As you know, the Council of Love has channeled this amazing book, The Great Awakening, which is a step-by-step process to Ascension. My purpose in writing the book was to reach as many people as possible all over the world in order to share this unique 20 years in-the-making process. While it is direct, simple, and accessible the initiations, meditations and messages are profound. The vibration is so high and clear that you can’t help but transform in reading the book – heck, even holding it sends waves of Love. Together, we are on our way from the 5th to the 7th dimension. Together, in unity consciousness, we are holding the Ascension portal open for all who chose to join us – and there are millions.

Many of you have generously shared your feedback with me – thank you! Now I want to take your feedback a step further. And so I am asking each of you to take 5 minutes and review the book on where the book is sold, both in hard cover and in Kindle format. What I am asking is for you to share your experiences of the book and meditations – what did you feel; what have you received; what changes have occurred with you and in your life since undertaking the process.

Of course, I want this to be fun, and so I am offering an incentive. I am raffling off 3 half-hour channelings ($100 each. Value – priceless insight) as a prize for 3 lucky souls who write a review. When you submit the review to Amazon just let me know and your name will go into the hat. The contest starts right away and I will pick the lucky winners on July 1. It can be 5 words or a paragraph, just so long as it comes from your heart.

How To:
First, go to the The Great Awakening Amazon link:

Scroll down about half-way down the page to Customer Reviews.

Click on Write a Review – and away you go.

Then let me know you have entered.

Let the contest and fun begin!

Love and lots and Laughter,