At our Annual Gathering in Sedona, Grener came through to give us a vision of life aboard the ships and their mission for helping in our Awakening. ‘Originally we came because Sananda spoke to us and he told us of the promise, the unfoldment of Love upon a planet, a blue and green where an Archangel had sacrificed herself in order to house the Love of the Mother’.
I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune. I am friend and ally, brother, father, uncle. I am honored to be among you this day and in this way. It’s time for you to hear a little more from us because you have been calling and beckoning to us.

The music is beautiful on our healing ships for we travel for thousands of years. And in our healing rooms and on our healing ships, on the crystal tablets that so many of you have seen, this is how we heal, with sound and color and vibration, with stones that we have carried from our home planets. We do not use so much the herbs or the flowers because these are very, very sacred to us and they are kept for sacred ceremony because there is a precious supply. No, not everything grows in space. So I thank you for the welcome of the soothing music and it sets the tone for what I wish to speak to you about.

For yes, I am emissary for the Intergalactic Council, I am emissary of Love, and yes I am Hessian, I am a completely different race than most of you. But I come in peace. We didn’t travel thousands of years to simply go sightseeing or to invade or to find new territory or planets in which to inhabit. There is no shortage throughout the multiverse. Originally we came because Sananda spoke to us and he told us of the promise, the unfoldment of Love upon a planet, a blue and green where an Archangel had sacrificed herself in order to house the Love of the Mother. After so many thousands of years of war and even in peace, this was so enticing. And we wondered not only if we could come and be witness, to bear witness to this, to this remarkable planet of Love where, let’s face it, many hybrids have arrived. But we also wanted to know how we could help for if there is one thing that we have learned it is the only way to peace is through cooperation. The only way to prosperity and abundance for one group is through abundance and prosperity and cooperation and sharing of all. So we have learnt some of these difficult lessons already. And we thought maybe we could spare you some of those hardships. And we felt that we had so much to share, not because we are in any way superior, but we are certainly different. Our experience, our technology, our research, our development, what has come to be “norm” has simply been very different.

And we came by the millions. You think of seeing a single starship but my beloved friends we came by the millions. Quietly, hidden, many died on route and many were born; many have never known what it is to really live on a planet, for the ships are their homes. This is not considered in any way a hardship for you know about Starship Earth.

You have made an indelible impression upon all of us at the Intergalactic Council. You know much like Mary, although I wouldn’t have her deign to compare myself to our Universal Mother as well, for there are different names but there is only one energy. But like her we have sent many of our sons and daughters to Earth to help with this unfoldment, this unfoldment of love. And we have sent energy to help you technologically. And we have sent you shields and energy to turn you away from war and devastation. We send you energy to help with your crops and to heal your oceans and gulfs. For we know from experience that famine and pollution and devastation does not promote peace, it promotes separation.

And yes, even those dogs from Sirius have come. You are far more populated than you know but only in the gentlest way. But it is time for more and that is why I asked to speak to you this day. It is time for our alliances and our allegiance to your cause be known more clearly. And how this begins is with you. Yes the time is near when many of the shields of invisibility will be lifted. You can look to May of your year, May 25th to be exact. But we will not come in fear. We will come in peace. We come with a dream of brotherhood; we come with a dream of community. We have no need, nor do we wish to live upon your Earth. No it is not that the setting is not favorable, for we are capable of adapting to many different settings. It is that there is a promise that has already been made at the Intergalactic level that there will be nothing that could ever be construed as aggression, invasion or even asserting our interests.

But what we will bring is our knowledge of healing, which you have already started with your LaHoChi. My wife practiced it, you know her well. We come to help eradicate the reasons for friction. Power is the ability to stand in the power of your own self. We will not bring mayhem. It is time for Earth to stand at this table, to take her place as the leader in Love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon at Sedona Annual Gathering