In Linda’s latest webinar “How to Channel” Mary Magdalene talks of some of her experience on Gaia that is as relevant now as it was back then…

Greetings. I AM the Magdalena, yes many of you know me as Mary and it is my joy to be with you and to join with you in this sacred circle this day. Always I have been a channel as I have said to you before, but what I did not share is that it was not always easy, that there were moments of doubt, of despair, of wondering if I was hearing or seeing or conducting ceremony correctly. Even as the energies and the grace of God, of Holy Spirit, of the Mother moved through me; even as I attended to my beloved one. I mention this because I am asking of you not to shed doubt but to welcome it as a friend knowing that it is something, a situation that may occur now and then. And often my beloved ones it depends exactly on how you are feeling in that time and space, and how much, how deeply you want to hear certain pieces of information. It matters not. The key is discernment, yes, but it is also an embrace, a love, and an acceptance of your sacred self, not only as angel, as spirit, but also as woman, as man, as human. Do not deny your human self; that is the miracle of this union that we are sharing. So know that and when you have doubt, turn to me, call to me, let me reassure you and let me share my love, my grace, and my energy with you. For you are loved. Go in peace and let us begin. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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