St. Germaine speaks about stepping forward as healers now and healing the heart, the emotional and mental bodies, Gaia, war and destruction, and the war within.

I am Germaine, and I also welcome you to this time and place of reunion. It is good to see you, my friends. It is good to sit again and talk and heal a little and remember the truth of who you are. Each of you have been with me long ago in my Temple of Atlantis, in this place of healing, in this wondrous islands of green.

I have called each and every one of you forward, for there is need for transformers, healers, teachers, channels – they are all one in the same anyway. It is the healing of the heart. It is the healing of the emotional and mental bodies. It is the healing of Gaia. It is the healing of war, destruction. It is the healing – not only of the distant wars but the war within.

Our Mother, our beloved One, has asked all of us, above and below, to step forward during this time of dramatic change. Now let me be clear: I have no intention of assuming form again. And so my friends as I assist thee, it is you who effect these changes upon the planet, and if you do not step forward, then who does? Who conducts the healing? There has been a time for integration. There has been a time even for silence. There has been a time to be the observer and to stand back. And now that time is over. It is time to move amongst the people and declare the joy, the simple joy of being in form. So when somebody asks you what you do, you can say, “Oh, I am a lightholder.” And they say, “Well, what is that?” You can say, “I’m a joy worker.” And they say, “Well, what is that?” And you can say, “I’m a pyromaniac. I go around lighting flames, building bonfires, and changing the face of humanity.”

You are angels in form. You are the bravest of the brave. You are the showers of the way. Let us begin together and let it be graceful. Let it be gentle and sweet, for transformation has no need to be harsh. Yes, the energy is strong, but it is also wise. You, my friends, are deeply loved by so many above and below. If you receive nothing else from my heart, receive my love, receive my honoring and the deep respect I have for each and every one of you. I am with you. I always have been. I always will be, for I AM. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon