Advanced LaHoChi Workshop ~ June 2 – 3, 2012

The date for the upcoming Advanced LaHoChi Workshop has been changed to Saturday and Sunday, June 2nd and 3rd. How on Earth we didn’t remember that the planned dates fall on Father’s Day. Sorry Dads… Now, will you come an join us, please. Details on this transformation weekend

Advanced 13th Octave LaHoChi ~ Here We Grow Again!

The Advanced 13th Octave LaHoChi course is coming up on Saturday June 2nd and Sunday the 3rd, and I want to personally invite you to come and join in the expansion, miracles and fun. You might say “oh I’ve already taken that class” but let me assure you that just as we live in an ever expanding creative universe, the LaHoChi is ever-expanding and new information is coming through constantly.
The last quantum leap came in 2010 when El Morya and Serapis Bey stepped forward to teach and bless us with their healing gifts and tools. El Morya is the Tibetan Master of the Blue Ray, head of all esoteric schools, who works with the power of Will. El Morya was also Abraham, Melchior, King Arthur (Camelot), Thomas Moore and Thomas Beckett. And of course he was friend and confidante of our beloved St. Germaine, as was Serapis Bey. While I have spoken one-on-one with El Morya for years, this was the first time he steps forward in this healing capacity. Serapis Bey is the Master who embodied as a high priest of the Atlantian Ascension Temple, and the etheric Temple of Ascension in Luxor. Serapis Bey is Master of the White Ray, and trains us for Ascension.

Now the Council of Love and the Ascended Masters, especially Jesus Sananda, Djwhal Khul / Lao Tzu and El Morya step forward with Archangels Raphael and Metatron to bring the energies of the Transition healing of Ascension, and to fold them into the Advanced LaHoChi. Will be able to hold it? I am assured that we can and we will. Personally I can’t wait – bring it on!

When this journey with St. Germaine began the school was to be a resurgence of the Atlantian Temple of the Violet Flame. Under his auspices there was a core of several Ascended Masters and teachers, who brought forward and anchoring the 13th Octave LaHoChi energies and information. That group consists of St. Germaine, Lao Tzu/Djwal Kul, Archangel Raphael, Jesus Sananda, Qwan Yin, Grener of Ashira of Neptune, El Morya, Serapis Bey, Sanat Kumara and Albert Einstein.

The core 13th Octave LaHoChi course is built upon the foundation of 4 pillars: the 13th Octave process of Divine Union; the Violet Flame of St. Germaine; the Blue Diamond of Mother Mary and expanded LaHoChi from Lao Tzu. There are many other ingredients to that healing modality that we also incorporate in both the introductory and the advanced LaHoChi – the UFOG attunements (Grener); sacred geometry and sound, Universal Law (Sanat Kumara); Albert Einstein’s implosion/explosion points of healing; and many of the sacred flames.

In the Advanced LaHoChi we work with the expanded energies of interdimensional therapy taught to us by St. Germaine, Einstein and Archangel Raphael; the Seal of Solomon and the 8 energy bodies (Yahweh and Mother Mary); the lock and keys of Archangel Gabriel; an intensified Violet Flame; deeper initiation into the Temple of the Violet Flame; and psychic surgery with the Lemurian Laser Wands. So what else could there possibly be?

Additionally, the Archangels step forward asking us to work more clearly with their flames in our healing: Raphael’s emerald green of love and regeneration; Gabrielle’s gold of joy, courage and creation; Michael’s blue flame of hope, courage and peace; the silver flame of clarity from Archangel Uriel; and the amethyst garnet flame of compassion, future knowing and wisdom of Archangel Jophiel. We will work more clearly with the chakras as portals, and the Seal of Solomon. We are ready for this next step in our healing and spiritual journey.
As if this isn’t enough we will add to the Advanced LaHoChi the work with the etheric force fields not only of our 8 energetic bodies but with the force fields of each of our organs and physical body systems. The higher realm is also guiding us in activating the DNA markers of our creator selves in order to better prepare us for the changes of 2012.

The purpose of this particular class is not only to share the new knowledge, approaches and healing but to teach you how to discern which tools to use at what time with yourself, and with others. Liken the approach to a surgeon who knows when to pick up a scalpel or when to use forceps – both are useful and part of the process. The Council of Love is inviting us forward – St. Germaine’s armada of healers is growing – I really hope you will join us.

Believe me – you have never experienced a course like this. I really hope you can join Andreina Womutt, Nova School Facilitator and Healer Extraordinaire, and I on June 16th and 17th in Tamarac, Florida.

The course is approved for CE credits for massage therapists.
When: Saturday & Sunday June 2 – 3, 2012, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m., both days
Where: 8281 Cassia Terr., Tamarac, FL.33321

Fee: $250.00 for all material; if you are repeating the Advanced LaHoChi course the cost is $150.

For information and registration:
Linda Dillon at; 772-446-7113 or
Andreina Womutt at 754-234-5424

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