring on Cynthia from San Francisco, Cynthia, welcome to the show.

Cynthia: Hi thank you for taking my call. I have a question for Archangel Raphael, “I’ve been doing hands-on-healing since I was young, then I work in a corporate, then I stop, it’s on and off but recently I lost my job, I start doing a lot of hands-on-healing. And about a couple of years ago I start tap on Archangel Raphael and I just want to ask Archangel Raphael if I’m really tap his help because I could feel him but it’s just like a confirmation that I’m doing the right thing?”

AAR: Yes, of course you are. There is no one upon this planet or any other planet or galaxy system, inter-galactically, who will call upon me or seek my help that I am not present and available to. What you are also witnessing is that there is a return and an expansion, an enormous expansion of what you call hands-on-healing. It is the way to transmit light and love, nurturing and hope. It is the gentle touch regardless of what modalities you are using. So I encourage all of you and to encourage all of you to do the hands-on-healing to yourself as well. Give yourself the nurturing, the hope and the love and I will funnel it through to you. That is my purpose and that is my joy. So, keep going Cynthia.

Cynthia: Thank you so much and I do the same thing to when I do a remote healing, irregardless of, sometimes it’s a far place and I always seek for your help and guidance.

AAR: Yes, it does not matter whether it is in person or remote, I am always present. Farewell.

Cynthia: Thank you, thank you so, so much.

GD: Cynthia, thank you so much for your call. Lorraine from Virginia, welcome to the show.

Lorraine: Well thank you and thank you for taking my call. Graham and Archangel Raphael I have a comment but first I want to say thank you to Archangel Raphael for a recent healing, actually it is an ongoing healing. In January I was diagnosed with a pretty serious illness and I felt like I had my feet in both worlds, one of Western medicine and one of all of the new integrated energy therapies and when one of my treatments was delayed I realized I was missing a signal and I immediately found my way to the Council of Love and had a reading with my guides in which we identified underlying issues or the cause. And those causes are the causes that we’re talking about this evening, those of shame and guilt and lack of self-love. And I have been through a process that the Council of Love, Archangel Raphael, our friend St. Germaine created a space of love that allowed me to look at these issues and realize that they were a part of me, they were not outside of me, they were not my enemies, I was not in a battle, but they were a part of me and to look at them and acknowledge them and release them. And in my prayer and my meditation and many integrated alternative modalities that I’ve used, I used the mindset that I decided not to keep it. Just like we clean out our closets and we look at an item in our closet and we say “What am I keeping that for? I don’t need it.” And we take it out we put it in the pile. And that’s what I did with the underlying issues. I am in no way finished with this, I’m a work in progress as I suppose we all are, but I have tremendous feelings of gratitude to the Council of Love and I say “Thank you.”

GD: Lorraine, thank you so much for speaking…..

LD: This is Linda and Lorraine I want to thank you for calling in and you know, so often when we do that clearing and we put it in a pile, what the Council says and Gabrielle always it in her very eloquent, no nonsense voice, once you’ve got that pile bring it out to the curb, just leave it out there and never, never bring it back in because healing is letting go of things that aren’t of wholeness, that don’t serve us any longer, that we’ve chosen to be a different way. Another really important point that you’ve brought up and I’m sure our listeners have lots of opinions on this, I’m sure we all do, and it is this issue of energy medicine, integrative, alternative medicine verses and I use that word purposively, verses Western medicine and the Council repeatedly says it’s not intended to be an either/or, there is a time and place for Western medicine and then there is the return to what we know is really the energy healing because it gets to the root causes. And then there’s the star healing and then there’s the Ascension healing. But the point is is that don’t hesitate to use your discernment which is very important when you’re working with a dis-ease or a situation or a condition, but don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. And only you in your heart, really being honest and truthful with yourself, can decide which modalities are the best for you, what’s going to fill you and your heart with love so that you can let go.

Lorraine: Thank you Linda. If I may make a further comment what I found in this process which became so dynamic was that I became partners with my doctors and I let them know every step of the way what I was doing in addition to their treatments and they all said “Go for it.” And recently I went to see one of the doctors and he said to me “How are you?” and I said “I am well.” And he looked at me and he said “Yes you are.” What can I say? So, no one wants to have a dis-ease, no one wants to be ill, no one wants to be sick, but I only have gratitude for this experience because it brought me to another level within myself. So, thank you exponentially one billion times.

LD: Keep going.

