How to Meditate Webinar begins April 9, 2011

The ability to be still and receive inner guidance, a deep sense of peace and infinite connection to the Universe is the first step in your spiritual journey.

Throughout my 30 years of channeling, the divine guidance is always to meditate – to heal, to expand, to understand, and connect. All steps in our spiritual and human journey are packed with invitations to join with the higher realms in peace and tranquility – in other words to quiet the brain and ego and to enter into a sacred communion with your higher self, your guides and the entire Council of Love.

For many people the very word meditate is “charged,” and I consistently hear “I don’t know how.” There are many forms of meditation via various spiritual paths. This course does not adhere to a particular tradition but rather quickly, easily and joyfully brings you to a place of inner quiet and peace.

Some of What We’ll Learn & Experience:

  • Discussion on What Is Meditation
  • Step by step practicum in how to meditate
  • Discussion & Practicum of Prayer, Meditation & Ritual
  • Discussion of Setting Sacred Space
  • How to let in and hold the higher energies

What: How to Meditate Webinar
When: April 9 and 23, 2011; 1-3 p.m Eastern Time; 2 Saturdays for 2 hours.
Where: Online only, using computer and phone

Fee: $222

Click here to register.

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