Jesus/Sananda’s first powerful channeling at 15th Annual Gathering in Sedona

‘Yeshua, won’t it be wonderful when everyone in the village and everyone in the town understands that this is the time of Love’. .
Why yes, it’s true. I am Jesus/Sananda. Welcome, welcome my beloved brothers and sisters, my beloved family, my beloved friends, and I thank you for coming. In many ways I wish to speak to you this day as Yeshua, your beloved friend. And I would ask that it is quieter in the kitchen for the channel gets disturbed.

You have been preparing for this with me for over 2000 years for many, many, many thousands of years. And you have walked with me and you have sat with me and you have broken bread with me and we have talked of these things before, my friends. And often you have turned to me and you have said ‘Yeshua, won’t it be wonderful when everyone in the village and everyone in the town understands that this is the time of Love. And that this is the lesson and the teaching and the gift that you carry and I would turn to you and say to you ‘What makes you think it’s just me carrying it? I did not come to walk alone, I did not come to be in the desert, only now and then when I needed to struggle with my own demons and didn’t wish to burden you.’ My friends, we do this together. And what do I mean by ‘this’, this discussion of ascension, descension, shift? I wish to use the word of ascension because it is a word and an understanding that each of us have talked about before, and it is the shifting of realities, it is that inter-dimensional shift, and it is with the taking and the presence of your physical form. If you wish to ascend without your body then you can die, and that was not why I called this party. There will be no hasty departures from this gathering.

It is the raising up of vibration which you have already been doing and my dear hearts, you have been doing it for years. And yes you have been penetrated by the raising again of the frequencies in the last year, really in the last 25 years, but there has been an intensity and an increasing. And it is in the holding of that vibration, that vibration of Love that you simply get lift-off. Yes you are assisted by many above and below but this is not about leaving your loved ones behind, it is not about pain and sorrow, it is not about abandoning those you care about, I know, I had to do that. We will not revisit that ever again for it was far too hard. It is about accessing and anchoring your inter-dimensional self. It is about transversing from the 4th, to the 5th, to the 6th, to the 7th, and when you arrive in the 7th I will be there waiting for you, and I will also be waiting for you in the 5th and the 3rd. It is a time of transformation and the transformation is the understanding and the anchoring of the Mother’s Plan of Love. It is the understanding, finally, that that is all there is.

You are seeing the decay, the breaking down, what some would call destruction, of the paradigms that have not served. When there is Love there is no room for greed or hatred, bigotry, lust, there is no room for limitation, and you have never, ever been limited; you just thought you were. Let it go, let it all go. You have been called and we have beckoned to you as the pathfinders, the keepers of Gaia, the bridges to the Star brothers and sisters, the healers, the channelers, the teachers, this doesn’t change. Only now we add one more and that is gate-keeper because you go through this portal once again and you hold open the door for those to follow you. This process of ascension is just that, my friends, it is a process and it is a process that has lasted a long time. And if you think that you are ready and that you have been fed-up, we are more than ready. So we join with you, all of us join with you.

The decision, the heart decision has always been yours. It was yours 2000 years ago, it was yours 1000 years ago, it was yours 10,000 years ago, and it is yours now. And I already know your heart says yes. Last year I have spoken to you about claiming your freedom, of stepping forward into the reality of who you are, of anchoring your pink diamond wholeness, of expanding the truth, and you have done so. Yes, sometimes kicking and screaming, sometimes laughing and playing. I would suggest the laughing and playing, it’s far more delightful. There is no need to travel that spectrum. It is to be in the center of your being, in the center of your beingness. It is not just to Love, it is to be the Love, and you are. I will walk with you again and I will sit and we will talk together again. Come with me. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-28-11
15th Annual Gathering, Sedona, AZ

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