GD: Thank you for your comments, Lorraine. Absolutely keep going. And one of the things, or a couple of the things that you’ve spoken to I really appreciate, we have the opportunity to give ourselves permission to address the root causes and let the dis-ease or ailment go, to give ourselves permission to let it go, to actually get to a place of saying “You know I don’t need this anymore” and to let it clear and to let it cleanse. The other thing that I really appreciated your speaking to is this idea of empowerment in the healing process as opposed to looking outside of ourselves, looking to another and often cases, especially in Western medicine, we tend to look to the experts in the field whoever that may be to say “Cure me.” “Fix me.” “How do I do this?” where you’re taking a very collaborative, empowered role in your own healing. So that’s beneficial on so many levels and often times and maybe Linda you’ll speak to this a little bit and Archangel Raphael, I think it would be good for us to cover and talk about how dis-ease, how illness does come sometimes to stop us in our tracks and I’m not saying Lorraine this is for you, I’m just speaking to this in general, does stop us in our tracks so that we can make some positive shifts in our lives, especially if we’re ego driven or coming from the ego as opposed to living in our hearts and might not be quite aligned with our own spiritual path. Lorraine, thank you so much for your call.

Lorraine: Well thanks for taking it Graham.

GD: Linda, can I put you on the spot for a minute and invite you to share, to the degree you feel comfortable, about your own personal experience with healing and illness?

LD: Well you know what, I am well qualified to talk about dis-ease and illness. And yeah as you know, I don’t tend to talk a lot about my personal stuff but I’m happy to do so in this context. I have had probably had more major dis-eases than most and more major traumas than most. I was hospitalized when I was 9, I was crippled with rheumatism I couldn’t walk any more, at the age of 13 I spent about two years in and out of hospital with encephalitis which you are supposed to die from. I spent a lot of time sleeping in and out of consciousness and recovered, have had TB, have had all kinds of things that have given me opportunity to leave the planet. And you touched on something Graham when you said sometimes you get sick because spirit or your guides, and in my case the Council of Love and Archangel Gabriel, even though I was doing work that I considered worthwhile and good and community development and health and social services, when I had my near-death experience when I was 30, I was very eager and worked diligently, I had major residual impact from that car accident, I had a closed brain injury, traumatic brain injury, I had back injuries, I lost my peripheral vision, I couldn’t read because letters were on different levels on the page but I was damned and determined that I was going to go back to work because I was doing good work and I had a career. What happened to me is as I recovered and every time I got close to going back to work I had two more car accidents. And they were always right on the eve, one was, I don’t drive in snow in December, December 23rd it was my first night out in over a year, we were going to have Christmas dinner with a friend and I was never the driver in any of these situations by the way, but we were hit from behind by a guy coming out of the beer store drunk and so that happened. And then another year went by and I was getting better and I was T-boned into the driver’s side door and I realized I was getting better but spirit was saying to me “We have something else in mind” and in the mean time I was channeling, I was meditating, I was healing, I was doing a lot of different things, but the one thing I wasn’t doing was stopping long enough to make the connection of how I was going to live my life to do spirit’s work, the Council of Love’s work and how I was going to integrate that into my life in terms of how would I support myself? How would I earn a living? How would I take care of my family?

So there are times when we get sick or have a dis-ease or have a so-called accident, which we know there is no such thing, because they’re trying to get our attention, they’re trying to slow us down and it can be as simple as getting a cold. I’m a huge adherent of Louise Hay, and sometimes you just get a cold because you need to stop.

GD: Yeah, yeah for sure. As I hear your story and I’ve heard elements of it before, I think “whoa, can this person experience anymore?” I mean, come on…

LD: Oh, it’s gone on, honey! And I have recently had a health challenge and this is what made, the Council has been very clear with me of bringing this to the forefront because my first reaction in having yet another health challenge was shame. Now, I’ve done my work, I do my work every single day like everybody who’s listening and yet my first reaction was “Oh my god, I am so ashamed.” How could I possibly, with all the work I do, I do major healing, I teach healing, I channel healing, and yet here I am in this predicament with my body? And sometimes our body gets ill because it helps anchor us in our body and I think that’s something as lightworkers we have to be very careful of and be cognizant of that we are in our bodies, because this Ascension process is about being in our physicality. But it also reminded me of this cycle that people often get into and that is reinforced, unfortunately and particularly by the lightworker community and it goes: shame, fear, anger with God, why am I not being healed? How could this happen to me? I’m furious with God, I commit my life to spirit and here I am. And then there’s this feeling of “well, I must not be worthy of being healed” and that just reinforces the feeling of separation and isolation and then that contributes to greater fear and it brings up all our security issues and our self-worth issues and it’s a break in that viscous cycle because that comes right back to self-worth and self-love. So it’s a breaking out of that cycle and even stopping long enough, whether it’s MS or rheumatoid arthritis or a stroke or a heart attack or a common cold or even some of our Ascension symptoms. Do we stop, just like you were saying at the beginning of the show, do we stop long enough in compassion and empathy for ourselves and self-acceptance and love for ourselves? And do we look at it and say “What’s really going on here?”

