I have so much my heart wants to share with you – and all too often the days and weeks slip away. Often I am left with a sense of urgency because during this time of shift I know in my core that it is time to come together like never before. That is why the Council of Love is having me do these webinars – so that there is time and space for us to come together, learn, expand, anchor that expansion and share with each other, with the human collective and far beyond. We are building our unity/community grid and it needs to be strong, vibrant, luminous and practical.

The biggest question I have ever posed to the Council of Love is “what do I need to get back home?” And believe me I have posed that question many times over the years – and I have heard it over and over again in COL classes and in individual readings. The answer has never changed: Prayer, Meditation and Ritual. Archangel Gabrielle tells us “Child, this is the triad that will lead you to your path, your heart, your service and one another – and that is the way to arrive home – in victory, celebration and humility.”

The key isn’t doing one piece of this triad – it is working in tandem, equally with all aspects. The trinity creates a flow which brings us in and out of stillpoint, our heart centers and anchors that energy in the true sacred partnership with the higher realms. It creates hope, trust, vision and clear direction as we share with our sacred circle of unseen friends and allies what we desire and what they desire. We are in sacred partnership as never before – we are repeatedly told that the veils have lifted, that the tipping point is now, and yet many of us do not perceive it clearly or as clearly as we would like. Why? Because we aren’t connecting as fully as we can – it’s like using dial-up instead of DSL, and why would you do that if you have a choice?

That is why I am guided to offer the How to Meditate webinar. Which aptly name would be the how to meditate, pray, connect, see, hear and sacred ritual webinar. But that wouldn’t fit in the headline… So I am inviting you, each of you personally, to join in the How To Meditate webinar series on April 9th and 13th – Saturdays, from 1 to 3 PM. The link is: The cost is $222. but if money is an issue talk to me – don’t let that old paradigm of lack prevent you from connecting – please!

Meditation is not a complicated set of positions – it is heart connecting with your circle, the Council of Love and Source. It was never intended to be hard – so we learn rapidly and with fun and laughter. Prayer isn’t that old time religion – it is, as Universal Mother Mary says “prayer is your heart speaking – to the universe, to mother, father, God; to your guardian angels; to the mighty ones – to those who look out after you, who cherish you and nurture you. Sometimes the prayers are for what your heart truly desires and needs personally, and sometimes they are of a more universal nature. You have seen the power of prayer at work in the last weeks with the healing of Japan. You not need to discern or differentiate your prayers. We do not categorize the difference between a child’s prayer asking for a new bicycle, or your heart speaking asking for world peace. All are heard, and responded to equally.”

I leave you with a beautiful message from Maria, Our Lady of Guadalupe on creating your sacred altar. It is one of the most joyous things you can ever do. The link is:

I hope to see you on-line and in spirit April 9th – it’s up to you now. I love you, xxxx Linda