A powerful plea from the Silent Archangel to let go of the old paradigm of drama and chaos, and actively hold peace in our every thought, word and action. Archangel Raphael gives guidance for the Sunday night peace meditations.

I am Raphael, Archangel, Brother of Your Heart, Brother of Your Soul, Brother of Your Planet, Healer of This Planet, Healer of Your Heart and Healer of Humanity. As you begin your journey on Nova Earth as Nova Beings there is need for the healing. Do not think that the chaos that still exists and permeates much of your planet has simply evaporated, for that is what you are healing as our vessels upon the planet, our vessels of Love.

I wish to begin this day by asking you, dear friends, do you really believe that your brothers and sisters and the children of Iraq and Iran, of Egypt, of Palestine, of Israel wish to wage war on you? Do you think they awake in the morning with vengeance in their heart? Do you think they finish their day and share their daily bread speaking of how they can destroy you, you who sit in your homes and who carry the essence of Love, of One? You say to me, “Well, of course not, Raphael. That is ridiculous” and you know this. Your country stands on the very edge of nuclear destruction for the chaos is rampant. Never has it been more important for you to send the healing energy of my essence, of my being and of my Love to all who exist upon this planet. This is one planet, to the people of your own country and to the people of whom they perceive as adversaries and allies.

We have told you time and again that we will not allow this planet of Love to be destroyed in this way and we stand by this promise, for there is too much within the enfoldment that simply does not allow this. But understand there are many of older, of the old paradigm, who would rather self implode and destroy than allow the new to be born. That is what you have been feeling. Even the struggle within yourself, within your own bodies and psyches, as you strive to fly, as you breathe the portals of reality there is part of you, the old part of you that seeks to destroy that dream. It is ego. It is fear. It is a small child thinking that they will be lost. Reassure it and stay in every action, every thought, every deed. Stay in the Love and the love of peace. Hold the peace within and without. If its actions are not of serenity, of peace in every sense of the word, then do not do it. Do it in the same way that you do not undertake actions that are not of joy. It is so simple to know how to proceed on this planet.

You, dear friends, are the forbearers. You are the peacemakers. You are the pathfinders. You are the showers of the way. If you are not doing this, then it is not done. While we envelop this entire planet, particularly at this time in my emerald green and there is a further blanket of the mother’s cloak, there is need for the lightholders to take diligent, assertive action at this time as well.

When you do your Sunday night meditation for peace, see yourselves form a ring around this planet. Take each other’s hands. Take the hands of the Afghani and the African. Take the hands of your brothers and sisters from China and Korea, of Argentina, of Lemuria. Hold each other in the linking, the intent and the demand for peace and send that to each other through the earth. Beam the peace of blue and green to each other right directly through the heart of the Mother Earth. Join across the grid in the web of One. This is how the old is destroyed and eliminated through Love. Not through adversarial action, not through war, but by simply saying, “No, there is no place for this. If you wish to continue in this way of the old earth, of the destruction of the Mother, then you must leave and you must leave in ways that are peaceful.”

Millions upon millions have left this planet very recently and they have joined my army, my legion, to work very specifically with this issue and the healing of the hearts of humanity that they will know that the destruction in war is not the way. So now I ask you to join this legion as well, not in a passive way, but in every day declaring yourself. Usually, I am the Silent Archangel, seldom do I speak, and I come to this day to plead with you. It is not simply prayer. It is the physical holding of peace. Pay attention. Pay attention to your human physical thoughts and proceed, proceed as the warriors of healing that you are. You are the torchbearers, the Light bearers. Love will prevail, but it is far more graceful to do it without this drama, dear hearts. Hold the dream. Farewell.

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