GD: Well great words Linda. I really appreciate you speaking to all of that and I’d like to get to a few more callers, time is chugging along here. Before the end of the show I want to get to the feeling of hopelessness that a lot of people, at times, experience in this place of dis-ease and illness and I suspect you can speak to that as well. But let’s bring on Kate from Idaho, Kate welcome to the show.

Kate: Well thank you. You probably don’t get a lot of calls from Idaho.

LD: Oh, Idaho is one of those great secrets.

GD: What’s your question tonight or comment?

Kate: I’ve just started listening to Linda and I love your message, I love listening to you, I really feel like I resonate with what you have to say. I’ve been ill and dis-eased, I’ve been in discomfort for about 6 years. It started with something they call Meniere’s disease and vertigo and extreme fatigue and sometimes I get better and then lately I’m having issues where my heart is beating fast and I’m feeling really uncomfortable with that and like you said, I do sometimes feel kind of embarrassed because I feel like I’m such a powerful teacher and I always help other people. And you always feel like here I am with this great message and I always uplift other people but I can’t seem to do that for myself. So I just wondered if Archangel Raphael, who I really feel is my guiding Archangel, could help me figure out how release this?

AAR: I AM Raphael and yes we will continue. The heart, the dizziness and many of what you are experiencing are related to the Ascension process dear heart. But let us speak to more basic, fundamentals and I thank you for being brave enough to speak of your difficulties, your challenges. The key lies in surrender, it lies in the deep self-acceptance and love. No I am not saying to simply be still and do nothing, quite the contrary. As you know I am a very busy Archangel. Practice your self-healing but more importantly open your heart to others and allow their energy, their love to heal you, to embrace you, to cocoon you, to coddle you, to reassure you, to dissolve the fear, the concern, the shame, the anger, allowing the community. You are moving into a unity consciousness. This is not simply a term, it is a state of being and it is a state of being where the interconnectedness of all is beginning to show up in the realm of healing. When you are keying in to the grid as it were, as to the pinpoints of light that cover your globe, allow that healing to be sent to you. You do not know and you do not need to know from whence it comes, you are mightily protected, each of you who are asking for help are mightily protected, so allow it to come to you. So often you feel, as human beings, this sense of responsibility that you will heal everybody else and yes you are responsible for healing yourself. If you are truly willing and there are payoffs at different times, not for you sweet angel but for others, there are situations where people become very comfortable with their dis-ease. So part of the question is always “Are you willing to surrender? Are you truly willing to receive? Are you truly willing to embrace your wholeness, your divinity?”

The reason I have asked to be present tonight is because you are. Now some of you may be in greater trepidation and uncertainty, but let me lift you up to that place where you are saying yes, that you are leaving this old paradigm of pain and suffering, of limitation behind. Let your emotional body be cleansed. You do not need to carry blame or fault or guilt or shame, let it be cleansed. Let your mental body, the belief that certain dis-eases are irrevocable, that they cannot be reversed and removed, let that belief system go. That is another one, yes bring it to the curb, give it to me and I will transmute it and give it back to you as bright emerald light. Follow what needs to be done and do so consistently. This is something we observe and it is not just in the realm of healing, it is in the realm of human behaviors. Consistency is often absent so we will give you a prescription, a spiritual prescription, a procedure to follow whether it is to eat green or to use a certain mantra or to use different spiritual tools and you will do so joyously for a couple of days and then you forget and you become depressed that you have not healed. But you have not fully committed and you have not fully joined in the partnership with us, with me and with my legion of healers, St. Germaine and his armada of healers. So be consistent.

GD: Consistency and commitment, I hear that and Kate thank you so much for your question. Hold on Archangel Raphael, we have a few more callers and I’d like to try to get to them before we wrap things up. Mercedes from northern California, welcome to the show.

Mercedes: Thank you so much, thank you.

GD: What’s your question or comment tonight?

Mercedes: Well my concern is with my daughter mainly. She has some very severe addiction tendencies and has for some years now, she also has now become diabetic and she has what has been called the bi-polar thing, I think it’s far more involved than what we know but that’s what the term is that we use and she has an understanding of spiritual awareness, definitely very strong and I’ve talked to her about visualizing and she says that this is more than just what I can visualize away, she says. But this strong addictive thing feels to me almost like there’s another entity that’s attached or a strong aspect of her that just doesn’t want to let go and is ravaging her body and she’s having a really hard time completely letting go of, she really craves going for sugar and still for alcohol and I don’t know how to help her. She’s homeless right now and it’s just very perplexing, so this is what I’m calling about to see if I could get any kind of information on what I can do to assist her.

AAR: All addictions are addictions to pain dear heart, all addictions. So you may look at the whole spectrum and simply decide that what the pattern is is the addiction to pain. And very often, and certainly in this case, the pain has been a tool to keep your beloved daughter in her body. So she is learning and she is choosing to learn and she is showing to others how to let go of this pain body and to embrace her true body, her physical body but also her light body which is beautiful. Work with her umbilical chakra. Addictions are removed primarily through the umbilical chakra. In your chakra work you usually pull in energy, when you are working with your umbilical cord, your belly button dear ones, you spin the energy out, you spin the addiction out and the color that you work with is the color of maple syrup or honey. Similarly, the imbalance of what people are calling bi-polar, it is the desire to find the balance. Work on her emotional field and she does not need to visualize, yes it is a useful exercise and consistency again is important, but what she needs to do is to surrender and let her community of those seen and unseen help her. Her guides are knocking at her hearts door every day. She needs to know that she is worthy, she is love and that nothing, nothing that any human being can judge on themselves is real and certainly unforgivable. That is absurd. It is compassion and forgiveness, that is the key to healing and that is what the community, the unity consciousness and her circle of Masters and guides can give her.

GD: Thank you so much for your question Mercedes and best wishes for your daughter’s healing. I’m going to try to get one more caller here. Joe from California welcome to the show.

Joe: Yeah, thank you. Over the years I’ve been doing just a little bit of healing and the other question for Archangel Raphael, I’ve heard of him before but my question is this, it’s kind of like a two part question, “When I seem to work on other individuals that I can normally see the results of them releasing their pain but it seems like when I work on myself so to speak I can never get rid of that pain and I’ve been working on it for 3 months. That’s the first part of the question and then the second part is ‘Am I doing something wrong that I’m working with them as opposed to working with myself?’ ‘And how is someone else benefitting from the pain that I go through or someone else benefitting from the pain that they go through?’ I’m kind of a little lost there so I’d just like a little update on that.

AAR: First of all dear heart, yes I think I remember you. Know the most difficult undertaking is very often the healing of the self and it is because of the issues of lack of self-worth and self-love. You have used the word ‘what can I be doing wrong?’ so there is already a mindset that perhaps something is going awry because you are still experiencing the pain. Now in past times in what we would call the olden paradigm there would be an individual understanding of what you are going through, but also many of you, particularly in what we call these Ascension illnesses or disturbances are going through things that you are clearing for the collective. And in that case it tends to be that the issues are large, they are substantial and they are often not cleared as quickly or as rapidly as you would want. But the key to this is absolute surrender and acceptance of your worthiness to not be in pain ever again. If you feel that you are doing the healing, whether it is on another or yourself or the collective and you feel that it is still not working, then turn to me, turn to Jesus, to Yeshua, to St. Germaine, turn to us and literally give over control.

Joe: Well I have been for the last 3 or 4 months but I haven’t seen anything happening yet.

AAR: It will heal and one of the things that happens and it happens a great deal, is that there can be no fault, no blame and yes dear heart, release the anger as well.

GD: Joe, thank you very much for your call. Archangel Raphael, we just have a minute or so before the close of the program. I’m wondering if you have any final words and if you could speak to those people who aren’t feeling hope I think that would be really helpful.

AAR: Without hope there is no life and so hope is essential, it is essential, it has always been essential to any form of life, of health, of survival. So let me do more than simply speak to hope, along with my brother Michael and our Universal Mother, let me reignite that hope within your heart, within your head, within your emotional body, your mental body and your root. Let us reignite the hope because without that you do not continue to heal. Call me. We will continue. Farewell.

GD: Thank you, thank you so much. Thank you for joining us everyone. We’re sorry we didn’t get to all the callers, please call again next week.

Channeled by Linda Dillon